Zimmerman Defender Blamed “Hacked” Twitter Account For Racist Comments, But Here’s The Audio

It’s about time that HLN accepted what others have known about Frank Taaffe since he first came on the scene defending George Zimmerman. His interviews then were filled with dog whistles and it was only a matter of time before he became emboldened to unzip and expose himself all the way. Thanks for writing this.

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Zimmerman defender, Frank Taaffe

From where I’m sitting and having watched Frank Taaffe on Nancy Grace during the Zimmerman trial, this lying creep is actually projecting, when he talks about Black people…

Media Matters – Oliver Willis

Frank Taaffe, who has been an outspoken defender of George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn in the media, told HLN’s Nancy Grace that racist comments attributed to him were “not true” and were a result of his Twitter account being “hacked.” But previously, Taaffe justified the comments and audio evidence of those comments are available online.

On the February 14 edition of HLN’s Nancy Grace, host Nancy Grace asked Taaffe to explain his comment that “the only time a black life is validated is when a white person kills them.” Taaffe said it was “not true” that he had made the comment and claimed he had a “pending lawsuit” against Mother Jones magazine, which first…

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    • Why did these networks feel they should repeatedly have on their programs a person like Frank Taaffe, an obvious racist from the his very first interview (the one when he said “If you plant corn….”)??

      Was it to pour salt into our fellow Black citizens’ wounds?

      I have ached for Black parents who have witnessed the manner in which our courts have left out the racial aspects of the killing when charging people like GZ and Dunn with murder. And, yet, when each is NOT convicted of murder, Black parents are well aware of the obvious racial implications for the future safety of their children.

      I ache for Jurors who must put aside all thoughts and questions about the racial aspects of a crime because of the importance of following court procedure of only considering the actual evidence presented to them in court during the trial.

      I worry about future cases brought to court because I have watched the GZ case bring a not guilty verdict based upon the Defense’s presentation that GZ feared for his life completely ignoring the evidence that proved that Trayvon never could have done the things that GZ lied about. ( I am also dismayed by the fact that so many states now have SYG laws.)


  1. Yeah I read this and heard this. I don’t know how he ever got on TV to begin with. I mean, who the eff is he? I don’t want to give him any more attention than I want to give his friend. It is scary because if they both disappear, they will be out there somewhere, infecting silently without being stopped, but I know I’m not allowed to wish them misfortune to where I know they will never infect, hurt or even kill someone again because it could be misconstrued as a threat but…


    • Rachael,
      Nancy Grace used Taaffe for entertainment. She liked demeaning him. Dr. Drew brought out Taaffe’s ignorance. The interesting thing is that Taaffe was satisfied coming across ignorant and bigoted apparently thinking his message was important to attract people to support it. That also means that he was not gaining supporters through the radio program because if he was, there would be no need for him to be HLN’s clown.


    • The Mother Jones article Yahtzee linked in a previous thread: ““Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace: Why Do You Keep Booking This White Supremacist?”” is written like they don’t know the answer. That should be a rhetorical question, and I was hoping for a bit of media critique in explanation.

      Xena’s on the right track in observing, “Nancy Grace used Taaffe for entertainment. She liked demeaning him.” But that’s being kind.

      In a 2011 New York Times article, David Carr wrote, “Since her show began in 2005, the presumption of innocence has found a willful enemy in the former prosecutor turned broadcast judge-and-jury”… George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told Carr that Grace, as an attorney and reporter, “has managed to demean both professions with her hype, rabid persona, and sensational analysis. Some part of the public takes her seriously, and her show erodes the respect for basic rights.”

      Nancy Grace is a professional bully because there’s a bloodthirsty audience out there that makes her fake-self-righteous schtick extremely profitable for her. She needs people to rip apart like the Roman’s needed slaves and religious dissenters to feed to the lions, and she gives not one whit about who gets hurt in the collateral damage. Two women have committed suicide after being savaged by Grace during guest appearances on her show, for which she has accepted no responsibility and expressed no regret.

      In the wake of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis’s tragic deaths, Grace has INTENTIONALLY made Frank Taaffe into a celebrity. She’s not stupid, so she’s probably well aware that in doing so, she is not only propagating his racist shit directly, but providing him the cache to enable him to spread that dangerous dogma in other forums, to become a hero and role-model for all the troglodytes. Aware or not, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the consequences as long as Taaffe provides the required melodrama for her tabloid blood-sport.

      Going further, admittedly more speculatively, i’d suggest that Grace did more than enable a man who was already a bigot, but actually took a major role in creating a monster. Celebrity does weird things to people — especially people like Taafe, who (based on his first appearances on ‘legit’ news shows) I always considered a sad and lonely man who sought out the spotlight as a form of ego-rebuilding self-validation. Celebrity is like an addictive drug. People get hooked on it, and do whatever it takes to maintain their supply. This tends to lead them towards ever more extreme extensions of whatever put them in the spotlight in the first place. Taafe gets on TV as an ‘anti-thug’ spokesperson, then a bunch of stuff gets written about him, framing him as a racist. He’s an Important Public Figure now! How does he stay that way? How does he get to keep coming back on Grace’s program? By putting out even more stuff that is even more outrageously racist, of course. He buries any complexities that might have existed in his character and belief system, and turns himself into the over-the-top caricature the media machine wants because it boosts their bottom line.

      In short, I don’t care whose side she’s on, I find Nancy Grace more disgusting than Zimmerman, Dunn, Taaffe and the rest of their ilk. They are twisted little nobodies, delusional losers, and we only know their names because the NRA has made sure twisted little nobodies can walk around armed with lethal force and has encouraged them to use that force at the drop of a hat. Nancy Grace — (who seems to be totally on board with “gun rights” BTW) has real power, and there’s no excuse or even sociological explanation for her misdeeds. She should know better. Instead, she not only goes repeatedly to our lowest expectations, but constantly pushes the envelope of low expectations farther and farther down.


      • Wow. Well articulated (as usual) ! !

        Back in the day, I found her somewhat amusing – in a “Three Stooges mean and brutal” caricature sort of way, and in VERY occasional and small doses. Then I forgot about her for years. And in recent years, I find her show too sickening (literally) to even watch.


  2. Any hatred by anyone of a person because of the color of their skin is quite a few things, ignorant, stupid, and evil. Anyone who claims themselves to be a follower of Jesus and hates his brother (and that is what ALL people are) are fooling themselves, for if you hate your brother especially over something that they can not help, as in what paint job they got coming out of the womb, you do not follow the Lords teaching. Jesus makes it plain that those who are this way will find Hells fire for their final address. No one should cherish the thought of anyone being burnt alive forever yet never dying. Please excuse the pun but that would be one Hell of an eternity.


    • oldpoet56. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. While I have a different understanding of hell, I agree with you on the belief that all people are brothers (and sisters). Even those of other religions have doctrines that one God created all and thus, all are equal. Even atheists generally believe in doing unto others as they would have others do to them.

      I wonder how White Supremacists get beyond the passage in Acts that speaks about the Ethiopian Jew and his conversion?


  3. https://www.facebook.com/therealfranktaaffe

    he’s being slaughtered on his FB page. too funny


    • mindyme62,
      Thanks for the link. I went there. So, Frank is silent, uh? LOL!

      You know, one of the things that I’ve noticed is that he, like other defenders of Zimmerman and Dunn, only address a bit of evidence that they use to say that the killers were justified, while they disregard the killers’ own words.

      For Zimmerman, they say that Trayvon was attacking and wouldn’t stop. They neglect that Zimmerman said he had Trayvon’s arm pinned while he drew his gun, aimed, and fired.

      For Dunn, Taaffe wants to talk about the gunshots in the door as though to support that Jordan was shot while being halfway outside of the vehicle. He neglects that Dunn said Jordan was darting back into the vehicle as he went in his glove compartment for his gun.

      By taking the words of the killers, it is evident that they did not shoot in self-defense because the threat was no longer real.


      • He’s just an all around ass. Did you see his post where he stated he was never paid for going on the shows?


        • Yeah, I read that. Some networks do not compensate but they do pay for hotel and all expenses. He fits the description to be a guess on Jerry Springer — not HLN.


    • good


  4. Jeff Lebowski

    For sometime I’ve wondered why a cable news channel would give a platform to such a obvious bigot? Has Zimmerman ever denounced Taaffes comments? Has Zimmerman ever claimed not being Taaffes friend? I believe this is part of a bigger picture.. DOJ.. This network did a good job, keeping George Zimmermans “best friend” flapping his racist gums for the last year 1/2 . I’m predicting George, Frank & some members of the Sanford PD get charged with a hate crime…


    • What comes around goes around. They’ll all get theirs, eventually.


    • Jeff,
      I’ve never known Zimmerman to denounce any comments posted by his supporters.

      There is a website that reported that the Retreat at Twin Lakes was violating the Fair Housing Act, and that they hired the SPD to patrol that community for that purpose. Taaffe was clearly against Blacks living in that community, so you might be correct when saying there could be charges forthcoming.



      • In some of the newsletters from the Twin Lakes they talked about hiring SPD to patrol the area, but they said it was because of the increase in burglaries…..it was in the first evidence dump of the Z trial.


    • One would wonder what George (who claims he is not a racist and was raised in a home with afro-Peruvians) and Frank who is clearly a racist, have to talk about, since George says race was not a factor, and Frank clearly implies it was. Oh that’s right, being that them are such good friends, I’ll bet they share stories about being arrested, and how they slap their women around and threaten them.


  5. racist frankfarter….What a bun!


  6. Remember this article?

    George Zimmerman’s Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past



  7. Mother Jones article

    “Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace: Why Do You Keep Booking This White Supremacist?”

    —By Mariah Blake| Thu Feb. 13, 2014



    • Yahtzee,
      I sure do remember it! But then, those of us who followed the case — didn’t we already know those things? What Mother Jones did was document what we had shared in blog comments.


  8. I’m surprised that it took so long to call him out. His arrest record was known for some time and the more air time that he got HLN the more he talked outside of those avenues. In the beginning I feel NG brought him in because he was the one “friend” from the community who publicly supported him and she brought him back for entertainment where he was constantly put into place after outrageous claims. He now needs to go back into his little hole of life. I can’t imagine someone living with so much hate towards another, how small their life must be.


    • towerflower,

      I can’t imagine someone living with so much hate towards another, how small their life must be.

      Taaffe isn’t much different than Zimmerman. Had Zimmerman not killed Trayvon, we would not know of either of them.

      People who are addicted or have addictive personalities, whether that’s to violence, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, etc., seek one thing to fulfill their addiction — enablers. Taaffe is a known alcoholic whether he is currently on or off the wagon. He has an addictive personality. His personality was there long before he met Zimmerman. Zimmerman was his enabler, taking on neighborhood watch to do things that Taaffe wanted but did not do himself. Zimmerman was the enabler that Taaffe used to get in the media. HLN was Taaffe’s enabler giving him a platform to do what he did from the time a Black moved into the Retreat of Twin Lakes — fault find with Blacks.

      Let’s ask the question — what purpose did Taaffe serve being on HLN panels? He’s not an expert in anything constructive; not a lawyer; not a psychologist. His purpose? To instil fear and recruit others of like-mind so they can enable him more.


  9. Was Robert with Zimmerman when he was chased out of Miami Beach? I read one account that says ‘his brother’ was with them…


    • mindyme,
      I read that too. Funny thing with the situation — doesn’t seem like GZ called the cops. It was the beach and apparently no one was wearing a hoodie.


      • When I google jr. I can’t find anything since November… Gawd, I wish someone had video of them in Miami when it happened.


        • mindyme62.

          Gawd, I wish someone had video of them in Miami when it happened.

          Who knows? Maybe someone took a pic with their cell phone and is waiting on the highest bidder. LOL!


          • towerflower

            This is what got me, people get video of everything now, why not a man and several people being chased from the beach with a crowd shouting how he had a bounty on his head?

            Instead we have a story where a “close source” says that it happened. Who is the close source? Jr? Or maybe someone in the hotel? But he (GZ) demanded that security sweep his room and put out guards in front of his room until he left—way to get a freebie there. But not one call to the police, a mob supposedly chases you, you need a security sweep of your room and guards outside your door and you don’t bother to call the police to report your threat?

            The more I think about this story, the more I don’t believe it. This is a man who calls the police to report pot holes and kids playing and to tell his story but he doesn’t call to report an angry mob following him saying there is a bounty on his head?


          • HA! Right Xena!

            Towerflower! Very good point!!


          • Proof was found that GZ is still in Miami, he showed his location in a tweet by accident.

            I thought it was made up.



          • @towerflower,
            Miami Beach, uh? Maybe he talked one of the networks into paying for a hotel room for a month in exchange for the interview. Remember, he wanted Barbara Walters to do that.


      • Or perhaps they weren’t chasing him, but cleared the beach when they saw tugboat sporting his new poka dot speedo with his concealed weapon ( “The Gun”) buldging out his fat ass.


        • dreamer,
          That’s are realistic thought. I would yell out his name while running in the opposite direction because he’s made it known that he conceal carries.


  10. From the linked Media Matters article:

    A representative from CNN emphasized to the Southern Poverty Law Center that since [Nancy] Grace confronted him with his statements, he has not appeared on her program and that she was not previously aware of them.

    Say WHAT, CNN? WHO do you think you’re kidding??

    Taaffe’s been talking racist and other filth on Nancy Grace’s show over and over and over for many months. If she just figured it out recently, she’s a damn fool. But she’s not a fool. She’s just disingenuous trying to spin this nonsense.


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