Julie Schenecker – Guilty

Wow! I was just putting together information to report on the Julie Schenecker trial, suspecting for it to last at least another week.  Just a few moments ago, I learned that the trial closed, the jury went into deliberations, and less than two hours later, returned a verdict of guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.


Beau and Calyx Schenecker

Julie killed her two children, Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13. She shot them first in the head, and then in their mouths.

After the verdict was read, Julie made a statement to the court, including;




“I understand that there are people who are affected by this who may have just read about it in the paper or maybe had a child looked at her mommy and said, “Mommy, are you going to shoot me?’ …

I’m one of those affected by her actions. She killed children; and not just children, but her own children.

In January 2011, Julie Schenecker purchased a gun for the explicit purpose to kill her children. Attorneys for the 53-year old Julie waged an insanity defense. Rather than recap all of the trial, videos of the closing arguments and the verdict follow.  Thanks to croakerqueen123 for the videos.

May Beau and Calyx rest in peace.

Prosecutor’s Closing Argument


Defense’s Closing Argument



Prosecutor’s Rebuttal Argument


The Verdict






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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    😦 How sick.


  2. Not that I think she deserves any less of a sentence, but let’s be honest, she is insane. No sane person could have done what she did


    • If it wasn’t life in prison without parole, it would have been life in a mental institution. The woman was on numerous, psychotic, prescription drugs — but legally bought a gun. How can America ever conduct effective background checks in cases like this?


  3. A true tragedy all the way around..


  4. Im surprised she didn’t claim SYG and get acquitted.


    • m1,
      Good to see you, friend.

      Im surprised she didn’t claim SYG and get acquitted.

      You mean, like saying she thought the person in her daughter’s room was a burglar, and that her son tried using his seat belt to choke her? (tongue in cheek)


  5. This case, and IMO–GZ also, show a loophole in the purchasing or owning of a gun. The problem is she did not fall into the disqualifications for buying a gun. I feel that when one is put on mind altering drugs they should immediately go on a list that requires a mental health doctor’s evaluation to clear them. She was taking several drugs for mental issues but she had not been declared mentally incompetent by a judge nor did she spend time in a mental institution….hence the loop hole.

    She planned it but even wrote how she had to delay carrying out her plan because of the waiting period and she sounded disappointed about it. Not only did she take these drugs she also drank with them further compounding the problem.

    These children didn’t have a chance, sadly their father was overseas in the military at the time and had no control. Thankfully she will never be released to harm another person.


    • Towerflower,
      Julie went into a treatment center for alcohol when she should have been in a treatment center for her mental problems. That came up at her trial. Doggone physician confidentiality keeps them from being responsible for reporting things to the proper authorities.

      These children didn’t have a chance,…

      Yes. That’s the sad part.


  6. Such a sad state of affairs :((


  7. Wouldn’t you have to be insane to kill your kids? It’s against the natural world, all your instincts as a mother. I can’t imagine.
    Right now anyway, check back after they’ve been driving me crazy all day… (kidding)


  8. How many more CHILDREN have to be MURDERED before something is done?? We are not stupid people living in this world,so we have to figure out a way to keep people who are on drugs for mental conditions from getting a gun would be a start.Since I have never bought a gun,do they even ask the question….probly not because of the damn Hippa law which I do not like for many reasons.
    I still do NOT understand WHY GZ’s meds were not brought into his trial…..SHOCKED is more like it! Even now all the gun stores KNOW his medications & they still sell him more guns!! No child near him is safe!
    It just seems to be one sad murder after the other,when will it end?


    • Here is ATF Form 4473. This is the form that is required to be filed out. The questions asked are on Part A. Part A is the part that the purchaser fills out. The rest are filled out by the seller and includes questions as the result of background checks.


    • besides the ability to purchase a gun, in gz’s case he had the 3yr hold from the domestic violence restraining order issue so the gun was bought in Shellie’s name, but there’s also the problem with the concealed carry permit. it’s one thing to be able to buy one now. he can buy one, unless that same restriction applies to the restraining order that was placed on him temporally after the last arrest? hmmmm I’d like to know if it actually was a restraining order and did that start another 3yr hold on him??

      from my limited knowledge about getting the CCW, I’m not sure it’s a ‘right’ necessarily. I think the state has some arbitrary-ish restrictions it could use to deny someone like gz -for being on meds? history? risk factors?? i don’t know for sure. Towerflower??


    • Thank You Towerflower!! There it is #11 e….right where it ask about narcotics,stimulants,etc.


      • towerflower

        The key is “unlawful”, she had prescribed meds therefore not unlawful. Plus it the person needs to be truthful if they are addicted or not.


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