The Lighthouse Award

The Lighthouse Award was created by Coach of

~~created for “a blog that brings light to a dark world”~~

Horty of It Is What It Ishas nominated Blackbutterfly7 for this award.  I am honored and humbly accept.

Lighthouse award

This award comes with a commitment because the rules require that I share three ways that I like to help others.

lighthouse with butterflyLighthouses aid in navigation for safety and mark dangerous coastlines for safe entry.  The term is also used for organizations dedicated to overcoming vision impairment.  Blackbutterfly7 endeavors to shed light so those impaired by prejudices, hatred, and violence know that is not the correct path to life, liberty and happiness.


Liberty/freedom, comes with knowledge of good and evil and choosing to do good at all times, to all people.  That comes with learning and walking the path of goodness.

Here are the rules:

  1. Display the Award certificate on your blog.
  2. Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
  3. Inform your nominees of their award nominations
  4. Share three ways that you like to help other people.
  5. There is no limit to the number of people that you can nominate.
  6.  HAVE FUN!!!

How I like to help other people.

Brain food.

Being true to the nature of an Aquarian, I like pouring out information and knowledge like water from a never-ending source.  It doesn’t matter whether I lead someone to a source or if I am that source.  Neither does the subject matter make a difference.  For instance, I remember reading Dr. D’Amato’s book on blood type diets where he wrote about tomatoes, saying that juice from a fresh tomato, on sterile gauze, held on the eye for several minutes, cures conjunctivitis.  I passed that on to my niece who has children and when one of them woke up with red-eye, she called me shouting in glee that she used that method and it works.

Giving of Myself and Expecting Nothing In Return

For whatever reason, my life has taken me down a path where people share and trust me.  They talk about situations in their lives and their problems.  The question is easy – how do I help them? The answer is not always easy.  There are times when people need a fish, and giving it to them sustains them for that day giving them the strength necessary so they can return to fishing.  Then there are times when people need to learn how to fish.  I learned that the way of helping others is to first never assume what they need. The first help is to listen.

Encouragement To Always Do The Right Thing

I encourage others to exercise righteous judgment in all things.  Never wear glasses that paint all things in a negative light.  There is true light, like the sun, and negative light, like the moon that has no light of its own but reflects off the sun.  Reflective light only lets us know that there is darkness.


Picture by Valhallacarajo

Just imagine if man could walk in the direction of east fast enough to keep up with the Earth’s turning!  We would never be in darkness because we are following the sun. It’s not the belief, but the walking out of that belief that keeps us in the light.

In the same way, life is energy and when we use negative energy in response to negative energy, it sustains the life of negativity.  Righteous judgment starves negative energy.  Of course, there is nothing I do or can do to help others that does not also teach me.

I hereby nominate the following blogs for the Lighthouse Award;

Now, I’m off to deliver the nominations.


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  1. Congratz! Well deserved Xena!
    Lots of love


  2. Congrats. I know of the ways that you like to help others both by reading what you write and by personal experience. I say this award is very well deserved. Thank you Xena.


    • Rachael,
      And that is why it took me some time to write about the ways I help others — because I don’t like talking about myself. It’s also probably why people do come to me for help because they know I keep it between us. But I tell ya, it appears that I need say nothing and some people just know. That blesses my socks off.


  3. Xena,

    I feel like celebrating in song and dance your so well-deserved award, The Lighthouse Award 🙂

    Xena, you do have a strong light within you that guides us in understanding and appreciation of current events that can have an effect on all of us who seek justice and equality.

    You provide a safe “living space” for our ideas, viewpoints, and reactions. I appreciate also the wonderful family atmosphere of your blog. You have attracted reflective and caring people who brighten your pages.

    You truly do shine a light across the waters of our everyday lives and our concerns over events occurring in our society to help us navigate through them with our caring hearts.


  4. Congradulations Xena,
    You deserve it.
    Thanks for all of your hard work and a place for us to come and express our feelings.
    I’ve always said that I wouldn’t know what to do without you and JB!
    Love you! : )


    • Lolypop!
      Thank you so much! When we met on the JBMission, it wasn’t like meeting strangers. You, Marilyn, and JB are dear to my heart. Love ya back!!


  5. Yay! Very Cool!


  6. Looks good!!! Congrats. Glad you accepted!! Hugs …..


  7. Like

  8. It didn’t win the Oscar, but I’m still happy because this song makes me happy.


  9. Like

    • Touré ‏@Toure 25m

      So amazing to see a powerful, unflinching, deadly serious film about slavery that was directed by a brilliant Black man win BP.


  10. Congrats My Dear Friend!! You never cease to AMAZE me every day with ALL You do for people to come to have conversations,comments & take a breath of fresh air.Its like walking into my living room & seeing some old friends,especially when Loly pops in!!
    You deserve every award that is sent your way.I’ve had computer problems & it looks like I have so much to catch up on,plus I have been reading Lisa Bloom’s book.
    Thank You for all of the people you do help & make them feel so welcome & at home.


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