Another Child Killed With A Gun – 11-year-old Hunter Pedersen

Chad Olm

Chad Olm

Saturday evening, 34-year-old Chad Olm was arrested, charged with criminal homicide, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of children. He is being held at Pike County Correctional Facility in lieu of bail.  He killed his 11-year-old nephew, Hunter Pedersen, a fifth grader in the Wallenpaupack Area School District.

Hunter was visiting his grandfather, who lives in a gated community in Delaware Township. Chad Olm, Hunter’s uncle, lives in the basement and has a gun collection. According to the police report, Hunter asked Olm to see the guns. Olm told police that he opened his security safe and began showing his weapons to the nephew, and his son, who was also present. He insisted that he did not keep the guns loaded.

Raw Story reports;

“After letting the boys handle three handguns — a .357 Magnum revolver, a .22 revolver and a 9 mm — he then pulled out a Glock 27 .40-caliber handgun that was equipped with a laser sight.

Olm stated that he did not check to see if there was a round in the chamber, but said that the handgun did not have a magazine in it. Olm said that he pointed the laser at the walls and ceiling. And then he pointed it at his nephew.

“Look, you have a red dot on your forehead,” Olm recalled one of the boys saying. “

Olm said that Hunter reached for the gun, and he pulled the trigger. Hunter was shot once above the eye.

hunter-pedersenBlooming Grove State Police station commander Lt. Chris Paris said that the family is devastated. “It goes to show that the safe handling of firearms is a must. The family has lost something that they can never replace.”

Our prayers and good thoughts to the family as well as with Chad Olm, whose conscience must be heavy. The purpose of guns is to kill.  They are not toys.  Once a bullet is fired, it cannot be called back.

May Hunter rest in peace.



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  1. OMG!!! Who would point a gun at another person like that! What is WRONG with him?!!! There seems to be a senseless gun death EVERY GD DAY and I’m SICK of it!!!


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    • Hey Jueseppi! Thanks for the reblog.


      • Jueseppi B.

        Hey Xena, how are you doing? When do you imagine gun deaths will stop, or at least decline below 10,000 a year?


        • Jueseppi,
          When Gabby Giffords was shot in the head, I thought that our Congress would do something about gun control. It was the idea that when something happens to one of them, that they will take notice and action. Well, that didn’t happen.

          The Supreme Court interprets the second amendment as it applied in the 1700’s rather than now. It is my strong belief that if a good argument reached them that addresses the definition “arms” and “militia” then and now, that it might be a winning argument. However, there must be a case with all the right elements that can be used to bring that argument.

          Police chiefs and Mayors across America are saying that conceal carry increases the number of homicides. State legislatures are not listening to constituents. Voters need to send a message to both parties. Whomever voted for conceal carry should not be re-elected, and any politician that supports it should not be elected. We need a new political party and the people to support those candidates.


  3. Noooooo! This NEVER should have happened! So tragic! So senseless! Never would have happened if uncle had practiced gun safety and common sense rules.

    This is heartbreaking and shattering.

    My prayers and deep sympathy are with ALL of the family and loved ones.

    Rest in Peace and God’s loving care, dear, precious Hunter.


  4. I thought I was going to be sick when I read this. This man collected guns and lived in his father’s basement. I’m not sure I believe this was an accident. Too many folks seem determined to use guns for their only intended purpose when they have one in their hands, to end a life.

    What is surprising to me is that Olms was actually charged with a crime. So many times these idiots aren’t.


  5. Xena, you write compassionately (as would I) but with a serious reminder (with which I agree) :

    Our prayers and good thoughts to the family as well as with Chad Olm, whose conscience must be heavy. The purpose of guns is to kill.  They are not toys.  Once a bullet is fired, it cannot be called back.”

    and, Mindyme, you correctly observed:

    ” What is surprising to me is that Olms was actually charged with a crime. So many times these idiots aren’t.”

    I have concerns about messages that some people in our society might receive. I am thinking of the Ted Wafers and of the vigilante-types:

    Could a vigilante, say in Florida, now say, “I was just firing a ‘warning shot’, but, Ooops,I accidentally shot and killed the person.” ???

    We already know that Ted Wafer tried an “Ooops” as part of his defense:

    Wafer claims that he felt threatened, and that the gun went off accidentally.

    This quotation was from this article:


  6. Rachael, Mindyme, Yahtzee,
    Every gun owner knows or should know that the sole purpose of guns is to kill. It is the same as pulling out a vial of an air borne, fatal virus in which there is no known cure. When a gun is out around others, the purpose of that gun does not change. It has no mind of its own and bullets do not discriminate.

    The accident is in the thinking of the gun owner — not in the gun doing what it is intended to do.

    Olm will have to live with his actions. He will see his nephew shot in the face, dying before his eyes. His son also has to live with that image. My compassion goes out to them, but Olm must still have consequences for his actions.


  7. OH MY GOD!!! Well I see the results of ANOTHER so called RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNER!! This is heart breaking,but the answer is more guns,more places they are allowed etc.??? Like you say Rachael,there seems to be a tragedy every day!Thank God this didn’t happen in Florida.God Bless this Family & prayers to them.


  8. INSANE! who points a gun at a kid??? why wld that even cross someone’s mind?? this is unbelievable really. It’s hard to believe a man wld play with guns around kids and then not even check the chambers etc. something seems off. cld this moron be a psycho or something? maybe he had mental problems??


  9. towerflower

    I feel so bad for this family. Olms ignored very basic rules of gun safety. The first one being that you are to assume every gun is loaded. He also didn’t keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction—pointing a firearm at another person is not considered to be a safe direction and this certainly was not an emergency situation where one was in fear of their life.

    Instead he treated it like it was some sort of toy to show off and play with—look at the dot on your head…..and just because a child wants to see it doesn’t mean you show them. If you want to educate then enroll them in a proper safety course with certified instructors who will teach the safety needed.

    The uncle was charged correctly. Owning a firearm comes with great responsibility and as such if you ignore the rules then you should justly pay the price for the carelessness.


  10. “Moms Demand Action Gathers On Capitol Hill To Promote Gun Control”

    Moms Demand Action Gathers On Capitol Hill To Promote Gun Control


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