One of Life’s Most Embarassing Moments

Funny, funny, funny.

Good Time Stories

Sometimes, tings in life aren’t what they seem… told by this person for instance.

I was in a public toilet and had just sat down, when I heard a voice from the next cubicle, he said, “Hi!, how are you?

Embarrassed, I said, “I am doing just fine”.

The voice said “So, what are you up to?

I said, “Just doing the same as you, sitting here!”.

He said,”Can I come over?”.

Annoyed, I said, “Rather busy right now”.

The voice said, “Listen, I will have to call you back later, there’s an idiot in the stall next to me answering all my questions.”


Ahhhh….Life Goes On….. 🙂

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  1. LOL!! Sometimes folks will be looking straight at you as they are speaking to someone else on their phones…those are the worst!

    • Mindyme. LOL! I’ve seen that.

      By the way, heard there are floods in Florida. How are you doing?

      • The Panhandle of Florida got the worst of it, 15-20 inches of rain in 24 hours. Reports have one person was killed and I-10 was closed for a time due to flooding.

        • towerflower,
          Thanks for the info. I heard something about a highway closed in Tallahassee. I hope that you and yours are safe.

          • towerflower

            I’m in Central Florida, we got some bad thunderstorms and lightning caused a few fires but nothing out of the norm and nothing like the other states got. Florida is also one of the most tornado prone states but we don’t have the alert systems like other states since ours are known to be on the weak side and short lived. A few months ago, my house was only 3 homes away from a F-1 tornado that went through the area I lived in but most damages are typically losing a roof or screen enclosures and not the type of devastation that the mid-west states experience. For us the biggest fear will always be the hurricane and even then I won’t leave unless it is a Category 3 or above.

  2. This should give you a smile.

    • Beautiful!

    • This is NEWS !! I love these stories and how a community gets with the program and makes it happen. A 3 year old heart transplant survivor and now he’s “Chief for a Day”

  3. Funny………so funny!!!

  4. Before I knew what a blue tooth ear thingy was, I thought the person was mentally ill. 😉

    • Same here. There I am walking with my son who was probably 3 or 4 and there’s some guy having a conversation with himself. I’m thinking “…..if that was me, the straight jacket would be about form fitting by now…..”

    • I’ve thought that on more than one occasion myself.

    • 2dogsonly,
      I still think it’s mentally ill to walk in public talking on a phone. LOL! Today, I watched a woman walking while doing stuff on her cell phone, and she walked out into the street as cars were coming. Some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  5. My most embarrassing moment was caught on film. Back about 1990 I was snow blowing the sidewalk and driveway for our neighbors across the street and unbeknownst to me my wife was trying out the new video camera. Now of course, me being that mechanical guy, would never use either of the REVERSE gears on the snow blower.

    Hell, that’s what using your feet to back up are for………right. So after 1 step down I went on my butt. It’s the arm flail that is so funny…….not to mention my wife replaying over and over when it happened.

    • Racer,
      Now you know that wives never let husbands forget when they have been stubborn and it results in a funny moment. 🙂

  6. roderick2012

    Seminale County, FL in the news again.

    This time is somewhat comical; however it’s still criminal.

    Police: Man tried to buy $263K Bentley using fake check

    • roderick2012


      • roderick,
        Reminds me of Osterman trying to sell a stolen car back to the dealer, and ended up losing his job as a sheriff instead.

        • towerflower

          He tried to hit the dealership up for a finder’s fee for the vehicle that his side employer stole with a bogus check. He got fired for not reporting the vehicle stolen when he became aware of the bogus check and not reporting his side employment–the got conned by a con artist to work as security for him; the con said he was a New York Yankee ball player.

  7. This video went viral today 🙂

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