Something to think about …….

Preach it!!!

It Is What It Is

~~April 30, 2014~~

“This concept is lost on some people. Such a shame!”

“My Father once said ‘It doesn’t matter how rich or famous, powerful or clever, connected or religious you are, you all end up in the same graveyard as the rest of us.”

“Message received. I hope this message is received by millions. It’s incomprehensible that there continues to be prejudice and judgmental people. Wake up people!! We’re all equal beings!”

” Making ‘something of your life’ is as much a personal thing as your color, sexuality, race, origins, etc. No one has any right to judge. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not what you do but who you are that is important. We need to have a great but undistinguished life.”

The point is …. we are all made the same on the inside & out. Our organs, muscles, tissue are ALL … in the same…

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  1. TY for the reblog!! Dearest friend … hugs!! 🙂


  2. I love this!


  3. Wonderful!


  4. May an atmosphere of harmony and togetherness become reality.

    May we accept the idea of “different strokes for different folks” and rejoice in the diversity around us.

    Some lines from the song:

    “Different strokes
    For different folks”

    “We got to live together”

    “I am no better and neither are you”

    “Makes no difference what group I’m in
    I am everyday people”


  5. AMEN to THIS!!! This was how I was raised & taught.Maybe thats why I have always thought I had the most wonderful childhood on earth!!! Thank You for putting this out there.Somehow the MESSAGE has got to get to some of these IDIOTS.Even if you were raised to not be this way…..CHANGE IT…..BREAK the HORRIBLE CYCLE! We are all EQUAL Human beings !!


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