Two Cops, Three Others Killed in Las Vegas Shooting Spree

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Image: Metro Police officers stand outside a Wal-Mart after a shooting in Las Vegas Metro Police officers stand outside a Wal-Mart after a shooting in Las Vegas |

NBC News

An  apparent ambush in a Las Vegas pizzeria that carried over to a nearby Walmart left five people dead on Sunday, including two police officers and a pair of shooters.

A man and a woman shot the two cops as they were eating lunch at Cici’s Pizza at about 11:20 a.m. local time (2:20 p.m. ET), Las Vegas Metro Police spokesman Larry Hadfield told NBC News.

Witnesses told police that one of the shooters yelled “This is the start of a revolution” before firing at patrolmen, who were identified as Officer Alyn Beck, 42, and Officer Igor Soldo, 32.

One of the cops was able to fire back at the duo before succumbing to his injuries, Sheriff Doug Gillespie said at an afternoon press conference.

“My officers were simply having lunch when the shooting…

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  1. So tragic….I send my condolences and prayers to the families and loved ones of the victims.

    “Police reportedly probe white supremacist link to Las Vegas shootings”

  2. “…..said the man who lived in the apartment often talked about conspiracy theories and often dressed in camouflage ……………….Monroe added that he thought the couple used methamphetamine.”

    I bet they also hated Obama and had profiles on Storm Front.

    One story reported the civilian in Walmart who died had tried to shoot at them with a concealed weapon. How horrible for the families and for all who had to witness these shootings.

  3. I would like the NRA and gun enthusiasts who are constantly screaming “more guns, more guns” to explain to me how that would work. How would it help if everyone had guns? These were POLICE OFFICERS for godsake – they HAVE guns!!! That didn’t stop it. People have guns now – so why aren’t THEY stopping it if that is the answer. Aside from the fact that here in Seattle, the shooter was taken down by someone who did NOT have a gun, I would like these gun enthusiasts to explain it to me, because I’m not getting it. IT ISN’T WORKING – It really IS time to try something else!!!

  4. NewsBreaker @NewsBreaker · 8m
    “Armed & Dangerous man described as male Hispanic white shirt and white pants armed with Assault Weapon in 11600 blk of Hartsook @LAPDHQ”

  5. Cliven Bundy and his supporters spawned these 2 domestic terrorists. Also interesting Jerad made himself up as the Joker. Wasnt the active shooter known as James Holmes also called the joker?

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    What is wrong with this country… These out of control nuts are getting the dog whistle from the right wing nuts.

    • yeseventhis,
      After almost 2 decades of observing, I think that the right wing nuts actually got the dog whistle from the Sovereign Citizens like Bundy. Sovereign Citizens derive from Posse Comitatus, who derive from the KKK. What we have now, (and that includes the Tea Party) is like a corporate structure with departments, but all having a common goal.

      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        The Bundy Group said they asked those two to leave because they were “too extreme” Oh brother. I did a post today about those nut jobs..

        • yeseventhistoo,
          Just paid your blog a visit and realized I was not following. Good thoughts about the murderers.

          Although reports have it that the Bundy clan put those two out for being too extreme, those groups recruit and like the extremes because they will do their dirty work. However, most of them do not have death wishes that those two.

          • yeseventhistoowillpass

            My too extreme and their too extreme are quite different. Bundy is a nut job. I liked how even some of the die hard fanatical ring wingers jumped on and off Bundy’s bandwagon… Classic

  7. So many are lost in their own world of hate and disconnected from any type of family.
    It is so very sad and does not bode well for the future of our species.

    • Gator Woman, it’s crazy. We could learn things from animals about respecting life. Which, brings me to the subject that our local news is reporting a black bear in the area. That’s nothing new to me. I’ve seen them off and on since 1999. We thought then that they were coming out of Wisconsin. They say the one roaming around now is probably looking for a mate.

      • I don’t know where you live, but thank you for sharing this.
        At this time of the year here, they have already mated, produced new young and are now all very hungry.
        Human encroachment on their Habitats have forced them into populated places.
        Where we are here in Central Florida, near the Ocala Forest, Black Bears are quite commonly seen and nothing bad ever happens.
        But, when they make the terrible mistake of wandering out of the woods in the suburbs near Orlando looking for food, getting into trash and trouble, they are ” euthanized. ”
        That to the FWC, sounds better than murdered!
        It breaks my heart.

        • Black bears mate in June and give birth in January.

          • Thanks for sharing info on the Orlando bears, GatorWoman 🙂

          • Being new to the Florida Forests, we could only guess by the mamas that we see here each year with very small cubs. Wonder if that applies to all Black Bears??

          • GatorWoman,

            Can’t be sure, but I think it applies to all black bears. Climate could make a difference, however.

            When black bears are born, they are the size of a soda bottle.

        • I’m in Northwestern Illinois by the Wisconsin border. The funny thing is that the news is saying that it’s a “rare” sighting. That’s not true. It’s just the first time that someone took a photo and gave it to the media. When we see bears we go inside. Calling LE or animal control is not always in the best interest of animals, especially when they are harmless.

          One thing for sure is that if they are hungry come September, they will probably find my backyard. It’s a gathering place for hungry critters because of the berries and cranapples.

          • Oh joy to be in your yard come Fall!!!!
            If you take pictures, I will be thrilled to put them up on a special post!
            BTW, my great grandmother was born in Ill. near the Cahokia Mounds~
            And, you are right about calling authorities, it might not be best for them.
            God Bless~

          • Gator Woman,
            You’re welcomed to come anytime. Just be aware, last Fall a skunk got in the yard and my dog didn’t like it. Neither did the skunk. LOL!

  8. Hat tip to Jueseppi.

  9. Mediaite and Washington Post have articles on how the Joker and Harley Quinn (Jared and Amanda Miller) werr investigated by southern Nevada counterterrorism unit and dismissed. Plus. House speaker Boehner and. Senate majority leader Reid actually debated on whether this active shooting was terrorism. With these scenarios would there be a terrorism debate?( Habib and Maryam ties to muslim brotherhood, Naquan and Laquita ties to new black panther party, Apu and Deepa Singh ties to a Sikh group, Julio and Julissa Vasquez ties to Mexican drug cartel) shout “Revolution” before killing cops and civilians. Guaranteed call of terrorism. Agree or not?

    • m1,
      “terrorist” and “terrorism” is becoming a word signifying religion and race, much like the word “thug.”

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