Utah Man Arrested For Hate Crime

Robert Keller

Robert Keller

70-year old Robert Keller of Utah was arrested because a an African-American socialized with Whites, and it was more than Keller could stand.

Keller wrote a letter to KUTV saying that he would slice the throat of the young man.   Keller explained;

“I said, ‘What is going to happen down the road, when the black kid starts chasing these girls?  What I seen set me off, when he was walking down the street with a white gal.”

Last year, Keller wrote a note leaving it at the clubhouse of the complex that said;

“If I catch that [n-word] around my daughter, I’ll kill the ass h— and then come find what stupid person brought him here in the first place.”  

The letter was submitted with the probable cause statement from the police officer.

Keller was originally charged with state misdemeanor harassment charges. The family then took the matter to Tri-State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which alerted federal authorities. Keller is charged with two federal misdemeanor counts of criminal interference with a right to fair housing and for using both threats and a racial slur against the teen in a letter to both the teenager’s family and their local homeowner’s association.

Keller, a retired postal worker, was to appear in court on those charges. He failed to appear. On Tuesday, a federal warrant was issued for his arrest. His attorney, Terry Hutchinson, told KUTV that Keller wasn’t aware that he was scheduled to be in court to face the additional federal charges.

If convicted, Keller faces up to one year in prison on each federal count.

Click here to see a video of Keller’s interview.

For more on the story, here is the link to the Salt Lake Tribune.


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  1. You know, I was watching Judge Judy talking with someone the other day, giving her view on same sex marriage. She said something like, you know, it was only a couple of decades when interracial couples couldn’t marry and no one would tolerate that now. I just kind of shook my head and said, “if only.” I know for a fact that my son gets targeted when he is walking down the street with his white/blonde wife.

    WTF is WRONG with people?

    • I can’t understand why he takes this as a personal affront.. What is it that grinds his gears? Exactly how does this affect his life? I will never understand it. And in Utah??? WTH??

    • Rachael,

      WTF is WRONG with people?

      It’s complicated but yet simple. Think of a tree. The seed is hate. The trunk is unrighteous judgment, the leaves are poison.

  2. You ask what is wrong with people?
    Angry older baby male baby boomers white men..
    Angry at changing democraticies and trying to claw their way back to relevancy. This was spurred on by crashing economy that wiped out everything they, we, had saved. Boomers followed those mf rules and look where it got us. Then to double down on our, their , feeling of being irrelevant, an AA man was elected President. It came together and Koch Bros. financed the tea party. It was an engenious ploy to keep regulators out of banking after we gave them 3 trillion dollars. ( not a typo). The tea party was a real movement but only attended by people my age who were ranting against big govt. and obamacare. Except everyone at those rallies was on govt. assisted medical health insurance ( sometimes referred to as Medicare). Of course, no one mentioned that as what they wanted and they got was banking no regulations to remain.

    When the older baby boomers die off, it will revert. I lived in a very upscale bi racial HOA with 3-4 biracial couples and no one blinked. This is in Deep South but I div. and moved in 2008. My neighbors, and most are snowbirds, are the biggest racists! My neighbors moving up from Miami to escape Hurricane bullseye are not.

    I was leaving Costco yesterday and a clearly gay AA young man had just been insulted by a angry older white man who told him he ( the AA) could never afford a Macy’s shirt.
    Good grief, a Macy’s shirt ?? About as expensive as a Penny’s shirt. The angry man had left but the gay AA employee was very offended. I think I helped him feel better by telling him to hold the thought that a white granny found that ludicrous and to Stay Strong For Trayvon!.

    It’s not an excuse I’m offering for this display of ignorance but by understanding maybe their anger will mellow. At least a bit.

    Xena, hope you’re good girlfriend! You are loved and we are so grateful for all your work.

    • 2dogsonly,

      I was leaving Costco yesterday and a clearly gay AA young man had just been insulted by a angry older white man who told him he ( the AA) could never afford a Macy’s shirt.

      Ahhh. The classic attempt to re-define target victims into an image that bullies want. Guess that telling AA men they could never become president of the U.S. has lost its effect.

      Well, guess what mister old racist bigot, there are many people of all races with college degrees working fast food and inbound customer service call centers, who can’t afford a Macy’s shirt either.

      A person’s character is within and working with the public having to endure all types, even racist bigots, tells me that the gay AA man has more character in his little finger than the guy who tried bullying him.

      Thank you, 2dogsonly, for bringing kindness and uplifting to that man.

  3. Typo above…angry older male baby boomers.
    Always a typo;-)

    • TRUTH shared. TRUTH shared through the heartbreak.

      I so admired this grieving dad for getting this message out!

      I send my heartfelt sympathy and caring prayers to Christopher’s family and loved ones.

    • I misunderstood. Is this the killer’s father?
      Good for him sending out this message.

      • No, I checked….I had it right the first time. This is the father of one of the victims of the shooter.

    • towerflower

      This is a video made by the shooter. It is disturbing, I have also seen some of his comments made at other times. The family went to law enforcement several weeks prior to the shooting trying to get help after seeing some of his videos. The cops interviewed him and determined he wasn’t a threat.

      • Wow! He truly needed counseling. Cops are not counselors and should have taken him for mental health evaluation.

        • towerflower

          That’s the problem, you can only do so much with a legal adult. When they became aware of the threats in his videos they went to the cops who could do something about it but the cops thought he was polite and shy and not a threat.

  4. Gunfire rang out at 9:27 p.m., catching the attention of deputies on foot patrol who heard multiple shots and quickly discovered victims. Just six minutes later they encountered the killer and opened fire in two separate confrontations, according to the Santa Barbara Independent.

    The shooter drove off, eventually crashing into a parked car, where officers found him with a gunshot wound to the head and a semi-automatic handgun inside the vehicle.


    I also read where some people were found dead in his apartment — am looking for updates.

  5. Very detailed article that includes some photos of those killed, and the number of those wounded, is here:

  6. Keller arrested for hate crime. SPLC on the job.

    Xena, baby, who told you about them? I just have to toot my own horn ( and renew my membership, 😉

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