The Right to Dignity – Woman Stripped Naked By Male Deputies

On February 1, 2014, we reported the case of Charda Gregory.    That case occurred in Warren, Michigan in November, 2013. In that case, video from the jail shows that Charda was placed in a restraining chair that held down her arms, and police Officer Bernadette Najor proceeded to cut and pull on Charda’s weave that had been sewn into her natural hair, pulling out some of Charda’s hair in the process.  It was a dehumanizing act of humiliation.

Dana Holmes

Dana Holmes

On May 19, 2013, in the LaSalle County, Illinois jail, 32-year-old Dana Holmes was arrested for DUI.  Caught on camera are three male officers, and one female officer, dragging Dana into a cell and holding her down while the female officer strips Dana of her pants and the male officers strip her of her upper garments, leaving Dana naked on the floor.

Dana Holmes stripped naked

The officers said that Dana was resisting arrest and kicked at them.  The video does not support that, and neither does Illinois law.  Illinois law provides that the accused held in jail can be stripped searched only when there is reasonable belief there is a concealed weapon or controlled substance on their body.  They must be stripped by an officer of the same gender, and the strip cannot be observed by others.

Attorney Terry Ekl has filed a lawsuit in federal district court on behalf of Holmes, alleging that  her constitutional rights were violated when she was illegally stripped of her clothes . The sheriff’s office denies that Dana was stripped searched.  Attorney Ekl told ABC News, “To say, ‘this was a strip but not a search, we weren’t looking for anything, we just took her clothes off’ is crazy.”

It appears that LaSalle County sheriffs think it is okay to strip a woman naked as long as they do not search her body cavities.

LaSalle-Co-Sts-Atty-Brian-TowneLaSalle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne has accused Ekl of creating a “media circus” and said, “He’s been on every media outlet in the country casting aspersions on these deputies, and he has all the materials. I don’t know how he got them, and these deputies did not commit a crime.”

Ekl asked for the appointment of a special prosecutor over Brian Towne’s objections.  Chief Circuit Court Judge H. Chris Ryan Jr. appointed a special prosecutor to look into possible criminal wrongdoing by the four deputies.

Attorney Terry Ekl told ABC News that since his client came public with her fearful and humiliating experience, that five women have called his office with similar allegations, and there could be others.  In October 2013, a judge ordered that video recordings that could prove allegations of improper strip searches of women by LaSalle County authorities cannot be destroyed.

No matter what a person does that lands them in jail, they are still human beings with human rights.

Here’s the video of what they did to Dana.

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  2. My heart goes out to Dana. I cannot imagine how scared she was during this abuse and then her wondering what was going to happen.

    It is frightening to know that apparently five other women have come forward with similar allegations.

    May Dana receive justice.


    • Yahtzee, you and I have shared about my passion leading me to blog about this. It started when I assisted an attorney whose client was violated in a hospital by civilian security guards. Research revealed that it was the norm for those security guards. It had gone on for years.

      At some point, someone needs to come forth so that they receive redress and those organizations that go overboard are corrected so there are no future victims.

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  4. Wow, when I look at the video it is clear to me that she moved her leg because of how she got searched. I wouldn’t be surprised if the officer that seraches her pinched her slightly in her achilles tendon giving that (natural) reaction. for the rest of what happend to her I can only say “What the bleep!!!!!”


    • Mavadelo,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. (By the way, I like the wolf photos on your blog.)

      “What the bleep” is right. The actions of stripping Dana were so quick that they seemed planned.


  5. Rialto CA. Officers are now being outfitted with cameras they must wear to help cut down on police abuse.

    In the video above, I would be kicking too if someone was trying to pull my pants off!!


    • Thanks for sharing this article, mindyme62. Sounds like a good system that should be adopted nationwide.

      Excerpt from the article:

      findings: after cameras were introduced in February 2012, public complaints against officers plunged 88% compared with the previous 12 months. Officers’ use of force fell by 60%.

      “When you know you’re being watched you behave a little better. That’s just human nature,” said Farrar. “As an officer you act a bit more professional, follow the rules a bit better.”


      • towerflower

        My sister is also a cop and she endorses these cameras. Not only for the public’s safety but for the police’s.


        • Yes, it does also help the good police officers….helps them make the case against a lawbreaker.

          The cams on their cruisers also help them make their case…think of drunk Taaffe.


    • Of course, videotaping by citizens of police action has probably also cut down on police misbehavior.

      Here is an article from 3 days ago:

      “Indianapolis cops must allow citizens to film police activity after $200k settlement”


      The terms of a recently settled lawsuit in Indianapolis, Indiana will require the city’s police force to remind officers that it’s legal for civilians to videotape on-duty cops, but it will also cost the department more than just that.

      In addition to having to adopt an official policy recognizing the right for citizens to record law enforcement officials, the City of Indianapolis is also cutting a $200,000 check for a local man who was arrested and injured by police in 2011 after he refused to stop filming a nearby arrest.

      Willie King was watching Indianapolis police officers arrest a young man in his neighbor’s driveway three years ago this month when he decided it would be a good idea to grab his cellphone and start recording. The cops weren’t too keen about being caught on film, however, and ordered King, then 66 years old, to hand over his phone.

      “Sir, you know that if he resists any more they can take your phone as evidence,” an officer was caught saying, according to transcripts published this week by local news network WISH-TV.

      “I don’t give a [expletive] what you do, y’all just don’t harm him,” King responded.

      When King refused to stop recording from his neighbor’s porch, he was tackled to the ground, arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public intoxicating.

      King was ultimately found not guilty of those charges, but turned around and filed a civil suit against the city over alleged First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment violations.

      That case was scheduled to go to trial starting March 10, but it’s now been reported that the city decided to settle this past January.

      King is being awarded $200,000 from the city as part of that settlement, but the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is also being forced to institute a new policy prohibiting police officers from bothering with eyewitnesses who are recording their actions.


    • Here is a link to another article with a citizen’s video showing police confronting him when all he was doing was videotaping police in action.


    • mindyme,
      The officers bet on the people being too embarrassed by their arrest to come forth. There is nothing — absolutely nothing, that an accused does that justifies dehumanizing them.


  6. Speaking of video tapes, Lisa Bloom and Maddy interviewed on Dr. Phil where Lisa addresses GZ’s video for where he had his gun.


  7. 3/2/2014
    “Are George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn “protecting” us?”


    Open and concealed carriers are so full of fear, they are afraid to go where normal people go–including children, the elderly and 90 lb women–every day unless they have their loaded lethal weapons. They clearly have a mental problem.

    Yet they parlay this cowardice into some kind of public service in which they are protecting you and me.


  8. /large


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