Dear Chris Cuomo and CNN

(Quotes in this article contain profanity.)


Chris Cuomo

I’m not one who writes many opinion pieces.  Mostly, I like to report to inform.  This time however, I feel compelled to address the most recent events.  I was one opposed to the airing of Chris Cuomo’s interview of George Zimmerman.   I refused to watch the interview, but CNN producers knew how to get excerpts into programming with panels who I did want to hear, such as Don Lemon and attorney Benjamin Crump.  Thus, I saw some excerpts of George Zimmerman’s interview and also Cuomo address how he heard protests, but aired it anyway.

CNN moved the airing up a day early, on national Presidents Day, on the heels of the verdicts in the Michael Dunn trial, and Jordan Davis’ birthday, and during Black History month.

Black History MonthI follow blogs that have featured articles in honor of Black History month.  Since the beginning of the month of February, I’ve read of America’s Black history.  That includes the institution of slavery, through the Civil War, through the lynching of Black women, children and men.  I’ve read how people fought for an anti-lynching law while Southern politicians fought against it.  I’ve read about the Tuskegee Airmen who, although trained and qualified, had to fight for the opportunity to use their qualifications to defend their country.  I’ve read about the Civil Rights Movement.

Rosewood Florida newspaper 2Black history includes the history of Rosewood and Black Wall Street, successful, independent communities whose buildings were burned down and destroyed by Whites, leaving strange fruit on trees.

I’ve read about the first Blacks who  entered doors, accomplishing things that have added to America’s brilliance.

Power to the peopleBeing of the Flower Power generation, there is one thing I remember so well from that period of time, and that is that our heroes died while we were still young.  They were entertainers such as Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, and Jimmy Hendrix.  They were politicians including President John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy.  They were civil rights activists such as Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King, Jr..  It was a time in our nation when love and peace were promoted in the midst of violence in our own land.

Now, rather than assassins hiding while aiming at their targets, they come out in the open using Black youth for target practice; blame their victims, claim self-defense, and are acquitted by juries who say that the law is confusing.

It appears that self-defense law, such as stand your ground, was intended to be confusing so that juries cannot apply the facts to the law but rather, apply their emotions and biases to decide verdicts.

-blame-the-victim-new-yorker-cartoonAnd you Mr. Cuomo, along with CNN, just rubbed our noses in it, opening wounds.  I cringe.  I cringe when hearing Black parents tell their children how to behave so that they are not profiled and killed by some White person who thinks they are violent just because of the color of their skin.  I cringe because America is forcing every Black person, not to prove that they are not violent and dangerous but rather, to surrender their civil rights.

Equality means that everyone is free to walk the streets, shop, travel, attend school and/or work, without fear of having to behave like slaves in order to prevent being shot for asking why they are being followed.

Equality means that being offended is not translated as feeling threatened. 

George Zimmerman CNN

George Zimmerman as he appeared on CNN
Feb. 17, 2014

If the media is going to allow George Zimmerman to speak, then someone from the other side needs to bring a balance.  Before America heard Zimmerman’s side, we heard his call to the police reporting a suspicious person.

Thereafter, we saw his walk-through re-enactment.   It was not only inconsistent with his call, but it presented another George Zimmerman to the public.  You see Mr. Cuomo, America heard the real George Zimmerman on the police call.  We heard his use of profanity.  We heard him refer to one person in the plural as a group – “These assholes …”  “Fucking punks.”

We heard Zimmerman ask the dispatcher if the cop could call him and he would tell him his location.    And, we remember well how his attorney, Mark O’Mara, presented to the jury that Trayvon Martin had enough time to get Don't pee on my leghome.  In the land of the free where all men are created equal, and all have equal rights, why wasn’t equal responsibility placed on George Zimmerman to go home?

Now, CNN dares to bring on Mark O’Mara who spoke about jury instructions, when he and Don West argued for Judge Nelson to not allow the initial aggressor part of self-defense law in instructions given to the Zimmerman jury!

While journalists were busy filming Mark O’Mara after each hearing, there were millions of Americans, some of whom signed a petition for the arrest of George Zimmerman, going through discovery material.  Some of us took such interest that we opened blogs, and/or Youtube channels.  Simply put Mr. Cuomo, we do not believe George Zimmerman’s story because of the evidence.  We do not believe George Zimmerman’s story because pertinent portions continued to change.

The media speaks of George having injuries, but always fails to address the fact that stains on George’s jacket were tested for blood and where blood was found, some of those stains  returned findings of mixed DNA and that Trayvon’s DNA was excluded.  George had been in a fight, but it was not with Trayvon Martin.  It might have been earlier that day or the day before, but it was not by Trayvon Martin’s hands.

During Black History Month, we have been reminded that a man who sees one teen to represent a group, who he intentionally followed and then shot him in the heart ending his young life, can be acquitted and then use the media to present himself as a victim.

Was the Dunn trial not enough?  Was it not enough to open wounds for what happened to Trayvon Martin without putting his killer before our faces?

Mr. Cucomo, you interviewed a man who said in or about July 2012 that he had no regrets and what happened the evening of February 26, 2012 was “…all God’s plan.”   By his own words, whatever is going on in George Zimmerman’s life now began as God’s plan on February 26, 2012,  and not even your interview is going to change one damn thing for him. You should have put that interview in archives, never to be shown.

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  1. Well said…Tell it !!!!


    • raccerodig. CNN violated every level of respect and compassion. They could have waited to air the interview on the anniversary of his acquittal.


      • In my opinion, Nothing about Fogen even rates airtime. This 5′ – 8″ pile of wasteoid still thinks he’s relevant.

        I like your new Avatar by the way……way kool.

        Anyway, his mentoring crap is enough for cause large scale vomiting. Didn’t he get it when Shellie said she bugged out on him on Sat. 2/25 because he’s a flaming, wild wheel standing asshole, thereby destroying the mentoring story and the making dinner for he and Shellie garbage as his dada claims.

        I pretty much had his number with the mentoring shit, shopping with no money, tapped out on credit, behind on every monthly bill and calling the cops on the landlord for asking for the back rent !!!!!!!!!!!!

        What sealed it…… “….fucking coons..” “…these assholes…they always get away..”

        Damn Sam !! BUSTED !!!

        Back on HP when the 1st picture of his boo boo appeared I joked around that Shellie whacked him upside the head with a frying pan for being such a deadbeat liar.

        Well…..after Shellie told the truth, it looks like I might have used the wrong math formula, but had the correct answer.

        His claims that he can’t have a normal life because (insert bull shit reason here) are such a joke. That started before he shot Trayvon. He was on a destructive path for years. Unfortunately it all culminated with an innocent minor child being in the wrong place, despite the fact he was allowed there.

        Fogen was going to happen to somebody, we all know it was a just matter of time.

        Duuhhnnn was going to happen to somebody……same pathetic story.

        Who’s next……what racist asswipe is going to test the waters now ?? What’s his line going to be….they had Jordan Davis’s shotgun so I was defending myself?? or his stick…..

        On a better note, the pictures of the moms tore me up. I can’t imagine what they are going through, and if I could find a way to express to them that it’s just a few white racist clowns and most of us white people despise what those killers do and stand for, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

        My son and I talk about T & J as we call them in these talks. Trayvon wanting to be an aeronautical engineer tickles me. I still say he may have been the one who developed a revolutionary airframe that used 40% less fuel, or a completely new electronics system than prevents any midair mishap or pilot error related crash.

        I don’t know what Jordan wanted to be, but he was no thug, that we all know. Hell, he was out with friends picking up chicks. Funny…..when I was younger, didn’t all my friends do that? Even the girls back then & today go where cute guys might just be.

        Such a waste, and this is beyond “tragedy” to me.


        • Racer,
          Haha. You pegged Zimmerman early on.

          You know, people of all races commit crimes. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but when the colonies won their independence and then went on to pass the Constitution, Native Americans and Blacks were not citizens subject to constitutional provisions such as due process of law. So, as the States acquired legislatures and passed laws, who were the laws for? Certainly, they were not because Native Americans nor slaves committed crimes. They had tents and shacks — no Castles to protect.

          We forget our beginnings.


  2. I’m glad you wrote this Xena. You’re right, millions of people didn’t believe that story. The story “that changed with each retelling”. One day the truth will come out, Trayvon’s truth.

    CNN had no business giving this asshat the time of day, much less allowing him to tell his ‘poor pitiful me’ account of what he probably believes himself happened.

    We have to believe that justice will be found, that one day those who hold so tightly to the delusion of White privilege and supremacy will be shown just how wrong they really are.

    Remember how in the beginning, there were many who were pro-defense and now when you read the blogs only the most filthy, the most hateful, the lowest dredges of society are the ones who still hold fast on to Zimmerman’s right to instigate a situation where they still pretend to believe that Trayvon had no right to defend himself.


    • Good morning Mindyme62!!
      I agree — one day the truth will come out — Trayvon’s truth.

      IMHO, Cuomo did not plan, neither did he paint GZ in a good light. But, who can feel sorry for GZ? GZ has no remorse, and sounded really foolish talking about an “agenda” that he could not explain. His NEN call exposed him for what he is and came before there were any protests or petitions.

      You are so right about the pro-defense people. Those still purporting to support GZ never supported him as a person. In true sovereign citizenship agenda, they supported the killing of a person with no law to arrest. Since they believe they are above the law, they played the game of making sure law was legislated that effectively moots homicide statutes.

      Once there was an arrest, they unzipped and exposed themselves all the way as White Supremacists.


    • Duuhhnn has virtually 0 support from the trolls compared to Fogen. Even Fogen’s support is about zippity doo dah now.

      Duuhhnn set up a begsite like Fogen did and raised a whopping $310.00


  3. Jueseppi B.

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  4. I blog to release … my opinions on what is considered news reporting or informing by folks like cnn Cuomo lest we talk about FOX … I refused to watch the interview yet they keep showing parts of the interview at random moments …i was ok with not knowing how this killer felt until i gave in and heard him basically bob and weave around all the questions calling himself a victim while Cuomo states aside all of the feelings the black community has this guy was honest? i was not only offended but wondered if he was acting or showing what cnn is


  5. Sharon Burney

    Xena, thank you so much for your expression of what weighs so heavily on the hearts and minds of many people. I was sadden but not surprise that CNN went on and broadcast the continued gloating and manipulation of Zimmerman’s continued life story, which started many years before his unfortunate meeting of Trayvon. Zimmerman is a narcissist sociopath, and everyone and everything is an instrument for his continued profit. I refuse to watch his videos but have read the articles attached, the first thing that jumped out is that he is suffering from PTSD. What traumatic event could possibly have caused his PTSD as according to Zimmerman, he has no regrets regarding the murder of Trayvon, nor does he have any apologies? The next confused statement is that he stated he was homeless; however he was a squatter for some time before shooting Trayvon, and after the shooting he lived off Shellie’s father, and then the mistress he likes to abuse. Homelessness is not a new state for Zimmerman, it’s a perpetual state. His timing of media endorsed disrespect and what amounts to continued threats against black people has never been lost on me, the timing of the celebrity boxing match (Trayvon’s birthday) the timing of his interviews (dunn verdict). I honestly believed it is meant to send Black people a message not just from Zimmerman but the NRA, Koch brothers’ agenda profiting media outlets, SYG supporters, Prison pipeline benefactors, Teabillies, and blatant and closeted racists. The only difference between now and 200 years ago in this country is they hide a smidgen better, they are lynching…instead of ropes they use hollow point bullets, instead of smiling in pictures in crowds around the body hanging from a tree they smile in front of a camera and behind racist comments under the video, instead of sit in a courtroom and cheering for the not guilty for murder they create the illusion of fear based on racist theologies, instead of placing us on plantations to create their generational wealth off the backs of slaves, they place them in private prisons so corporations can get slave labor for life. No America, you are not free, you just hide it better. As a black woman I do not feel safe, my daughters are not safe, my brothers, fathers, nephews and nieces are not safe, even if we raise them properly, adhere to all the rules of society, educate them, send them to work, to school, to the store, to our homes, we are not safe. 50 years from now our ancestors will look back at this time in history and be disgusted by the actions and ideologies of many in America. What side of history will you choose?


  6. Two sides to a story

    Great article, Xena!

    I also was against airing that interview, but when I ran across it online, I couldn’t resist watching and would have turned it off had Cuomo not grilled Zman to the max. This was the hard-hitting interview we wished that the Hannity propaganda interview would have been.

    Cuomo didn’t mince any words with Zman and he faced some tough questions – and failed. Basically, you’re not seeing a man who has significantly changed. He did at least concede that his life would have been easier had he stayed home that night – he was careful to not say “stayed in the truck” or make many allusions to the fatal night because of the DOJ investigation.

    As always, he whines about his victimhood and blames diverse people, Conservative Treehouse style, such as Obama, the Attorney General and prosecutor Angela Corey for his predicament, rather than his decision to leave his truck, his decision to not speak to Trayvon as a human being, and so forth.

    Supposedly Zman has PTSD, yet he states the opposite in the next breath, that he’s not haunted by that night and doesn’t know why. God’s plan, although he is careful to not use that phrase again since it created a shitstorm of controversy. He reads like the sociopath we know him to be. Even sociopaths are not all good or all bad, and I think many people find that fact confusing and are taken in by him. Ironically, on his Twitter feed, he recently told his supporters how good he feels and how happy he is. So which is it? Whatever suits him for his purposes at the time, of course.

    In my opinion, the interview renews our assertions that Zman is flakey, that his thoughts and emotions are shallow, and that there’s probably much more about that night that we’ll never know. Although I’d rather he got no attention at all, the Cuomo interview didn’t elevate Zman in the least, and probably helped to renew the national conversation about self-defense laws and guns among people who were not heavily involved in the case before.

    The harder Zman tries to tell his story, the harder he falls. I think mainstream America needed to see that.


    • I agree 2 sides, but for once I wish at least one reporter did a little more research. This fool gave 3 interviews in a matter of days and not one of them read his twitter account to see him threatening people and saying the opposite of what he said in the interviews.

      With his Spanish station interview he also talked about how he was at a grocery store and tried to get a sandwich made and the person refused to make him one. But on his twitter account he has talked about going to the grocery store and a stranger coming up to him and told him how they were pulling for him.

      Even giving the interviews themselves is a contradiction, saying he doesn’t want to be in the public eye but yet there he is on the TV giving interviews. I even suspect the timing, he couldn’t handle another dude filling the TV (Dunn).


    • Ditto everything you said…..I think he is testing the waters for his book that I heard him sneak a comment in.I can not wrap my head around no remorse at all & him being the VICTIM!!!!!


      • Marilyn C,
        What could George tell readers in a book that has not already been said in Osterman’s and Papa Zim’s book? Nothing. We have heard his story; numerous versions of it. It’s videoed and documented history. We know about his life before he killed Trayvon. We know about his life since the acquittal. We get a glimpse of his gang activity from his MySpace page, and we know the “real” George Zimmerman by his tweets. We’ve heard his excuses and his blaming — but no one made him get out of his truck and follow Trayvon. That’s a truth that remains.

        The Osterman’s, Papa Zim, and Jon Manalo’s books were self-published. Publishers are not interested in George’s story neither. Any publisher giving George a deal is subject to being shamed and maybe even boycotted.


  7. I changed my gravatar. 🙂


  8. Sharon Burney

    . Thank you everyone for all of your continued work, it touches the soul and comforts where sometimes we do not have the energy to do. It is very simple to say to remove the emotion from the fight to change systems so entrenched in oppression, but how do you do that when your child is riddled with hollow point bullets? Sometime we need to touch the emotions of people to wake them up, so every piece of the fight is equally important. Zimmerman is trying to make money because he wants to live off any system he can, instead of pulling himself up by his boot straps. The fact that the mistress that called 911 on him was there with her daughter hugging on him at the interview is frightening. The man that sent a picture from the intimate video of the two of you (to her child)is allowed to have complete access to your daughter? This same man that has publicly been accused of molesting a family member is still allowed to be around your child. Something is seriously wrong with that woman, or she need a safety word. Zimmerman is worse at feigning emotional expression than Dunn, the closest he can come is a half sigh and pause. Often people lie so much they start to fool themselves, Zimmerman is not even that good


    • Sharon,

      Zimmerman is trying to make money because he wants to live off any system he can, instead of pulling himself up by his boot straps.

      He’s never had to. He doesn’t know how. George has led a privileged, entitled life. He put on a face in the Retreat of Twin Lakes and my guess is that not a one of the Board members realized that he was a renter — a renter who was not paying his rent. He lived a life of being bailed out of financial and legal problems and still wants to be bailed out. He’s a parasite.

      I said it after the verdict and repeat; George Zimmerman might be breathing, but his actions on February 26, 2012 took his life.


      • I said it after the verdict and repeat; George Zimmerman might be breathing, but his actions on February 26, 2012 took his life.

        You are correct, Xena, George Zimmerman is NOT enjoying a pleasant life. The life he is living now represents what he has reaped from the heinous act that he sowed.


  9. Xena,

    Your magnificent article is needed and so appreciated. Not only do you tell of the historic, horrific treatment that Blacks have been dealt in our country, but you powerfully assert:

    Now, rather than assassins hiding while aiming at their targets, they come out in the open using Black youth for target practice; blame their victims, claim self-defense, and are acquitted by juries who say that the law is confusing.

    Congratulations on slamming CNN and Cuomo with TRUTH:

    And you Mr. Cuomo, along with CNN, just rubbed our noses in it, opening wounds. I cringe. I cringe when hearing Black parents tell their children how to behave so that they are not profiled and killed by some White person who thinks they are violent just because of the color of their skin. I cringe because America is forcing every Black person, not to prove that they are not violent and dangerous but rather, to surrender their civil rights.


    • Yahtzee,
      Thankfully, I was not raised in a Jim Crow state but I have talked with others who were. They tell of having to step off the sidewalk when a White person was walking towards them, and having to lower their head and not look them in the eye. They tell of having to say “No Sir,” “Yes Sir,” “No ma’am,” “Yes ma’am,” even to White children. They tell of no matter how educated and articulate they were, having to speak in a matter that has been compared to Steppin’ Fetchit.

      It was degrading. It’s a form of terrorism. It keeps people under fear for their lives, and is what I am hearing now from Black parents giving their children The Talk.

      America is in a tug-of-war. Those who want their country back want to make sure that Barack Obama is the first and last President that this country will ever have. They are trying to condition an entire generation of Black males to never anticipate being anything other than what White Supremacists will allow them to be.


  10. I too wanted to avoid the GZ interview, but it popped up amidst Vinnie Politan’s coverage of the Dunn verdict. And Politan utterly ripped into GZ’s crapola.:

    Politan: “George Zimmerman gets jealous when we start talking about another shooter who claims self-defense. So when we stop talking about Zimmerman., Zimmerman does something to make us talk about him again.”

    Politan then cited the sorry-ass litany of the many things GZ has done since his trial to stay in the media spotlight. Then he played the clip from the Cuomo interview in which GZ is asked “Are you comfortable being the face of SYG?” and GZ replies “I’m not comfortable being the face of anything, to be honest with you.”

    At which point, Politan showed the camera a look of utter disgust and incredulity, and said, “Well, if you’re not comfortable about being the face of anything, WHY DO YOU KEEP SHOWING US YOUR FACE!”

    So I agree with 2 sides that HLN delivered the anti-Hannity take on GZ. They let him open his mouth knowing he would put both feet down his pie-hole, and the clips would be more evidence to anyone with half-an-open-mind that GZ is a pathological BS-slinger.

    But I still don’t have the stomach to go watch the whole thing online…


    • Whonoze,
      I think we can conclude that Zimmerman was rehearsed for his Hannity interview. He knew the questions that Hannity would ask. I’m wondering if Samantha talked him into doing the most recent interviews, seeing that she and her mom had tried getting their own.

      Now, Zimmerman says that he wishes he hadn’t left the house that night. That indicates that he was not keeping to any pattern to go grocery shopping at Target.


  11. Like

  12. towerflower

    If you can stand it, here is Z’s 3rd interview with Fusion


  13. wordsalad wrote on the whonoze blog:

    “I can understand the feelings of those who don’t want to feed GZ’s various sick needs by watching his interviews, however, my point on the kind of propagandizing in which GZ engages (especially in the Univision interview) is that if it’s allowed to stand unchallenged, eventually it might become perceived as ‘the truth.’ That’s why every time he opens his yap, and says something less than truthful, it needs to be called out.”

    Yup. Protest the interviews when they’re announced, if you’re inclined, but (unless you’re being measured by Neilson) watch them when they air, keep calling out the BS, and let the broadcasters know what kind of nonsense they’re distributing (if they haven’t pointed it out themselves).


  14. I have to do this….I just have to. I have a customer / “friend” who sends me this kind of crap on a daily basis, as if this “tells me off”

    In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States .

    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died from the wound.

    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States .

    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States .

    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States .

    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.

    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US .

    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

    In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

    In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis .

    In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school.

    As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

    One could go on, but you get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.

    No NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservatives were involved.

    SOLUTION: It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns.

    So naturally I responded with this…..

    By the way, the list of shooters you sent me has many errors on
    political association…..just sayin.

    Hinkley, who shot Reagan was a Republican and his dad was a major
    campaign financial worker for Ron. In fact, they were all supposed to
    have dinner together that night, but, well…I think there might be
    some tension, what the the assassination attempt and all.

    Hennard who shot up Lubys was an extreme right wing republican gun nut.

    Huberty, which was spelled wrong as Hubert, was also a republican right
    wing nut who moved from Ohio to CA and was awaiting the Apocalypse by
    buying huge amounts of ammo. He was a welder for 15 years or so and the
    fumes from working at Babcock & Wilcox fucked his blood up and that’s
    what caused him to loose it.

    Whoever put this together needs a history lesson. I’m sure many
    Democrats shoot people in the commission of a crime, but I’ll bet the
    farm just as many Republicans do as well.

    You forgot Laurie Dann who was a nut case Republican who went into a
    school and shot several kids.

    It works both ways. By the by, the Democratic Party back in the 1800’s
    and early 1900’s was more like the Republican Party is today. Almost
    all of the big millionaires back then who would be die hard Republicans
    now (Strauss, Macy etc) were Democrats.

    It’s not the political affiliation that drives one to kill, it’s the
    fucked up inner workings of the brain.

    I just had to. This guy just yesterday again sent me that picture of the rapper Game insisting it was the latest picture taken of Trayvon…….so I sent him an evidence picture as proof that he’s full of it.


    • towerflower

      Also it is typically the Democrats who want to bring in gun control. I also found it amusing that he used “disgruntled Democrat” to describe the person when they committed their crime. It gives the impression that it was politically motivated when it wasn’t.


    • Yes, Racer, your ‘friend’ is a dumb-ass.

      Garfield was killed by Charles Guiteau, a “Stalwart Republican” who “believed he, the Republican Party, and the country had been betrayed and that God repeatedly told him that he could save the party and the nation if President Garfield was ‘removed’.”

      I suspect your friend is confusing Garfield with McKinley. McKinley was killed by Anarchist Leon Czolgosz (not a Democrat).

      Kennedy was killed by die-hard Stalinist Lee Harvey Oswald (not a Democrat).

      Ford’s would be assassins were Lynette Fromme, a member of The Manson Family, and Sarah Jane Moore, a sympathizer of The Symbionese Liberation Army (neither group being Democrats). In fact, other than kidnapping Patty Hearst, the SLA was best known for the assassination of Oakland school superintendent Marcus Foster, a liberal Democrat.

      And I don’t suppose your ‘friend’ would care to discuss the politics of Byron De La Beckwith, James Earl Ray, Timothy McVeigh…



      • I’m glad you know your history !!! Yep, I doubt he’d care to get into a panel discussion with any of us.

        He just forwards this crap to me on a daily basis and when I zap him, he goes down that “…you’re just one of those liberal Democrats….blah, blah, boring, erroneous, racist blah” He never has an intelligent retort.

        When I get him in a corner, the best he can offer is “I just sent it on with my blanket everyone list” When I tell him that forwarding shit that is blatantly wrong, you are nothing more than an uninformed Zidiot. THis shows that you are weak willed and easily led down a bad road.

        Correct me if I’m wrong gang.


        • No you aren’t wrong, it is similar to what I see on FB when people forward out right lies believing them to be the truth when a simple search could verify it. One that would get me is saying that the President, Senate, and Congress get 100% retirement while a service member gets 50%. With the exception of the President the rest are on the same retirement system as a service member.


    • I see this alot. Many of these claims are lies,that can be easily corrected.Political affiliation doesn’t matter to me in these shootings. To me this is just coded language to cover up the fact most active shooters are white guys. Think about it,when a black person is accused of a shooting,does his/her political affiliation matter? So why should it matter elsewhere ?


  15. Song message for gz:

    Be careful where you’re talking
    And saying all that stuff

    Don’t it make you wanna twist and shout
    When your outsides in (inside out)
    And your downsides up (upside down)
    Yeah, your upsides right (rightside up)
    Yeah, don’t it make you wanna twist and shout
    When you’re inside out


  16. Xena,
    I tried posting on this artical and twice it said error.
    Itried on open discussion and it went through.
    Would you like for me to e-mail it to you?
    BTW, Thanks for this article, I agree!!!!!!!!


    • Lolypop,
      I’ve having a problem also with Word Press. At times things correct themselves and blog administrators see that something has changed or a function added on the Admin side. If my problem isn’t corrected by tomorrow, I’ll contact support.

      Do I understand correctly that you tried posting by clicking “reply” and received an error message, but when you went to the bottom your comment posted?


      • Thanks Xena,
        No, I was just posting my thoughts, not reply and twice it saib cannot be posted. So I tried posting on opin oppion and it went through. So, I tried again on the Chris Cuomo Comments and it still said it couldn’t poet but then I finally got it on.
        Thanks for your help. Loly


  17. your article was heart warming and great, Xena!!!
    Thanks, the media has no compassion. TI think hey talk about others lack of compassion all of the time and yet they’re no better.
    What good did it do to have an interview? They just gave GZ what he wanted and I’m sure they paid him.
    It’s digusting.
    I’m already sick of HLN and CNN is just as bad.
    I really do believe the majority of people wish they would all go away.

    What really pissed me off is when they said at least GZ had pictures of him being in a scuffle.
    That is total BS. There was no scuffle and if there were wouldn’t Trayvon have the right to stand his ground. I mean he seriously needed protection, just like Jordan and neither had any weapon on them.
    GZ fell. It’s all lies becausr he sure looked like he hadn’t been touched at the police station, then days later they come up with these made up picures. Broken nose, my ass.
    IF he had a broken nose and IF his head was bashed, SERIOUSLY, the police and the parimedics had every reason to take him in and sew him up and clean his wounds.
    THEY didn’t because he wasn’t touched by Trayvon and they ALL knew it.

    The MEDIA, PLEASE they said at least gZ called 911 where Dunn didn’t.
    That is because he had already called 911 before murdering Trayvon. HE didn’t call 911 after murdering Trayvon.
    WHY give the asshole any reason to think he did something good. He didn’t. He MURDERED a young black teen because he wanted to kill him, just like Dunn.
    Did y’all get this? Dunn said the same as GZ, that he thought they were older???????
    Helllooooooooooooooooooooooo, do they think the world is totally crazy?
    AND making them older does that take away the murder charges.
    He wasn’t over charged, nor was Dunn.
    They should have both been charged with hate crimes in my book.
    Thanks again Xena!!!!!


  18. Like

    • Fogen…..Manson…..both end with an “n” Coincidence ?? I think not. But it sure is a perfect comparison.


  19. Quote from Derrick Ashong ‘s opinion piece.

    I think George Zimmerman should not be walking free, carrying a weapon and doing interviews to explain his “side of the story,” an opportunity Trayvon Martin can never have.

    Link to opinion piece and video of interview. He even asked Zimmerman about his arrogant tweets.


  20. LLMPapa’s video


  21. Jeff Lebowski

    I think the hammer (DOJ) is about to come down, & Zimmerman knows it. That’s why we are seeing that big dumb face of his, everywhere. He’s giving his rebuttal ahead of time. All clean shaving & a V-neck sweater, he must of had Michael Dunns Stylist. My opinion is the Sanford P.D is going down with Zimmerman.


    • I believe you are correct, Jeff.

      LLMPapa as you probably know put this video out also:

      GZ said he said “punks.” No way, does this sound like “punks”


    • Jeff,
      I think you’re right. As I understand, subpoenas have been issued for witnesses to come before the federal grand jury. When they meet is not disclosed. If the federal grand jury indicts, the indictment is sealed and the U.S.Attorney contacts the accused to let them know that the federal grand jury’s decision. They then discuss plea bargains. It is up to the accused to obtain their own legal counsel because at that point, they are not arrested.

      If the accused does not agree with a plea bargain, the U.S. Attorney then unseals the charge, a warrant is issued, and the accused arrested. If they cannot afford an attorney, the feds will appoint one.

      I’ve known of cases in the federal system where the accused has gone back and forth with the U.S. Attorney’s office for six months before the indictment was unsealed.


  22. Xena’s outstanding article: Prosecuting Hate Crimes:


  23. |||||gz||||

    How is that for a jail image?


  24. ChrisNY~Laurie

    Xena- I’m glad you decided to write a piece on your opinion. Your opinions are always right on with mine, and I’m sure a lot if others as well.

    I read and watched all three interviews, but see that Sharon, two sides and tower flower already covered most of what I had to say. Great job guys! You guys always on top of things.

    Amazing how he dodged questions by talking about something else or he’d just use the President or his DOJ investigation to not answer. He totally lied about his twitter and was called out on it in his last interview. His tweets were to two different people and he knew it. Once again, not his fault. He claimed he didn’t know how to use twitter that well. More BS. I read his tweets. Did he not know he was having a twitter fight with Piers Morgan yesterday? Did he think it was with someone else…does it even matter who his tweets are to when they are rude, cocky or threatening? He’s a bully and sociopath that uses twitter to get off.

    I have a few questions for whoever may know. George said that he grew up with two Afro American woman, which are now doctors. Who in the heck is he talking about??
    He also said that he got to see the kids he mentored at Christmas and that he promised one that if they passed 8th grade, he’d bring them to meet a player on Orlando Magic…how in the hell did he do that if he’s a broke, homeless afraid for his life squatter??
    If he lives with Samantha, how are they going from State to State with a young child, who should be in school? That was in his spanish interview, yet in his CNN one, he says he will not leave his home( I assumed Florida) until he is ready, not when someone tells him to.
    I know that “he lies” is the answer, but he usually throws truths in with his lies. So I’m just wondering.


    • Chris…..Z’s mother babysat two Afro American children and he was around them… least that is his story. I believe it was in the Hannity interview or in his parents begsite, I can’t remember which one. So the babysitting thing is the growing up with comment and he threw in that they are now doctors…..guess he didn’t absorb their drive or intelligence, lol.

      Rumor on some of the other sites is that he is no longer living with Samantha but only visits here…..which explains some of his/her tweets.

      I believe his father and mother are still in the Central Florida area and he doesn’t want to leave because of them…..since they are supporting him. He still gets donations through his parents begsite which is still up and running.

      I also don’t believe the mentoring of the kids. I’ll believe it when they or their parents come out and speak on his behalf, until then he just says it to make himself look good.


  25. Xena…..I am so glad that you wrote a letter to Chris Cuomo & CNN,because I did also.I wish they got bombarded with emails from all of us who saw this as disgusting.I signed a petition to stop all of his interviews & for them to just ignore our feelings,thoughts & bump it up a day pushed me over the ledge.I had to add to mine that I expected nothing less from them because after all they hired in your face Mark oSmeara.Then I had to tell them my thoughts on how they had tried to talk crap about our WONDERFUL President only because he was black.I feel like I am back living in the 50’s ever since we elected him.There are so many WHITE people who are still so pissed about that,which makes me embarrassed to be white!!
    I turned 65 this month,shook hands with President Kennedy the day he died.His family taught my family how to live.EQUAL for EVERYONE!! So many people of all ages are upset with all of this,my Granddaughter(23 yrs old) in NY is even worried about all of her African American friends & roommates wanting advice.Right now I don’t have any.She graduated college & is in theater,so she know zimass is not a celebrity,but does not understanding how to be safe.I have no answers.I guess at this moment all I can do as a human being is to do as you Xena & write to people who are cramming things down our throats that we don’t want.For some reason Zimass needed to be on TV,the painting got nixed,the fight got nixed,so WHAT did we get? An IDIOT who ran his mouth showing how cold,no remorse,lie & looking like a major fool.Icing on the cake was the SWEATER.That made me blow a gasket!
    I have a news flash for this foolish IDIOT…..our President & Attorney General have other things to deal with beside screwing up George Zimmerman life….are you kidding me?? Thats a damn JOKE! But once again,he thinks that he is that special,the whole family does.


  26. Go to YouTube. Type in Zimmerman free,Black man arrested. You’ll see Anderson Cooper 360 profile on Zimmerman/ Dooley. That video shows not only the contrast of Leos, but the contrast of CNN staff. Its just interesting how these juries can be so quick and decisive when its a Black defendant. You never hear about confusion, issues with interpretation of the law. Keep up the good work Xena.


  27. Anderson Cooper 360° ‏@AC360 10h

    “It seems stand your ground laws legalize the killing of our children” @attorneycrump on #StandYourGround. #AC360

    Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq Feb 17

    Dunn & Killer#1 weren’t put n2 situations where “2 people unfortunately came together”…they inserted themselves & provoked confrontations.

    Diana Welte ‏@DianaWelte 8h

    @attorneycrump @AC360 The thought that my children’s friends & my friends’ children could be killed for ‘being black’ is horrific to me.

    Steve Seidler ‏@GrayShadowTech 9h

    @AC360 @attorneycrump @goldietaylor Indeed. As written, #StandYourGround encourages eliminating the other side of any argument. Permanently.

    Jim Schlichting ‏@JimSlickatshort 10h

    @AC360 @attorneycrump How true! You can provoke an incident, taunt your enemy to come at you & then SYG & KILL him? Sick law, needs repeal!


  28. /large


  29. From Yvette Carnell’s article entitled “How Did George Zimmerman Transition From Cold Blooded K!ller to Celebrity?”

    What kind of society allows a man to capitalize on gunning down a teen who was on his way back from the store with Skittles and iced tea.

    In a sense, you can’t dismiss the role American culture plays in both Zimmerman’s acquittal and his acceptance back into the mainstream. In an article up at The Nation entitled “F*ck George Zimmerman and the Culture He Rode in On”, Mychal Denzel Smith gives voice to this frustration:

    This is one of the most disgusting things ever. It’s not enough that Zimmerman killed Trayvon in cold blood, not enough that he walked away from it without being arrested immediately, not enough that it took thousands of people across the country marching and protesting to bring charges against him, not enough that he was acquitted and not enough that he remains free to accumulate more domestic violence charges. No, he has to also become a celebrity, built on his “career” of killing black children and abusing women.

    Yes, you can kill a black boy and walk away without so much as a backward glance by mainstream America. Even worse, you’ll be rewarded for causing that teen’s death with hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and celebrity status. That’s the country black people inhabit.


  30. towerflower

    Juror #4 has come out to speak on the Dunn trial. Her name is Valerie. She said the count was 10 for Murder and 2 for self defense. Interview was on ABC. I’ll try to find a link.


  31. towerflower

    Also correction, the initial vote was 10-2 and finished with 9-3.


  32. I must said I found it amusing that the head termite at the treestump said “Z George needs intellectual armorment” if he continues to speak to reporters and he needs an intellectual powerhouse among other things. Basically he is saying that he is too stupid to speak to reporters. LOL.


    • towerflower,

      Basically he is saying that he is too stupid to speak to reporters. LOL.

      HA! Ya think? We’ve known that since he said it was “God’s plan” that he killed Trayvon.


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