Traffic Diverted as a ‘mock’ Obama shown hanging from Noose over Federal Highway

Post racial America??????

The Fifth Column

My questions are: When does it end?  How does it end?

Daily Kos…

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — Crews are investigating after a dummy bearing a President Obama face mask was found hanging from theLesholz Bridge over I-70 near Grain Valley, Mo. Police received the report around 5:30 a.m. Monday.Authorities rerouted traffic due to the distraction it caused Monday. Traffic across the bridge has since been allowed to cross.

Crews, using a robot, removed the dummy and took it into a nearby field where it was x-rayed for possible explosives.

FOX 4 News is at the scene and will have more information as soon as it becomes available.

They have removed the dummy with a bomb handling robot and investigation will continue today.

Stay Classy, there.  I have no problem with protest, even big protest.. but it’s real chicken s*** stuff to do something like this over a federal…

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  1. That’s just ‘who’ they are. While living a delusion that they are ‘better’. The “Party of family values” and the “Christian Right” are the reason this happens.


  2. The person who did this heinous act is a stinky-pants racist. That person and others like him/her are OUTNUMBERED by decent Americans. I will ALWAYS stand up against their hatred and not give them one inch!!!


  3. No this isn’t post racial America. This isn’t the first time. Prosecute who did this to the full extent of the law. Hate crimes and all.


  4. O/T: How about a little good news for a change, keep your fingers crossed about this new drug, it will possibly save the lives of thousands of our four legged children….


    • crazy1946,
      That’s great news! Parvovirus is deadly and it hinders some people from adopting the living balls of fur. Now, if treatment can only be made more affordable —–(sigh).


  5. All I can say is, I’m just so tired of this. Unfortunately, as long as he’s President, this kind of stuff will keep coming. Ugh, ugh.


  6. O/T: The NRA has come out against the open carry people going into businesses.


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