Let’s Focus On Working For Positive Change

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

I have read your comments. Our hearts are revealed. We are sick of hatred, wrongful judgment of people, victimization of the innocent, unequal justice, racism, stereotyping.

love-no-violence-no-racism-peace-stop-bullying-Favim.com-615112There is a fear across America that our children will grow up not being able to go out in the sunshine for fear of someone with a gun.

We have to worry when we go shopping that someone will shoot us for stepping on their foot and defend themselves by saying they were in fear.

We have to worry about people who don’t like texting, loud music, or seeing a person with Alzheimer’s in their front yard and because they have a gun, act on their dislike.

Terrorism on America’s soil is here – we now share in the trauma with those countries where suicide bombers walk the streets.

There are times we feel hopeless and helpless.

Know what? We are the answer. Just wanting a peaceful existence gives us an advantage. We have the power. We are the majority. We have the power to boycott stores and companies that allow conceal carry. We have the power to vote and what’s more, we have the power to support political candidates who agree with us and want the same things that we want. They need not be of either of the major political parties. It might take 4 or 8 years, but we can do it.

PassThePeaceLook around us – even right here. We are a diverse people who share the same interests and belief in equality. We are men and women; atheists, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, spiritual. We are Black, Brown, Red, White, Yellow and some combinations. We are homosexual, heterosexual, transexual.

This coming week, I plan on blogging about organizations and groups that seek what we do. Let’s extend our efforts to make this world a better place. If any of you are already involved in an organization or group whose goal is to achieve positive things, please let us know by posting it in comments.

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  1. I agree with you, Xena, that our Blackbutterfly7 community is made up of compassionate, caring individuals and that, yes, “we are the answer” to being able to contribute to add positive light in the world and that we have the power of boycott, to vote, and power through many other constructive actions to stop the negativity out there.

    I would really like to hear ideas from members of our community.

    Ester in Hong Kong has a lovely poem that is perfect for this page. Ester, I wish you would post it here….it is the one that ends:

    ” Life is made of shades of grey
    Love is its only true color.”



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    Live united indeed!! Great post ….


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  5. Thank You Xena, I’d like to share that recently I’ve taken exception with businesses who openly discriminate against LBGT folks. It’s personal to me because some of the finest folks I’ve ever met are Gay. Open Carry of AR’s is really starting to grind my gears

    . Being active through social media has seen 2 of those places change their policies on allowing open carry. I am so glad to see even *gasp* the NRA take a stand that this is NOT how to bring about positive change.

    Good Morning!!


    • I agree with EVERYTHING you have written, mindyme62.

      You know, conceal carry also bothers me in a scary way. Where is my civil right of taken precautionary measures to protect my life by distancing myself from people carrying hidden guns that I don’t know about?? If I knew someone walking on the street had a hidden gun, I would walk across the street from that person. If I knew someone had a hidden gun in a mall, I would immediately leave that mall. Same for stores and other public places.

      The news story about the people in Texas attempting to open-carry in restaurants reveals that the patrons don’t want to be around people with guns. No doubt, if they knew there were also people conceal-carrying guns, they would feel the SAME way. I sure feel this way!


      • Spelling correction:

        above should read: “Where is my civil right of TAKING precautionary measures to protect my life….”


      • Money talks Yahtzee! I”m willing to compromise on the issue of carrying guns. I think at this point most people are. I’d much rather (not) see a person who is trained carrying a registered weapon than to have my country looking like a 3rd world country with children walking around with ARs

        . I found this interesting tidbit: (that really sums up my feelings on the 2nd A)

        “The Gun Lobby’s interpretation of the 2nd A is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American people by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime.
        The real purpose of the 2nd A was to ensure that state armies – the militia – would be maintained for the defense of the state.

        The very language of the 2nd A refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon he or she desires.”

        Conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger


    • Mindyme, I would like for you to expound on “social media” such as if it’s on Facebook or elsewhere, and if there are any pages where people can participate.


      • Xena, ever heard of Big Earls’s Tackle and Galley Cafe out in Pittsburg Texas? They behaved very badly last week when telling 2 patrons, “we don’t serve fags here” AFTER they had taken their money and been served their meal. They have a FB page with their phone number, address, and a link to ‘yelp’ reviews of their service. Just know that if you call to order a ‘Hamburger Steak with cole slaw and a big side of hate and bigotry’ you may get a call back from the PCSD.

        Home Depot’s main office is in Atlanta Georgia and there are links to contact that office through THEIR FB page. There are 1,000s of ex Home Depot customers now for having allowed the rally at their store in Richmond Hill Texas of open carry

        A manager from Sonic’s in Texas sent this note , via private messaging FB from Larry Castleberry Jr, who I found through a Sonic search on FB

        “I have taken your views to the corperate office. I am sorry it has taken so long to get back. Sonic as a whole has decided that we will not allow open carry on the patio on in the dining areas. I hope that this makes you feel safe to come back to our stores.”

        We know now that Chipolte has opted to not allow open carry in their restaurants. Chili’s and Starbucks are gun free, although honestly if sane folks conceal carry I have no issue with this.


    • mindyme62, You spoke too soon, the crazies over at the NRA have back tracked on their stand, and now think it is ok…



      • I see that the NRA’s very brief moment of sanity has vanished.


        • They suddenly realized that a lot of these people were paying dues to their social club and might not continue to do so after their initial comments… Always remember “evil is the root of all money”…


        • Yes.

          Here is a good comment under the article you posted, crazy1946:


          “So let me get this straight. The NRA is apologizing for saying that carrying assault rifles into Chipotle is weird?

          “I get it. The NRA is a trade group for people who make and sell assault weapons (among other things). But if you DON’T think bringing assault weapons into Chipotle, in order to intimidate other people with your right to do so, is weird, then aren’t you awfully damn weird?

          “Or is there something I’m missing? Because Chipotle and a lot of other restaurants are indeed saying this behavior is extremely weird, and shouldn’t exist. But now the NRA is apologizing to those who did this, saying it’s just a “tactical” issue?

          “I’ve heard of nuclear weapons called tactical before. In terms of eating a burrito in a Chipotle, an AR-15 walking right up to you in the arms of some fat-assed asshole is a nuclear weapon.

          “But it’s “not” weird? OK, then.

          “The NRA has now officially jumped the shark. It would be nice to think that Wayne LaPierre grows up into as nice a guy as Henry Winkler, but somehow I don’t think that’s how his story ends.”


      • towerflower

        Now, I agreed with their first statement, that the ones who are doing this are pushing an agenda to a limit and it does more to harm the 2A then it does to help.


  6. Here’s the video. Warning: Contains language that some might find offensive. This happened in New York.


  7. If Mr. G and Jellybean can be so different yet so connected, it boggles the mind that all humans can’t – or won’t – learn to be as loving and compassionate as our furrier friends (even some that we don’t fawn over as being “beautiful” or “intelligent”)!

    For a heart-warming send-off to bedtime, treat yourselves to this:


  8. And here’s the full Animal Place video about Mr. G and Jellybean. ENJOY!


  9. I live in Texas…but for some reason I feel like all of a sudden we are living in the middle of the Wild Wild West!! What the hell is going on??!! Yes I would love to go enjoy a burger & shake with my 90 yr old Mom & 3 Yr old Grandchild,but scared to death!! I don’t remember ever feeling like this! Everyone knows that I’m not a spring chicken,so me dealing with people & their guns are not new.But everything has just got way out of hand! WHERE are we SAFE anymore???


    • Marilyn,
      You ask a good question;

      WHERE are we SAFE anymore???

      Well, see it’s like this. People were afraid in their homes, so they got a gun for the house. Since nothing happened and they stopped being afraid at home, they needed a reason to take their guns out of the house. So, we have conceal carry. Since there is argument that conceal carry violates the civil rights of others, some states have open carry. Thus, if you see a person with a gun you know they carry and can decide to take your chances being in the same vicinity, or return home where you feel safe. (snark)


  10. “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” – Mother Teresa

    Share a positive plan for action and stop dwelling on the fear and negativity and I will move mountains with you!


    • Joe, the fear does not come without compassion and hope. IMHO, the true fear is in those who think they have to carry a gun with them everywhere.

      As a positive plan, I would like to see a national organization that all parents who have lost children can join to lift each other up. I’m open to ideas.


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    I Love this post! I will continue to share your updates on this theme. Not just in America but worldwide, we who love peace, community and kindness vastly outnumber the greedy, fear and hate driven people. A better world us not just possible-it in the process of being born/created right now. 🙂


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