Donald Sterling’s Gal Pal V Stiviano Brutally Beaten Up In New York City, Her Lawyer Claims — Called The ‘N Word’ By Group Of Assailants

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  1. Two sides to a story

    Not saying this couldn’t happen, but why does it sound like some sort of publicity ruse?


  2. I also hope this isn’t some sort of stunt……this came less than 24 hours after this: She was filmed for a reality tv show about gold diggers in 2011. Plus according to her attorney she had hired a bodyguard because of threats from the fallout of the released tapes. So where was the bodyguard? Why hasn’t she contacted the police? She said she went to a doctor and called her attorney who is giving interviews but not the police.


  3. I don’t like that woman, but she doesn’t deserve to be bullied, and physically hurt.


  4. If she had her concealed carry permit, we would now have two less white thugs in the world to deal with, right? Unlike some others I don’t see this as a publicity stunt, I see it as payback from Sterling, who hid in a black church yesterday. People with money like he has are able to make things like this happen, and his attitude indicates he is capable of such an act… To you who question why no police, think for a moment, it took place in NYC and she is black, do you not realize she would have been in greater danger from the police than she was from the thugs that attacked her?


    • If she had a ccw and shot those two white guys with her licensed gun,she’d be charged. She’d join the long list of non whites given criminal charges for self defense. If this is true, I believe this was a contract hit.


  5. What a strange story. I wouldn’t want for anyone to be beaten.


    • Crazy1946. Don’t know why your comment was held in another queue but it has now been set free.


      • Xena, It did not matter, towerflower managed to get a link to the report posted shortly after I attempted to. All that matters was that people had the opportunity to see progress (?) was and is still being made. Any bets that the money trail leads back to Sterling? The bad part is that if it does and he is charged, he has already been found to be mentally challenged (politically correct?) and would walk… Must be nice to have that much money, made off the backs of the poor and handicapped, and yet be so darn arrogant toward people in general, and blacks especially… What a role model for people to aspire to follow, right? The teacher asked little Johnny what he wanted to be when he grew up and Johnny said “I want to be a rich white racist like Sterling so I can flaunt my wealth and walk on people”!


  6. She filed her police report and there are two videos of the incident. Also one man also surrendered himself to the cops.


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