Florida Woman Accused of Calling 911 for Sex

On February 21, 2014, Maria Montanez-Colon of Punta Gorda, Florida called 911.  “There’s no emergency; I need to ask you a question.”


Maria Montanez-Colon

Colon, 58, asked a question about a Corvette. Police responded to her home and said it was clear that she had been drinking.

Her questions became more inappropriate.  Police say that Montanez-Colon indicated she wanted to have sex with the responding officer, grabbing his arm and rubbing his chest. 

Police left her with a warning for calling without an emergency, but Colon did not heed the warning and called 911 again.  When police returned to her house, Colon said she was upset that she was rejected.


Cartoon by Aluisiosouza

She was handcuffed and taken to the Charlotte County Jail, charged with misuse of 911.

I’ve heard that gin is called “do-it fluid.”  I wonder if Montanez-Colon was drunk off gin?

Now we have it folks — the new understanding of “to serve and protect.”   So, when is a call going to be made to 911 to have the cops deliver condoms as part of their duty to protect?

Watch the video on NBC

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  1. Aha!! So that’s who to call when one is, er, lonely!! LOL


  2. Two sides to a story

    Sheesh, worth a try since there are so many cases of police rape and sexual abuse. Just sayin.’


  3. Hold the phone now. Let me get this straight…..with a straight face that is.

    She calls 911 and asks about a Corvette (why didn’t she call me…that’s what I do SMH) and then the cops arrive, simply because it’s 911 and they have to and then hit’s on one of the cops.

    They leave, she calls again because she wants to report a rejection ?????

    I’ve heard of sex hot lines, but whaaaaaaaaa ?????

    Is it just me rolling on the floor laughing what used to be my ass off ???


    • Racer,
      I get a vivid image of the cop telling her that he first had to put handcuffs on her, then asking if it was as good for her as it was for him, then letting her pass out and sleep off her intoxication.


  4. Like

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