Focus: Two Organizations For Gun Control

Women Against Gun Violence

Women Against Gun ViolenceThis organization, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a great nationwide resource for finding other activist groups and organizations against gun violence.

Founded in 1993, it educates the public, policymakers and the media about the human, financial and public health consequences of gun violence.

Online is a list of its newsletters. You can read the latest edition: WAGV_Newsletter_March_18_2014.

I found the newsletters informative. For example, I did not know that the NRA had filed cases before the Supreme Court of the United States and that they were not heard.

They also have an In Memoriam page where people can send KoretzGunViolencephotos of family or friends whose lives were taken by a gun.

Women Against Gun Violence also has a Youtube Channel with a series of everyday people titled “We Stand.”


Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action currently has a petition telling Target to put their customers’ safety first. You can see and/or sign it here.

Congresswomen+Join+Mom+Activist+Group+Call+cU6g7GlIavUlMoms Demand Action currently has a petition telling Target to put their customer’s safety first. You can see and/or sign it here.

Moms Demand Action is a fairly new organization, founded on December 15, 2012 by Shannon Watts, a former communications executive, in Indianapolis, the day after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Under their “Action” tab is a list that among other things, provides moms Sybrina Fultonquick tweets and emails to any member of Congress, in addition to becoming involved by connecting with moms in your area.


In addition to their website, Moms Demand Action has a Facebook page and is on Twitter; @MomsDemand. In spite of being a new organization, they have acquired a powerful voice.



As we experienced when Trayvon Martin was killed, there are people who slander and demean the parents of those killed.  I gather that in the quote above by Richard Martinez. There is strength through struggle and I want to let all parents of murdered children know that there are people who pay no attention to the evil, denigration.  We lift you up.

I’m going to check for Moms Demand Action in my area.  They have provided the tools to contact legislatures with the click of a button.  That’s too convenient to pass up.


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  1. Good Morning Xena and All!

    I honestly believe when the issue of open carry comes before the SC, the supporters of OC will lose. They will lose because they aren’t willing to compromise. The rest of us are.
    Concealed carry for trained registered gun owners who have completed expanded background checks.

    I was very sad to see the NRA backtrack on their statement of open carry not being ‘neighborly’..

    So much in the news today! Welcome Home Bowe Bergdahl!


    • Good morning there sister!! I’ve tried keeping up with the Bergdahl story — can’t see why people can’t be happy that the last POW is free.

      I’m not for conceal carry nor open carry. As far as I’m concerned, guns don’t belong on the street. We’ve already experienced that people with serious mental health problems are issued licenses to own guns. I wonder what would happen if there was law that citizens could only purchase rubber bullets?


      • towerflower

        Most of the uproar has been started from members of his own unit. They claim he willing went AWOL or deserted his post, one even claims he wanted to walk to India. So it started as to why the US would release 5 Taliban leaders for a deserter. His commanders have also given him good reviews as a soldier and the Pentagon has never taken an official position as to his disappearance and listed him as a POW.

        I won’t take an position on him until an investigation is done starting with getting his side of the story. Prisoner exchanges have taken place in just about every war and that in itself is not new. Also what does the public think would happen to these prisoners in Gitmo? After a war, the other side has to release it’s prisoners. Do they really think that we could hold on to them forever? I only question the release of one of them. He should’ve been returned to his country for war crimes and not just turned over to Qatar.


        • towerflower

          I also find Jr’s comments condemning this man very hypocritical. How many times did he vilify the press for judging Z without knowing the “facts”? Yet he constantly makes comments vilifying this man who has not yet been questioned or even charged with misconduct.


          • Nothing irritates me more than Jr’s pompous ass going on about prejudging his murderous brother! GEORGE ZIMMERMAN WRONGFULLY JUDGED AND MURDERED TRAYVON MARTIN and so do many others because he’s dead and cant defend himself because Zimmerman MURDERED HIM!!


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    • 2dogsonly,
      Nothing is in spam from you. I did find a comment by someone else in spam that should have posted. The gremlins can be unpredictable. 🙂


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  6. Thank you, Xena for providing info and links on these two organizations that push for gun control.

    Also, I am going to post one of the videos from the Youtube link that you gave us:


  7. Like

    • (CNN) — At least four people were shot Thursday on the campus of Seattle Pacific University, Seattle police reported on the department’s official Twitter account.
      The conditions of the victims were not immediately known.

      Police said one suspect is in custody and they are looking for a second suspect, described as a man wearing a long-sleeve blue shirt with vertical stripes. He is armed with a handgun, police said.

      The school reported on its website that the campus is on lockdown because of a shooting at Otto Miller Hall. Students were urged to check text messages for updates.


  8. Why, oh why, don’t the legislators listen to the American people and all of the loved ones of gun victims instead of the NRA lobbyists?

    So many lives have been lost because of guns.


    • Yahtzee,
      Because our voting choices are generally the lesser of two evils. Problem now is that it is difficult for independents to run without millions of dollars in campaign funds. Second problem is that the majority of politicians are lawyers so the will of people is looked at with a comparison of how the Supreme Court will interpret laws. Lincoln had it right however. Make a decision then amend the constitution. That takes it out of the reach of judges.


  9. From March of 2013:


  10. I see people TRYING to make a difference….like “The Mom’s Demand Action”.Just think,if something like that had been in a law where that Sleezebag GZ could not have been going to Target ARMED to the hilt maybe would have made a difference.Personally I do not believe he was on his way to Target,but he has been so stern about him wearing it in Target & EVERYWHERE except work!I wonder WHAT made him feel like such a big man before he bought his gun? Oh I forgot…he beat people up & Uncle from Orange county & Daddy Dearest got him out of it.
    My Daughter in law is in Target every other day with my precious Grandchild…I don’t want this for them! I will keep signing & doing whatever I can.I think these damn Gun Shows are a huge problem.There is one somewhere here in Texas every weekend!! It makes my blood boil!!


    • Marilyn, Zimmerman was going to target — to target a teen walking home in the rain. Since we now know that Shellie left him that Saturday, I seriously doubt that he was going grocery shopping that late in the evening. He would not have known to purchase groceries for one or two people.



    The Georgia shooter / attempted bomber identified himself as a Sovereign Citizen.Somehow that terms rings a bell. Didn’t another nutter identify himself as a Sovereign Citizen??? What was his name? He just had a court case in California, oh yeh, rusty trombone75 AKA David Piercy.

    Ga. Killer was on his way to enter plea but came equipped with stop sticks, body armor, guns, and had his home booby trapped with bomb equipment. Turns out he hadn’t been at his home in 10 days but it was ready and rigged for cops.

    He was pissed due to felony charges and aimed to exact revenge.

    (Administrator’s Note: Edited to remove certain info that should not be available in the event of an appeal.)


    • 2dogsonly,
      The majority of those attracted to Sovereign Citizen ideologies are because they are already vindictive, rebellious people in heart. Sovereign Citizen ideologies include “common law” that can be summarized as saying if they kick your dog and you say anything, it gives them the right to then shoot your horse.


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