George Zimmerman Told Us Where He Saw Trayvon Martin When Saying “When I walked back towards him”

Since the verdict in George Zimmerman’s 2nd degree murder trial, I’ve tried not to post much that rehashes arguments that happened before and during his trial. However, there has been a repeat of something on Twitter that compels me to go into detail. The same argument appears to come up at least once a month. That issue is that Zimmerman said, “When I walked back towards him.”

Because of Zimmerman’s story that he first came face-to-face with Trayvon at the “T,” some people have not thought outside that box to what Zimmerman wrote and said before he had time to omit and add to his story by the time of his re-enactment.  To say it another way, some people believe that Zimmerman saw Trayvon on the dog path and try to reconcile “when I walked back towards him” to have occurred on the dog path.  Zimmerman did not find Trayvon on the dog path. Rather, he found Trayvon on Retreat View Circle.

I sought out someone who is good at video animation and has the software to show rather than only tell. Not having those resources myself, I did compile two videos in effort to show what I heard Zimmerman say about his actions after getting out of his truck. The following is more of a bullet point presentation that connects the dots and I’ve embedded the two videos to support the following. Below is also a map of Retreat at Twin Lakes indicating Trayvon’s and Zimmerman’s positions when Zimmerman said “When I walked back towards him.” I’ve also placed “BG” to indicate the back gate.

Those who followed the case will recognize the recorded non-emergency call, Zimmerman’s statements, and Rachel Jeantel’s testimony. Rachel was there as an audio witness only. She was not familiar with the area of Retreat at Twin Lakes where Trayvon was staying with his dad. Rachel could only testify what Trayvon said to her.

We should consider the following as happening simultaneously with Zimmerman talking to dispatch and afterwards, while Trayvon is talking with Jeantel.

  • We know that Trayvon ran from Zimmerman. We know this because Zimmerman said so on his call to non-emergency dispatch.


  • We know that Zimmerman got out of his truck when Trayvon ran and answered in the affirmative to following Trayvon.


  • Zimmerman told dispatch that Trayvon was running towards the back entrance. He later told detectives that Trayvon ran down the dog path. The dog path comes out on Twin Trees Lane and that street leads to the back gate.


  • With that assumption, Zimmerman did not drive down Twin Trees Lane to catch Trayvon when he came off the dog path. No vehicle could drive down the dog path and Zimmerman couldn’t chance Trayvon seeing his truck and running back down the dog path where he could not follow in his truck.


  • George Zimmerman told detectives that when he was told “We don’t need you to that”, that he was standing on Retreat View Circle.       Retreat View Circle also leads to the back gate.


  • Zimmerman said he was not following Trayvon but going in the same direction. In other words, Zimmerman was going to the back gate where he assumed Trayvon was going but without being directly behind Trayvon.


  • Zimmerman said “he ran” and that he thought the “suspect” was “long gone.” That’s because he didn’t see Trayvon cross the intersection of Twin Trees Lane and Retreat View Circle going to the back gate.


  • While on Retreat View Circle, Zimmerman did not want to give dispatch his address because “I don’t know where this kid is.” This indicates that Zimmerman was not in open space but close to the houses where he assumed Trayvon might be hiding and was close enough to hear him.


  • George Zimmerman changed his mind to meet the cop at the mail boxes and asked dispatch to have the cop call him and he would tell him where he was.  This indicates that Zimmerman saw Trayvon and that Trayvon was not going towards the back gate.


  • No keys were found on Trayvon’s body. The prosecution failed to ask Chad how Trayvon was going to get back inside the house. Did he have the code to open the attached garage to enter the house, need to ring the doorbell, or was he suppose to call Chad to come downstairs to open the door? The prosecution left us without an answer.


  • Brandy Green lived on Retreat View Circle. Trayvon would need to walk onto Twins Tree Lane and around the corner to Retreat View Circle in order to enter Green’s house from the front.


  • Having to walk onto Twins Tree Lane, Trayvon would linger on the dog path and look out to make sure he did not see the truck that had followed him.


  • Trayvon told Rachel that he had lost the guy.


  • Trayvon told Rachel that he saw the guy again. He told Rachel that he wasn’t going to run because he was by his dad’s house. Trayvon was at the corner of Twins Tree Lane and Retreat View Circle.


  • Zimmerman told detectives that when he walked back towards him, [Trayvon], that he saw Trayvon coming towards him.  Both were on Retreat View Circle. Zimmerman was walking to the end of the block, and Trayvon was walking to the front of Green’s house.


  • Trayvon then told Rachel that the guy was “behind him” again.       This indicates that Trayvon turned, walked back to Twins Tree Lane and back to the dog path. He was going to “walk fast.” There was nowhere for him to run because he was by his dad’s house. Trayvon told Rachel that the guy was getting closer. So, Trayvon asked, “What are you following me for?”

During closing argument, Bernie de la Rionda told the jury about Zimmerman saying “When I walked back towards him” and Bernie even mentioned that Zimmerman could have gone in a circle and came up behind Trayvon on the dog path.  What Bernie didn’t do however, was use the maps in the courtroom to show the jury how it happened and how it agrees with Jeantel’s testimony and Zimmerman’s statements to detectives.


R@TL map positions



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  1. Well done Xena. The State flubbed this case so badly.


    • Did they ever, but that’s because Corey said in a post trial interview that they always believed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman but that Trayvon had the right to stand his ground. Since Corey believed that, there wasn’t any investigation into how GZ got his boo-boos. The State didn’t even bother to get an expert to testify of gun recoil when shooting with one hand.


      • roderick2012


        but that’s because Corey said in a post trial interview that they always believed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman

        That validates Dr. Bao’s argument that the State believed that Trayvon got what he deserved.

        What I have noticed with these high profile trials is that the State doesn’t call expert witnesses and they rarely prepare any type of exhibit.

        I guess it must be a budget thing to go to trial with the bare minimum.


        • Roderick,
          In John Orr’s immunity hearing, the State had a debris and a blood splatter specialist. Orr’s petition for immunity was denied.

          In Trevor Dooley’s case, the state had a witness to testify of gunshot residue on Dooley’s hands and clothes. That testimony was used to estimate how far the two men were apart when the gun was fired.

          The SPD flopped when they allowed the EMT’s to wash GZ’s hands before any samples were taken from them. At trial, they produced no witness to testify of debris findings. I don’t care what the bottom-front of Trayvon’s pants may have appeared — I wanted to know what type of debris was found on GZ’s clothes to verify or dispute that he was on his back.

          Evidently, Florida prosecutors proceed in cases based on their personal biases of how perceive the victims.

          It’s the same with Dunn’s case. Instead of just showing the jury the car doors with sticks in the bullet holes, but a person on the other side of the bullet holes with where Jordan was hit with bullets to show the jury that he could not have been getting back inside the vehicle and even if he had, then Dunn’s firing the gun was first degree murder because a fleeing person is no longer a threat.


  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    They can’t undo it now. 😦


    • True Jackie. I am convinced however, that GZ knows that he will never convince anyone that he killed Trayvon in self-defense who doesn’t already believe that.


    • True, Jackie.

      But the DOJ will pursue their investigation with much more zeal knowing that GZ’s version of events don’t add up.

      I have faith that the DOJ will prove that Trayvon’s civil rights were violated….this was a hate crime.


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        Really, there is a chance? I’d be thrilled if there would be justice at last – just once.


      • Hmmm, I was getting pessimistic about the DOJ taking up and pursuing this case. Glad to hear that there’s still a chance of this happening!


        • eurobrat,
          I could be right on the money (as they say) or I could be totally wrong, but the length of the DOJ investigation tells me there’s a good chance that GZ is going to be charged with something.

          The feds are funny in that they work with suspects for many months, sometimes a year or more, to have them enter a plea bargain rather than unsealing grand jury indictments and serving warrants for arrest. While that is happening, the accused must get their own legal counsel.

          It’s been my impression when first learning about GZ’s history with gangs and his manipulation of stealing to make it a civil offense, that he was and probably is still involved in things that interest the feds above and beyond his killing of Trayvon Martin.


          • Xena, To those people waiting for the federal charges to be brought, if they have a picket fence, perhaps they could get an agent to come and paint it for them…. Hmmm, I guess that I need to be more careful about what I say….


          • crazy1946,

            Xena, To those people waiting for the federal charges to be brought, if they have a picket fence, perhaps they could get an agent to come and paint it for them….

            Maybe. Maybe not. I see lots of evidence that tubby committed a hate-crime, but I’m not a federal prosecutor to know how that would come across to a jury.

            I think that one thing you and I might agree on is that once the feds get a person on radar that they really want, they will continue investigating until they find evidence of a violation of federal law. We also know with the feds that it’s not what they release to the public about investigations, but what they don’t say that makes a difference.


          • Ooohh, intriguing. Well, I certainly hope you are correct. This verdict made me beyond angry.


          • Xena, While I hope you are correct, I truly feel this case is actually closed and we just have not been told… I really suspect this man will be taken down by one of his own supporters or not at all, or at least not while on earth….


          • crazy1946,

            I really suspect this man will be taken down by one of his own supporters or not at all, or at least not while on earth

            There’s something that stays with me; i.e., his gang associations when in Virginia, and his behavior during the altercation with Shellie and her dad.

            Zimmerman purportedly wears a bullet proof vest, and he has an arsenal of guns. That’s not to protect himself as much as it is to intimidate others and prevent them from defending themselves while he damages their property.

            I still think that whomever it was that caused those head wounds is also why Shellie was uncomfortable living in the Retreat at Twin Lakes and left George and went to her dad’s, and that person is still the center of Zimmerman’s fears.

            Because the State suspended Adam Pollock’s case with the possibility of re-instating it, it conveys that something happened at the gym involving Zimmerman that is under investigation and requires Pollock’s cooperation.


  3. Excellent, logical presentation, Xena.

    And, you zeroed in on the fact that GZ withheld info from his NEN call:

    Key question is why GZ knowingly LEFT OUT telling the detectives that he wanted arriving officers to call him on his cellphone so that he could tell them where he was.

    Had he told the detectives this, his whole made-up story of returning to his truck would have been undermined and seen to be a false tale.


    • Investigator Randy Smith at timestamp 6:30 FIRST looks down RVC in the direction of the back gate. Why? GZ is telling about looking for an address on RVC directly across from the T and repeating about dispatcher saying do you still want a police officer. (You can start at timestamp 6:14 to hear about address and still wanting a police officer to come)


      • Good catch Yahtzee.

        Yep — he changed his story after realizing that following Trayvon made him the initial aggressor.


        • Did you notice that here in the reenactment, GZ basically destroys his best witness?
          (Witness 6 – John Good)

          After he has told all about being smothered and having his head slammed on the concrete and squirming off the concrete , he then says “And when I did that(squirming off concrete) ….timestamp 12:26….somebody here opened the door and I said, ‘Help me. Help me.’ and they said, ‘I’ll call 911.’ ”

          So basically, GZ is saying that W6 saw no hitting, no slamming, and no smothering.


          • And, of course, Witness 6 did change his testimony from hitting MMA style to the two just wrestling (or tussling) in the grass. But, W6 said it was from in front of his back door up to the concrete.

            GZ here in the video says W6 first saw GZ AFTER GZ managed to squirm off the concrete.


          • Yahtzee,
            GZ’s head was never on the concrete. That’s why the crime lab folks found no blood on the concrete. Remember too that the next day, GZ said he and Trayvon were wrestling when his jacket came up — not that he was shimmying off the concrete.


          • I was just pointing out how GZ’s false tales did not help him.


          • Yahtzee,

            I was just pointing out how GZ’s false tales did not help him.

            Got cha!


          • And, of course, we also all know that Trayvon did not smother or hit GZ because there was none of GZ’s blood or DNA on Trayvon’s hands.


          • Yahtzee,
            We know that, but Trayvon haters believe that rain discriminates — it washed blood off Trayvon’s hands but not off GZ’s head. With the way that GZ described getting hit, there should have been blood splatter all over Trayvon’s hoodie too.


        • roderick2012

          Xena:….he changed his story after realizing that following Trayvon made him the initial aggressor.

          Of course Judge Nelson fixed that loose end.


          • Roderick,
            Yep. Judge Nelson sure did. Makes me wonder why the Florida Judicial Conference bothers to write pattern jury instructions if the judges are allowed to throw them out in exchange for what defense attorneys want.


      • Remember this one?


    • Yahtzee,
      I think that Serino knew all the time that GZ was a lying fraud. But, he also knew that GZ had favoritism with Wolfinger through Papa Zim and that is why he waited to prepare the Capias.

      Also, I think that Singleton knew GZ was lying, but there’s a funny thing about law enforcement. We caught a glimpse of it in Dunn’s case. That is, eye witnesses make the case and is the reason for making an arrest.


  4. Two sides to a story

    Good job.


  5. Like

  6. Like

  7. my laptops are down so I’m barely able to see this but it’s such great explanation Xena. I have not seen it done this way! I’m going to keep posting this because i’m hoping w.Blooms book and other stuff coming out more ppl are getting a better idea about what really happened and i hope some ppl who have expertise in photo&audio forensics ect, even officials will get curious and investigate.


    • Shannon,
      Sorry to hear about your laptops. Hope you can get them fixed or replaced soon.

      Know what I wanted to see and felt that Serino and Singleton could have done? A run-through. They should have gone to the Retreat at Twin Lakes with the tape of GZ’s NEN call and a stop watch, and using BOTH of his stories, repeated his steps as he stated them.

      They would have found that the first story, that he was on Retreat View Circle when told “We don’t need you to do that” is true, and the one he gave later at the re-enactment was not possible. That is also why he had to omit everything in his NEN call about meeting and then changing his mind to meet the cop at the mail boxes, because that would have meant that he was able to see and give Sean the address while they were still on the phone.

      IMO, the surge of interest in the case is because Trayvon Martin haters went on a hate campaign against Trayvon. They stirred the pot with their insults, lies and hatred. They even introduced arguments that are inconsistent with Zimmerman’s own words. What they intended for evil is being used for good because people who were not able to follow the case have now taken interest.


      • I mentioned that the other day too that the zimmerlovers have actually helped us because they prove everyday that Trayvon was murdered because he was black and Zimmerman used the racist system to get away with it. all their hate highlighted zimmerman’s mentality and the corruption of the system that allowed a grown man to stalk and terrorize a teenager boy and shoot him right in his own back yard while several of his neighbors stood by and did nothing..

        when they decided to demonize Trayvon with racist rhetoric (which was all they could do because he was so innocent- esp that night w.candy & juice!) to defend the killer, other ppl recognized it as just that, racism. and the curious & intelligent ppl who looked into the actual facts came to see what really happened.

        when the killer was acquitted I swear even ppl on fox news did not seem so thrilled. when I finally looked at some of their reactions I noticed there was something I couldn’t put my finger on but they just didn’t seem as enthusiastic i’d imagined they’d be that a POS wanna be idiot went and got away with murdering a black boy they’ve been claiming was such a threat to society.


        • Maybe the Fox reporters showed a little disbelief but Angela Corey and Judge Corrupt were almost giddy.

          judge Corrupt: ” you may remove your monitor. Your business with this court is finished!” really what judge sounds like they’re giving an ” atta boy” to any defendant?

          And what prosecutor that has just ” lost” a world wide watched trial greets the media with a huge smile?

          You can tell Serino initially thought shooting was done by a NW and a burglar” and then when he finds out Trayvon had a family, lived there, screams picked up on 911 , tubs history his tone and Singletary tone completely changes. Both knew.

          Singletary has aged like 30 yrs. into an old wizardly woman from a young pretty young woman. They were told what to do and it was a trial for show and at least for her it aged her tremendously.

          If you want to watch trial,type croaker queen 123 into you tube search. She actually has other trials and edits out sidebars so they move fast. Mark O’Mara spoke at a trial seminar last month and he even said he was surprised state didn’t put on a better case.

          Why are the victim’s cell phone records listed on evidence but not the killers? When does that ever happen? Michael dunn’s cell phone records are listed on state web but you don’t see Jonathan’s ,the victims, listed.

          O’Mara was allowed to say over and over ” isn’t it expected for a LE to carry a gun so many times, I thought was tubs in law enforcement? Not really but only because I knew the evidence.


          • 2dogsonly,
            Just a FYI. On the top menu is a tab titled “Zimmerman Trial Videos.” They consist mainly of croakerqueen123’s videos. They are posted by the day of the trial.

            The prosecution played dirty throughout the trial, and O’Mara appealed to the jurors’ biases by comparing Trayvon to burglars who are Black. Remember, the court approved the issuing of subpoenas to 7-Eleven for the receipts of purchases made by who has come be known as the “3 Stooges.” However, O’Mara did not bring them to trial as witnesses. Why not? Because they were with Burgess when he was arrested and one of them is not Black, but White. O’Mara needed to stick with his stereotypes.

            Those cardboard cut-outs at closing were another means to stereotype. I was taller than my mom when I was 10 years old, but taller doesn’t mean stronger. The flat cut-outs did not account for tubby’s stomach and thick waist. O’Mara played to the fears of women on the jury seeing a tall black teen and thinking of him as menacing. He used it to make tubby’s profile right, when it was absolutely wrong.

            Tubby, of all people, should know what it’s like to be profiled as an illegal Mexican immigrant. He even profiled Singleton because of her gender.


        • Shannon,

          I mentioned that the other day too that the zimmerlovers have actually helped us because they prove everyday that Trayvon was murdered because he was black and Zimmerman used the racist system to get away with it.

          BINGO! The more they denigrate Trayvon, the more they confirm that tubby’s case was not about self-defense. I noticed too that after tubby’s acquittal, some Trayvon haters began to stalk attorney Benjamin Crump. They had no interest in the Kendrick Johnson situation until attorney Crump joined the legal team representing Kendrick’s parents. They knew nothing about Howard Morgan until I posted it here and mentioned that Ben Crump was working with Morgan’s family.

          They are so engulfed in bashing and attacking attorneys who advocate for Black victims, that they knew nothing about Kelly Thomas and the trials of Ramos and the other officer who beat Thomas to death. That case did not involve a Black victim and the cops who beat him to death are not Black.

          So, we see that in their eyes, they care less about equal justice for all. For them, it’s all about race. They consider Whites who want equal justice for all “traitors.” What they would like to see is all minorities voluntarily surrender constitutional rights to petition the government for redress of differences. That — ain’t — gonna — happen.


  8. I believe in karma. I really do.


  9. We all know that just about everything FogenPhoole says is a lie. Again, the only things we know are true are……….

    1) “ummm, my name….is Cheorge”
    2) …then I got out of my truck
    3) “..are you following him” “…um, yeah”
    4) “..I pulled my pistol aimed and fired 1 shot”
    5) “ wife is a mess”

    Everything else he says can be argued and proven to be a lie. His “..walked back to him” statement was reiterated by Racist Frank who elaborated and said “..that’s when he CONFRONTED TREYVON (sic)” as Frank “The Racist Tank” relished mispronouncing his name as does Papa Z.

    Seems funny we haven’t heard from PhatFogenPhoole in 6 weeks or so………must be real busy doing his taxes, what with all the income and deduction to figure out.

    He’ll probably mention Frazier Cross’s name as one his hero’s, being Klan and all. The right wing hate machine will find a way to call this self defense just like the rest. Then we’ll be subject to the NRA “playing fair” by saying…..get ready……here it comes……the inevitable statement…………….”If everyone was armed…..blah, blah, racist blah”


    • “Again, the only things we know are true are……….

      1) “ummm, my name….is Cheorge”
      2) …then I got out of my truck
      3) “..are you following him” “…um, yeah”
      4) “..I pulled my pistol aimed and fired 1 shot”
      5) “ wife is a mess”

      Yep, that’s about it, Racer!


      • In the exchange with Singleton where he mentioned that “…my wife is a mess”, GZ also gave us a clue about himself: GZ told Singleton, “My father says that I don’t listen…”


  10. Thanks for putting this together! I think Lisa Blooms book, Suspicious Nation, which is a best seller, ignited interest in this travesty and now Orlando is putting on a 4 day event around this case.

    Sadly, a murdered teen in a country of 3.5 million is yesterday’s news but something came together that made Kevin Cunningham’s petition go viral w/ the still unbroken record of 2.5 million signatures in one month. Worldwide interest happened on this usually ordinary murder. New blogs ,with people able to uncover events thru their internet skills, sprang to life. Miami Herald wrote about this new phenomena calling it Web Sleuthing and citing bcc.list, Whonoze , and others research.

    So, a trial happened and that’s all the family requested. But with ordinary people knowing what happened,to the second including the club house videos of his car following Trayvon, we watched a major large state attorney’s office act like morons and a corrupt Judge leave out part of Florida law and this injustice continued on.

    Tubs refused to stfu and his unraveling kept the spotlight focused until a famous well known author wrote a best selling book.

    Now, Orlando just announced a Four Day Event around this…let that sit for a second. Orlando is home of Disney World, a major travel destination and yet there is enough interest to have four days of programs, plays, lectures devoted to this boy’s murder.

    Dream Defenders appeared and stayed focused.

    Pretty sure we’ll see a major motion picture in the near future.

    We inch toward social change and this may move us in a way no one ever anticipated and honors Trayvon in a way a guilty verdict never would.


    • “We inch toward social change and this may move us in a way no one ever anticipated and honors Trayvon in a way a guilty verdict never would.”

      You know, 2dogsonly, you make a good point here.

      For me, personally, I have to say and admit that before I became involved in March 2012, I never knew how deep “the conversation” that our nation needs to have really was.

      Naturally, I was aware of the overt racism that began to surface after President Obama was elected. However, I had no idea how prevalent and often covert it was.

      Also, before March 2012, I had never learned about and addressed my White Privilege as I have been doing now. Because Black friends and acquaintances in this cyber world have taken the time to share their personal experiences with me and also
      guided me, I now understand how far our country still needs to go in order to bring about equality.

      During the last 2+ years while on internet commenting (I had not been before…did not even know how to copy and paste), I have become aware of many moves and attempts to turn the clock back fifty years.

      Back to your comment, 2dogsonly….I feel because of the tragic night that innocent Trayvon endured at the hands of a lying killer who violated Trayvon’s civil rights, and because of the result of the trial, and because of hateful racism rearing its evil head….a sleeping giant has been awakened that will now be alert and will stand up against injustice and inequality in our country.


      • I, like others, participated in the “100 cities rally.” I also participated as a member of a panel discussion on White Privilege.


      • Because the sleeping giant was awakened, there was a HUGE rally in NYC that helped to end “Stop and Frisk” which was based on LE profiling and stereotyping.


  11. ‘We are all Trayvon’ –Mother of shooting victime to speak at KSU

    The mother of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old whose fatal shooting by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida provoked a national race and justice debate, will speak at Kansas State University at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 22, in Forum Hall at the K-State Student Union.

    “We are all Trayvon” will be an educational and thought-provoking event, said Brandon Clark, coordinator of the event and program assistant for the university’s diversity office.
    Despite the intense tragedy of loosing a child, Sybrina Fulton has turned her grief into advocacy, lecturing at college campuses across the nation. She co-founded the Trayvon Martin Foundation, a nonprofit organization to raise awareness of gun violence and help provide support and advocacy for families who have had relatives fall victim to it.

    “The Trayvon Martin case was huge,” Clark said. “Whenever it’s brought up, it stirs certain emotions and gets people to talk and debate. This debate is about understanding why we believe what we believe. It is about being open-minded.”

    Fulton’s visit comes almost two years after her son’s tragic death and the subsequent acquittal of the shooter. The event is free and open to the public and sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity chapter as part of the historically black fraternity’s annual weeklong celebration. It is also sponsored by the Student Governing Association.


  12. Xena, You asked a while back about how we could fight back at the NRA to bring a little sense into the gun problem, well here is one new solution.

    Read an understand, this is not perfect, but it is a start, and this man is willing to put his money out there to make a better world for all of us…


    • Thanks crazy1946. As soon as I get my laptop back up, or replace it, I’ll visit the link.


      • I’m glad that Yahtzee also posted a link to this story and that way at least it got some of the attention that it deserves! This could be, if people get behind this man, could be a good start to bring down the forces of evil that drive gun sales and murder in this nation… Time and support will tell…


  13. BEFORE the trial all of us ONLY heard the audio of the February 29 interview of GZ with Serino and Singleton. This audio was recorded on Serino’s HAND-CARRIED tape recorder.

    It is the VIDEO of this interview that is played at GZ’s trial.

    As it turns out, Serino left the interview room at one point WITH his hand-held tape recorder. During Serino’s ABSENCE, Singleton CONTINUED to interview GZ. It is this portion that none of us heard and studied before the trial.

    BDLR clarifies about Serino’s hand-carried tape recorder at Timestamp 38:37 of the trial video I am posting here (It is in this trial video that the police interview is played in court.)

    I now will post the video interview that was played in court. The portion with Singleton that I am talking about occurs between Timestamp 1:07: 28 and 1:11:19.

    Starting at Timestamp 1:07:28:

    Singleton: Did you think he was scared of you? Do you think he thought you were trying to hurt him?even in the tape you say, you say, “He’s running.” First of all, he could see you’re following him….see you, (gz mumbles ? “come to my car, right”) and then, instead of having a conversation with him, you put up your window.

    GZ: Yes. (1:07:54)

    Singleton: So it sounds seems like a creepy man, someone’s following him, and you (didn’t try to?) talk to him and see what’s going on. And then, when he runs, you followed him -Maybe afraid of him I don’t know

    GZ: mumbles and sighs
    [seems like cut in video here]

    Singleton: Alright now, it’s when people are following you or trying to talk to you and trying to ask you what you’re doing. And who are they? Why do they have a right to ask me anything? Who are they? Know what I mean? You’re trying to keep him from coming in and bothering people. Yet you could give the appearance that you’re asking people for information, and you haven’t even told them who you are.

    GZ: Well

    Singleton: I thought you said (?) you never told him who you were

    GZ: No. I didn’t have the opportunity

    Singleton: well You could have told him. Right?… .(?). …your car? Instead of putting up your window, you could have said “I’m Neighborhood Watch.”

    GZ: He wasn’t like (1:09:10) next to my window or anything

    Singleton: No (? I say)….You told me he circled your car

    Timestamp 1:09:14 (WATCH GZ’s hands as he explains)

    GZ: He did. I don’t know if he circled the entire car, but he came around to the side. He wasn’t like…(?) …. I didn’t want to confront him. I was happy he was staying in the area so the police could question him.

    [Note….Later, I will try to transcribe up to 1:11:19 (the point that Serino returns to the room) What I have transcribed needs a little help at the points where the audio seemed poor to me. ]

    The fact that GZ told Singleton “I was happy he was staying in the area so the police could question him. to me indicates why GZ got out of his vehicle to chase after Trayvon when Trayvon ran. He did NOT want Trayvon to get away (GZ in NEN call:”These assholes, they always get away.”) Here we have strong supporting evidence that GZ self-assigned himself with the mission to go after Trayvon and detain Trayvon until the police arrived.

    In this interview, we also have GZ admitting that Trayvon did NOT circle his car.


    • From Timestamp 1:09:37 to 1:11:19, GZ (in telling about how he handled himself during his earlier, past NEN calls) basically tells Singleton (and all of us) how MUCH his actions of the night of February 26, 2012 DEVIATED from ALL of his actions during his past NEN calls.


      • Yahtzee,
        Yes! I noticed that Zimmerman deviated from his pattern on NEN calls. He was proud of being NW and in all of his NEN calls, he made sure to say that he was NW — except on 2/26/12. GZ knows there are rules of NW and that the dispatcher also knows that. Do not carry a weapon is a relevant rule. That is why GZ also developed his going to get groceries story because had he said that he was on patrol, carrying a gun would be a violation of NW rules. Inconsistent with that, he wrote in his statement and told detectives that he is NW.

        Then, his buddy Frank Taaffe let the cat out of the bag when saying that GZ patrolled with his gun.


        • X, wow, excellent job putting the issue of gz’s obvious omission in the call on the night he murdered Trayvon. you’ve mentioned this so many times but It just didn’t hit me, the Import didn’t hit home until now. wow. And of course the state failed to make this connection. they didn’t even mention it did they? how dare they??

          I’ve been friends w.someone for about 7-9 months I met on Twitter and she’s one of those ppl who find all the videos, articles etc abt Trayvon’s case, good&bad. and she sends them to me on twitter on the DM & some I watch some I don’t because I personally have a hard time emotionally dealing with certain things. I can’t even watch the entire trial because I’ve gotten so sick. I can watch and read everything you post because everything you do, in the end makes me feel better & optimistic, even if something makes me angry.
          you’re posts always teach me something too. the ppl who post here always teach me something. and so I also post links to your posts for my friend to read or watch esp when she’s feeling bad about the case.

          So yes she’s seen this blog but only cause of me. (she doesn’t have a blog or anything) but she keeps mentioning that she hasn’t seen your blog pop up in any of the searches she does regularly. She’s also bitched abt why it’s not promoted. for me & mine, I don’t really think of that stuff, I don’t consider mine the least important.

          But everyone considers yours important. But a few weeks ago I finally realized wht she was trying to say. See her & I have argued abt this but not for the right reason. I said who cares abt promoting our blogs. we’re not here for internet fame! You’re not here for fame!! And your certainly not here to get paid. I say most ppl I know blog because we have something to say and we like to have a place to discuss it with others. I used to post stuff just to keep track of things not even to have ppl comment unless they needed to add to the pile of info or rant about whatever happened..

          But… what she was bitching abt was that there’s so many horrible lies& things about Trayvon online posted by the zimmerlovers & racist/biased media that pop up 1st in searches that it drives her crazy that ppl who know better have to dig thru it to find normal or unbiased reporting to find it. (even Wikipedia is full of defense driven narratives) Basically (and I wont name names except the conservative shit house has tons of shit that pops up) tons of the other hate sites have top places in searches! M friend didn’t realize she had to break it down for me like that to make her point! LOL

          Anyway, I’ve always been so dismissive of those types of bloggers that I assumed everyone else was too. I say over and over everyone know what happened to Trayvon, no normal person even reads those sites..but she’s like ppl who don’t know all the facts have no idea what their exposing themselves to until they’ve already done it!
          There’s also the fact that Sybrina & Tracy have to know there’s so many horrible things out there that aren’t being contradicted properly..

          Basically I’m rambling on but I’m just saying (omg I almost lost everything I just wrote!!I’m gonna post now so I don’t it takes me wayyyyy too long to write anything!LOL )


          • What I’m saying is we all need to promote your blog like crazy! we just have to! it doesn’t matter that you don’t need the whole word to see it. It matters so it’s recorded in search engines properly. It matters to Trayvon’s legacy. It matters to the historical recordings of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

            Pls. I hope no one takes offense to what I’m saying. I’m not trying to tell anyone what they need to do, as if they’re not doing enough! I know we all have our contributions and do what we do for Trayvon& his family out of love.
            I just wanted to put this idea out there to others who like me aren’t so contentious of what my friend was trying to say because I think she’s got a good ass point!!! I want Trayvon’s side to pop up & documented for the future, the truth needs to be out there when there’s been so many lies.

            PS. I’m no expert in promoting, so I’m just gonna make an effort to post links& videos on twitter & my blog and on website forums. If anyone knows other ways to do it please let me know. 🙂
            Thanks Xena..


          • Shannon,
            I so appreciate you.

            A journalist contacted me a few months ago because when she did a search on the internet, this blog came up in the results when her own blog did not. I suppose it depends on the search terms used. Media sites and Facebook pages are going to return on the first page of results regardless of the popularity of blogs.

            A good thing — in July 2013 when the jury entered the verdict in Zimmerman’s case, this blog had about 68 subscribers. We now have over 250 subscribers and it’s growing weekly. Only 2 subscribers that I know of are not good-faith subscribers. I think they subscribed thinking it would intimidate because their blogs are extensions of their bully characteristics. If I can’t write “good morning” without them calling me a racist, then I’m not to write anything — that is what they hope for.

            You might remember that pre-trial and during the trial, I spent lots of time supporting and sharing on other blogs. After the verdict, most of those we had come to know on other blogs stopped coming around. Some are now pretty much exclusive to Twitter and/or Facebook.

            Most of us who followed discovery, pre-trial hearings and the trial, are already familiar with all of the facts and details. This blog then serves as somewhat of a library resource in the event people want to include links. I would also recommend that they watch videos by LLMPapa. He can show more in 3 minutes than most people can tell in 5 pages.

            After the verdict, and when I thought that the Youtube channel might become stagnant, it too has picked up subscribers and views. It now has 111 subscribers, with over 40,000 views.

            When you tweet articles posted here, and tweet videos on the Youtube channel, you are going above and beyond the call of duty. I so appreciate that.

            The thing with Trayvon haters now is that they make up lies about him that have absolutely nothing to do with the evening of Feb. 26, 2012. They use those lies to promote their bigoted views that had he lived, he would fit into their racial stereotype. They are desperate because there are only about 4 of them still active, which is why they spam Twitter and Facebook with lies and filth.

            Personally, I feel that Trayvon’s spirit is at peace with God. It’s his killer who was a loser before Feb. 26, 2012 and is still a loser. Had he not killed Trayvon, he would still be a loser. His life was going no where. Of the few Trayvon haters who are still active on Twitter and blogs, they have nothing good to say about Trayvon’s killer so they demean Trayvon, his parents, and anyone else so they can divert attention from the killer.

            For example, I saw some tweets where Trayvon’s grades and school records were misrepresented by his haters. Well, Trayvon was a teen. His killer is a grown man who should know when he is taking classes above his head for a career that he cannot qualify for even if he remained in a 2 year college for the next 50 years.

            Trayvon haters promote a story that Sybrina was putting Trayvon out because Trayvon was a bad kid. At least Trayvon has a dad and he was staying with his dad when Zimmerman, (the grown man with a gang tattoo), decided to profile, follow, and kill him. Zimmerman’s parents didn’t send him to a parent when he turned 18. They sent him to another state! They sent him to another state not so he could attend college or because there was a good paying job waiting for him. He became a bouncer; got into trouble with the law, couldn’t pay his rent, and after he married Shellie, he still lived off her mom for 3 years before moving into the townhouse where he still couldn’t pay his rent and bills.

            Then he saw an opening to use for his advantage by begging for money for a legal defense that he used instead to pay off his pre-Feb. 26, 2012 debts. He really suckered donors. As Judge Lester said, had it not been for the GPS ankle bracelet, Zimmerman would have taken the valid passport that he hid, and the money he lied about, and became a fugitive to avoid trial.

            IMHO, when people like Trayvon haters concentrate on the dead, they have lost their sense of life. They should concentrate on the living — Trayvon’s killer. However, a tree is known by its fruit, and the fruit of hate and death is all they have.

            My hoodie is still up, and I still support justice for Trayvon Martin. I stand with his parents and other parents who fight the good fight for gun control.


    • OMG Yahtzee this is amazing I never knew this! I didn’t really watch the entire trial because of some of the criticism from some of you guys. I didn’t want to admit the state was throwing the case and I couldn’t stand to watch how horrible Trayvon was being talked about by all involved at trial. I even stopped watching Rachel because It was so infuriating to watch her get treated like a liar!

      I’m gonna try to watch this though.


  14. Hi Guys…..hope all is well!! I have been reading all the comments.Since I have been reading Lisa Blooms books,its had me go back & watch certain peoples testimony during the NON TRIAL.Trust me,it still makes my blood boil with so many witnesses!! I start shaking when I re-watched Det Serino @2/26/12,but a short time later he was known as OFFICER Serino,back on the night beat.Another was Singletons.It always seemed to me her & GZ were buddies just BS ing around while a child laid DEAD.They were laughing,cutting up,etc.
    I was wondering if someone could explain to me in better terms that I remember & have been trying to get reminded of WHY Serino hired Jose Baez,when all cops are provided with attorneys if needed.I know he wrote up the manslaughter charge,which was suppose to be false & forced by Black co workers(right).Can someone help remind me of what the hell happened during this time? Thank You in advance!!
    I do hope ALL of You Wonderful People have a nice,safe Easter coming up!!


    • Hey Marilyn!

      I was wondering if someone could explain to me in better terms that I remember & have been trying to get reminded of WHY Serino hired Jose Baez,when all cops are provided with attorneys if needed.I know he wrote up the manslaughter charge,which was suppose to be false & forced by Black co workers(right).

      Serino was subpoenaed for deposition by the Feign Team, O’Mara and West. Evidently, he didn’t trust the attorneys that would be appointed to him and hired Baez instead. Having an attentive attorney present during deposition is important. They can object to certain questions and although the deponent is generally told to answer if they can, the attorney can ask questions later, like cross-examination.

      According to Frank Taaffe, before Zimmerman arrived in Jacksonville in April 2012, he visited with Baez. No one publicly knows why Baez refused to represent Zimmerman, but he did. Maybe Serino knew and that is why he felt confident having Baez present during his deposition.


  15. Both jr. & tubs are back on twitter. I have a queasy feeling Holder has decided not to pursue due to the timing and brazenness of killerboy’s new painting. Hopefully, their reappearance on twitter is just coincidence and only related to need for attention and not due to Holder channeling Judge Corrupt’s final statement, i.e., “you have no further business with this court”.

    Xena, I am so happy you dropped nettles from your bloggers. I wanted to ask you if you recognized her avi but felt it was presumptuous. She is the one whom called for donations so Trey’s phone texts could be released. She said on her blog O’Mara said donations were needed as it would be expensive. He never released killer’s text as they would ” be too explosive” but dead victim’s … just pony up cash nutters and we’ll make those public. Oh, how they argued see, ” he was having an argument with his gf and so the kid was looking for a fight. ( over brief text..should we take a break. Ans: ok)

    We now know the killer was the one in a serious argument and ending of his marriage and his wife had moved out day before. So, there was , NO “cooking,shopping for the week that my wife and I do every Sunday after we mentor those kids”, feed the poor, cure the ill, and walk on water.

    The state never demanded killer’s “too explosive to be released texts”as ” we’re not going to argue this case in media” lame explanation.
    Funny, how Angela Corey had no problems releasing Michael Dunn’s texts.

    The “too explosive to be released texts” were only explosive in that they exploded killer’s public image. Just your average marriage break up that would be less than noteworthy except they exploded his entire defense from the get go.


    • 2dogsonly,

      Xena, I am so happy you dropped nettles from your bloggers.

      I didn’t drop her. When people follow a blog, only they can unfollow. The My Community widget has options of allowing the gravatars/avatars of those who post comments, and/or those who click like, and/or those who subscribe up to a maximum of 51. Since Blackbutterfly7 now has over 240 subscribers, the program rotates the gravatars of subscribers who recently visit. When you see her gravatar, it’s because she recently visited.

      Because of the increase in the number of subscribers, what I did was un-group subscribers so that those who actively participate here by posting comments and/or clicking “like” will appear under My Community. They deserve recognition for their support.

      Nettle’s doesn’t agree with our position on the case of Trayvon’s killer. That’s okay. She does her thing on her blog, and we do our thing here. I don’t interfere with what she does; have never submitted a comment to her blog; and neither do I use this blog as a focus to challenge the opinions of those with opposing views. They are not the center of my attention.

      There are too many things happening in America to write about.


  16. David Piercy v Ramarez
    Nettles loves this horror (edited by Administrator to remove the link.)


    • 2dogsonly,
      Generally, I would not allow the posting of links to public information involving harassers. However, I’m allowing this and here is why; Piercy relentlessly harasses, misrepresents and makes up things about others, and has no respect for anyone, not even himself.

      He has gone on Facebook and gotten names and then claims that a person he dislikes is that person. He even did that to me. Piercy demeans homosexuals, while using the handle “RustyTrambone” which is a slang term for a sexual act in which he would be the “server” to a male. He demeans the mentally ill; and thinks that it’s funny photoshopping pictures of raccoons by putting the faces of Black people on them.

      He justifies his actions on the basis that people “lie” about George Zimmerman. Yet, he has submitted comments to this blog on articles wishing people Happy Veteran’s Day, Happy Thanksgiving, and honoring the victims of Sandy Hook that have nothing to do with Zimmerman, nor race. His comments are filth, filled with racial slurs and vile personal attacks.

      IMO, David Piercy is another Frazier Glenn Cross waiting to happen. Free speech is not hate speech.


      • Oh, sorry about post. I know doxing is a horrible thing but I guess I thought pertaining to him and how he attacks, it was kind of awesome. My bad.
        That case is really unbelievable. He would try and use the law as a battering ram against a woman he briefly married and for what? Had no contact with child and continually terrorized mother. Hope she has restraining order.


        • 2dogs only,
          An explanation about “doxing.” Doxing is obtaining the personal information of others, even public information, and posting it on the internet without the person’s approval. The motivation behind posting it is significant in determining whether it was posted in bad faith.

          David Piercy uses various handles on the internet and changes them often, but he also uses his real name. When people recognize his writing style under any of his various handles and say it’s him, he doesn’t dispute that either.

          Doxing that’s done in bad faith, like Piercy does, is selecting any name, alleging it to be the real name of a person who has only used an internet handle and not their real name, and then misrepresenting that information for the purpose of harassing, defaming, or interfering with the person’s peace. It is also getting the real name correct, but posting the information on the internet to harass, defame, and/or interfere with the person’s peace.

          I actually hope that the Twitter wars of personal attacks cease. There are too many other important things and the personal attack wars only effect credibility and distract from what is important.


          • Xena,you hope the twitter wars cease?
            But but but I thought that was the purpose of twitter. 😉

            Stay thirsty my friend.


          • 2dogsonly,
            I don’t know how people debate on Twitter in 140 characters or less.

            Laughing Hysterically


          • Xena, you don’t know how to debate in 140 characters?

            I don’t either but evil 2dogs loves the onslaught to nutters. I can’t do it….I got angry and told one she was fat ( cause that is possibly the cruelest thing to say to a female) and felt horrible about it. Apologized to her.;-) She’s not VP or nett, probably wouldn’t apologize to them. Can’t remember but she seems more misguided than pure hate.

            But I am very happy there are some that don’t let the horrible statements stand, and continue to fight for Trayvon. The justice system sure didn’t.

            I read part 2 of Lisa Blooms’s book first cause it is statistics and I could bear that. Yesterday, I started part 1 and had to break after reading her sentence: ” in 20 years of covering trials, I have never seen a prosecution present a case in total opposition to the evidence.”
            I live in very aware of how tough AC and BDLR are so was thrilled our corrupt Gov. assigned it to them. Didn’t even stop to wonder why he didn’t assign it to Tray’s home town until it became apparent AC would ” stay to,the script”.

            Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and I am happy there are some willing to bring it on and give them a taste. Pointing out someone isn’t married seems pretty ok to me especially that someone and the court document really encapsulates what degree he goes to hurt someone he already knew wasn’t his child ( from DNA test).

            If this is their ” homeboy”, they need a better home.


          • 2dogsonly,
            No, I can’t debate in 140 characters of less. LOL!

            People who share interest in the same cause are a body, and each part does as it is designed so that the body is kept alive and functions.

            Just after GZ’s arrest in April 2012, I was on Yahoo comments and found myself in debates with mainly White Supremacists who turned everything into racial denigration. When he sat like a “potted palm” in court as Shellie misrepresented her knowledge of the donations through Paypal, rather than discuss that subject, they started the “lean” argument.

            They don’t debate. They denigrate.

            I applaud those who stay on the Twitter battlefield using their 140 bullets during a volley. Me? I blog. I produce videos, some of which are used on Twitter by those fighting on that battlefield.

            If this is their ” homeboy”, they need a better home.

            They use him, as he uses them. They use him to do what they are too afraid to do. They sit back enjoying his denigration of others while not doing it themselves. He uses them as an intimidation factor by tweeting to them about others and to post his one or two filthy comments on their blogs, whereas they post nothing on his blogs. He has even stopped posting on his own blogs. They died back in late 2012.


  17. Xena, as you know, I wasn’t participating on your blog in 2012. Today, I just read your fabulous article from Dec. 2, 2012:

    Great job!


    • Yahtzee, that was written because of Dave Knechle’s fantastic video. Once I saw the layout of that section of the Retreat at Twin Lakes, it started coming together. After hearing Jeantel’s testimony at trial, it was then easy to connect what Trayvon told her to what GZ said about being on Retreat View Circle.

      Then too, there’s that important omission at trial — that Trayvon had no keys on him. The prosecution did not ask Chad how Trayvon was to enter the house and at the cross-examination of Tracy, never asked him if Trayvon had house keys and/or the code for the garage door. Trayvon had to run “from the back” of the house to the front to get inside. And — there was George Zimmerman coming down Retreat View Circle walking back towards Trayvon.

      I don’t know how GZ lives with his conscience — well, he doesn’t have one.


      • I agree with you, Xena,he does not have a conscience.

        I like these theories of yours:

        “GZ stated that after he shot Trayvon, he spread his arms out in a “Y” position. He also stated that he checked Trayvon’s hands because when he was being hit, it felt as though Trayvon had something in his hands. That is odd seeing that GZ described Trayvon cupping both hands on GZ’s face, one over the mouth and the other over GZ’s nose. Indeed, that would be impossible had Trayvon had an object in his hands.

        “When the first police arrived, they found Trayvon’s body face down with his hands beneath his body. Thus, we know that GZ’s story about spreading Trayvon’s arms into a Y is false. Like an experienced bouncer, GZ knew that he had grabbed and twisted Trayvon by his wrists and arms. The spreading of Trayvon’s arms into a Y was a cover his ass story in the event his DNA appeared on Trayvon’s wrists.

        “Witnesses gave statements of seeing GZ straddling Trayvon’s back and running his hands along Trayvon’s body. The 7-Eleven video clearly shows that the clerk placed the iced tea in a bag. The EMT’s however, found the iced tea in the pocket of Trayvon’s hoodie. GZ would need to put the iced tea into Trayvon’s pocket — just in case he would need to say that he felt the weight and thought it was a gun. Getting Trayvon’s blood on his hands, GZ also searched inside Trayvon’s pockets, leaving Trayvon’s blood on the bag of Skittles.”


        • Yahtzee,
          At trial, the prosecution did not make the blood on the Skittles in Trayvon’s pocket a focus. How did it get there unless GZ went in Trayvon’s pockets? And why would GZ have Trayvon’s blood on his hands?

          I remember at trial when Selma testified seeing GZ rub his hands on his head, that he became very agitated.


        • Tubs showed how little shooting a kid upset him with his perfectly normal vital signs 10 minutes later. Whether he felt in danger of being beaten up or whether he was protecting his neighborhood, his normal BP and pulse tells how little he felt. He felt nothing and the only person who feels perfectly normal after killing someone, realizing the kid doesn’t have a weapon, is classic sociopath.

          He was patting down Tray’s dead body to find a weapon. Hence, Tray’s blood on his skittles.
          The bullet holes aligned exactly with Tray’s hoodie and shirt but not with chest wound. Also, the round pin was not injured. He grabbed Tray’s hoodie & shirt to keep him from leaving, aimed under the small pin, and pulled the trigger. Jeramy is heard on 911 call saying to Jennifer, :” he said he was going to shoot him” right after running inside ( first sound is patio screen door slamming from outside). ” you’re calling the police, right?
          Her answer : ” yes, they’re coming now.

          Then Jeramy and John Goode are heard talking to each other in back ground. John Goode never said tubs asked for help to restrain and Joe Manola has a you tube explaining what he saw. He said prosecution only wanted him to answer their limited questions and not anything that would upset the game plan ( my words ). They clearly did not want him denying the total bs tubs had sworn to.

          There’s no grass on tubs back of his jacket and only the front of his shoes shows grass, no scuff marks on his heels which would be visible if he was trying to dig his shoes into ground to gain traction so he could shrimp( tubs term) from underneath.

          Why prosecution would close ranks around tubs is, for me, a huge question. BDLR is known to be a tough prosecutor. In fact, at his interview both he and AC say this is only the second case he has lost and it was a slam dunk to win if they wanted to.


      • I hate to be argumentative (not really LOL) but i’d like to mention that I’ve haven’t locked my door in over 20years and I’m a grown woman, only half as airheaded as a 17yr dopey teenager. whenever someone mentioned my doors being unlocked I’d say I’m the only poor person in this building, no one wld ever wanna steal my stuff! LOL and in all those years no one ever did!

        if I lived in that townhouse in that neighborhood I’d probably use the garage door & leave that inside door unlocked out of laziness. And I’d use the garage because I drive. Trayvon didn’t even have a bike there so why wld he need the garage? If he used the garage that night wld Chad have locked the inside garage door behind him? we don’t hear abt Keys being in Trayvon’s pockets, so Chad wld’ve had to lock&unlock any door Trayvon used..

        so I was thinking… as for Trayvon needing a key/not having a key, maybe run from the back of the town home meant he used the screen door in the back? as far as i know Chad wld’ve had to come and lock the back patio door behind Trayvon when he left. I don’t think most kids would bother to do that, do you?? I wouldn’t, esp for a quick trip to the 7/11. and we kinda know he had used the back patio before because didn’t Brandy mention Trayvon was on the patio sometime that day?

        But we kinda know he used the garage too because someone mentioned the boys where hanging in the garage w.some boxes of clothes I think?? But w/o the car being there it seems unlikely they’d have the garage door open. Just because it seems a hassle to have to stand there and wait for the garage door to open then Chad wld have to wait and close the garage door again & have to come back and open it again just to let Trayvon come back inside..

        These things just came to mind while reading some of your comments about where Trayvon was running from. so I think the back patio was where he was going…

        PS. I love telling this story about why I Never lock my car doors either; and its not just because it’s a hassle to press the unlock button on the remote while walking at the same time.
        A few years ago for my birthday my rich friend surprised me with a $300 detail & window tint to my SUV (I had no idea how much details cost bc like i always say when it rains, lets take the car out for a free carwash!)

        I was so proud & impressed at how shiny the car was & such a huge difference a slightly darker than stock tint made in the front that I didn’t even need sunglasses to drive! even the front gate guy noticed how nice my car looked or maybe I asked if he noticed 🙂
        anyway, when i got home that evening I locked the car! I actually remember standing there for a second asking myself exactly why I’d lock the door just because it’s all shiny and tinted!!??
        And then that night for the first time in over 20 yrs a couple of numbnut kids were able to jump the fence and wander around the parking lots busting 18 car windows w/o Fat Sammy the security guy on the golf cart noticing! Of course my car was one of them! They broke the drivers side window- my brand new Tinted WINDOW!
        btw out of all those cars the kids only stole 1 pair of sunglasses from an obviously stylish gay guy in the convertible and some lady’s credit card which was caught on camera at the burger king down the street 20 minutes later!
        So the reason I don’t lock my car is because I don’t want them to have to break the window just to steal a stupid radio, which is why I’d like to think I’m a genius! 😉


  18. The following was published April 9, 2014 on Youtube by World News.


    • WOW! Thanks. I hadn’t seen this one. I am so very proud of Sybrina Fulton. She has great courage and dignity.


    • Thanks !! “…that’s my son too” This is one courageous woman….Class, Dignity, Honesty and on a mission.

      I remember when we all started on these sites and the motto “Trayvon could have been my son” was started. 2 + years later and we’re still a united front. For me, it still hurts and maybe even more so with that farce of a trial.

      This new GA. gun law is targeted so there will be no more Michael Duhhnn convictions ‘cuz, God forbid, all these racist gun nutzz could actually be convicted of even having a gun, shooting at a person or vehicle, nay even killing someone for no actual reason and get arrested. Hell, maybe actually be convicted.

      Thank God Duhhnn was convicted for at least attempted murder and firing at a retreating vehicle. His retrial should be a real hoot.


  19. Thanks so much, Yahtzee and Xena!!


  20. Did that weathered horn person dox a tub’s fan girl so she deleted her acct.? He says his FB acct. was hacked and he can’t DM on twitter? Sure hope FBI is watching him cause he is out of control.;-(


    • 2dogsonly,
      You keep up with the Twitter wars much more than I do. LOL! I’m not on Facebook.

      That person is destroying himself. Now I understand why his own blogs have been dormant for over a year — no one wants to be seen associating with him.


  21. Sanford Watch went to the courthouse and got a copy of the jurors’ names in Zimmerman’s trial.


    • Hmmm


      • Perhaps one or two will do an interview now….we know some initially wanted saw GZ guilty of something and two (I think) held to that longer than Maddy did.

        Maybe, one will let us why they could not come up with their specific question for Judge Nelson about Manslaughter when the judge sent a note back that they had to ask a specific question.


      • I don’t like the end of this video AT ALL!


    • Lisa Bloom’s book says Maddy was only one who had a deputy outside her room continually
      B37 bullied everyone and she , B 37 knew facts no one else knew
      One juror was allowed to have an 8 hr. visit w/ her dog but when Maddy asked for her 3 mth baby to visit more than one hour, this was denied.
      Prosecution only wanted jury to consider evidence from shooting. Not events leading UP to murder
      When Judge Corrupt refused to answer their ONE question, they felt too intimidated to present a ” more specific” question.


  22. 1h: .@bks1radioent The Vocal Booth Show Guest #JonathanGood Wrote Book; #TrayvonMartin’s Murder changed HIS life!? #J4TM

    wanted to post this here too.


  23. shannon,
    You’re not being argumentative. I like to hash these things out. We really have nothing to go on other than common sense, logic and speculation because this is an issue that was not addressed at trial.

    My first take on it is that the garage door operated by remote and as I understand it, there was a box on the outside of the door that a code could be entered to open the door if the person did not have the remote.

    IMO, Trayvon had one of two choices to get back into the house. He either had to use the code on the garage door, or he had to call Chad to open a door for him. If he had to call Chad and was on the phone with Rachel, that may have delayed his calling. He thought that he had lost the guy so why rush inside?

    Interesting story about your SUV. Sorry to hear about the window.


  24. So glad you mentioned there were no keys in Trayvons’ pocket.
    Z supporters kept saying well why didn’t Trayvon go into the house.
    He didn’t have the key ! And Brandy said he was at the house in her porch video statement.
    Pretty bold for Z to go right close to the house & start something.


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