4th New Orleans Loving Festival examines multiracial lives in words and images

I wish they were still alive to be interviewed.

Mixed American Life

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National Loving Day (June 12) each year takes its name from the 1967 civil rights lawsuit won by Richard and Mildred Loving; the interracial couple’s “Loving v. Virginia” ended race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States.

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  1. The picture is so eerily inspiring…Love the Godzilla


  2. There is a documentary movie where Mildred Loving was interviewed. It’s called “The Loving Story” it was released in 2011. Amazon instant video has it.


    • Thanks Glenn, I’ll watch out for it. I did watch several on Youtube but think they were excerpts of interviews. I just wish they were still alive to see how their love and endurance has changed even laws in this country, in addition to becoming a movement.


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