HLN: George Zimmerman, The Next O.J. Simpson

There are some things in the article that I disagree with, but I definitely agree with the theory and concept.   

Zimmerman acts like a man who got away with murder.


Dr. Jason Johnson

“If you were wrongly accused of murder and found not guilty, how would you live the rest of your life, particularly if everyone in the world still believed you were the murderer?”
Chuck Klosterman

The majority of Americans who are old enough to remember the O.J. Simpson trial think that he either killed his ex-wife, Nicole, or certainly had something to do with it. When it was all over and Simpson was found not guilty, he had two choices: He could go live life in obscurity with his wealth or continue to try to live the public life of a celebrity he had before. Simpson chose poorly, and that eventually landed him in jail.

Based on his photo-ops and autograph signings at a gun show last weekend in Orlando, Florida, George Zimmerman is making the wrong choice as well, and if he’s not careful, he’ll end up like Simpson.

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  1. “It’s like he’s trolling the public, desperately searching for a way to live a celebrity life he never had while at the same time claiming he just wants to be left alone.”

    So true! It’s funny to me to read the comments of some who pretend he’s not the one keeping his own name in the headlines.


    • mindyme,
      EXACTLY. He’s hypocritical, just like he’s an adulterer quoting Bible verses on Twitter. That’s the thing; if he wasn’t representing himself to be a faithful Bible believer, then the adultery thing wouldn’t look so bad.


      • Not to mention that lying thing he has going on…….remember the lyric rewrite I did of the Three Dog Night song Liar……

        Yep, that “I want top live a private, quiet, normal life……..hey, wheres the camera…” shit is really old at this point.


  2. GZ continues to be a failure.

    Lady Justice is probably singing to GZ, “Happy Fails to you, until we meet again in court.


  3. Justice4All

    There are so many things I want to say but I don’t because most of it has been said before. The thing that bothers me is my own feelings of hate. Hate for a person I never met. I never felt that “personal” hurt & anger towards OJ, like I feel about GZ & his family. Maybe because they’ve made a mockery of the system or continue to force themselves down people’s throats, IDK. Porky boasts about signing autographs & his supporters & the “masses” and I’d bet there’s many more that just want him to go away, than the supporters of a child killer. His BFF Taaffe compared GZ begging money to TM’s parent’s building a foundation in honor of their son…no comparison at all.
    For the record, this group of grifters has made many white people ashamed, not to mention the cheap shots & cruel comments made about others & that is just wrong on so many levels. IDK of anyone personally that supports such BS or stands behind GZ actions & these lawsuits going after people are a joke. They don’t want personal info on GZ out, but they want your donations. Still. How long should people support them? They expect alot from strangers…just sayin. OJ did some terrible things but GZ has passed him up by his stupidity & cowardly actions. OJ didn’t have his hand out either & expect others to support his entire family. Why would anyone want an autograph of a killer? What danger has GZ been in that he’s so “afraid”? Where are the police reports that say any of these things he claims? He thinks he has the right to make money from the child he killed, how sick is that? His claim of trying to support his family is a crock as well. Last I read, he was still married & has a wife…he must have forgotten the vows he took, huh? His family stands behind him yet they sure don’t feed or house his fat ass, instead they act like the world owes them something….personally, I feel that I owe TM something. An apology. An apology for the jury that didn’t stand behind a child or do anything to try to bring some comfort to the family that lost a child for no reason. An apology for those that didn’t see a difference between murder & justice for an innocent child. An apology for those that may cross the killer’s path in the future….


  4. towerflower

    Everything he has done has screamed at his wanting the public’s attention. He can’t claim he wants to be left alone and then go out and do interview after interview with the media. He can’t claim he wants to be left alone and then have public social media accounts. Everything he has done was to attract the public’s attention.

    Every time he loses his temper and gets away with his actions just empowers him more.


    • towerflower.
      EXACTLY! His words contradict his actions.


    • @towerflower: I finally was able to sit my butt down and respond to this blog! GZ is a hypocrite and a phony! He is a selfish, self absorbed socio-path! Why arent’t his friends and family offering him a place to stay? You know why? Because they know what a trifling, lazy, shiftless, trouble maker he is! His dysfunctional family want nothing to do with his butt! GZ cannot accomplish anything in his life! it took him almost 8 years to go to a 2 year college, and he didn’t even complete college! He is to stupid to even complete college no less law school! LOL!

      He is pathetic! He has the nerve to say he wishes to be left alone and yet, he is out here getting into trouble. going to gun shows! Where are these alleged threats that he is receiving?? If he is receiving threats, I hope he gets threatened every single day of his life, and I hope he is afraid each time he walks out in public! He is going to get popped one day when he is out here gloating how he got away with killing that kid!


      • Justice4All

        Yep, and now he’s saying he’ll go to Tenn. next for THEIR gun show. WTH is asking him to do that? What makes him think he’s wanted anywhere? Not to mention his comment that NO ONE will force him to leave his country or move. WTH does he think he is?

        How many job applications has he filled out? He doesn’t work because he doesn’t want to & he actually expects others to support him because of all HE has been through. He doesn’t understand why people are mad???? LOL, He has to be the dumbest idiot on the face of the earth. He doesn’t get it. All his 911 calls were about kids, he sounds obsessed with starting trouble for kids. He isn’t too balanced. Sad everytime someone asks him about the night he killed Trayvon, he goes into a rant about him being the victim. His actions are NOT of a responsible adult.

        Interesting how his family doesn’t take him in….that says a lot.

        He’s such a good Catholic..please tell us–do they support adultery?

        What kind of friend invites people to his graduation party when he didn’t graduate? Some friend. Did he return their gifts? I doubt it. What a leech. Shame on him for turning off his mom’s utilities, he is NOT a good son either.

        WTH signs autographs for killing a child? Shows where his thinking is at. He’s proud of himself, what a loser. I hope he never has a moment of peace or any kind of productive life. His family, who didn’t talk to him for five years…now suddenly knows so much about him. I say BS, they KNOW he’s a liar & a loser. If what he did was so great…why is he saying he’s homeless? Surely, everyone must want him to do NW. Where’s his supporters now? At least he’s cleared up what he plans to do since jurors were so worried about him.

        Jurors…are you proud of him yet? Did you get his autograph? I hope you all can live with yourselves now.


      • No one is chasing him, he just likes to feed the trolls with that line. Just like the story of him being chased off a beach was BS, you know darn well if he was really being chased by anyone he would have been on the phone to 911 immediately.


  5. all I can say to gz is “keep it up, fat boy. karma has your address.”


  6. To me,as much as OJ’s name has been brought up through the years.First OJ WAS a celebrity & people DID want his signature regardless of what he did.I have my own feelings about that case which I won’t hash out right now,but can any of you imagine WHAT would have happened if when OJ was set free he went to the factory that made the KNIFE that Nicole & Ron were killed with??? Then went to a knife show & signed autographs??? As it was people were upset to see him out playing golf so soon,while others were still trying to get his autograph.

    I think we all by now have seen who his supporters are,like Mike Piwowarski (some kind of past going there huh).It’s scary to me that there so many around like him walking among us! I really can’t figure out the women who support him,but at the same time I’ve never been able to figure out women who seek out murders in prison & marry them !

    My opinion is Zim is staying in Florida around his LE buddies & supporters,because even that damn fool knows one day he is going to run into somebody who is not gonna buy his BS & have no mercy on him! So just let him keep loosing his temper all he wants.
    Don’t you just love how he is always quoting the Bible & has broke every commandment!

    It is & has been obvious how he loves the limelight,that was always one of his main questions on his jailhouse calls”is there anything about me in the news”,when Shellie would tell him she hadn’t watched TV,he would be pissed,then we hear from Shellie & Sam both it was true.I need to grow some patience to sit back & watch him & his money hungry family get what is coming to them.


    • Justice4All

      I agree with you Marilyn about OJ. Most of us heard of him & even followed him in his football career & I can’t even put him & fat ass in the same sentence. It’s all these comments & actions AFTER the fact that make people angry. I don’t care where they came from, they’re nothing but trash. Most of us never heard of GZ or his family until THEY put themselves out there & not in a good way.

      Remember when Jr. demanded a public apology & was worried about changing GZ’s diapers? THEY put the BS out there themselves & lied over & over again & they continue.

      His “art” was an insult. His boxing match was a joke, just as he is. People laugh at him & yes, I too think one day he’ll meet the wrong person or threaten someone that’s armed.

      How exactly was this entire family forced to move, yet were available for interviews? Has there ever been a police report of anyone trying to harm any of them? Maybe if they stop tweeting everything they do, no one would know. DUH.

      GZ wants to go to school…he’s had a hell of a long time to do it, so what’s stopped him? He’s FOS, all he wants to do is live off others. He DOES think he’s famous or he’d never have brought a stack of pics of himself to a gun show. WTH does that? he’s proud of what he did, how sad & pathetic he is.

      He didn’t bother to pay his debts & says he’s homeless yet he continues to build his gun collection. Real men don’t follow, stalk & jump a kid minding their own business…another case of GZ butting into a situation that didn’t exist. At work he made fun of people…do adult men do that? Grow up & support yourself fat ass, the free ride is over. We don’t want you visiting our states & showing up at gun shows. Stay the hell away. You’re a danger to kids & dogs everywhere. WTH buys a gun because of a dog? A pussy, who can only handle things if he’s armed. A bully. Not to mention a molester as well. He needs to wake up & call it like it is, he’s a killer & WTH cares if he has a normal life? BooHoo.

      I hope NOTHING in his pathetic life is ever normal again. He’s lucky Trayvon’s parent’s have so much class…how many parent’s would have the strength to continue reading & hearing how he was attacked? Homeless? Call the jurors…they’ll stand behind you Porky. Go ahead, let’s see which ones will take you in. Even your family doesn’t want you….they just want the money. And please, don’t think of yourself as white, we don’t want you either. Murder is murder, no matter what race you are & if you didn’t intend to shoot…you’d never have taken the gun. You KNEW Trayvon was a kid, you KNEW & the world knows what you did so STFU.


    • Marilyn,
      EXACTLY!!! OJ was known before his wife was killed. He didn’t seek celebrity status for killing others.

      And yes, that quoting of the Bible that Zimmerman does — even the devil quoted scripture. It’s not the words but the spirit/motivation in and behind the words when they were inspired by God that makes them scripture. When a man has no regrets for killing a kid, and no regrets for abandoning his wife and carrying on an affair with another woman, there is nothing he can tell me from the Bible. Zimmerman needs to repent before he tries quoting the Bible because without repentance, he has no clue what the words mean FOR him.


  7. I’ll say an AMEN to this Justice4all!! I forgot to mention the JURORS thinking he was such a GREAT GUY with a big heart juror b37.I would love to ask HER & the rest of them how great they still think he is.I can’t figure out why they have not released their names.I guess they all decided not to write their books which I’m sure they were all counting on! Why haven’t they given him a job & better yet move him in.The animal rescue he was suppose to give to for charity was probably Ms b37!!


  8. I don’t see zman as the next Oj Simpson. When Oj Simpson was acquitted of murder,the collusive effort was made to keep him unemployed. The collusive effort was made by his “friends”to dump him. Meanwhile everybody except OJ became wealthy. Plus there was the effort to get revenge when arrested in Vegas. I don’t see this with zman. Sure he’s hated but that didn’t stop him from selling a painting for 100000. That didn’t stop him from a gun show having him sign autographs. Imagine if a knife show had oj sign autographs? Or if Trevor Dooley wins his appeal, Dooley signing autographs.


    • M1. on the surface it may seem like he’s being treated like a celebrity because that’s how he wants to be portrayed& portrays himself. But i knw for a fact many of the big bids on the ebay “art” were fake. we’ve never seen any type of confirmation of him selling it much less that he sold the POS for 100K. I believe a few of the 1st bids were real but i watched it jump from $100 something to 10K & then one bidder went all the way to 50K then an old bidder bid 100K.I don’t think he sold it for much at all because if he had i think he wldve had much more money to his name then $130 he had when he was arrested for shoving the gun in sam’s face. remember he had to disclose his worth on court documents for bail & to get a court appointed lawyer. and that’s all he had! i also believe he would’ve made a big deal abt “delivering” it in person to the Big BidderWinner, even if the buyer didn’t want to disclose their identity publicly. That wld’ve been a huge media event for him & he could’ve used the in person meeting to promote the second one! none of this happened. he was very quiet the days after the auction closed. hardly even a peep out of him. he couldn’t have controlled his sick glee if he’d actually gotten that kinda money!

      the gun show was a complete fail. he made nothing from it! he thought he was gonna get a crowd &sell his autograph for $10 but it didn’t work out for him because again, the public, not even the gun ppl, like him! the only ppl willing to be seen w.him were working for TMZ & took the pic to sell it to the magazine. he was humiliated by the majestic! they stated publicly that he was NOT ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY! that killed him & bcuz of him a lot of other ppl lost a ton of money! if he didn’t realize the extent of it before he knows now that he’s even more hated!

      i only compare him to OJ in the sense that they both were acquitted & didn’t stop their criminal activities. if Zimmerman doesn’t get prosecuted & go to prison for the hate crime it’s not a leap to assume he’ll be rearrested for something else & end up in prison for it.


    • m1,
      I don’t agree with the entire article, but I do agree that GZ is digging his own ditch, deeper and deeper.

      Oh yeah — could you see Ramos and Cicenelli signing autographs after the deathly beating they gave to Kelly Thomas?


  9. Xena- I am finally on spring break! Will be lurking here and private chat for a few days. 🙂


    • cielo62!

      HURRAY!!! Spring break already? We are still getting snow. 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you.


      • What is snow? It’s in the 90’s here. It did rain here last month, for about 5 minutes. LOL


        • LOL@dreamer. I got up yesterday morning and actually saw ground in the backyard for the first time since December. Then last night, it started snowing again, so the backyard is again covered.

          The wind is currently whistling and it just stopped snowing, but the sky looks like we can expect more today.

          Freezing Cold


  10. Shannoninmiami- long time friend! I like your post. My FAVORITE part was that other idiots LOST MONEY over gz being invited! I doubt all those gun dealers would have fit in one shop, so many had to have had their fees refunded PLUS the lost potential revenue. The Orlando rag stated less than 20 people went to chitchat with fogen. That was delicious!


    • The picture of Fogen shaking that little kids hand speaks volumes. That kid looks scared to death (gee…imagine that) and we all know that kid didn’t say……”Hey dad !! it’s Fogen, you’re hero, lets go say hi and get his autograph”

      Nooooo Sirrreeee, that kid has probably had conversation in school, albeit brief, with his friends….betting some of other races who said to the effect “…that asshole killed a kid”

      And the handshake is that limp wristed fruity shake……..always the sign of a tough guy. In fact, there is a picture of him at his trial with that little girl handshake. I remember some of us talked about it here or on The Professors site.


      • racerrodig,

        I couldn’t have said that better. I caught that look right away.


      • what pic? i didn’t see any pics of him w. a kid. i only saw him w.those ppl who took his pic when him&same went to get their guns back from the police station.. the ones who sold the pics to TMZ?? did he tweet a pic of kids? i also heard mention of a pic of black kids but i’ve never seen it &cant find where he posted it?


        • There is a pic. taken by one of the parents of a little boy about 8 or so shaking Fogens hand at his table. This kid had a look of stone dead fear on his face.

          The kids mother has pink hair and his dad looks like something else, if you know what I mean. The only link I could find has about a million images, but I’ll keep looking.


          • Racer and Shannon,
            Found one.


          • those ppl who were photographed w.gzro at the armsroom were the paparazzi that he argued w.on twitter after him&sam picked up their guns at the police station. gzro claimed he was victimized by them & posted a pic of their license plate saying they were following him&sam so he knew a short cut & got behind them to get their tag number! As in he said they were following him but he was the one taking a pic of their tag!
            so they went to the armsroom took a pic w/him & sold it to TMZ. so basically they were the only one’s willing to be photoed w him-as long as they got paid! i didn’t notice the kid in the video but that’s pretty wack they’d use their own kid as killer’s prop! just like Samantha used her’s!


          • Chilling!


        • shannon,
          The kid shaking GZ’s hand is on the video that Faux news did about the “meet and greet.” Behind GZ is a mirror and it reflects the adults on the other side of the table while the kid is shaking GZ’s hand. Their attention was not on the kid but it seems that it was on the camera person.


    • hey!

      yeah the armsroom’s little stunt cost ppl lots of money & i know they got some choice words frm the vendors/responsible gun owners/their own costumers who lost out. i saw some on their facebook page! i hope they get black listed from their little community for being stupid enough to promote & invite the asshole who stalked & murdered a kid like he’s a freakin hero worthy of special guest status!

      BTW. since it was moved to the armsroom shop maybe the other vendors didn’t go because it may have been illegal for them to sell shit there??

      i saw so many gun owners freaking out on twitter&facebook abt this it made me feel a little better knowing even they didn’t support gzro, didn’t want to be associated with him nor wanted him anywhere near them!


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