Rachel Jeantel Keeps Her Promise To Trayvon


Attorney Rod Vereen and Rachel Jeantel

Today, Rachel Jeantel was presented with her high school diploma, fulfilling a promise she made to Trayvon Martin. Sybrina Fulton was looking on.

Crossing the stage on Friday “is just the beginning of my life,” Jeantel said.

Jeantel was on the phone with Trayvon when he told her that he was being followed and she heard George Zimmerman ask Trayvon what he was doing there and a “bump” to Trayvon’s cell phone. Zimmerman shot the unarmed 17-year old in the heart, killing him.

The daughter of immigrant parents, Jeantel speaks Haitian Creole, Spanish and English.  At Zimmerman’s trial, the court reporter claimed being unable to understand Jeantel’s testimony. Defense attorney Don West turned the trial into an interrogation, often being admonished by Judge Nelson to stop repeating questions that Jeantel had already answered

Miami attorney Rod Vereen, connected with Jeantel shortly before the trial. He stated that he tried preparing Jeantel as best he could without knowing the government’s strategy. In the end, he believes that prosecutors missed an opportunity. “I don’t think they understood the importance of how Rachel was going to fit in,” said Vereen, a former prosecutor. “She was the person that brings out the character of Trayvon Martin.”

Attorney Vereen, with the financial backing of the Tom Joyner Foundation, assembled a team of three tutors, a psychologist and other mentors to shepherd Jeantel. Jeantel received tutoring after-school for three hours a day, five to six days a week.

Jeantel also got her driver’s license a few months ago. Her plan is to continue working with tutors on pre-college curriculum before enrolling in a university. She wants to be a clothing designer.  The Tom Joyner Foundation has awarded her with a full scholarship.

Congratulations Rachel Jeantel.

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  1. Bless her! I am so happy. I am so glad Sybrina was there. I wish I could have been. This is the best news I’ve heard in a LONG time!!!

  2. wonderful news, xena — thank you so much for reporting it. i wish ms. jenteal all the best as she pursues her dreams and am thrilled about the full scholarship, of course.

  3. Congratulations Jeantel!! How special that Sybrina Fulton was there!

  4. Here is another article – a bit more – I am just in tears right now – tears at the loss of Trayvon, but tears of happiness for Rachel.


  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    All thumbs up for Rachel!

  6. Congratulations, Rachel!!

  7. Hi Xena & All You Great People…..I have been very sick,woke up to watch my Al Sharpton & saw this WONDERFUL NEWS!! I have layed here & cried with so much happiness for this Kid.I am so PROUD of her & hope there are news articles everywhere to show the nation what a ray of sunshine she is, instead of all of the nasty things that were all over the TV & internet.Please,anybody who sees these nice articles to post them.This is the best medicine for me today!! Thank you so much for everyone who has posted & Xena(My Favorite Hero) I am grateful for all you do.I would love to jump out of this bed & do a happy dance for Miss Rachel Jeantel!! Hopefully she knows there are MANY people out here cheering her on in having a great future! Everyone have a nice safe weekend.

    • Sorry to hear you are sick, Marilyn. I am sending you bright, healing energy.

      • Oh Yahtzee,Bless your Big Heart!!! Thank you so much,Im a little stronger today & loving reading about all the amazing people who helped this child,only wishing I could also help her.

    • Marilyn,
      We can’t have you sick. Get well REAL soon!

      • Thanks Xena…..don’t you just want to give this child Rachel a BIG OLE HUG?! And personally Thank the people who fought to get her in such a great place? Like I said,this news was good medicine for me! I read a couple of GZ supporters still trying to make fun of her I should have known to just read your site until I felt better….are you kidding me right now…..uh no,she is way past that crap!

  8. Two sides to a story

    Way to go, Rachel! You rock! Best wishes for your university studies!

  9. Congrat’s Rachael, our thoughts are with you!!!!

  10. This is great stuff. No bout adoubt it. Which begs my eternal question…………

    Sooooooooooooo, where is the similar help for PhuckingFogenPhoole ?? Maybe the Outhouse Nation realized he wasn’t the victim after all ??????

    Those crazy race baiting hate mongers.

  11. Here is a beautiful young lady who was misunderstood by critics and trolls. She prove them all wrong. She never gave up. I am so proud of her. She deserves all the best and I know she will be successful. Trayvon will be so proud of his beautiful friend. Dreams do come true.Congrats to Rachel. We are so proud of you Babygirl!

  12. Wonderful! Miss Jeantel is on her way!

  13. You can watch Rachel receive her diploma at timestamp 0:26 here:

    • She speaks with CBS local reporter at timestamp 1:00, and then Sybrina Fulton speaks with the reporter.

    • OMG!!! I want to Thank EVERYONE who was responsible for this video being posted!! My heart was lit up like ET, seeing Rachel & Sybrina with such HAPPY SMILES on their faces! I have been flipping channels trying to find something like this! How beautiful for Sybrina to be front & center showing her support(I’m sure with Trayvon sitting by her side)…..Thank Yall!!

    • Yahtzee.Thank you for posting. seeing her speak and then Sybrina, actually broke me down. Rachel looks beautiful. like a movie star. she looks happy and confident and my god she deserves it sooooo much!! she was loved and well taken care of before the murder, but now she’s got more opportunity and support that will help her go all the way.

      xoxo we love you Rachel. thank you for sticking up for Trayvon like you do!

  14. Rats, I wrote a long blog but said it could not be posted. ;-(

    • Just saw in the Admin side that Word Press made some changes. When they do that is when a message appears that comments cannot be posted.

      Did you save your comment by chance?

  15. towerflower

    Congrats Rachel!

  16. Congratulations indeed to SisterRachael. You always had my support.

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