The Angel Award


Blackbutterfly7 has been nominated for numerous awards and I have to comply with the rules for acceptance.  I would like to acknowledge those who have nominated us for awards, and accept one of them via this post, giving my word that I shall work on complying with the rules so I can honor their thoughtfulness and gracefulness.

Those bloggers nominating Blackbutterfly7 for awards are:

Horty; Mavadelo; Joe Bradshaw; Coach Muller and Just Patty.

They consist of;

  • Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (2 nominations)
  • I am Part of the WordPress Family Award (A second nomination for Blackbutterfly7)
  • Award Showers
  • Shauny Award For Blogging Excellence (Two nominations)
  • The Howler Award (Because Horty says this blog bites)
  • Being a Light In The World
  • Award for Love and Kindness
  • Sunshine Award
  • Working to Change the World
  • Bouquet of Seven Awards

Blackbutterfly7 now humbly accepts the Angel Award.

8054-2There are various thoughts about angels in theology and myths. Personally, I believe that angels are those who are of the same spirit/motivation, who minister positive messages or positive actions to the lives of others. “Positive” can be defined as whatever is necessary and needed for any individual at any given time that gives or adds to their life, joy, peace.

Imagine my surprise when Horty passed the Angel Award to Blackbutterfly7!!  It is humbling to be honored by one’s peers.



Blackbutterfly7 acknowledges all of our supporters as angels.   Some support by subscribing. Others support by commenting. Some support by leaving behind the evidence of their visit and support by clicking “like.” Some do all of the aforementioned.  You are all my angels, my motivators, my strength.

How did this come about? I don’t know the answer. Maybe, by having the same spirit/motivation, we were drawn to each other.  Angels here have introduced me to their blogs and the blogs of others.  There is poetry, photography, social issues, politics, humor, encouragement, and even those who share of their personal lives. They are my angels.

Since there are no rules, and because I’m so afraid of leaving someone out who deserves this award, when you stop by feel free to accept this award and display it on your blog and pass it on to your angels.   That is my only criteria – that it be passed on to at least on other blogger because ministering spirits is plural.   Thus, I don’t want to miss out in acknowledging at least one blogger in paying it forward.

12749154621385143684butterfly angel-mdCoach Muller. His blog, Goodtimestories, is indeed true to its title.  I don’t know where he finds the stories and photographs, but they bring a smile to my heart. From humor to serious thought, they are stories I do not forget. He’s my angel. Please take the time to read his blog.

Thank you Horty, and to everyone.  (Blowing butterfly kisses.)


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  1. Congratulations, the awards are truly deserved! As you are indeed an Angel!


  2. Congratulations. You deserve it. And thanks for the beautiful photos!


  3. A wonderful honor that you so well deserve, Xena!



    • Yahtzee,
      The award is shared with you. You’re one of my angels.


      • God bless you, Sister. 🙂

        I dedicate this song and video to you, Xena, for all that you have shared and for just being you.

        “One Angel’s Hands”

        Piano Solo written and recorded by Mark Salona (c. 2008)


  4. Beautiful post, my dearest friend. Your words are perfect!!! Taken to heart …. TY … Luv ya!!! Got them butterfly kisses!!


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Beautiful post from a very dear friend!! Well deserved for her!!


  6. Passing it on is the only requirement I made for the award. Go in peace.


  7. This would be well deserved.

    As always, Congratulations !!


  8. Congratulations and a beautiful way of sharing . Susan x


  9. Congratulations!


  10. Congratulations Xena. and Thank You for all you do.


  11. Xena, I can’t think of any other Butterfly Angel more deserving of such an award… You are the best of the best… Congrats!


  12. I want to welcome newcomers and thank everyone for their comments.

    It’s been one of those days and I feel somewhat guilty with not being here and able to respond to each of you individually. Please forgive me.


  13. Congratz my friend! ❤

    I nominated you for The Howler Award!
    Check out:
    Of course you don’t have to accept, just know that you are appreciated!
    Lots of Love


    • Hey Patty!!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you. Of course I accept. Depending on the rules of acceptance, it might take me awhile but I won’t forget.


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