“The White Man March” Protests Against Blacks Having The Same Rights As Whites

racist-obama-sign-1Beginning in 2008 with the presidential election of Barack Obama, they started coming out of hiding.

39-year-old Kyle Hunt of Massachusetts organized a “White Man March” for today, March 15, 2014 in New York City.  Hunt graduated from Amherst College with a double major in psychology and theater and dance.  He goes by “Kaiser Kyle” on YouTube and “Nyte Hulk” on Alternative Social, a pro-white answer to MySpace that he founded a few years back.


Kyle Hunt

Hunt wrote:

We are planning to show that White people are organized and impassioned, that we know what the anti-white agenda is all about, and that we are dedicated to waking up as many of our folk as possible. We will make it clear that we will not sit idly by as our race is discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to white genocide, according to the United Nation’s own definition of genocide.

This is why one of our big messages, which will be displayed on many large banners, is “DIVERSITY” = WHITE GENOCIDE. These banners will spread the message to the public at large in the most effective way possible.”

Hunt suggested that marchers who are men wear light khakis and a dress shirt, and “Aryan” angels wear white.

Dave Schilling, who writes a weekly column on race issues, sought to interview Hunt, who refused an interview but did correspond with Schilling via email.  Schilling said that Hunt answered his questions mostly by including links to White-pride websites as “evidence.”

White GeNOcideAmong his answers, Hunt says that he may be president of the United States in 2020 and that he currently supports some pro-White candidates in the American Freedom Party.

Hunt said that he is not a Klansman or Neo-Nazi.  However, he believes that affirmative action is a discriminatory policy against White people; massive illegal immigration; and the anti-White media are all detrimental to Whites.

Hunt has stated that he I would like to see freedom of association restored, so that White people can choose to live in White communities and White countries.  In his theory, this would mean that Whites would no longer be accused of “supremacy” beliefs since they would not be oppressing others wanting to live in the same communities and/or countries.

Using #WhiteManMarchProtestSigns, people on Twitter have created fake signs that mock the movement.  Over the past 24 hours, tweets have been sent out using the hashtag.

I am unable to find reports on attendance for the march in New York which purportedly were also held in several U.S. cities.  One photo from Arkansas showed two people holding a sign. The Plazz has reported that only “a handful” participated.

stereotypesWhy is affirmative action so misunderstood?  Affirmative action only applies to businesses and schools that receive government funding or that do business with the government.  Affirmative action does not require the hiring of unqualified applicants.  Through institutional racism, numerous companies with government contracts have moved to areas in which practically no minority population exists.  Other companies fulfill their affirmative action quotas by hiring White women.  Yes, White women have been and are discriminated against in job opportunities.

Here’s another problem with Hunt’s ideology.  People live where they want.  His belief might be colored by what he observes in large urban areas but the truth is, there are cities throughout the United States that are 100 percent populated by Whites.  There are large cities that while integrated, have areas dominated by one race or the other.

According to U.S. Census Bureau, the total population in America is 313,914,040, in which Whites are 73.9%, Blacks 12.6%, and Asian 5.0%.  Our Native American Tribes constitute 0.8% of the population.  So, how does Hunt support his theory of “White Genocide”?

diversity2“Diversity” is not a code word.  It’s a reality that we live in a nation populated by individuals diverse in culture and not only race.  Diversity also includes genders.  People of the same race have diverse cultures going back to the land of their forefathers.  Most Americans have no problem with this.  We have French, Italian, Mexican, Hungarian, East Indian, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants among others.  However, I’ve met people who have a problem with the phrase “soul food,” because that denotes Black culture, and not just Black culture but the history of how it came about.  Those same people however, have no problem eating chop suey without letting the history of the meal stop them.

It’s time for double-standards to end.


Other Sources:

The Toronto Sun





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  1. UH — I know White men who can dance. It all depends if it’s to a Frank Sinatra or James Brown song. 🙂


    • Heyyyyyy That’s not fair……it’s true……but, well, don’t forget, we can’t jump either !!

      I love James Brown. He’s the man who Micheal Jackson stole just about all his stage moves from, not to mention the man could flat out entertain !!!!


      • Uh — White men can jump. They just have a hard time jumping when Black men are jumping to prevent them from making a basket. 🙂

        Michael Jackson said that he got his “spin” from Jackie Wilson, along with some other moves.


        • Wilson’s great also, just not as many hits. When I played football, the coaches said I had a great vertical jump…….Maybe, on game day I could out leap most corner backs but on a tape measure I was proof that white men can’t jump.


          • My vertical jump (marking with chalk on wall from reach before jump to peak during jump) in 6th grade was 19″ 🙂



          • Even in my 40’s I could not master that roundabout jump kick in my karate class.


          • Racer,

            Wilson’s great also, just not as many hits.

            He had a heart attack during a benefit concert in 1975 and went into a coma that he stayed in until his death in 1984. Another talented person gone too soon.

            When I played football, the coaches said I had a great vertical jump…….Maybe, on game day I could out leap most corner backs but on a tape measure I was proof that white men can’t jump.

            Guess what? There are men of all races who can’t jump. 🙂


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      • You get such vitally important information and post it for us. Good morning to you and yes, the weekend is good.


        • Jueseppi,

          You get such vitally important information and post it for us.

          The same goes for you.

          It’s a good weekend anytime I can take a nap when I want; and right now, it’s nap time. LOL!


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  5. Ignorance can organize. Big whoop.


    • “Ignorance can organize. Big whoop.” Exactly !! And the keynote speakers are……?


  6. I love the post and the sentiment you express, I am no expert on anything yet I do have a thought or two on the subject. I am white, I am also green as I was informed my first day of basic training, I am also invisible the part or color I truly embrace is one of no color or colorless, translucent if you prefer. I have heard complaints about affirmative action and how it takes away the rights of the “majority” to help the “minority” from both sides. I have to say we as Americans have done much in the way of trying to level the field so to speak. Beginning with our founding fathers and the declaration of independence and the Civil War to end slavery. The years after the civil war have exponentially added to the equality of all people in our nation yet there is much work still to be done. The argument that the whites are losing their rights is somewhat valid as is the law that takes those rights from them. The sad truth from my perspective is the need for a law at all. I am speaking as a translucent being in that aspect as we are all at our center translucent, we should all accept and encourage each other not by creating laws rather by helping each other and extending a hand. We are all human beings no matter what our skin color, As most of the human population believes in some form of supreme power that is only capable of good and creates only good things we should be better equipped to embrace our differences as well as appreciate what those differences contribute to our world and our existence. Unfortunately in some countries people are killed for their being different, whites killing whites for different beliefs, blacks killing blacks for different beliefs, Asians, Indians, it doesn’t matter where or what color even for men to kill one another rather than embrace one another. I am diss appointed in the behavior of many of the white people I have listened to and their complaints. I am more diss appointed in the citizens of our nation and our world that still choose to see in “black and white” when the truth is we are all translucent and full of every color in the spectrum. I understand why the law is there and the response of some against it or feeling loss from it, in the end however I do hope that as human beings we will keep going forward one step at a time and lose our ignorance. Bliss doesn’t come from such behavior and laws, bliss comes from becoming and embracing the truth that we are all human beings.

    Sorry I shared such a long winded comment, I truly appreciate the heart you share and the love you share as well by sharing what you choose to share.

    With great love and respect your friend,


    • Hey Joe!

      Sorry I shared such a long winded comment, I truly appreciate the heart you share and the love you share as well by sharing what you choose to share.

      No apology necessary for the length of your comment. I appreciate it.

      If we believe the Bible, the first murder was brother on brother. That tells us something about the nature within man that has to be overcome.

      One thing that I’ve noticed is that many people form opinions based on what happens in their neck of the woods. In Chicago, racism is mostly institutionalized, and that’s by major companies. 80 miles Northwest of Chicago is where “oppression” resides.

      Oppression refuses to hire people qualified for jobs to eventually force that person to take employment that has been slated for them based on their race, or gender, or national origin or sexual preferences. That means that where they live, where they shop, what type of car they drive, and the clothes they wear are all according to their low income level.

      People don’t earn enough to live decently, and don’t earn enough to afford to move elsewhere where there is equal employment opportunity.

      I’ve also seen where oppression tends to lean towards distrust, and distrust to prejudice, and prejudice to voluntary segregation.

      Affirmative action only provides the job. It does not mean that the person is allowed to perform the job they were hired for. Many times, minorities hired under affirmative action programs find that their peers are allowed to delegate work to them; that the work they were hired to do is not the work they are delegated; and co-workers complain to supervisors if they are 30 seconds late returning from lunch.

      I do hope that as human beings we will keep going forward one step at a time and lose our ignorance

      And to that I say AMEN!


  7. We are all brothers and sisters and are enriched by our different colors, ethnicities, backgrounds and traditions.

    Let there be love.

    Love is but the song we sing,
    And fear’s the way we die
    You can make the mountains ring
    Or make the angels cry
    Know the dove is on the wing
    And you need not know why
    C’mon people now,
    Smile on your brother
    Ev’rybody get together
    Try and love one another right now


  8. reasonablyliberal1

    How could a liberal arts type from Amhearst college become so racist? I have been surprised at how having a black president has brought out the worst in some (but the best in others). Sometimes it seems like the “melting pot” is more like oil and water… and we all have to be diligent against this kind of thinking.


    • Reasonablyliberal1,
      IMHO, it’s the lost of privilege. Equality means competing with others for jobs and no longer assuming that one is hired because of being a White male. That’s happened previously, but all candidates were White male. Now with minorities being candidates, it’s a scary thing for some. That’s also their reason for not liking affirmative action — they don’t believe that minorities are qualified or ever could be, just as there was and in some companies, still an attitude that women could never qualify for certain jobs.


  9. reasonablyliberal1

    This is a re-blog. It is important to be diligent against this type of thinking.


  10. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this. I know poor white people who have learned this kind of thinking primarily from an overwhelming media push to convince them to think like this. From Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to Ted Nugent and FOX news this kind of programmed divisive and stupid is constantly pushed to keep poor white people from joining together with poor black, Hispanic, Asian and indigenous people to resist the REAL source of all our suffering’the 1% who own the media. Its really disappointing on many levels. Trying to argue with any of the nonsense is impossible-i have tried and facts don’t seem to penetrate. :-/


    • ohnwentsya,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. You bring a perspective that I had not thought about; maybe because I don’t watch or listen to the likes of Limbaugh or Nugent. (My heart is a bit too sensitive for that stuff.)

      Thanks for your comment. It is very credible.


      • It is the outhouse perspective


      • Thank you for the welcome. I can’t listen to those cretins either but I’ve spent many a futile hour attempting to both understand why otherwise good hearted reasonably intelligent people were expressing such vile nonsense in conversation-and trying to explain to them why it really was completely idiotic.
        The communities they lived in and interacted with daily served to reinforce the nonsense so that from their perspective it was both true and normal.
        Even people who know the Koch brothers spend millions to influence their opinions remain firmly convinced that they personally thought up the programmed stupid-and so defend it as if their ego and self respect depend on its veracity. 😦

        I continue to hope that exposure to other paradigm busting information like Alex Jones who is also popular with the same groups, will lead to awakening to the methods of thought control that are employed to inculcate racism and division-since they are the same ones used to prevent questions about the entire oppressive structure.
        I am glad to have found your blog!


  11. “As long as we observe love for others and respect for their rights and dignity in our daily lives, then whether we are learned or unlearned, whether we believe in the Buddha or God, follow some religion or none at all, as long as we have compassion for others and conduct ourselves with restraint out of a sense of responsibility, there is no doubt we will be happy.”

    ~ Dalai Lama


  12. http://aattp.org/white-man-march-organizer-savagely-mocked-on-twitter-after-white-pride-event-tanks-images/

    10 people in KY attended according to that story in the link. 🙂 Idiots.


    • And they didn’t invite Frank “The Racist Tank” Taaffe, “Robbie the Racist” or PhuckingFogenPhoole himself to swell the ranks ????

      I’m shocked !! I guess Fogen was home alone trying to set up another interview so he could blast the media for invading his privacy.


      • racer,
        They could have invited Taaffe, but they wouldn’t invite “Afro-Peruvians” no matter how White they are.


        • My bad…..you’re right….but isn’t Fogen Caucasian on the weekends ??


          • Weekends, on any official document, and his medical reports. He’s only Hispanic when he wants to avoid charges for violating Trayvon’s civil rights.


    • mindyme,
      I got a video of one of them. Here it is.

      Walking Zombie


  13. Haters will ALWAYS remain isolated in their group.

    Haters sizzle when they witness love and understanding among people of diversity.

    Love with its shining light will ALWAYS conquer the darkness of hate and fear.


    • This is the perfect song as far as I’m concerned. From Ray Charles to Bruce Springsteen to Kim Carnes to Dianna Ross to Tina Turner to Cyndi Lauper to Steven Perry to Lionel Ritchie……….Bod Bylan to Billy Joel to The Pointer Sisters, and everyone involved……and the billions of us it affected.

      Sing it long and loud !!


    • Cindy stole the song! i loved it as a kid and i still get chicken bumps when Cindy goes off!


    • Good morning, mindyme62 🙂

      Thank you so much for posting the link to this article. I just read it, and it is an outstanding article!


  14. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    This is disgusting. Now I need to go find my happy place. 😦


    • Hi Jackie!

      How is this for cheering up? —


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        This will do just fine! Children are awesome! Watching this makes me wonder how things could be if children ran the world and parents had to behave as they were told. 🙂 Yeah, this is good. This is one of my all-time Favorites!


  15. I find it really ironic – and would almost find it amusing if it did not have such sick implications – that white people find it so threatening to be losing their “majority.” If that means “white genocide,” then I, as a white person myself, say it needs to be done – BRING IT ON!!!!


  16. What a laugh! Take a look at the bottom of the page at this Wikipedia Mashpee High School link. I can only guess WHO entered the Kyle Hunt name under “Notable Alumni”!!!

    Notable Alumni

    Isabeau Miller – Class of 2003, contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, country music singer.
    Kevin Byrne – Class of 2009, football player for UMass, 2014 NFL Draft prospect.
    Sam Richmond – Class of 2001, Former NFL player for the Detroit Lions, attended University of Colorado.
    Jordan Keli’inui – Class of 2012, football player for UMass.
    Kyle Hunt – Class of 2002, leader of the 2014 White Man March.


    • Yahtzee,

      Kyle Hunt – Class of 2002, leader of the 2014 White Man March.

      Animated Laughing


      • Thought you would like that info. Can you believe it was posted and able to be read just one day after his flop of a march??


        • Million White Man March…..Hmmmm Didn’t Frank “The Racist Tank” Taaffe say Fogen had so many black friends they could form a march by themselves……..??????

          Oh, well…..must me me, but where are they ???


          • Racer – they are not black, they are invisible. When I was about 3, I had a heard of 100 invisible horses. I had a name for every one of them too. I bet GZ has a name for every one of his “many black friends” too.


  17. I believe that hearts blooming in love can send out a healing energy to better the world.


  18. The White Man March…..I would love to make a long engaging comment about this….but sorry Guys,this is just one of those times that I am ashamed to be white.I do not understand why they need a march,if your proud to be white….great….end of story.It seems the harder people try to get equal rights for EVERYBODY,you have these kinds of fools popping up.To me its just more from people being pissed that we have a black family in the white house,which I voted for!


    • Hey Marilyn,
      Turns out it wasn’t a march at all but a handful of people putting up signs about the wrongs of diversity. And, as someone pointed out on Twitter, it was “The White Man March,” singular, one person.

      It appears that Hunt’s efforts are to provoke minorities to hate Whites leading to what Charles Manson tried, and failed at doing, which was to start a “race war.”

      With diversity, there can be no such war.

      This is a real couple in the commercial and he is really missing part of his arm. This is what Hunt feels is a threat. He should get over it.


    • love this post!


  19. (Administrator’s edit.)


    • Harry,
      I appreciate your passion, but this is not a political blog. There are other blogs that discuss politics. Thanks for visiting.


  20. What an embarrassment ! You know what these whites who always rant about so-called “reverse discrimination” and the fictional “anti-white agenda” have never been able to come to terms with? It’s the fact that racism at its core is truly synonymous with white supremacy. That’s what it all boils down to. There is no institutional bias against whites, and in fact it is the false doctrine of white supremacy that has resulted in the persecution of so many different groups in the last several centuries.


    • Caleb,
      So good to see you friend. “False doctrine.” That’s a good way to describe it. Just like with most false doctrines in religion, they develop because of fear and desire for elitism.

      If death ever starts to discriminate so that one race is immune from death, is when I’ll give a minute of thought to racial supremacy.


  21. Has it come to this? My God?!


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