Daily Kos :: Woman Sexually Assaulted by NYPD Convicted of Felony Assault

Thanks for alerting us to this story.

Spirit In Action

I would prefer not to post things like this because it is upsetting but if we remain silent and compliant we condone and allow evil to take over.

How many steps is it from this to Kristallnacht?
And do we as Americans want to find out?

Because if we don’t, then we had better stand up for what’s right instead of keeping our heads down until it’s too late. 😦

Woman Sexually Assaulted by NYPD Convicted of Felony Assault
by David Harris Gershon May 05, 2014 2:42pm PDT
If you have not been following the story of Cecily McMillan, you might suspect the above headline to be either exaggerated or tasteless satire. Tragically, it is neither.

The story of McMillan is a story of police brutality and the justice system’s propensity to insulate police from culpability, a story which takes place invisibly in urban centers in this country on…

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  1. This has to stop.


    • Mindyme,
      I have a video and a police report for an incident in Maryland. Hopefully, I’ll get it posted in a few days. Just wait until you see how the cop lied but the woman was charged.


  2. One commenter (with the name-handle “waterstreet2013”) under the Daily Kos article link (provided at the end of blogger, SpiritInAction’s article) posted this comment with this photo:

    “You gotta be good at something.

    “NYPD is good at attacking the breasts of hippie-chick Occupiers.

    “The girl is not Cecily. Obviously. This was months earlier, during the Zuccotti occupation. And the two of these gals are not the only gals assaulted. A couple dozen gals were groped and injured.

    “Ray Kelly turned his boys loose.

    “Despite that everything got filmed, it’s the the same prosecutor’s office that let Wall Street CEO George Anderson do 16 days for killing Florence Cioffi in 2008. It’s all about money-money-money and bowing to power.”

    This earlier NYPD breast-squeeze was not allowed into evidence:


  3. “One Meme Shows How Simple It Would Be to Fix Police Brutality in the U.S.”



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