Cyber-Extortionists-Beyond Cyber-Bullies

Those on Twitter may have noticed that there was an effort last week by  cyber- extortionist, David Piercy, to have Word Press take down Blackbutterfly7. They have shown concern (thank you) and this is to inform everyone what took place.

David Piercy filed for a restraining order against another person, and threatened to add me to it unless I became familiar with the Word Press delete feature. Those here who read comments and those on Twitter know that I’ve never engaged that person. Although a long time ago I blacklisted his IP address using the Word Press option, he continues sending vile and racially derogatory comments to this blog.

Piercy's threat after filing TRO

extortion1Several weeks ago, he hacked/trespassed by submitting comments here through the California State University at Fresno’s network. Those comments did not go into moderation but posted directly to the public board. I deleted them, and blacklisted the IP address.  Piercy then went on Twitter claiming that I deleted them because he proved me wrong about Lisa Bloom’s book. No – I deleted them because he trespassed. It’s not my position to ask or wonder why other bloggers allow him to come back and forth after banning him. As for me, once you come to my house throwing filth and calling me demeaning names, you’re not allowed back, PERIOD.

On May 4, 2014, I posted an article about the lawsuit filed by George Zimmerman against NBC. In that article, I expressed that it wasn’t because of the phone call that NBC edited that gave me the impression that Zimmerman killed Trayvon because of Trayvon’s race but rather, comments on social media by those supporting George Zimmerman. It is their comments that confirm that THEY believe George Zimmerman referred to Trayvon Martin as “coons.” It is by their comments that they confirm that George Zimmerman followed and subsequently killed Trayvon Martin because of his race. To support my position, I embedded photos, three of which were posted by David Piercy on his Twitter timeline.

Piercy used that post in effort to achieve what the extortionists have wanted since September 2012 when they first became aware of Blackbutterfly7.  Through threats of defamation, they warned that unless I deleted this blog, they would ruin me.

Last week, Piercy threatened to use copyright infringement complaints to have Word Press delete this blog. He then made his Twitter account protected so others cannot read his tweets.

Word Press’ Terms of Service include:

“Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy. As Automattic asks others to respect its intellectual property rights, it respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that material located on or linked to by violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify Automattic in accordance with Automattic’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) Policy. Automattic will respond to all such notices, including as required or appropriate by removing the infringing material or disabling all links to the infringing material. Automattic will terminate a visitor’s access to and use of the Website if, under appropriate circumstances, the visitor is determined to be a repeat infringer of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of Automattic or others.”

Standard procedure is that when there is a complaint of copyright infringement, the alleged material is removed and the party who posted it is given opportunity to file a counter-notice.  Upon the counter-notice, Word Press may or may not restore the material.  If they do, then the party claiming copyright has the option of going to court for an injunction and suing the alleged offending party.

In other terms and conditions, Word Press indicates the proverbial three strikes and you’re out.  In other words, although there may be pending counter-notices, the blog is removed until that is resolved.  If Word Press finds that the copyright infringement notice was fraudulent, they restore the blog and might SUE THE LIAR for costs associated with restoring the blog and attorney fees.

In effort to have Word Press take Blackbutterfly7 down by making three strikes, Piercy reported one photo as one complaint of copyright infringement, then two other photos in another complaint. That amounted to 2 complaints. Note: All of the photos were on the same page.   In both complaints, he lied, saying the photos were located on his “personal network.” Word Press removed two photos and found that the third constitutes “fair use” and did not remove it.

On May 14, 2014, Piercy submitted a comment, saying “Two more DMCA take downs were filed today. Say goodbye to your racist hate blog piggy.

He submitted the threatening comment by way of his Cricket phone, using a public Wi-Fi to make sure the comment came for moderation so I would see it. As evidenced by his comment above, his threats were not threats of reporting this blog for copyright infringement but rather, because his goal was to have Word Press suspend this blog.  Piercy is of the opinion that it’s a “racist hate” blog. If that were true, he should report it to Word Press as such rather than abusing copyright infringement procedures.  Piercy does not report this blog to Word Press as a “racist hate” blog because all evidence is to the contrary.

David Piercy uses numerous handles, one of which is “Sovereign Citizen of America” which conveys the ideology that only 14th Amendment citizens can be “racist”.  I screenshot and embedded his threatening comment.  He then sent a third complaint to Word Press alleging copyright infringement of his gravatar Piercy then followed those complaints by filing a DCMA take down on his own gravatar that is automatically displayed with his comments, one of which I screenshot and placed in the comment section of this blog.

Word Press denied his copyright infringement claim on his gravatar.  It only appears on this blog in comments because he voluntarily submitted those comments.

Piercy then submitted a comment threatening that he was going to continue filing copyright infringement complaints until Word Press “permanently” deletes this blog. I had not filed a counter-notice challenging his copyright infringement claims until he made that threat. With that threat, I took action.

Why I screenshot rather than approve his comment for direct posting

Before I engaged the “My Community” widget, the extortionists alleged that this blog had 4 followers, all sock puppets. From the onset, this blog always showed the number of followers. We were elated when we obtained 6; overjoyed when we obtained 20; and were grateful to every good-faith subscriber.  As other bloggers reblogged, subscribers continued to grow. This is what the Word Press Community is about.

Lovings 4

The Loving family.

After engaging the “My Community” widget, the extortionists became enraged. “My Community” works against the extortionists’ allegations that this is a “racist, hate blog.” The gravatars reflect a diversity of people. It demonstrates a community of bloggers with varying interests. For example, I don’t blog photographs, recipes, or poetry, but some of Blackbutterfly7’s subscribers do. I subscribe to their blogs. They don’t blog on court cases, or equality for all, but they like keeping up with the news and share that interest. For instance, before the NBC article, the article on the Loving Case held the record for the most “likes.”

In what appears to have been an effort to have me disengage “My Community,” Annette Kelly, who uses the handle “Nettles18” on Twitter, subscribed to this blog. That placed her gravatar in “My Community.” Ahhh – the extortionists can then say, “See. She knows that Nettles disagrees with her, but refuses to take that feature down because she wants to give the impression that she has lots of non-Black subscribers and is not racist.”

This is not speculation because one of the harassers posted to that effect on his blog, and another harasser sent comments to other bloggers conveying that same idea. According to them, no one follows or participates here voluntarily because they want to.   Rather, according to the cyber-extortionists, I’m a “fraud” and if people would just read the links to what Zimmerman supporters have written about me, they will run from Blackbutterfly7.

Question: Would anyone have a good faith purpose to subscribe to a blog they disagree with only to show their gravatar as a subscriber?   I ask because that person lurked here for at least a year and did not subscribe until after one of the extortionists revealed they planned to use My Community on this blog to nefariously disparage me.

The My Community widget has options. It can show the gravatars of only those who post comments; or only those who click “like” or only those who subscribe; or a combination. I removed the option of showing the gravatars of subscribers, leaving that it shows the gravatars of those who click “like” and/or post comments. I apologize to subscribers who do visit often without leaving a comment or clicking “like” but hope you understand my reason.

To approve Piercy’s comments would have placed his gravatar under “My Community.” His position is contrary to everyone under “My Community.”  It would be the same as including a photo of Adolf Hitler beside the photo of Nelson Mandela. That is why I screenshot and embedded his comment rather than approving it outright for posting.

The effort to infiltrate and get evidence that conforms with their opinionated lies

Someone came to Twitter and asked to be an approved follower to my account. She wanted to know if I allowed others to write for this blog because she wrote a poem in honor of Renisha McBride. Others have written for this blog. Giving privilege to write for this blog does not necessarily give access to the entire administrative side of the blog. Word Press allows for privileges with limitations. Also, it requires a Word Press account. It is not wise to sign up for a Word Press account when motivated to infiltrate to sabotage a blog. Those efforts will not succeed.

The person then attempted to engage me into a racist rant about Black children denied justice; Black parents not really parenting, etc.   I responded that I advocate for justice for all children regardless of race, and sent the link to a video that I produced in December. She had nothing else to tweet to me thereafter.   She is welcomed to comment here and provide her poem.  If I’m correct, she can’t comment here neither be an author because her IP address has already been blacklisted.

Blackbutterfly7 informs and follows cases. Laws do not change because of the color of skin, the age or gender of the victims, nor what they may or may not have done before the event that took their life. Neither do we look into a crystal ball predicting a future of crime had victims not been killed.

Blackbutterfly7 does not limit stories to victims who have been killed.

This post is about an injustice.




This post is about an injustice.

Dana Holmes

This post is about an injustice.

David Castellani - 1

This post is about an injustice.

Brenton Butler

I could go on and on.

There are those who lost their lives. Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis had just as much right to life as Kelly Thomas, Chad Oulson, Ethan Saylor, and “mouthy kids” Calyx and Beau Schenecker. Just because I do not name all victims does not mean that they are not as important – this is to prove a point. We all bleed red. Death does not discriminate.

Nothing can ever replace their lives, and the only option given to us by law is to see the killers stand trial and are found guilty. Trayvon Martin, Kelly Thomas, and Ethan Saylor did not receive justice.   If I write that a hundred times a day, I have the constitutional right of freedom of speech to do so.


It was Adolf Hitler who believed that some humans deserved to be used for experiments, and to be killed, because they were less than the Aryan race or less than perfect in mind and body.  That ideology is repeated in the arguments of the cyber-harassers and cyber-extortioners. They do not attack because they support George Zimmerman or any other individual.  They attack because of Trayvon Martin’s race.  After the verdict in the Zimmerman case, they threatened to continue their defamation attack upon myself and other bloggers unless I dedicated this blog to reporting black and black crime.

In other words, they could not threaten me enough to delete this blog, so wanted to control its content.  Sadly, I did see another blogger who has been under their attack since about April 2012, report on the cases they demanded and even change his position at times.  That didn’t stop the harassers and extortioners from demeaning him in comments on other blogs and on Twitter.

Trying to take Blackbutterfly7 down does not and will not increase followers to the cyber-extortionists’ blogs. It doesn’t give them a greater voice or greater persuasion.  They behave like a bunch of Neo-Nazis who threatened non-Jews if they associated with Jews. We have the right to associate with others regardless of race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion.

A Sincere Thank You To Subscribers

In spite of the cyber-extortionists’ efforts, Blackbutterfly7 now has 274 subscribers, only 2 of which I am able to identify as being bad-faith subscribers. This blog has been shared on Facebook and/or Twitter over 1,000 times. We have posted 381 posts, 7 pages, have over 15,000 comments and over 160,000 views. My sincere thanks to supporters.

For new subscribers and visitors, I’m catching up. Some older subscribers may have noticed that I just visited their blog posts from April. I’ve tried keeping up with recent posts while going back to catch-up on prior posts. The thing with me is that I don’t like making drive-by’s. I like reading what you post.

If I have not visited your blog yet, it’s not because I take you for granted but rather, because of time, which is something else that the cyber-extortionist would like to rob. The same is true for award acceptance. This week, I plan to dedicate time to that; not because I feel a need for recognition but because other bloggers deserve that recognition and nomination; thus, I pay it forward.


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  1. Two sides to a story

    You shine, Xena.

    The person working from Fresno had to be none other than David Piercy, right?

    I suspect I know who the infiltrator was.

    And the general group and their childish antics.


    • Two sides,
      The shining is a reflection of yourself because you are a bright light of love and compassion.

      I didn’t have to name his name for people here to know. LOL!
      Since I opened the account in August 2013, it has been protected. That makes the extortioners angry and some have tried baiting me into making my account public to engage them. I did not open that account to get into peeing matches with skunks. It’s not worth trying to infiltrate to read my timeline because I mostly use Twitter to tweet out when I post new articles and the articles on other blogs when the subject might be of interest to my followers. In other words, the extortionists do not know my purpose, and they can’t change it to fit their agenda either.


  2. I’m thinking you must be speaking of ‘D’.ipwad ‘P’.eabrain? 🙂 I wonder if he’s ever even met Tubby? Of course we know his emotional instability have nothing to do with Tubby, it’s all about (the delusion of) control and exhibiting his personal insecurity of his lwc. LOL

    Another person may have broken or bent under such harassment and intimidation but not our Xena!! To have been bested by a woman is the ultimate failure for ‘men’ like him.

    (((((Xena)))) I appreciate what you do for BB7!! And for all the bloggers who support social equality in all matters for all people!!


    • Mindyme,
      You know from the beginning that we have the same heart. I love you sister.

      I’ve watched and communicated and know that some bloggers went into hiding because they feared the threats of the extortionists. Well, they have families and jobs to protect. Me? I’m a retired person. They could not threaten my family or job. Remember the Veteran’s Day post where I said my son served 12 years in the military? They did try to find out more about him, alleging that he had to be an officer. LOL!


      • I love you too!

        Many of us here must be very like-minded to not be afraid of these numbskulls! Life can be hard at times , and I’m sure those nincompoops are finding out, it’s even harder when they’re so stupid!!


  3. Long Live your outstanding Blackbutterfly7 WordPress Blog! 🙂

    They will NEVER be able to shut your blog down.

    Instead, I am betting that their evil practices will ultimately get them into trouble.


  4. towerflower

    All I can say is WOW. I am truly amazed at the depths some will go to in an attempt to get others to conform to their ideas or silence them entirely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • towerflower, yes, it is amazing. Had they not came here with their threats and harassment, I would not have known about them. What I included in the post is not a quarter of the activity they have done.


  5. Jueseppi B.

    I am confused, I never heard of this David Piercy person and I never see his garbage on Twitter. Oh well, I suppose it a blessing for Mr. David Piercy that he has never engaged me. I got something for his dumbass.


    • Jueseppi,
      You probably never noticed him on Twitter because he changes his handles and accounts on the average of every three months, just as he changes his blog handles and where he works on his Facebook pages. His current handle on Twitter is RustyTrombone75. That speaks volumes. Before that, he was support4gz. Before that, he was kingkazpur. He’s also been known as CaptainLongSchlongSilver and on some venues now, uses Pirate News Network, which is actually an imitation of a Youtube Channel by that same name. He has a Facebook page where uses the handle JusticeforTedWafer.


      • Xena,

        I cannot imagine that he has a real job, as that would require him actually focus on something other than tweeting and harassing others. Life has got to be a real bummer for a middle aged man who carries around such negativity and hate, whose biggest joy in life is who he “going to take down” next.


        • dreamer
          He doesn’t work. In 2010, he was interviewed by the Fresno Bee.


          • Wow. Just wow.


          • Xena,

            I don’t know weather to laugh or cry at his choice for a career. It reminds me of my mothers neighbors who harassed and stalked them, even as my stepfather was on his death bed. The man and wife knowing he was dying would yell over the fence to hurry up and die. The wife would follow my mom thru the neighborhood and then yell profanity at her or flip her off. She has a restraining order against them, but they still yell at her. He makes nasty comments to me when I walk by, and the other day he was driving down the street in the opposite direction acting like he was going to hit me head on.

            I could go on, but I think you get the picture. He’s another one of those angry middle aged men who like to harass others when no one else is looking, and then turn it around and blame her, and go as far as telling her to hurry up and die or sell her house and move. You know me, I won’t let that happen. I gave him a present, we moved five houses down from him. Seems like he doesn’t like presents, but I’m a very giving person. My grandmother used to tell me, there are 2 kinds of people in life, the givers and the takers, and I’m a giver.

            The sad thing about all this, is these two lovely people are owners of a company that provides home heath aide to the elderly who are ill, or disabled, and can no longer care for themselves.


          • Here is how he makes money…. Quote from article….

            “Piercy is a student at Fresno City College and hopes to get into the nursing program. He now has Medi-Cal because of his disability. The part of the lawsuit asking that he be put on the medical indigent program is moot. He is asking for monetary damages of an unspecified amount.”

            Read more here:


          • crazy1946,
            He publicly says that he now attends Fresno College. That article was published in 2010 so it means that he has spent at least 4 years at that college, if it’s true that he ever attended.

            I wouldn’t care if he had a Master’s degree — his threats, vile comments, and racially derogatory language speaks volumes about him.


          • “The part of the lawsuit asking that he be put on the medical indigent program is moot. He is asking for monetary damages of an unspecified amount.”


          • crazy1946. It does appear to be around the time that he acquired a wife from another country. If he did prevail, maybe that is where the money went. It was either late last year or earlier this year that he posted on a site for donations, asking for $300 for a camera. He resides in an apartment complex where the rent is subsidized through HUD.

            Now please, allow me to say that I’m not posting this to denigrate him. Many people have the right to redress and many need government help. What he is doing wrong is denigrating others and even falsely representing things about their personal lives to do so. The man is on a mission against who he describes as the “BGI.” For example, have you ever seen a petition for the arrest of a lawyer for witness tampering, that Photoshops a photo of the lawyer to demean and presents only copy and pastes of statute and no allegations that the lawyer tampered with a witness?

            If not, then see this that was posted by the extortionist.



      • Jueseppi B.

        I checked that rusty trombone handle on twitter and I have that account blocked, for some reason, don’t even remember/know who it was or why I blocked them.


        • Jueseppi,
          My Twitter account is protected, but I still blocked him and the majority of his followers just in case I decided to go public in the future.


  6. Oh, m’lord!! Still at it!? Un-freaking-believable!!! Stand strong & proud!! Kudos!! Behind you all the way!!! It’s become an obsession!! Hugs …..


  7. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Who in the world has all the time to do what they did.. I got confused halfway thru the events.. Good luck… Incredible..


    • Yeseventhis ..

      Well dear friend, if that confused you, then you don’t want to read about the comments they sent to other bloggers to slander me. Would you like to hear about the four names they passed around as my real name? How about the comment where they dared me to admit or deny the names. LOL! Oh — and they accused me of saying I’m an attorney. They were going to report me to the BAR.

      Oh — here’s another good one. They sent vile comments to other blogs using my handle and what they purported as my real name to apparently impersonate me. What’s so sad about that is that they have blogs but don’t seem to know what administrators see on our side of comments to identify the senders.


      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        Wow… Sounds like they have a vendetta out for you.. Sounds like it’s more than on blogger… You keep up the fight.


      • Two sides to a story

        They seem to be far more interested in causing trouble than they are in their man Zim.


        • Two sides,

          They seem to be far more interested in causing trouble than they are in their man Zim.


          They have been busy — trying to scrub evidence. The extortionist even deleted one of his Twitter accounts today.


  8. Like

  9. He lashes out at anyone not just you dear butterfly. He’s now filed a FOIR to FBI for wait for it….not you, not Sabrina or Tracy..But TUBS it is and requested assistance from other band members.
    Yes, it will be denied but I don’t want you to feel unfairly targeted. The much shorter list, I think, is those not in the lime of his sweet light.


    • I saw that before * went private. * thinks the FBI report will be the end of all of our comments. Then * posts their reply as if it some sort of victory in *’s favor proving all that * said when it is a denial unless * can prove that he has a need for it or a family member, in which it sounds like * was requesting the full autopsy and death certificate of TM. * uses other police reports of * abuses to use to harass others if it contains a name that he feels matches another.


    • It is my impression that he filed the FOIA for GZ’s file because he wants the unredacted copy of Taaffe’s interview in effort to get Taaffe into trouble by arguing it is inconsistent with Taaffe’s recent come to Jesus moment.

      Mark O’Mara couldn’t get that file.

      Yes — I know it’s not just me. From September 2012 until about December 2013, every blogger whose blog I posted to became a target. A few others who participate here and on Leatherman’s also became targets.


      • Xena, I’ll break my silence for this comment. You are correct in the reach that this individual has and the efforts that he goes to in his vendetta… I still read your words, but I’m not in a position to comment (which sucks…). Hopefully in the near future things will change. You are in my eyes one of the few truly honorable people left in this world… Hang in there, positive change will come…


        • crazy1946,
          Thanks so very much for your words of encouragement. I am humbled.


        • I hope you’ll break you’re silence for just one question 🙂 Why are you silent? Awhile back I did notice a comment where you said someone got upset so you’d stop commenting (I think) I thought it must of been about a certain topic, no big one agrees abt everything. I’m just curious (& a little concerned)…I hope you’re ok & I’ll understand if it’s personal I don’t mean to pry.


          • shannoninmiami, The problem is not with a current member of this site. At this time, I am not able to discuss what is going on, however when the problem is resolved, I will post the nature of the problem. Until then, trust me, I miss each and every one of you people on here. Keep the faith.. All will work out in the end…


  10. What a complete waste of a life form. SAD!


  11. Patton Oswald holds a “Haters Meeting Meetup Group” so funny.
    Sorry I posted it earlier in wrong spot.


  12. Like

    • Got it, Xena.;-)
      Thought it was @princss saying that. Misread it. I know her and know how hard she worked back on bcc.list blog and he credited her when he closed it out. That was such a wonderful tribute as bcc.list never had a troll. He made us work. We couldn’t just give an opinion without first citing source for our belief.She ‘s very well spoken and brilliant when she blogged. Did most of the blood and DNA work on crick’s blog.

      When I first went to twitter during the trial after bcc.list and Whonoze diaspora closed, I recognized her handle. She was my main go to for information.

      Princss with the green tennies 😉 and 2dogs( me) betting her soup for something. She said Oh my god!! She thought I was stalking her cause she was actually making soup( when I made her the virtual bet). So long ago –back when we thought trial was for real and Judge Corrupt was not corrupt.

      I’m going to give this blog thing a whirl. Is it ok if I ask you for guidance and also if I cut and paste just my comments. Asking bcc.list and Whonoze the original and word salad for permission so there’s a start to finish.

      I think the end is near for DOJ’s decision and the end of any work warriors can do to bring justice to the Martins.

      Going to start a petition tonight asking DOJ to interview FT. It’s what he says must be done. Quote” warriors, it’s up to you to put pressure on DOJ as they tell me they are not interested.” Actually called us warriors!!!!


      • 2dogsonly,
        I’m not sure if I understand, but feel free to post comments here with links to those blogs where they are posted. I have options here set for comments to include 3 links but have found that some go into spam if containing more than 2 links. If you post a comment with more than 2 links, just let me know if it does not appear so I can look for it and set it free. 🙂


        • This is what Haters now post about Taffe coming clean: iIt’s either
          he never was friends with George,
          or he never said it,
          Or it doesn’t matter, anyway.
          They switch it up to keep it interesting.;-)


          • 2dogsonly,
            I don’t understand why Taaffe’s most recent statements upset them so. Before GZ’s trial, they falsely represented that the FBI had closed its investigation. When Sybrina spoke before Congress, the extortionists falsely represented that the DOJ had closed its investigation. If what they purport is true, then they should not be worried about what Taaffe is saying now.

            If the FBI needed anything from Frank Taaffe to help their investigation, they would have gotten it long ago. Frank Taaffe should stop trying to put himself in the spotlight as the man who exposed George Zimmerman. He is not a friend to “warriors.”

            Based on his own interviews, Taaffe planted the idea into George’s head that Blacks were reason for crimes in that community. Based on a Dovial email, before the first NW meeting, Taaffe contacted her complaining about young Black males committing crime in that community. According to other sources, Taaffe also believed that property values decreased in that community because of Black residents.

            Rather than Taaffe telling us what George said and thought, he should come clean on what he said to George giving him the state of mind to profile Blacks.


    • towerflower

      Was this part of a text? voicemail? I’m wondering if this piece is part of the reason why his records were sealed.


  13. If DP wanted Taffe interview, why not request that.?
    Why submit a request for a “George Michael Zimmerman”.?


    • That’s a good question and my guess would be, because he wants to make an impression and have documents that he can post on Twitter and elsewhere to terrorize and traumatize others with.


  14. Why are warriors focusing on what a pos Taffe was ?
    He is willing to come clean and he is the only hope the DOJ will press forward on charging tubs.
    Focusing on him (and that’s pretty much all I read) is only helping tubs escape a DOJ charge.
    If Taffe is a big fat lying horrible racist, , then why should DOJ believe anything he says and their investigation can stay closed. All to the benefit of tubs. I am pretty sure that is exactly what he wants.

    He and his family are probably writing their thank you letter now to the warriors.


    • The DOJ’s investigation is still ongoing. When investigating a violation of civil rights, they look for the state of mind of the accused before and when committing the crime. Those interviews that they released would not help them make a decision because none of the people (that we know they interviewed) could address GZ’s state of mind on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012. Not even Shellie could do that because she had left him and was at her dad’s house.

      The DOJ would look for any texts, calls, or recorded statements that GZ made referencing his actions, even if he did so weeks, months, a year or longer afterwards. In one civil rights violation case, the DOJ waited 5 years before making an arrest. Patience is virtue. 🙂 At times, one must wait for a snake to come out from its den.


  15. Their side will love @ princss comment. Pure racist. See we told you! Plays right into their hand.
    Why post that, Xena?


  16. Hooray!!


  17. Holla!! Same sex marriage and pot legalization is moving much quicker than racial equality. Never would have guessed that but it will come–probably after older baby boomers die out.


    • crazy1946. Whew! Finally. I’ve tried keeping up with the story and the one thing I found interesting is that those in authority had no power to terminate him and his voluntary resignation was the only option.


  18. Two sides to a story

    LOL – well, you sure sent DP scurrying for cover, Xena. I’m sure he’s busier than ever down in that skunkhole, though! Mwah! ❤


  19. Good to see you are winning against cyber bullies cyber extortionists. You knowI’m here to offer any support.


  20. Hi Xena! You probably already know all of this but apparently WordPress is helping people fight false take down notices.


    • 2dogsonly,
      Thanks for the link. Yes, that is what I meant by Word Press suing those who claim copyright infringement in bad faith.


  21. CherokeeNative

    I did notice the Twitter attempts and thank you for the excellent rendition of what you are going through Xena. We all support you in your efforts to stop these cyber extortionists / bullies and will stand beside you in any way we can. These people are racists pure and simple – it does not matter that Zimmerman murdered an unarmed teen – it is the color of Trayvon’s skin that caused these extortionists/bullies to support Zimmerman. You have my undying support my friend – call upon me if I can help in any way.


    • CherokeeNative,
      It’s so good to see your fonts!!! Thanks for your uplifting words and support.

      You are correct — I have hundreds of comments sent to this blog, some stating outright and others indicating, that the threats and harassment are because of race or perceived race.


      • These harassers are simply wanna-be plantation overseers who are out-of-work because the southern plantations (“force labor camps” *) were destroyed and the depraved plantation owners, crushed.

        In today’s world these harassers and extortionists will soon find that they face legal consequences for their actions.

        * [“force labor camps” is a replacement term suggested by Mr. Wood.]


  22. Xena’s, I don’t know if you will see this comment but, can they not do something about DP using the IP address, from someone else’s internet account? He has been the one, bothering other people and, yet the authorities allow him to keep doing so, by not doing anything about him! A lot of what he does, is against the law but, they still do nothing about him, when he is reported to the law.

    A judge in Cali just dismissed one of his wolf cries last week I believe it was. How much longer, are they going to continue allowing him to get away, with harassing others who are exercising their right to freedom of speech?


    • LadyStClaire, I’m not sure what you mean by DP using an IP address from someone else account. I know that he does use proxy IP addresses at times and those addresses are used by anyone else who also visits the same proxy IP website.

      Neither do I know how anyone would know the IP he is operating through unless he is sending them emails or comments to blogs.

      The only thing that I can suggest is that those victimized by DP file complaints with their local police and the Fresno police where he resides. Follow-up. Don’t just “tell” but send them copies of what he has sent or posted. Let them clearly know by what means he is making contact. That is, if it’s on Facebook, say Facebook. But first, the person must do all they can using the source’s TOS to see if the matter can be resolved. For example, if it’s on Facebook, file the appropriate complaints with Facebook. Then when they contact LE, they can tell them what the contact source decided and why.

      Unless he has directly threatened and revealed his agenda, (as he had made it clear to me that his actions against me are racially based), I would not tell LE what law he is violating but let them decide how they can charge him. For example, calling people a “cunt” indicates gender harassment. Racial slurs indicates racial harassment. Associating with women and/or minorities and he knows that and attacks, indicates another type of law violation.

      It’s the motivation that gives LE a path to use.


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