Second Anniversary of the Shooting Death of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin - dptm pic

Trayvon Benjamin Martin

Justice in America: Trayvon Martin, Race, and the Law” is the title of the talk that attorney Benjamin Crump will give at 6 p.m. tonight at the Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI.

According to WKAR, Attorney Crump says he is going to talk to the next generation of lawyers about the future and encourage them to understand their obligation to equal justice.

Sybrina and Tracy 2

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin

Tonight, Tracy Martin appeared on Politicsnation with Reverend Al Sharpton on MSNBC, addressing how he misses Trayvon and changes that he seeks in Stand Your Ground law that allowed Trayvon’s killer to go free.


Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, have been the epitome of class and dignity, advocating for the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws and against racial profiling.

It has been seven months since George Zimmerman was acquitted on charges of 2nd degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman’s acquittal enraged the nation and that continues.  It was not only that Zimmerman was acquitted, but why he was acquitted.  The Monday after Zimmerman’s acquittal, literary agent Sharlene Martin released information that she was looking for a book deal for Juror B37, saying that the jury decided he was not guilty “…due to the manner in which he was charged…”  Those who watched the voir dire of potential jurors remember that Juror B37 is the person who referred to rallies and peaceful protests as “riots.”  Many still wonder why she made it on the jury.


Maddy, Juror B 29

A few days later, Maddy, Juror B29, came to the media, and what she said enraged the nation more.

Those on verdict watch might remember that the jury presented a question to the court to clarify manslaughter, and the Honorable Judge Nelson responded to that question by asking that the jury be more specific.   Rather than the foreperson presenting Judge Nelson with a specific question, the jury returned the verdict of not guilty.

In her interviews, Maddy revealed that the law was read to her to say that unless the State proved intent, that the jury could not convict Zimmerman. Maddy’s stated opinion on national television is that Zimmerman got away with murder.

What America heard from those two jurors is that they did apply the facts and evidence to the law to acquit Zimmerman.  Rather, the jury acquitted Zimmerman because Juror B37 did not like protests for his arrest, and Maddy was deprived of an interpretation of law by the judge, and duped into believing an interpretation by at least one lay-person on the jury.

Protests 6Sybrina Fulton continues being productive and positive,  and there are many supporting her efforts, her courage, and honoring her faith and commitment.   The New York Times reported that two different publishing insiders are interested in having Tracy and Sybrina write a book about the shooting and the loss of their son.

Jamie Fox 2

Jamie Foxx

Academy award winner Jamie Foxx has been among the most vocal celebrities expressing support for Trayvon’s family.  Regarding Sybrina, Foxx told the Washington Times, “We have to protect our kids. So I stand with her forever.”

Tracy and Sybrina established The Trayvon Martin Foundation.  The site sets forth that the scope of the Foundation’s mission is to advocate that crime victims and their families are not ignored in the discussions about violent crime; to increase public awareness of all forms of racial, ethnic and gender profiling; educate youth on conflict resolution techniques, and to reduce the incidences where confrontations between strangers turn deadly.

As stated on the website, Trayvon Benjamin Martin “has awaken us to go forward with faith, courage and empowerment…”

Here’s a cyber-hug from all of us to Tracy and Sybrina.

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  1. I am sending my prayers and loving thoughts and support to Sybrina and Tracy and Trayvon’s loved ones on this eve.

  2. Just walking home…….just walking home from the store.

    GZ filled Trayvon with desperate fear as Trayvon cried for help.

Trayvon begged for his life. He begged, scared and alone.

    GZ cruelly ended Trayvon’s life….. separating Trayvon from his family and all that he loved.

    And, then GZ cruelly put his full weight on Trayvon as he lay dying.

    No one….NO ONE…..should die the way Trayvon died…..alone and by one such as GZ.

    Trayvon had dreams to follow…….. goals to give all his love and effort to.


    • Well, I see I need to patch in the essentials of this video:

      It begins with Detective Serino telling George Zimmerman that Trayvon had a future and was NOT a punk as GZ said. So here is another of LLMPapa’s videos with a recording of Detective Serino’s words:

      • The song used by LLMPapa in the video “Dream’s Lost” is this:

        GZ killed Trayvon and stole Trayvon’s future with all of his dreams. LLMPapa showed scenes of aeronautics and jets, snowboarding and skiing, and time with horseback riding and a beautiful herd of horses running on a ranch.

      • Just walking home…….just walking home from the store.

        GZ filled Trayvon with desperate fear as Trayvon cried for help.

Trayvon begged for his life. He begged, scared and alone.

        GZ cruelly ended Trayvon’s life….. separating Trayvon from his family and all that he loved.

        And, then GZ cruelly put his full weight on Trayvon as he lay dying.

        No one….NO ONE…..should die the way Trayvon died…..alone and by one such as GZ.

        Trayvon had dreams to follow…….. goals to give all his love and effort to.

  3. This man just converted me. I think I am learning to like country and folk music. 🙂

  4. Very clever how he did this as to avoid mentioning Fogen by name. God I love people with talent like this.

    • Hey racer!
      You know, that video was uploaded on April 12, 2012. I was searching for a song titled “The Ballad of Trayvon Martin.” I have it from Itunes, but was looking to see if anyone put it on video. I’m so happy to have found Jimmy Payne’s. It’s not what I was looking for, but it is what I needed to see and hear.

    • Juesppi!! Thanks dear friend. Hope you’re having a fantastic week.

      • I hope you are as well…seems as if the stalking of your work by dumbasses has slowed down a bit?

        • Jueseppi,
          The harassment has stopped, but they still lurk. If you and others haven’t received comments alleging that I’m mean, hateful, a fraud and racist, and they will slander you unless you dis-associate with me, then I suppose they learned their lesson.

          • Trust me, nobody has sent me any such bullshit, and if they did, they would soon be very sorry. I love good fights, and would take great pleasure in making a few more enemies.

            I started in high school, never allowing another human to tell me what to do, who to like and whom I should love.

            • Jueseppi,
              I don’t engage bullies, but I don’t bend to them either. Like you, no one tells me who to or not to associate with. Those comments were sent mainly to White and Hispanic bloggers. It worked against the bullies because it increased the number of people reporting them to the proper authorities.

            • it’s best not to engage them, less stress

            • Jueseppi,
              My main reason for not engaging them is because their intent is to provoke me to engage them. LOL!!

  5. I will never, never, never forget you, Trayvon! 😥

  6. Take a negative and turn it into a positive.

    • Near the end Joe says “..he’s immortalized… can take a negative and turn it into a positive…”

      Go back to March / April 2012 when most of us heard about this. I saw this for the 1st time on CNN or CNBC or the like and it was an interview by either Robbie the Racist or Papa Z and the story made no sense. I went on my computer and looked it up and upon delving into the facts, even a blind man could see what was going on.

      Then FogenPhoole opened his mouth and Robbie the Racist, then Taaffe and then Oliver all had interviews and every one of them made a fool of themselves with conflicting stories and / or racist garbage.

      This was certainly not some misguided “wanna be thug” who attacked some chronically un / under employed shit bag with a gun, who kicks dogs and beats up women…..and what was the other thing….oh yeah, shut off his moms electric, not to mention racially taunting ethnic co-workers and assaulting cops.

      So look at all of the tributes to Trayvon and there will be momentum with Jordan Davis as well. This is the telling factor on who is right and who is wrong. You can buy a variety of Trayvon T shirts, hoodies and hats, but you can’t find a pro Fogen shirt. All Fogen does is flap his gums and with that flapping, digs a deeper and deeper hole.

      Eventually he’ll blurt out the truth and say exactly what he did. Even Papa Z & Taaffe said…..”and that’s when George confronted Trayvon” except neither of them will pronounce his name correctly.

      So I say to Trayvon’s parents and family, stay strong. You’ve shown such dignity and class for all the world to see. We’re with you for the duration. It’s telling that there are so many rallies and tributes for your son and nothing by others for Fogen. He’s in a living hell of his own creation here on earth. He had no future to speak of by his own hand and made it worse by his own hand.

  7. I light this candle in memory of Trayvon Martin with prayers for his family and for my personal re-dedication to speaking out and standing up for justice and equality.

  8. Actor Omari Hardwick penned the poem.

    The work was a production of ICON MANN, an organization which celebrates black men in entertainment and multimedia. The organization was holding its summer luncheon right as George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter in the killing of Trayvon Martin. Celebration turned to sadness, and many felt the need to do something.

    The video features Aaron D Spears, Affion Crockett, Bill Duke, Brian Dobbins, David Oweloyo, Eriq LaSalle, Gary Dourdan, Isaiah Roberts, Jay Ellis, Marlon Wayans, Mo McRae, Omar Benson Miller, Omari Hardwick, Robbie Jones, Pastor Toure Roberts, Sugar Shane Mosely,Wesley Jonathan, and Wren Brown.

    It was posted on July 22, 2013 and has received nearly 80,000 views.

  9. So much love in this post Xena. eyes…leaking

    • mindyme,
      It’s how we started, sister. Our love for Trayvon brought us together. It’s amazing what love does.

      • I Thank all of the powers that be, that we were brought ‘together’ but sadly in this way. I was so busy raising my brood I was oblivious to what was going on in the world. Now that I know, I can’t unknow, ya know? (((((Xena))) (((BB7)))

  10. Published February 23, 2014 by Charles McGill
    I Am Trayvon Martin

  11. Published October 26, 2013 by Frequency TV
    Luther Hughes is a Columbia College Chicago poetry major.

  12. towerflower

    A parent never loses the pain of losing a child. My thoughts and prayers are with the Martin family.

  13. kindheart101


    What is this here, what can this be?
    I do not know, I can not see.
    I move around, and wonder why.
    although I try, I can not cry.

    It’s dark, yet I can hear the sound,
    of muffled voices, all around.
    A voice says push, and then I see,
    a bright, white light, in front of me.

    It’s cold, I cry, I gasp for air,
    I hear a voice, proudly declare.
    We have a son, we’ll call him Tray!
    and thank the Lord, for him each day.

    Trayvon Benjamin Martin was born February 5, 1995

    Trayvon was followed, stalked and murdered by George Zimmerman, February 26, 2012, while walking home from the store. Statements such as: “Fucking Coons” and “Those People” were used to describe a black teen that was minding his own business. Though Zimmerman put a bullet through this childs heart, he may as well have put a noose around his neck, and strung him up to the nearest tree………..tears. Will history never change!

    Many prayers and tears for Trayvons family and friends.

    • Kindheart,

      Thank you for supporting Trayvon with your heartfelt and moving poetry.

      You bring a very special dimension that touches me deeply.

  14. Joseph Norton

    kindheart101-Beautiful ,missing your artful words converted in a poem,well done again.

  15. Zimmerman continued to view Trayvon Martin’s actions through a violent lens, telling Noffke that Trayvon Martin had his “hands in his waistband,” a not-so-subtle attempt at creating the illusion of a holstered weapon on Trayvon Martin’s person.

    The non-emergency phone call continued with Zimmerman telling Noffke: “These assholes, they always get away” (Zimmerman NEN call).

    A good historical accounting of what happened then, until now.

  16. This is when it all started with several of some wonderful friends here under terrible reasons.I am sending many prayers & love to so many people.One thing I know for sure is that I will never forget Precious Trayvon Martin.I think the best thing I can do today is move out of the way for those talented people who can list & post all of these great videos that honor Trayvon in such a beautiful way.Thank You Xena for giving us this place to do this.I gotta be honest & say that I have dreaded this day coming.It just makes my heart hurt,when I just heard his killer say he wasn’t even haunted at all.This person is not even human.This is not about him,its about Trayvon.God Bless Trayvon’s family friends & supporters.

    • Marilyn C.
      God bless your heart.

      This is not about him,its about Trayvon.

      Exactly. Had his killer been found guilty and was sitting behind bars now, we would still hurt because of Trayvon. We would still uplift Sybrina and Tracy. We would still pursue the cause so no one else would kill, avoid arrest by claiming standing your ground, and then after trial say that their case had nothing to do with stand your ground, (although jury instructions included it).

      May Trayvon’s family and friends find comfort in this hour, because Trayvon lives on in all of our hearts.

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  19. D Wasserman Schultz ‏@DWStweets 5m

    Take a moment to #RememberTrayvon and all victims of gun violence by joining me in asking Florida to reform Stand Your Ground today.

  20. Vigils are planned across central Florida to remember the teen.

    George Zimmerman said he fired at the unarmed teen in self-defense in 2012. He was acquitted of murder in July.

    Students at Bethune Cookman University will walk in hoodies from the Performing Arts Center to the Quad at 6:08 p.m. on Wednesday.

    The students are expected to light candles as a memorial for Martin, as well as asking people to sign petitions to get rid of Florida’s Stand

  21. Marie Shell ‏@CuriousShell

    Since #TrayvonMartin untimely death, I’m amazed at @SybrinaFulton & @BTraymartin9 grace and persistence to keep their son’s memory alive


    Thank you, Xena, for producing this video honoring Sybrina Fulton:

  22. Trayvon Martin Poem:

    Published on Sep 10, 2013
    By…Da General: Of Christian Poetry
    Robert E. Lee
    Ministry in Poetry, Raps and Rhymes

  23. /large

    • RC deWinter ‏@RCdeWinter 3h

      Two years today: RIP #TrayvonMartin And the slaughter of the innocents continues in gun-happy Amerika.

  24. Thank you Xena. I just had to comment. This whole tribute to Trayvon is so beautiful.

    Thank you Yahtzee. Keep up the good fight. Just wish I could give Sabrina and Tracy a real hug.

  25. Trayvon, I know you are in His loving and comforting care now.

    It is only I and others who are here now that are still shaken as we consider your walk to the store and your interrupted walk home. I will use this trembling in my being as fuel to seek justice for you and to stand up and speak out and pray so that conditions will someday change in order that no one else will endure what you did.

    • Xana, Thanks again. I find your blog to be refreshing. I’ve been reading awhile and have really enjoyed. Please know that you are much appreciated for what you do.

  26. kindheart101

    I have been reading Blackbutterfly now for over a year and a half. I don’t post a lot anymore, but I know VALUE when I see it!

    Xena? I congratulate you on all of your well deserved humanitarian and blog awards. You deserve every single one!

    This is the two year anniversary of a racist, meaningless, directed, premeditated, angry murder.

    Xena…….this is a day for Trayvon to be remembered. Yet, this is also a day for you, and your efforts, to be remembered also!

    I wrote this for you in January, of 2013, and sent it to you. You wrote back to me and said how humbled you were, which spoke even more to your character!

    I now present this to the room, so all of you can acknowledge how supportive, and informative I saw Xena to be 15 months ago……..

    Thank you Xena, for all you do, and all you teach us. Blessings to you my friend.

    To Xena, 1/2013

    Such a soul, so sweet and kind,
    one that’s truly hard to find.
    With your words, you comfort us,
    you give us faith, instill pure trust.

    Your gentle words, your mild way,
    encourage us to face each day.
    We know the road will not be kind,
    and we will falter, fall behind.

    Yet YOU are there, your hand is out,
    you capture us, you are devout.
    You bring us back, you make us see,
    “Justice” is a reality!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Xena. No matter what happens……we stand strong, together!

    • kindheart101,
      I am humbled by your words and your ability to see my heart, but there are absolutely no words to express exactly how I feel.

      At some point after February 26, 2012, Trayvon brought us together. I needed to hear nothing more than his killer’s NEN call to know that Trayvon was pursued by an angry, foul-mouthed man who took authority to follow Trayvon after he ran. Most predators of all types would stop following their target once the person runs, but GZ felt that he had authority. Why would he think he had that authority; because Trayvon was a teen; because Trayvon was Black; because his running indicated fear; or all of the above?

      I could no longer remain silent.

      One nation with liberty and justice for all is worth advocating for. It’s worth blogging about. If we believe the Pledge of Alliance when we say it, then it’s worth demanding that every man, woman and child in America, regardless of age, race, original nationality, gender, sexual preference, age, disability, and/or financial status, LIVE accordingly.

      Yes — we stand strong and we ARE strong together.

      Much love to you!!

      • kindheart101

        March on my friend. As long as I have a breath in my body, I will follow your lead.

        Love X2

        • kindheart101

          As long as I have a breath in my body, I will follow your lead.

          Ahhhh, but you’re the one beside me, bracing me up.

  27. Kindheart, this poem is so beautiful and fitting for Xena. I also remember 15 months ago. We have come a long way. Remember when Xena first started experimenting with her videos. She called it a hobby. Well just look at her now. I am so proud of her and everyone on her blog. I have been reading this blog for two months but just posted tonight.

    I’m with you Kindheart, whatever happens,we will stand strong together.

    • kindheart101

      I’m so very happy to speak with you Mary. We will stand strong, and constantly fight for Justice! Trayvon nor Jordan had to be murdered. Their lives were taken because of racist minds, that saw black as being bad.

      I see it kind of like typhoid? If no one addresses the problem, it will continue to grow, and fester.

      Welcome Mary, and please continue reading. Xena will give you everything you need to see the truth. And, Xena is connected with many other wonderful sites also. Please read those too.

  28. Thank you Kindheart. You really do have a kind heart. I love all of your poems, especially the one you did on Trayvon, it is so beautiful. You are gifted and blessed. Yes I will continue to read Xena’s blog. I love her blog. Everyone shows much love.

  29. Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq Feb 26

    NO JUSTICE…NO SLEEP! My promise in memory of #TrayvonMartin. Rest in peace Sybrina & Tracy’s sweet boy. #neverforget #gonetoosoon

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