California teacher’s Trayvon Martin yearbook tribute stirs controversy

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  1. I think he was very brave to do this. I don’t think there is ever a wrong place or time or way to protest injustice.

    • Mindyme,

      I’m trying to remember, but think this would have been the year that Trayvon would have graduated high school. To have someone represent him in a Yearbook is a true tribute.

  2. I will never forget Trayvon.

    I think that this teacher is helping to keep the memory of Trayvon alive. Just look at the number of media outlets that are picking up this story!

  3. Yearbooks are a documented part of history and are even used as a resource on Sure it is a sad reminder, but it’s a part that needs to remembered for generations to come. I’m with the teacher 100%, Trayvon’s legacy must be remembered for what it is.

  4. Mr. Smith gets straight A’s in my opinion.

  5. Trayvon cannot pass his yearbook around to his friends to sign. What messages and good wishes would they have written? What would he have written in their yearbooks?

    • It would be good if year books published a page of students who passed on before graduating.

      • Yes. It would be comforting for their friends and loved ones as a memorial, never to be forgotten…always to be remembered.

  6. God bless him.

  7. A brave and moral teacher!!!! It is inspiring to see such courage and love expressed 2.5 yrs. after our angel’s murder.
    And to even out this inspiring tribute we have another slightly different outlook.(H/T to word salad @ Whonoze )

    Rene Stutzman at OS reports tub’s adorable mum and papa are asking for a paltry sum of 750,000 for the injustice they suffered at the hands of Rosanne Barr. $600,000 for emotional pain and the other for meals and hotel room.
    An unnamed amount for the horror of spawning two douchebages.

    Your welcome,warriors.! 😉

    • You have got to be kidding me! I hope she fights this and wins.

      • She is fighting and FogenPhoole’s Mumzie and Dada probably won’t get a dime because she reposted what someone else had posted and their address was a matter of public record, which is where it was found in the 1st place.

        What loooozzzzzzers !!

        • @racerrodig: LOL at your post! Mumzie and Dada don’t deserve a dime! I had no idea that Rosanne had only posted what had already been posted! LOL! Rosanne has hired attorneys who could deal with this nonsense and she was prepared for this fool family anyway. Did they think she wouldn’t fight thei claims? Roseanne is no fool! She has more than enough money to keep this case tied up in litigation for years! These moochers are aleays trying to get something without working for it.

          I am just waiting for the day when KARMA bites this lying family completely in the ass and Fogenhats is off to prison or to a grave after someone hollers “self dedense” against him!

  8. ladystclaire

    I wonder if some of these very same people, who are speaking out against this tribute to Trayvon, if they also spoke out against his murderer signing pictures of himself at a gun show. I also wonder if they exercised their right to speak out when Mr. I can’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag, was trying to get a boxing match between himself and someone else. Why he even said that he would fight a AA and yet, his only defense in a scuffle with a skinny AA teen, which never happened, was for him to shoot this innocent child in the chest and kill him.

    I wonder just how many people, saw that photo of him posing in a fight stance like a professional fighter and came out to voice their opinion about that and all of the other things that he has done since the farce of a trial. Why Fogen’s good BFF Osterman even went on national TV and LIED when he said, that Trayvon had the body of an athlete and that Fogen was out of shape. That lie out of osterman’s rotten mouth, was dispelled during that kangaroo court.

    That teacher did nothing wrong in expressing himself because, he has rights in this country just like those who are bitching about it. After all this is suppose to be free country or do those freedoms only apply to certain people? Trayvon would be wrapping up his freshman year in college right about now and, looking forward to summer vacation. What that IMBECILE took from this sweet child and his family, was just plain wrong and those who support him know it but they only support him, because they are racist and so is he!

    I don’t know how much longer the DOJ need to investigate this murderer and, I sometime wonder if they are even investigating him but IMO they’ve got enough info to charge him with a hate crime!!!!!

    • laidystclaire,

      They know and we know they have enough info to charge him with a hate crime. There was enough evidence that should have been presented to win a conviction of murder, we know that, and so does everybody else. The only question is, will they move forward with the evidence and charge him, if the answer is no, no need to question why, everybody knows the answer to that.

  9. ladystclaire

    @debgirl, I just LOVE your comment and, a lot of people are saying that, they left their home several weeks before that tweet was posted. These people never showed any evidence of any threats being made against them and, when they were supposedly in hiding, who gave out their location then. They claimed that they had to keep on the run and, it’s funny that they no longer have to live in hiding. We can all see where their bad seed got his lying ways from, he learned from the masters!!!!!

    • @ladystclaire: Kudo’s to you and your post as well! Very well said! That teacher has a right to free speech, just like those who wrote words of derision about Trayvon, his family, and his supporters! None of those racists folks who are oppossed to the tribute, spoke out against Fogen and his supporters! Mumzie and Dada would have to show how they were being tormented and harassed and they have no evidence to do so! They have no case, and picked the wrong woman to mess with! Rosanne Barr is no joke. She is extremely intelligent and she knows how to fight dirty if she has too. She was a beast in Hollywood, and no one pushed her around it is rumored and I believe that!

      She has the money to fight this lying ass family and she will! I cannot stand to see any of them, especially Fogen’s mother and father! I do not like to talk about anyone’s mother or children, but in the case of Fogen, I will!! His mother is a lying, ugly bitch! She got up on that stand, and said that was her son screaming! I wanted to pull an Elvis, and shoot the television screen out! That is how angry I was. I wished God could strike her dead right there! No wonder her son is such a messed up dude! Look at who his examples were?? They spawned a demon, and he continues to lie, bitch and complain. I don’t know what the DOJ is doing as far as investigating this case. I will shoot off an e-mail myself in regard to this. They have more than enough evidence to charge this racist idiot! Frank Taffee has even turned against him. Now I need to see him testify against Fogen, and apologize for the despicable things he stated about Travyon and his parents. When he does that, then I will know that he has truly changed his spots!!

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