Stand Your Ground March & Rally In Tallahassee, Florida, March 10th, 2014.

Jueseppi, thanks so much for blogging this. The photos are wonderful! The message goes forth.

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.


Moms team up to repeal “Stand Your Ground” law

Published on Mar 10, 2014

Jordan Davis’ mom, Lucia MacBath, has teamed up with the parents of Trayvon Martin to repeal the Stand Your Ground law.












syg-rally-in-tallahassee-fl14 (1)
















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  1. Two sides to a story

    Thank you!


  2. God Bless All of these Wonderful people who could go down to Florida to this March & Rally.I only wish I was able to go! The pics looks like they had a good turn out.Thank you for posting the pics of the Rally.


    • Marilyn,
      Like you, I wish I could have been there.

      Funny — when I saw the people without coats, I had to remind myself they are in Florida. We still have 5 inches of snow here and are expecting more today.


  3. Like

  4. Justice for all of the children, who never had their 18. I love the pictures coming from those who attended.


  5. Birds of a feather.
    Michael Piwowarski, owner of the Arms Room, also pursued causing a death. That is why he was fired from the Orange County Sheriff’s department.


    • towerflower

      “The internal affairs investigation that resulted in Piwowarski’s dismissal was the 18th complaint or inquiry filed against Piwowarski since he became a deputy in 1992, Pagan said.”

      That’s a lot of complaints for such a short period of time. But it appears that Z is attracted to disgraced cops like flies are to sh**.


      • towerflower,
        This causes me to question whether Piwowarski and GZ knew each other before Feb. 26, 2012. There is some public record that Piwowarski has or had a gun shop in Texas. Maybe that is where GZ was going when he was stopped for speeding.


    • That’s pretty sickening stuff in that article.

      Yup, no doubt – he and CAC must have formed the kind of instant bond that only killers, liars, women abusers, and utterly-and-complete losers can share.


  6. Zimmerman’s parents sue comedienne Roseanne Barr
    Their suit: She tweeted their home address, prompting them to flee.,0,3636401.story


    • towerflower

      No surprise, the donations are drying up so they go after another payday. Can you imagine the Z supporters and their comments if it had been the Martin family suing over someone tweeting their information.


      • It’s been displayed consistently for over two years, now – for all the world to see:

        The Martin family has dignity, strength and class.
        The Zimmerman family is cowardly, whiny, and crass.


    • groans,
      Roseanne can afford to buy them another house without blinking an eye. She would only need to make them “whole,” meaning the value of the property as of March 29, 2012. She’s probably laughing at causing the parents of Trayvon’s killer trouble.


      • You’re so right, Xena.

        I’m sure Roseanne Barr isn’t shaking in her shoes.

        In contrast, the Zimmermans have been publicly wetting their collective panties in fear for two years already … and counting!!


        • groans,

          In contrast, the Zimmermans have been publicly wetting their collective panties in fear for two years already … and counting!!

          Seems to me that they thought their media interviews would stop the investigation. If they truly believed that there was no reason to arrest George, they should have kept quiet and let the system do its work. Had they done that, their lives would not be exposed as a circus.

          Papa Zim exposed himself as a dishonest, manipulative person. They would like for us to forget, but that’s not going to happen.


    • Sounds like they might actually have a case, unlike GZ’s BS with NBC.


      • Joseph Norton

        For them to recoup any damages they should show real damages,they jumped into the gravy train asking for Blood Money as soon their racist fans opened their wallets,they as their killer son escaped under the night afraid for his crime,they lied and deceived the court and various occasions.They need to stop asking for blood money!


        • I suppose but I can still see it whereas I can’t see the BS NBC one at all. I can’t belive it when his followers say he has such a strong case. He has nothing, absolutely nothing and should be embarrassed at even thinking he does. I can’t believe this guy, I just can’t. He states he can’t understand why people are mad at him. He is defective.


  7. towerflower

    Z gives yet another interview, this time with his new divorce attorneys who what everyone one to know the real person.

    Right away he starts to blame the media for their portrayal of him, yet it is him who keeps giving those interviews.


    • towerflower

      Warning…..this interview has Z constantly staring into the camera….creepy. He complains about the media, talks about how he saved the day for Sherman Ware….lie, how he has to go out in disguise, and wants to become a lawyer.

      for the truth about Sherman Ware and George read this:


      • An afterthought — why would George Zimmerman be so concerned with what others think about him?

        The truth as I see it, is that the majority of his supporters turned from him after he took their money, paid his pre Feb. 26, 2012 debts, and lied about it to the court. His current appeal can only be to those supporters who saw his post-conviction actions — some of which were caught on camera.

        Yeah — we have seen the real George Zimmerman and what he does on camera with Shellie and her dad, and is heard saying on his Feb. 26, 2012 NEN call, is not the person he presents now.

        Family man? Sure — with a family he acquired while still married to Shellie. Call it as it is — he’s an adulterer.

        Man of faith? He doesn’t believe 2 Timothy 1:7,
        “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

        George Zimmerman wants other people’s money. He is his own charity. He wants people to like him so they will financially support him.


    • divorce lawyer? wonder who picked up the tab for that. lol. what fool would represent him unless someone else has already paid for it. hmmm.


    • Here is what the media showed me about the “real George Zimmerman.” They played his NEN call where I heard him refer to a “late teen” as “assholes.”

      When that teen ran, I heard the real George Zimmerman say, “Shit. He’s running.”

      I heard the real George Zimmerman call a late teen who ran from him a “fucking coon.”

      I heard the dispatcher ask Zimmerman, “Are you following him?” and Zimmerman answer “Yeah.” I heard the dispatcher say, “We don’t need you to do that.”

      I heard Zimmerman decline meeting the cop at the mailboxes and ask if they could call him first and he would tell the cop where he was. I heard his voice change when saying that.

      That was my first impression of the real George Zimmerman and it stands till this day. The media was only the venue that made it possible for me to hear George Zimmerman’s own words.


  8. Joseph Norton

    “GunShow owner Michael Piwowarski & George Zimmerman @therealgeorgez have common bond= LIE, PURSUE A TEEN, CAUSE DEATH”

    Suit Says Chase By Deputy Caused Death Of Biker-


  9. After reading all of the above, I see a lot has been happening.


    • Joseph Norton

      Indeed the child killer’s parents are looking for an easy pay out meanwhile the arms
      dealer caused a teen death too,plus he was reprimanded over 17 times until he was fired.


  10. OT:

    Remember this video by LLMPapa?



    “Infamous George Zimmerman Prosecutor Puts Disproportionate Number of Black Men on Death Row”




      On January 12, 2010, one day after his 18th birthday, CAPA High School honors student Jordan Trent Miles was ambushed by three plain clothes Pittsburgh police officers, who failed to identify themselves and approached him aggressively. The officers did not say “Stop! Police!”, they jumped out of an unmarked vehicle, one of them yelling “Where’s your money? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the gun?” Miles, never before in trouble with the police and thinking he was being robbed, began to run, and slipped on the icy sidewalk.

      The officers overtook Miles and administered a brutal beating that left him unrecognizable, ripping dreadlocks out of his head, and continuing to beat him as he lay on the ground after their initial assault, stammering the Lord’s Prayer. There can be no explaining away or excusing what was done to Miles.



    “Both Zimmerman families have moved out of their homes, at least temporarily, Robert Zimmerman said, because they’ve received death threats.”

    Papa Z said they had moved out in an interview on March 14, 2012. Roseanne Barr’s tweet of their address did not take place until March 28, 2012……2 weeks later and after they had already moved out of their home. oops.


    • Great research, towerflower!

      Yes, OOPS!


    • Way to go, towerflower!

      I saw your comments on the OS website under the article about Pappy Zociopathy’s suit against Roseanne. You effectively shut up a lot of ugly and annoying commenters! I mean, that’s a very important fact!

      Those poor Zimmermans … it’s SO HARD to keep all your stories straight when you make up SO MANY of them !!


  13. Here is a link to the Z’s lawsuit.

    In it they claim that it was Roseanne’s tweet that caused them to move, guess they forgot about Papa Z’s interview with the OS on March 14 when he said they were forced to move out of their home due to threats, 2 weeks prior to her tweet.


    • Well, well, well….


    • towerflower,
      Thanks for the link. I not have the complaint available under “Documents” here on the blog.

      So, Papa and Mama Zim left their house two weeks before Barr tweeted out their address? They also allege that the media was the first to come to their house. That means they are suing the wrong party. They need to sue the original source who obtained their address.

      Also, I wonder how their beg site is going to play into their losses?

      It wasn’t right for Rosanne to tweet out the Zim’s address, but they could have hired two security guards for probably less than it cost them to move.


    • @ towerflower – Thank you so much for that link (and same to you, Xena)!

      That’s one of the strangest civil complaints I’ve ever seen. (But I’d noticed long ago that the Florida bar’s practice seems very different from what I’m familiar with here in NC.)


  14. If you lose a case in Florida, the winning side can recoup their expenses. This is to keep frivolous cases from being filed ( like this one).
    Gee, they have to be the worse parents in the world. We know Gladys was a severe child abuser and beat tubs nearly every day and papa just wasn’t around and did nothing to stop the abuse. They disowned jr. When he came out and had no contact with tubs for two years. Probably had something to do with tubs turning off glady’s electricity and then locking the box. Such a family of people trying to hurt each other.


  15. Courtesy of Sanford Watch!


  16. towerflower

    Z’s divorce attorney have a rock bottom rating with a “extreme caution” warning. Has been admonished twice and suspended once. Shows him as 100% personal injury lawyer but is now handling Z’s divorce. This ought to be interesting.


  17. LOL! Papa Zim couldn’t say what hadn’t happened yet. That’s the point. Rosanne had not tweeted his address when he did the interview with OS or he would have said so. D.P. needs to look at the date of the article.


    • towerflower

      I really hate the limit of words. So hard to get things in with so little. I’m still in a fight with them all.


      • towerflower,
        I know what you mean about the character limits on Twitter and in some news source comment sections. Those venues were never intended for holding debates.


      • townflower,

        Xena is right, you can’t hold a debate with those people. I told her one time how frustrated I was, and I had come to the conclusion that people were placed there to comment as a test to see if I had anger management issues. LOL


        • towerflower

          The other thing I find amusing about Z supporters is that they are convinced that there are only a handful of us and we do nothing but make multiple accounts to tweet/comment under. I encounter that quite a bit on yahoo news and now they are accusing me on twitter to having multiple accounts. I can honestly say that I have one account.


          • towerflower,

            The other thing I find amusing about Z supporters is that they are convinced that there are only a handful of us and we do nothing but make multiple accounts to tweet/comment under. I encounter that quite a bit on yahoo news and now they are accusing me on twitter to having multiple accounts. I can honestly say that I have one account.

            They have gang mentality and a strong sense of jealousy as well as shame. They are ashamed that their numbers do not grow.

            Their biggest mistake is thinking that all those who support equal justice for all are on the internet.

            If it were not for Reverends Sharpton and Jackson organizing protests, and attorney Crump representing Trayvon’s parents, Z’s purported supporters would not have taken to the internet with their racial bigoted comments and all their other activity such as threatening defamation to extort silence.

            For them, it’s not about Z. Rather, it’s about their agenda to deprive minorities from petitioning the government for redress of grievances. That is why they have no interest in any case unless Attorney Crump is involved or Rev. Sharpton uses his television program to report on it.

            Here, and in spite of my engaging the widget for the number of subscribers, the harassers accused me of being everyone who posts comments here. At one time, Vicki Pate subscribed to this blog. Jad Savage, who is GZwarrior on Twitter, is still subscribed to this blog. He/she is included in the number of followers but to the best of my knowledge, all others are followers because they support equal justice and equal opportunity for all.

            When Word Press released the “My Community” widget and I engaged it, they stopped accusing me of having multiple handles. The widget only shows a maximum of 50 gravatars and it changes based on who is clicking like, who recently began following, and/or who posts comments. I love seeing the gravatars because they demonstrate the diversity of REAL people who have interests in common.

            We don’t see “My Community” on their blogs, do we? And, if you check some of those they follow on Twitter, you will see numerous news sources — not individuals.


  18. And this from Michigan:



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