Man Who Claimed Stand Your Ground After Killing Two Is Killed In Prison

Seems that claiming fear under Stand Your Ground is the catch-all law used by those who kill.

End Stand Your Ground

A man serving a life sentencefor killing two other men outside a Florida strip club in 2011, then claimed stand your ground immunity, was killed in prison during a fight with another inmate.

Justin Campos (Florida Dept of Corrections photo) Justin Campos

Justin Campos, 28, was killed on October 1st during an incident with another inmate at Madison Correctional Institute, near Tallahassee. The Florida Department of Corrections is investigating the incident.

After a night out ata strip club in Fort Myers, on January 19, 2011, three men leaving the club got into a battle of testosterone and cuss-filled insults with two other men in the parking lot. One of the three men, who were in a pickup truck, had enough.He got out of his truck with a weapon, and started to pistol-whip one of the other men, but the gun slipped out of his hand in the process.

Campos, one of the men who had been in…

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  1. I’m guessing Duuhhnn’s days are numbered


    • I hope not.

      I want him to have a long, long life in prison….plenty of time to realize finally, some day, the evil depth of his heinous act.


      • I am sorry that Justin Campos was killed.


      • roderick2012

        Yahtzee, I have known sociopaths like Dunn and they never had that epiphany.


      • Two sides to a story

        Me too, and I think spiritually speaking, it is far better for people to sit and think about what they did rather than to be quickly dispatched to the other side.

        However, you can’t help but see the karma with some people who have won stand your ground cases that are a bit flaky, and then they sometimes end up dead within a year or two themselves. Karma is immutable – there Is no escaping it. God’s Plan, in Zippy’s terminology. He’ll see his because his case was so questionable – perhaps he’ll get his lifetime to think about it, perhaps he’ll end up leaving this world soon, who knows.


    • Racer,
      Know what I’d like to see? I can’t find a clip from the movie, but it’s in “Monster Ball.” The character played by Billy Bob Thornton starts an intimate relationship with Leticia, played by Halle Berry. The dad, Peter Boyle is a bigoted racist who lives with his son. Seeing that his dad’s bigotry interferes with his life, Billy Bob places him in a senior citizen assisted living home. His dad’s roommate? A Black man.

      That is what I’d like to see happen with Dunn — give him a Black cell-mate around his same age.


      • I never saw the movie but I’ll look for it. I hope he has a cell mate who loves thug, er, rap, that is, rap crap……throw in lots of bass, lyrics he hates and ‘viola !!!!


        • Racer,
          Wouldn’t it be nice if Dunn had a cell mate who raps while tapping on the bars?

          Monster Ball is on Youtube but I don’t know the quality. Halle Berry won Best Actress for that movie.


  2. I am fortunate that I was blessed with a good heart and had good-hearted, caring parents.

    “It is only by the grace of God….”


  3. kindheart101

    It’s late, and I can’t sleep, so I’m going to give my opinion.

    With the way Dunn has said: “99% of the people here in jail are blacks”……I would love to see him sent to the kitchen as a cook. Let him SERVE them daily! Or better yet…………put him on a cleaning crew. Have him clean cells, toilets, bathrooms and showers……….LOL……..God I wish I could be a warden???


  4. May our nation, state by state, repeal SYG.

    May we come together in brotherhood.

    May the hearts of hateful, racists be healed and may their hearts become more loving.


  5. Like

  6. kindheart101

    OK…… I really have to call it a night.

    Let me leave you with this thought?

    My best friend, my Grandmother, who passed at the age of 94 told me this.

    “”Never seek revenge, seek JUSTICE. Should JUSTICE fail??? Go to the law to find out what’s wrong!””

    Friends……my Grandmother passed away over 15 years ago. Yet in hindsight? She had it absolutely correct! It’s the SYG law that is blocking JUSTICE!

    Goodnight all,

    God Bless


    • Rachael,
      Oh yes — HLN dropped Taaffe like a hot potato. That article is incorrect when reporting;

      Mother Jones reported that Taaffe also used his platform to defend Michael Dunn, the 47-year-old man who was found not guilty of murder charges for killing another Black teen, Jordan Davis.

      Dunn was not found “not guilty” of murdering Jordan Davis. The jury hung, with the majority believing him to be guilty.


      • I saw that show when NG ripped into Taaffe. She had the producer read off comment after comment that he has made on his twitter account. First he tried to say it wasn’t his account and then he changed his story to his account was hacked. It was a long time coming.


        • God I love it when Taaffe hangs himself…’s a thing of beauty.
          Love that “I have a pending lawsuit….” (stupid pppffftttt blow ’em off hand gesture)


          • Racer,
            Did you hear how Taaffe tried deflecting from it being a radio program to saying it was on Twitter, that it wasn’t his account, then saying his account was hacked? Sad thing is that he had influence over Zimmerman and probably encouraged him to hunt down young Black males in that community.


  7. Seems like everything is coming to a head. Do people know and understand that those in prison know what is going on? Same as Dunn. He may not be in the “general” population yet, but imagine when he is. Do you really believe he can defend himself when his words come back to haunt him? There are white thugs as wells as black thugs, and Latin thugs. Stand your ground – what a joke. Hatred and bigotry; a recipe for a dangerous drug, a drug that is addictive and like Meth, a drug that will eventually kill (I mean this in the ways of the “stand your ground”).


  8. Seems as Justice was served…


  9. Yahtzee, my grandmother, offered me the opportunity to share my personal opinion with you all.

    Though “an eye for an eye” is ostensibly a fair and egalitarian approach to punishment, we live in a society predicated on a code of laws quite unlike the one committed to stone under the regime of Hammurabi. Our justice system is based on enlightenment and post enlightenment philosophies that stress man’s potential for reform and rehabilitation, philosophies which are reflected in our approach to sentencing and the execution of punishments. In principle, all people are equal in the eyes of the law and possess a right to the protection of the courts. For a system such as ours to be successful (and I’m not claiming that it is at the moment), the decisions of a judge and jury must be taken as final outside of formal judicial appeals. When private citizens choose to take justice into their own hands, they circumvent the protections offered to their peers and, in doing so, weaken the system as a whole.

    Our judiciary is not perfect. Guilty people walk, innocent people suffer, and punishments are often out of balance with their corresponding crimes. As members of a democracy we have the right and, in my opinion, the responsibility to push for reform and judicial recalibration, but vigilantism isn’t the right means of doing so. In denying any person the right to a chance at rehabilitation we sap our system of the very equality that forms the foundation of its value. To label someone as objectively devoid of value is a gross injustice regardless of the nature of their crimes.


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