Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons, Please Respect My Home

There’s a problem in my neighborhood.

I’m very tolerant of other religions. In most religions, there are basic principles that everyone can agree with. The problem appears to be among the sects within religions. When I find someone say that they are the only “true Christians,” I am not so tolerant.

My experience with members of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society goes back to the mid `1970’s.   I’ve met the good, bad and indifferent just like in other sects. Through the years, they have come to my house. The Watchtower Society requires them to go into field duty and publishing routes. It is how they earn their salvation. However, just because they put time aside to conduct field service does not mean that I have the time to listen to them.

Back in the 1980’s, the Kingdom Hall blacklisted my house because the new recruits coming with the old-timers on their publishing routes were returning to my house with questions — and leaving the Kingdom Hall.

I'm sure glad they didn't come to my door.

I’m sure glad they didn’t come to my door.

Through the years, I’ve had Mormons also come to my house. When I answer the door, “Who is it?” like Jehovah’s Witnesses say they are “bible students, Mormons say they are “missionaries.”

What has been happening for the past year, is that they don’t leave if I don’t answer the door after they ring the bell the first time. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons – every week. They ring the door bell again, and again, and knock, and knock again, and ring the bell again. That is intrusive. It is disrespectful.

1426479_129112849093172978_jpg0fafd6a6bf25de1b2b1a917da146d5e8This morning, a friend called me around 6:45. The phone woke me up, and it stopped ringing after the third ring. Thinking it was an emergency, I called him back. He had not intended to dial my number. No problem. We talked a few minutes and I went back to sleep. Around 9:30 a.m. I was getting in that morning stretch before getting up when the doorbell ranged. The dog ran downstairs and gave her deepest, there’s a stranger at the door bark.   The blinds were closed. My car was in the garage. There was no sign of anyone being home other than the dog. Not expecting anyone, I didn’t move.

Ding dong.

Wolf, wolf, growl, growl.


Wolf, wolf, growl, wolf.

Ding dong. Knock-knock.

Getting up and going into my office where the window faces the front, I looked out. There was no UPS or FedEx truck in my driveway. There was no car parked outside. Who could be so persistent?

Ding dong. Wolf, wolf, growl, wolf.

Me: “Who is it?”

We are Bible students.

Me: “You woke me up. Sorry. Have a nice day. Good-bye.”

(But, the voice of a man continued to talk on the other side of the door.)

Me: “You woke me up. I’m in no position to open the door.”

“We would like to talk to you.”

Me: “Please leave and don’t come back.”

(He continued talking.)

Me: Hey doggie, want a snack?

The two men then walked off my porch.

I hate being rude like that. It has bothered me all day.

SG_729_jehova-620x349I know that according to their belief, they are supposed to evangelize because Jesus told his disciples to go door to door. At that time, there were no newspapers, radio, television, internet. This is not the first century. And, didn’t Jesus say if their message was not welcomed to leave and knock the dust off their feet? In other words, don’t be disrespectful of the houses and time of others.

The intrusion is disrespectful. I could have been in the shower, cooking breakfast, (and if married, taking care of business), on the phone OR NOT AT HOME. Did they have fun agitating my dog?

Looks like I need to write the local Kingdom Hall a letter requesting that they stay away.

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  1. Those two people were so thoughtless and inconsiderate….only thinking of themselves, their mission, and earning salvation game-points for going door to door . How rude not to leave when asked to leave.

    • That’s the thing Yahtzee. As I commented to towerflower, I understand their doctrines. It is what they believe. If they want to conduct field duty, then fine — just don’t continue ringing my door bell and knocking on my door and when I do answer and decline opening my door, leave.

      • If it is a different group of missionaries each time, then most likely they are just rolling off of a list of houses to visit that they were given by their supervisor.

        Call or e-mail them and respectfully state that you are not interested and to not visit you.

        • GSP,
          They are different ones each time. I think that those reporting to the Kingdom Hall before going out are given territories. Everyone likes this area, even the foxes, deer, and skunks. 🙂

  2. If have a group that constantly comes by my home too. The last time I told them again I have my own beliefs and church and I am asking again to stop coming to my home. I told them I even bought the “no solicitors” sign specifically because of them. Their response was “We don’t have to abide by those signs.” Grrrrrr.

    • Good Morning, Towerflower.

      I can’t believe such an uncaring response to you. They SHOULD abide by “those” signs!

    • Towerflower,
      It’s because their salvation depends on it. They have come to a point where they don’t care if it’s through bullying — just jot that visit down, what publications were left, and please the elders at the Kingdom Hall to earn points for a place in the kingdom.

    • That’s bc the witness’s were not soliciting. Big difference between soliciting and not soliciting. They are not there to sell you a product; just to tell you the good news. Now if your sign said no Jehovah’s Witness or private property, they won’t bother you. Maybe you should learn your signs better, I’m just saying.

      • Now if your sign said no Jehovah’s Witness or private property, they won’t bother you. Maybe you should learn your signs better, I’m just saying.

        Please, don’t make JWs out to be that stupid. When they walk up to someone’s front door, or on their lawn, they know they’re on private property. If not, then the Watchtower Society should write a book to teach them how to distinguish the difference between houses and vacant lots.

        By the way, they do try to sell a product. That is what the organization is. That is what they believe that I’m not trying to change that. The only thing I ask is that they respect my home and the word “no.”

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I love your post…

  4. I’ve encountered them on campus when they visit dorm rooms after church service on Sundays. But those were respectful. If you didn’t have time they’ll move on to the next room. I usually just took their publications and sent them on

    I’m sorry they’re such a nuisance to you, Xena. Although if they’re that crazy the sign may not keep them out.

    • Hi cocoblaq! I’m going to write to the local Kingdom Hall. They won’t like it, and if my request is not honored, I’ll just have to start speaking in tongues the next time they lay on the door bell. 🙂

      • Or maybe set your sprinkler just for them. That’ll be just wicked. 🙂

        • Coco,
          Sprinkler — You’re funny.

          One reason I wrote this article was to get it off my chest and because I felt bad being rude to them. I really don’t want to scare or cause them harm. Actually, since they believe they must do field duty to earn salvation, I really don’t object with them coming to my house — just that they should leave if I don’t answer after the first bell ring and/or knock, and if I answer saying I’m not interested, they should leave.

  5. Mom’s problem. Ha ha… She hates it when they happen to see her gardening. She can’t escape, nor hide. And she doesn’t want to be rude to people who only want to talk about God. Goodness, they’re persistent.

    • Renxkyoko. They caught me in my front yard one day as I was planting bulbs and pulling weeds. One was disrespectful enough to walk onto the lawn to get close when I did not rise to talk to them. Their talk was on this system of things, so I reminded him that this system allows me to call the cops and have him arrested for trespassing unless he got off my lawn. I don’t like being rude, but they don’t seem to understand that “no” means “no.”

      Truly, I think if a woman was in labor and getting in the car to go to the hospital, that they would want her to stop so they can give their speech about she is going to be destroyed unless joining “god’s organization.”

  6. I just did a Google search looking for funny responses to Jehovah Witnesses who come to ones door unsolicited. Here is what I found:

    From ReditFunny:

    “I had a knock at my door this morning we still have a wreath in front of the peep hole so I can’t tell who it is. I undo the locks…and it’s a Jehovah Witness. So, I’m a jerk and have no shame…I say: “You’re late” in a gruff voice “You were expecting me?” He looks puzzled – perfect “You’re the hooker from craigslist right?” – (looks at me) – (looking back at him) “no..I…I…” “Then go away” shut the door…he was baffled and walks away. I wanted to tell him I was joking, but I let him go. I figure if nothing else, he will have the BEST story when they meet up later. BONUS: I’m off that visit list.”

    From Hughzy:

    “I also have a story that is similar in a way but also different, So there was a knock at my door and I answer it, turns out to be Jehovah’s witness’s they proceed to ask me questions and I answer back since I had just learnt about it in school. After about 10 minutes of talking they said that they had to get some leaflets from their car that they had parked a bit up the street, I agreed and bid them fair well, knowing that they would return i told my older brother to tell them that I had died not so long ago in a car crash (I know its no joke) anyway they come knocking at the door and my brother this time answers it. They asked if I was home their actual words ” Hello, sorry but we just talked with your brother and would like to ask him a few more questions.” To which he replied “What?? What are you talking about my brother died 3 months ago in a car crash …. Why would you ask something like that” At this time he had managed to start sniffling and welling up. They looked at each other and turned pale, apologized and left.

    “Well lets just say every time I see Jehovah’s witness’s walking down my street doesn’t matter who they are they always miss our house now.”

    If you wish to see more, you can click this link to the page that I found the above:

    • “where” I found the above

      • Here is another good response there:


        Not very often I post this sort of stuff, but my grandmother is about 70 now, and she’s the kindest woman you can ever meet. So the Jehova’s witnesses used to knock on her door literallly every day, and despite the fact she didn’t want them there they used to come in for a cup of tea like, once a week (yes, we’re british).

        But this was at aged 63 or so, when I was about 12-14. But when she hit 65 and retired we bought her a Shi-tzu named Charlie, and she absoloutely adores him.

        But to cut it short, she had this dog a week, and what do you know, the Jehova’s witnesses came knocking on the door. And being there when it happened – she opened the door to them, said hello as politely as anybody possibly could, BUT STOP.

        By the time she could notice, this 4-month old Shi-tzu had strolled out the door, sniffed their legs, and pissed all over them. Not just the one, all three of them. One after another, he just pissed on them.

        It goes without saying that they never came back. He was rewarded with sausage that evening.

  7. Xena, you must not live in a SYG state but couldn’t you borrow our line….Screams through door..” I am in fear of my life and may have to shoot”. That should remove you from their list.;-)

    • LOL@2dogsonly. Illinois just passed conceal carry this year. While I laugh about your comment, there is serious concern. To be awakened from sleep by such disruption and the dog being agitated, is reason to fear that someone is on your property who should not be. When you’ve told them to go away and still want you to open your door, puts them in a position of being shot.

      I thought of a sign;
      “Bullet the Pit Bull greets everyone who has not been invited.”

      • You can request that we put you down as a day-sleeper or whenever you sleep in our records. We have most of the world divided up into little territories that as volunteers we check out. These territories typically are on little 4″ by 6″ index card sized sturdy paper with a map of the territory that it covers. The territory maps are in a clear vinyl slip case. When people make requests to us, we jot that information down on note paper we keep in the vinyl slip case with the territory card and date it. Then, when we do a street in that territory, we check the notes for that street and abide by the homeowners wishes. We aim to show respect for all our householders in the territories.

        • Todd,
          It makes no difference if I’m a day sleeper, afternoon sleeper, or night sleeper. I’m free! I’m retired and am not going to be placed in bondage so others can intrude. I feel the same way when it comes to salespeople who go door to door. If I don’t invite the person, they have no authority to come to my door and expect for me to open it for them. Ring the bell once, and when the dog barks, leave.

          • Jesus said”My sheep will hear my voice”. We love you, that’s why we go out and do this work. If you don’t want to hear, we will go those who do want to hear. We truly want the best for you. If you would take the time to look into it, you would see that.

            • Todd

              Jesus said”My sheep will hear my voice”.

              Well, here we go. Todd, no disrespect intended but the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not the voice of Jesus Christ. That verse says “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27.

              One very important thing about this — Christ knows his sheep. He does not require an introduction. Hearing and listening and are two distinct things when considered spiritually. There are many people who claim no religious affiliation who “follow” Christ. He knows them. He does not require the approval of any religious organization to know those who “listen” and “follow” him.

              My door bell and knocks on my door are not the voice of Jesus Christ.

              Now, enough with trying to preach your version of the gospel. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit convicts. The Holy Spirit does not condemn. Take your condemnation elsewhere. If you cannot respect this blog, then I will place your comments for moderation.

          • Todd, just let Christian people have their own relationship with Jesus and let people of other faiths have their own relationship with God.

            • Yahtzee,
              He won’t. In fact, he will turn in his communications here into his Kingdom Hall as points towards his quota.

            • I am trying to “live my faith” by sharing God’s word with my neighbors. I hope they respond favorably, but it’s up to each individual to decide to act or not on the message. But know this, I (we all) have the best of intentions in doing this work and truly believe it will be beneficial for them, if they act. I will be out tomorrow morning knocking on doors. And again, if you don’t want to be called on, let us know and we will put you on the “Do not call” list. I truly hope you will listen though.

            • Todd,
              I learned of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society around 1975, and during my time as section leader in Compuserve Forums (circa 1995-2002), I shared with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have a library that includes Aid to Bible Understanding and the New World Translation. I did not come to reject the doctrines of the Society without understanding them.

              That is why I can understand why Jehovah’s Witnesses think they are doing right by conducting field duty and magazine routes. What I don’t want is for them to disrupt my household by continuously ringing my door bell, and after I ask them to go away, insist that I open the door for them. They are not demonstrating love, kindness and respect by behaving in that manner.

              So, why don’t you do the organization a favor and let them know that “friends” are impugning “god’s organization” by acting aggressive and disrespectful, rather than having citizens be inconvenienced by contacting them for “Do Not Call.” Stop being religious bullies. Ring the bell once. If no one comes to the door, leave. If someone comes to the door and says “no,” leave. Respect the beliefs, or non-beliefs of others. The Gospel of Jesus Christ did not begin with Charles Russell.

            • I have kindly attempted to address the concerns of this topic in a dignified respectful way. I do not feel what I am saying is appreciated. (Administrator’s Note. Edited.)

            • Todd,
              You have been dignified, but failed to address the topic and that is probably why you feel that your comments are not appreciated. We understand why Jehovah’s Witnesses believe it’s their duty to conduct field service. That’s not the topic. The topic is to please respect my home. If no one answers the door after ringing the bell, and they knock, and no one comes to the door after the knock, then they shouldn’t ring the bell again.

              After my telling them that they woke me up, and to please go away, the man still wanted me to open the door. That is disrespectful and I now add, abusive behavior.

          • I know. That’s what I have heard.

            He would benefit by learning the good wisdom found in other religions and not feel that they threaten his beliefs.

            For instance:

            • I wish you all happiness and well being, I think this if where I get off the bus. Take care all. Todd

              You can delete me from the blog

              On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Blackbutterfly7 wrote:

              > Yahtzee commented: “I know. That’s what I have heard. He would benefit > by learning the good wisdom found in other religions and not feel that they > threaten his beliefs. For instance: >” >

          • Todd,

            Until YOU study and appreciate the wisdom in other religions as I have done on MY OWN without having them forced rudely down my throat, DON’T misuse my quote that was advising you.

            Close-minded people should not be going door-to-door disrespecting privacy in a effort to say that theirs is the ONLY way to believe.

            • I wish you all happiness and well being, I think this if where I get off the bus. Take care all. Todd

              You can delete me from the blog

            • Todd,
              It doesn’t work like that. There is not a way to “delete” you from the blog. I can hold your comments in moderation and chose to approve or not approve them. I don’t ban participants unless they demonstrate bad faith or bad behavior, such as intentional disruption, provocation, personal attacks, etc.

              The article is about disrespecting households. There’s no justification for such rudeness and disrespect even in the name of religion.

  8. Now, if Don West had been involved in a Jehovah Witness case, a “knock-knock” joke would not have been as inappropriate as it was in the GZ case. 🙂

    • LOL!@Yahtzee. JWs do not serve on juries. They do not vote. They do not serve in the military. They use politics as a means to preach fear, and when it comes to the judicial system, their thoughts are that “it’s just the system of things.” While I am tolerant of their religious attitudes, I’m not so tolerant at having my home disrespected. As far as the Mormons, I have been known for asking them what planet they hope to inherit and populate. That usually makes them nervous. 🙂

  9. Mormons are not allowed to visit a female when she is by herself. However, I have seen them break that rule.

    • Glenn, they certainly break that rule at my house, but then too, it was women who came. Back in the 80’s when they were forced to include those of other races into their religion in order to remain a tax exempt organization, I had great fun talking to them about their history.

      I don’t know, but don’t think they believe their salvation depends on going door to door and having a quota of recruits. The Watchtower Society gives their members a quota on magazines, field duty, and Bible studies. If they don’t meet their quota, they have no security in surviving Armageddon or being resurrected.

      • I was just wondering how they know that a woman is in the house alone.
        That in itself is not very comforting to know.

    • Yahtzee,
      Laughing Hard

      I liked the possession part.

      At one time, I prepared a “Why I Disagree With The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society’s Doctrines” to hand to them in exchange for the publications they offered me. The “friends” would not take it. They are not allowed to read anything about spirituality or religion unless it’s written by the Watchtower Society.

      The Watchtower Society goes to great lengths preparing them to debate the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, but not other Christian denominations. They are not familiar with terms such as “manifested,” “reconciliation,” “Tabernacles” so when I’ve told them that is what I believe, they start looking at the index of their New World Translation trying to figure out what I’m talking about.

      Before they go out on field duty, they meet at the Kingdom Hall, are told what topic to talk about, and even do some role playing that is very far from reality. Well, it’s what they believe, but the Society should also teach them how to recognize when people are not home, or sleep, or otherwise don’t want to talk to them.

  10. roderick2012

    NBC seeks dismissal of Zimmerman suit over 911 tape edits

    It funny how NBC uses Piglet’s lies against him to claim that he was a ‘limited public figure’ before they edited the tapes.

    Piglet needs to give up his hopes and dreams of anything and just fade into obscurity because NBC’s lawyers ripped him several new orifices.

    Lawyers for NBC News in March urged a Florida circuit court to dismiss the defamation suit filed in December 2012 by George Zimmerman, who was acquitted last July of second-degree murder in the Trayvon Martin case. The suit centers on NBC News broadcasts that misportrayed a 911 call placed by Zimmerman on Feb. 26, 2012, as the neighborhood watchman pursued Martin through a Sanford, Fla., subdivision. Edits to the tape made it sound as if Zimmerman had volunteered a comment that Martin is black, when in fact the dispatcher had asked him whether Zimmerman was “white, black or Hispanic?” Another contention in the complaint was that NBC News had knowingly reported the false claim that Zimmerman had uttered a “racial epithet” in the 911 call.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Roderick!

      (By any chance, have you heard anything about his parents’ lawsuit against Roseanne Barr getting moved from state court to federal court?)

    • Thanks roderick. I’m writing on that and will get it posted soon.

  11. Good for you my friend

    • sachem,
      Although I disagree with the doctrines of the Watchtower Society, the main issue that I have is their intrusion and disrespect of my household. I don’t like having to be rude to them.

  12. Thanks for the article, Xena.
    A friend of mine had someone knockking at his door, he didn’t know who was there because he had no way of seeing them without opening the door.
    When he opened the door and he told them to go away, one put his foot in between the
    door so he couldn’t shut it.
    My friend had to tell them he was calling 911 if he didn’t move his foot.
    These people have no respect so they don’t deserve respect themselves.

    • Lolypop,
      The persistence is scary and I am very concerned now with people killing others on their property and claiming self-defense, that one day those proselytizing door to door without being invited might be harmed. There are people who work second and third-shift and do not want to be disturbed in the mornings, neither in the afternoons when they are getting ready for work, nor in the early evenings when they are trying to get in those last few minutes of sleep before heading off for the graveyard shift.

      They aren’t doing what Jesus said to do in context. Disrespecting property owners and/or tenants is not what Jesus meant when telling his disciples to go door to door. Disciples are disciplines ones and those who have been coming to my house are not disciplined.

  13. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    (Administrator’s note. This comment has been edited to eliminate proselytizing.)

    If you truly “do not” want us to come back, ask to be put on the “Do Not Call” list next time we visit.

    Hoping the best for you and ALL my human family!


    • Todd, welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and I appreciate your comment. I’ve edited it because this blog does not promote nor allow proselytizing. The qualities of peace, hope, faith and love, regardless of religion or non-religion, is what I recognize and honor.

      But, actually “Jesus” commanded his followers at Mat. 28:18-20 to do this work.

      As he commanded believers to do other things as well, such as heal the sick and raise the dead. If some believe that times, things or even God have changed so that doing some things he commanded are no longer possible, then maybe they should consider the command of going door to door was also for a time according to that time.

      Jesus also gave us the command that if the message is not received, to leave. He serves as our example. Jesus did not force himself on anyone.

      This article is about respect and disrespect. Persistent disturbance of the households of others is not respectful. It impugns the religion/organization. Ring the door bell once. If no one comes to the door, leave.

      If you truly “do not” want us to come back, ask to be put on the “Do Not Call” list next time we visit.

      The last time I requested that, the two brothers became argumentative and condemned me to destruction for not wanting to hear their message. I know the message of the Watchtower Society just as I know the doctrines of other denominations. I understand that according to the Watchtower Society, unless I commit to them, I will be destroyed. Hence, I don’t let people on my property to verbally assault me. I will write a letter to the local Kingdom Hall.

  14. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they are commanded by God to try and bring His word to you. They really believe it’s true and that we are in ‘the last days’ and many are frantic to do this. However, I explained that I did not have time but they could leave literature if they wanted to. Then later on we got a dog that is a serial barker and asked them not to ring the bell because the barking was causing hearing damage in my ears. They accommodated me every time. When I had a stroke and was disabled my daughter told them I could not answer the door and would they stop knocking – they did.

    I have respect for people of all faiths and anyone who knows me understands that. The Witnesses also understood that no matter how many times they came, it would not change my mind. Most religious groups believe that their faith is the only path to the desired afterlife.

    • Jackie,
      I have experienced some who, once I said I was not interested, they wished me a good day and left. I’ve experienced some who, once I said I was not interested, wanted to know if I was concerned with being “destroyed.” I’ve experienced others like yesterday, who have no compassion about waking me up. What decent man would want a woman he just woke up out of bed to open the door and talk to him?

      The Witnesses also understood that no matter how many times they came, it would not change my mind.

      Many of them know that, but they must get the numbers to comply with their quotas.

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        🙂 If you are not interested they should leave you alone, period. I do hear your frustration in dealing with this issue. It does depend on the Witnesses in your area. At the end of my street is where our Kingdom Hall is located… They are well-behaved, kind folks; what you have seems worse. Could you do something legally to stop the visits? Is it trespassing or harassment, perhaps?

        • Jackie,
          Thinking about this since writing the article, I think that I’ll write a petition for my block and have neighbors sign-it. Then, I’ll get it to the Kingdom Hall. That way, my name and address will not be the only one requesting no contact. One block should not disqualify them from salvation. I hate to involve the city for ordinances and/or law enforcement and prefer that they simply cooperate and show respect.

  15. Every week? Yikes! I have lucked out, I guess. But good job on getting blacklisted by the Kingdom Hall. That should be considered a compliment.

    Two of my friends did something similar to the above stories. When they saw the Witnesses coming, they stood in their window, the male roommate stripped down to his waist and did a seductive dance around my female friend. The missionaries didn’t come back again.

    • eurobrat,

      Every week? Yikes! I have lucked out, I guess.

      I live in a very remote, quiet area, in a cul-de-sac. It attracts the JWs, Mormons, insurance and security salespeople, and some who I don’t know their reason because I don’t answer the door. LOL!

      But good job on getting blacklisted by the Kingdom Hall. That should be considered a compliment.

      That was before I moved. The Kingdom Hall here doesn’t know my reputation, and I’ve not felt the urge to take time to talk to JWs who come-a-callin’. I’ve not been led to expose cultic mind control like I once did back in the 1980’s-1990’s. Truly, I think they have recruited all they are going to recruit and that is one reason why they are now disrespectfully aggressive.

      Two of my friends did something similar to the above stories. When they saw the Witnesses coming, they stood in their window, the male roommate stripped down to his waist and did a seductive dance around my female friend. The missionaries didn’t come back again.

      HA! Well, there are always different ones who come here. This week, it was 2 men. The week before, it was 2 women. The week before that, it was 2 different men. For all I know, some could have been impersonators of “Bible students” and may have been criminals hoping I would open my door. The ones yesterday didn’t leave behind any publication. The ones several weeks ago left behind an old Watchtower magazine where the puzzle in it was half-done. LOL!

  16. There are support groups for Jehovah Witness members attempting to leave or have left the Jehovah Witness organization. They help with recovery issues as well as documenting abusive treatment of those members who attempt to read literature other than JW literature or those members who question JW practices.

    These groups can be found on internet by a simple Google search such as, for instance, “recovery Jehovah Witness.”

    • Yahtzee,
      There are also off-shoots of JWs. They hold to the same doctrines with the exception of believing that the Watchtower Bible and Tract organization is “Jehovah’s organization.”

      If they looked into their history, they would find that Charles Russell started the Watchtower Bible students as an offshoot of the Seventh Day Advent Church. I’ve read some books by E.G. White, the Seventh Day Adventism prophetess, and some of what she believed is very profound — other things, off the mark IMHO.

  17. Xena and other way too kind folks,
    Might as well use SYG to your benefit

    Scream w/o opening door that you are in fear of your life and getting your ak47. And calling 911.

    Really, it is scary to think anyone would open their door just cause someone knocks.

    Actually, are they casing your home? Cause that holding yourself out as religious, could be just a way too easy ploy. I mean someone with burglary in mind might think of this.

    Well, that got a little more interest from us than Xena’s comment about “journalist spoke to a neighbor who saw tubs just in front of Trayvon”.;-)
    Guessing it was Dave. He’s one of my FB friend and he casually mentioned he had a nice conversation with Xena last week? Nothing else, though.

    Spill it, Girlfriend, Xena the warrior.( or if it’s too explosive) delete this. Dave also mentioned he didn’t think tubs would ever do any time for killing but nothing specific as to DOJ.

    • 2dogsonly,

      Xena and other way too kind folks,
      Might as well use SYG to your benefit

      I’m hoping it won’t come to that.

      Well, that got a little more interest from us than Xena’s comment about “journalist spoke to a neighbor who saw tubs just in front of Trayvon”.;-)
      Guessing it was Dave. He’s one of my FB friend and he casually mentioned he had a nice conversation with Xena last week? Nothing else, though.

      My mentioning the witness was because if she is reading this, maybe she will understand her importance. Trayvon needed and still needs her. Fair and equal justice needs her. Righteousness calls out to her. My intent wasn’t to involve or implicate the journalist because I understand the confidentiality and “off the record” of interviews.

      So, to that witness, know that your identity has not been compromised — but Trayvon was a human being who was killed. You are his eyes and ears for what happened. His fear was greater than any fear you might have. Imagine if it had been you. LE has ways of providing witness protection. Please consider it.

  18. 141 Things Jehovah’s Witnesses Can’t Do

    Several of these things I already do, some I’ll my missionary doorknockers resume!

    • Lady2soothe,
      They do associate and socialize with people who are not in the organization, neither potential converts. I had a great JW friend for over two decades until she moved. Her JW son was convicted of child sexual molestation, and she was being ostracized at her Kingdom Hall. I was the only person she knew that she could talk to. She finally decided she needed to move to another city and cut ties with everyone — start over fresh.

      We never argued about religion nor tried converting each other. She actually shared some funny things with me about how she had to hide certain humorous items in her household when the elders were coming by.

      I miss her.

  19. photographer-gets-too-close-to-predator-then-something-amazing-happens

    I just saw this it’s a beautiful story and photos about a giant leopard seal and a diver.

    meanwhile, I just read all the comments here and I was going to mention that my best friend for 19yrs (before she died abt 6 yrs ago) her mom is a JW.
    through out the years I’ve had mixed feelings toward her because she wasn’t supportive of her daughter but she definitely appreciated and took advantage of her daughter supporting her financially.

    I don’t like the organized religions but I never disparaged her mom or her religion but I had to mention to my friend her mom was mailing me crap and I didn’t know if she expected me to actually read it or what. but I mainly mentioned it because I wanted her mom to know that I appreciated her thoughts of me ( cuz that’s how I interpreted her efforts of mailing me the shit. I didn’t know about quotas or getting into heaven part)

    anyway, I kinda felt bad after my friend told me that she wont be sending you anymore stuff because “I told her you were an atheist and hated bible stuff because of you’re childhood etc…!” I didn’t think she needed to go so far and I didn’t want her mom to think I was weird or crazy.

    when my friend died I’d call her mom & sister just to talk about my friend once in a while you know… then one day I was having a hard time dealing with her death and i was a little hysterical and started considering even praying to god or whatever to see if it would help.. and I so called her mom bcuz she’s the religious one, and I asked her if she thought her daughter was happy in heaven or whatever. but her mom said NO! calmly and matter of factly she said she was basically in something like purgatory ( I think that’s where she said, I kinda black out at that point so don’t remember exactly)

    I haven’t spoken to her since even tho she’s called left messages for my son. I don’t like her anymore.

    • Shannon,

      ( cuz that’s how I interpreted her efforts of mailing me the shit. I didn’t know about quotas or getting into heaven part)

      Charles Russell took a natural understanding of 144,000 and said that was all there would be in heaven. When membership to the WT Society went beyond 144,000, he came up with the doctrine of the “slave class.” According to WT doctrine, heaven is closed. Salvation to them is not being destroyed during Armageddon, or being re-created and given a chance to prove themselves faithful to the organization so they won’t be destroyed again.

      I disagree with that doctrine, but they are free to believe it as others are free to believe or not believe. I just want them to respect my household.

  20. Someone on another blog cannot tell time, or intentionally misrepresents what I’ve written. 9:30 a.m. is not the middle of the night. This was not a Ted Wafer situation. I am not Ted Wafer. Asking others to respect my home is not the same as being afraid of those who come to my door without invitation.

    • Funny how some on that other site have the same reading comprehension problems as another poster to the site.

      • towerflower,

        Funny how some on that other site have the same reading comprehension problems as another poster to the site.

        Yes, it is funny also how they love lurking here. Some do so for no other reason that to have something to write about on their own blogs. If it wasn’t for this blog and Leatherman’s, their blogs would not exist. It’s an honor to be their inspiration. 🙂

  21. What I find disturbing is that Jehovah Witnesses in general don’t stop when told that by a resident that the resident is already committed to his/her personal faith. (even when the resident is actually a priest, pastor or rabbi or another faith leader.)

    In this video, the Jehovah Witness has a faulty answer. When the rabbi gives advice not to visit people with a mezuzah on their from door post (frame) because those people are already committed to their own faith , the Jehovah Witness says, “We don’t discriminate.” (a non-sequitur answer) instead of taking the rabbi’s advice.

    (This particular encounter, however, I think was one of the more positive ones with a Jehovah Witness who at least did not act fanatically.)

    Uploaded on Jun 2, 2010
    A Jehovah Witness comes to my door Friday afternoon to persuade me to accept Jesus! The voice in the background is my wife.

    • Very interesting video. I enjoyed it. The Watchtower Society doesn’t fully prepare their members to debate doctrines other than that of the Roman Catholic church. They threw out a few lessons about Islam, and they do the comparison thing among pastors of Christian denominations, but not many JWs have a clue of what people of faith believe. Once when I told two of them that I believe in reconciliation, they were puzzled. Same thing when I quoted Romans 8:19 –they were puzzled. But, they don’t want to hear what others believe, which is very disrespectful and keeps them in ignorance.

      My late husband dealt with them by saying they are a cult and to prove it, said that if what they believe is the truth, then they should be able to read anything written by anyone because the truth is living, and if it lives in your mind and heart, it cannot be killed.

      • My late husband dealt with them by saying they are a cult and to prove it, said that if what they believe is the truth, then they should be able to read anything written by anyone because the truth is living, and if it lives in your mind and heart, it cannot be killed.

        He was right and very insightful. I agree, Xena.

  22. Someone could make some money developing sales and outreach software for them. You’d think they would keep a log of houses that are not interested.

    • GSP,
      JW’s are required to go door to door. In their interpretation of the doctrine, Jesus did not say to use outreach software. There are some who are disabled, and they must find a way to still “witness” and try to get Bible studies. At times, the elders will work with them, increasing the number of Bible studies they must conduct to compensate for their inability to go on field service.

  23. I had my address blacklisted by both Jehovahs Witnesses and the Mormons, more than 30 years ago, back in the very early 80s. My friends were all riding the New Wave/Punk scene and, after taking care of our studies (always, school first) we club hopped as often as possible. There was a copious number of clubs aligned with our scene back then and we ate like wolves, stayed thin as rails, because we danced it all off. On more than one occasion, my roommate and I came home very late and fell into our beds without taking makeup off, hair down, or doing anything but literally falling to bed. More than once, we were awakened by Mormon “missionaries” or JW “bible students”….always at the crack of dawn, well, for us anyway. We began to take turns answering the door (so scantily clad the vice squad would have blushed) and, laying a hand on the shoulder of one of our “visitors”, exclaiming….’I’ve got your religion for you baby’. It only took a handful of times before we were blacklisted.

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