Computer Problems – Open Discussion Until Fixed

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies and all creatures great and small,

My trusty laptop will not come on. It has been my tried and true machine for blogging. It was working well last night. I am currently on my old XP Desktop that is not updated.

butterfly2Until I can get my laptop back running, or a new one and have the files transferred, there’s not much I can do that requires a computer. Hopefully it won’t be long. This is simply a cocoon experience and transformation into a life of freedom shall immerse.

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss whatever is on your mind.

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  1. I’m following this story of the rancher in Nevada, The former sheriff there advocated putting the women and children up front, so it would make the government look bad if/when they start shooting. Who even thinks like that?


    • Yep. They want the government o look bad. They want another Waco or Ruby Ridge. Based on some things I’ve read, they hold sovereign citizen ideologies where they don’t want a federal government and don’t believe that they have to obey federal laws.


  2. “This is simply a cocoon experience and transformation into a life of freedom shall immerse”
    Love it!!


    • I like it also!

      You are one positive person, Xena. (But, I am sorry your laptop computer isn’t working.)

      Here is a video for you to watch on your desktop while you wait for your laptop to be fixed:


    • When my son got off work, he tinkered with it; removed the battery and connected it directly with the power cord and WALLA! It came on. (My flash drive is now busy.) 🙂

      I’m still concerned because I don’t why it wouldn’t power on, and with this weekend being a holiday weekend, chances are that no one will look into it soon. So, it’s off to purchase a new one, and then next week get the files transferred.


      • Whee! I am glad it is just a problem with the battery. Hopefully, all you will need is a new battery that is healthy and can receive charging.


        • Hopefully it’s just the battery, but my son is encouraging me to get a new one anyway. For one thing, most of the letters are no longer on the keyboard. I learned to type on a letter-less typewriter so it doesn’t bother me, but the keyboard does look awful. LOL!


      • I do think your son is giving you good advice, Xena. 🙂


  3. Like

  4. Like

  5. Today, I had fun watching these two fascinating videos:


  6. Meteora, Greece:

    “Six Monasteries on the Rocks”

    “Suspended in the Air”


  7. “Recent swarm of earthquakes in Idaho under scrutiny”,0,6089154.story#axzz2z6QTH7xh


    A swarm of about 25 small earthquakes in central Idaho during the last three weeks has prompted scientists to bring in additional seismographs in hopes of finding a cause, an official said.


  8. “Lost sea lion pup found more than 100 miles inland”


  9. Everybody….what is your opinion on the points discussed in this article and its video?

    “Don’t tase students at school, activists say”

    What kind of training is being given to school security officers? Is it enough?


  10. Peru:



  11. Can you believe this?!!

    “Teen urinates in reservoir; officials to flush 38M gallons; L.A. weeps”,0,6853751.story?track=rss#axzz2zAeoGzmX


  12. For your kids and grandkids (and you 🙂 ):

    “Funny Little Bunnies”


  13. When I cooked the seder for the Obamas:
    I’m not usually fazed by cooking for Passover, but cooking for the President is a different (matza-)ball-game.

    By Vered Guttman | Apr. 17, 2014 | 3:32 PM


  14. Good Morning 🙂


  15. The Associated Press ‏@AP 2h users told to change passwords due to vulnerability to #Heartbleed security bug”
    10:43 PM – 18 Apr 2014


  16. “State Of Texas Seizes Ranch Of Imprisoned Polygamist Leader”

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 18 (Reuters) – The sprawling Yearning for Zion Ranch in west Texas, where polygamist leader Warren Jeffs sexually assaulted young girls and justified it by claiming he was the “prophet of God,” is now the property of the State of Texas.

    The Texas Department of Public Safety, which raided the Eldorado, Texas, ranch in April of 2008, said in a statement released on Thursday that the walled compound has been entered by law enforcement officers and “the residents have agreed to vacate the property.”

    Jeffs was convicted of sexual assault in 2011.

    The statement noted that the state on Jan. 6 secured a forfeiture judgment from the 51st Judicial District Court. Efforts to seize the property were initiated in 2012 by the Attorney General’s Office.

    “Law enforcement personnel are working with the occupants of the ranch to take all reasonable actions to assist with their departure of the property, to preserve the property, and to successfully execute the court order,” the DPS said.

    The DPS didn’t say how many people were still living on the 1700-acre compound with a gleaming white temple building in the center, located about 200 miles (321 km) west ofAustin. At one point, Jeffs held sway over some 700 followers on the ranch, where he and other leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, took young girls to be their “spiritual brides.”

    There are similar FLDS communities in Utah and Arizona.

    Jeffs, 58, is serving a sentence of life plus 20 years in the Texas prison system. He was convicted of sexual assault relating to what his sect called “celestial marriages” to two underage girls at the religious compound.

    Flora Jessop, who was raised in the FLDS and later fled from the controversial denomination and has become an advocate for children in the cult, said Texas deserves the property for having the courage to do the right thing.

    “For being the first ones to step up and put these men in prison for the crimes they have committed against the children,” Jessop told Reuters. “We have yet to have Utah andArizona step up and do that same thing.”

    In the raid, officials seized thousands of documents indicating widespread sexual abuse of children at the ranch, which Jeffs opened in 2003. Several dozen children who were placed in foster homes following the raid were eventually ordered to be released to their parents, but the documents led to the prosecution of Jeffs and several other FLDS men.


  17. Good Morning, wishing everyone a great weekend!


  18. “Strong 7.5 magnitude quake hits off Papua New Guinea”


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