Jobless Deadbeat Armed Bundy Militia Begging for Donations to Continue Seditious Treason Against the United States

They should pawn their guns.

The Fifth Column


Cliven Bundy’s anti-collectivist, seditionist mob has it rough! While they spend their days whining about how everyone wants something for free, complaining about the government, and cleaning their guns as they prepare for the inevitable civil war they hope to cause the traitors of the Bundy mob are running out of money!

Some of the domestic terrorists have a bright idea–one they seem to have picked up from Cliven Bundy’s mischaracterization of “negroes.” Why not welfare? Chris Ferrell has made a plea for money, asking hardworking Americans to subsidize his fun playing army in the desert on a GoFundMe page:

To all American Patriots:
I am the Team Leader that took Charlie Delta, the black marine, out to Nevada along with two other volunteers that all did an outstanding job at the Bundy Ranch. I understand most of you have come to know Charlie Delta through…

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  1. This is precious!!

  2. I clicked the GoFundMe page, and it is not found. There are at least 2 other pages from people wanting to leave their homes and go to help Bundy. They raised around $1,000 from a handful of folks.

    I wonder if people realize that if they financially contribute to actions that violate law, that they can be charged?

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I don’t think even Al Bundy would have joined their troop of morons…

  4. I’m going to set up my own beg site. I’m as needy and deserving as anyone else. Oh wait, do I have to buy a gun first?

    • Rachael,
      If you buy a gun first, don’t expect much in donations. Find the issue that really brings in the money — but then, I don’t want you coming down with cancer or needing to hire a lawyer.

  5. They need to lay down their arms and go home.

    They are mixed-up and misguided, brainwashed individuals supporting a racist lawbreaker.
    They represent a dangerous element in our country.

    • They first thought that abusing the judicial system was the way to win. Now, they think that having guns is the way to win. Actually, they don’t want to win anything but rather, bully the government into giving up. I applaud our government for not moving in and maybe taking innocent lives.

  6. WorldNetDaily Tries to Defuse Bundy Standoff It Lit the Fuse On

  7. I’m so disgusted with those losers and the feds for letting them thump their chests and rub their beer bellies while pointing guns at officials on national TV!

    In this country aiming a gun at ANYONE is fucking illegal! aiming a rock at a cop is grounds for immediate arrest and/or justification to shoot ten times & handcuff you even when your dead!

    • shannon,
      You are so right. Sovereign citizens have no respect for the law, rules, neither those in authority. They believe in “common law,” which essentially is the same as saying, they do what they want and if there are rules or laws or efforts to stop them, they can go all the way, even to killing, in retaliation.

    • Faux,
      Good to see your fonts, and thanks for the link.

      They are bullies with guns. That article refers to them as “militia” but they are people who first hold to sovereign citizenship ideologies.

      There’s one that we know who is threatening to abuse the copyright infringement claim process with Word Press until Word Press deletes this blog. Why? Because this blog has a diversity of followers and participants who believe in equal justice and equal rights. The nut claimed copyright of his avatar that he used to submit comments to this blog.

      Me thinks there must be something in the stars — or in what they’re drinking. 🙂

  8. also found this to be quite amusing.

    enjoy 😉

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