Verdict Watch – Open Discussion

Although it’s only Thursday, it feels like a full week.  Watching the Dunn case has been a full-time job.  We are now on verdict watch.  The jury reconvenes this morning at 10 a.m. EST.

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It’s been reported that George Zimmerman has filed a counter-suit in his divorce case, although there has been no report as to whether the judge has set-aside the default judgment.

Snow and ice have crippled parts of the southeast.

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President Obama has signed an Executive Order increasing the federal minimum wage.

I have a folder filled with subjects to blog; follow-ups, announcements, etc.


What’s on your mind?

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  1. Weather in Valdosta, GA:

    Climate: Cold. Clouds of cover-up appear to be present.

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  3. Big6domino

    I’m taking donations to get #MichaelDunn cell mate two 12 inch Woofers and NWA’s complete catalog.

    • Are they allows that kind of thing (woofers and subwoofers, etc.) in prison? Dang – if so, that is the worthiest cause I can think of. I get paid Saturday – will be more than happy to contribute!!!

      • I am sure they are not allowed to have those in prison.

        Just humor.

        • Well that that Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ blasted Christmas music 24/7 for all the prisoners a few years back. Maybe they would do the same for Dunn.

          • I can see them forming a “Thugville Rap Choir and Choral Assembly:

            “Boom shack a lack a lack a Boom”

    • I have a spare 3500 watt PA amp we can use not to mention 2 dual 15 inch subwoofer cabinets for my PA.

      Lets just say that his cell mate would have “bass a – plenty”

    • How ironic, Dunn’s first lawyer had this to say about Zimmerman:

      But Dunn’s attorney said her client’s action should not be compared to George Zimmerman, the volunteer neighborhood watchman who is charged with second-degree murder in the February 26 shooting death of Martin in Sanford, Florida.

      “That’s ridiculous. Michael is not a vigilante,” the attorney said. “He’s a brilliant software developer. It was never his intention to kill anyone.”

  4. blushedbrown

    Back on the clock in the courtroom

  5. Sound on ….court back in session!

  6. Jailhouse Letter:

  7. John M. Phillips @JohnPhillips

    #MichaelDunn Letter Excerpt – Dunn makes grotesque joke about how asking thugs to turn the radio down leads to death-

  8. So what the heck did I just see? I tuned in and saw a press conference thinking a verdict had been handed down the way this fool was talking. Why did he have a press conference BEFORE the verdict? What was that?

  9. Strolla’s Press Conference.
    Thanks for Rachael and Yahtzee for keeping us informed.

  10. Robert Mitchell ‏@RLM_3 7m

    @geokaren He was arrested for DUI and one another time I believe. Google it. Wasn’t brought into evidence.

  11. Think Michael Dunn was driving the boat?

  12. Robert Mitchell ‏@RLM_3 2m

    #MichaelDunn being a bigot doesn’t matter to me. Dunn using his bigotry to kill #JordanDavis matters a whole lot though. #DunnTrial

  13. Jury has a question. It involves the madigan.

  14. Charles Hendrix Jr. ‏@Chooch0253 30m
    jury concern – 6 people are gun owners or have history with guns. Gun owners I know, are 2nd Amd nuts. All they see is losing their rights.

    Audrey D. Dawson ‏@MissAudrey0275 59m
    Jury according to @HLNTV: 8 White, 1 White-Hisp (Male), 1 Asian (Female), 2 African-American (females) #DunnTrial #MichaelDunn #JordanDavis

    Charles Hendrix Jr. ‏@Chooch0253 36m
    @MissAudrey0275 @DanteB4u @HLNTV and six who are either gun owners or have a past history with guns. That concerns me.
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  15. Court is back in session to discuss whether the jury can have the doll in the jury room.

  16. Strolla changed his mind and doesn’t want the doll sent to the jury room. Judge Healey just told the jury.

    • The request of the dummy with the dowels to me indicates there is at least one hold out member of the jury who needs to be convinced that Jordan was NOT out of the car behind his door.

      • “request for” not “of”

      • I am uncomfortable with the jury asking to see the dummy with the dowels and this is why. The State produced the ME to witness about the cause of death, and path of bullets. The defense produced no expert to refute the ME. The jury is to weigh the evidence presented to them. They are not suppose to play CSI.

        Having said that, allow me to play CSI for a moment. If Jordan opened the door and was getting back inside as Dunn fired the gun, that third shot would not have been through the door because the door would have been moved.

        The focus on movement is not on Jordan but the car door being opened, then closing. It’s the same with the shots in the front door. That occurred because the SUV was backing up.

  17. In court with question

  18. They’re back in court with another question.

  19. Sounds like the jury is missing pages in the jury instructions. The bailiff is taking them into the jury room.

    Folks, we might have a verdict by this evening!

  20. Sharon Burney

    Strolla’s press conference comments were just offensive, nothing new in that experience. Rhonda looks like she likes to get her drink on, and so does Dunn, cause that is one harsh looking 40 something. My heart is heavy with the delay and questions from the jury and sadly I do not have faith in a just verdict.The issue at the root of both Zimmerman and Dunn, is their white privelege fortifying their inherent right, to forcibly dictate a black boy or man(girl or woman) actions, inactions, right of way, language, emotion, expression and existence, and to do so without objection. Zimmerman felt he had the right to detain, apprehend and suspect a young black boy’s RIGHT to walk down any public street or private without objection and resistance. Dunn felt he had the right to dictate and enforce a young black boys choice of music and response to his demands. That is the true core of the issue at hand; the escalation to murder is that manifestation of unrestricted supported white privelege. I also find it interesting that most (not all) of the victims are young, and the assailants are typically at least twice their age, and almost twice their size, not a coincidence.

  21. Sharon Burney

    not sure if any one commented on this or not, but did anyone notice during Dunns police interview video when the white detective asked him to demonstrate how he held and shot the gun , he turned to the black detective and shot?

    • Sharon,
      Excellent catch! Body language speaks volumes. It’s unfortunate that LE is not trained in that. In the same manner, when Zimmerman gave his re-enactment, he looked down rather than taking a posture that he claimed he was in. That includes when he said that Trayvon put his hands over his mouth and nose. Zimmerman didn’t place his hands on his own face.

      • roderick2012

        when Zimmerman gave his re-enactment, he looked down rather than taking a posture that he claimed he was in.

        You noticed that too. He never laid down on the ground during the re-actment to show the world how he was able to get his gun out and shoot Trayvon through the heart with Trayvon sitting on his chest. LOL

        • roderick2012,

          He never laid down on the ground during the re-actment to show the world how he was able to get his gun out and shoot Trayvon through the heart with Trayvon sitting on his chest.

          Right! Even if he didn’t lay on the ground, he should have been looking up, rather than down.

          By the way, I emailed the chart to you late on Friday.

          • roderick2012

            Yes, I got it, but I have been busy. I will work on it tomorrow.

            • roderick2012. No rush. Please do it at your convenience. I just wanted to make sure that you received it. Thanks again.

    • Thank You Sharon…..I was starting to think I was being too picky!!

  22. blushedbrown


    In case you wanted to watch the presser by Strolla.

  23. Am I wrong to think that if this wasn’t Florida, the jury would have been out 9 1/2 minutes, not 9 1/2 hours (and counting)?

    • blushedbrown


      as I live and breathe. How the hell are you????!!!!

      • Hey bb:

        Other than my continued angst over shit like this trial, voting rights suppression, Tea Party lunacy yada, yada, yada… I’m fine.

        Well, also, being old, I’m also puzzled by the whole Flappy Bird thing… [ just to inject a note of incongruous levity :-). ]

        • blushedbrown


          Is that all? LOL
          Hey I bought that book you suggested, it should be here in the next couple of days, as soon as I get it I will let you know. 🙂

          I also left a message on your blog about ordering the book.

    • roderick2012

      Of not, but in Florida the white guy always gets the benefit of the doubt.

  24. how can we get a printed version of the letter?? I can’t read it. He writes as badly as I do.

  25. They are back in the courtroom again because the jury is getting ready for dinner. They are done for the day.

  26. Well, at this point, I am guess that this will be a hung jury.

    and, if so, it speaks volumes.

    In any case, there are hold outs right now.

    • I still will pray that these hold outs will be convinced to convict Dunn.

      • Yahtzee,

        After the jury asked for the date of the letter that was entered into evidence that Dunn wrote, I got the impression that they are exactly the opposite than Zimmerman’s jury. In Zimmerman’s jury, those believing he is not guilty took over deliberations to convince those believing in guilt to change their minds.

        Here, we have the jury asking for the Gate video, then the doll, then the date of the letter. It sounds like those believing in Dunn’s guilt are working to convince those believing in his innocence to really examine the evidence.

        • It sounds like those believing in Dunn’s guilt are working to convince those believing in his innocence to really examine the evidence.


          I can’t take this!!!

          • Oh, I’ve been so upset that I did not understand what you wrote.

            I see now what you wrote now.

            Back to prayers that those who want him declared guilty WILL convince the hold outs.

  27. All of this is causing me to RE-dedicate myself with fervor to doing ALL I can to bring about change in order to better our society.

    To all Whites reading here, please, please consider what you can do to make change.

    It IS up to us……we CAN do it….We have to ramp up the PRESSURE!

    We have to have FAITH in ourselves to KNOW that we can do this.

    The one thing I do know is that we canNOT sit back in our White comfort and privilege.

    We are NO better than the White racists IF we do NOTHING.

    We must do more that just type on our computers

  28. From BlushedBrown’s link to John Phillips twitter account, I noticed a link to the YouTube below, which was posted by Mr. Phillips on YouTube today.

    I never heard: Did the prosecution ever put on a rebuttal case – for example, refuting the defense’s “good character” evidence? This neighbor of Dunn’s could have blown that evidence away!

    • There was discussion about this on HLN and John Phillips was also on the program. Much of what Hendrix said was based on what he heard from Dunn’s now ex-wife. That is considered hearsay. The ex-wife would need to testify.

      What Hendrix said based on his personal experience with Dunn is different. The State did not call Hendrix as a witness because the witnesses for the defense mainly consisted of friends of Dunn’s parents. They also said on the program that it was Dunn’s girlfriend’s testimony on rebuttal that taints Dunn’s credibility and no rebuttal witnesses were necessary thereafter.

      • Xena,
        A lot of it was Hendrix talking with Dunn himself.
        Would that have also been considered hearsay?

        • Hi Loly!!! Where have you been?? Missed you!! I am going to watch the neighbors video b/c I also saw them discuss it on HLN & what little I saw,I don’t understand why they didn’t call him to testify,since the defense had other people on the stand saying what a GREAT,PEACEFUL GUY he was,BS!! I may get my own answer after I watch for myself.I have been so nervous about this verdict,all I have seen are snippets on TV.

          • Hi Marilyn,
            Seems like I’ve been busier this last few months.
            But sure have missed everyone.
            It’s so good to see you! : )

            Yeah, we always hear what a peaceful wonderful person was, like who’s going to believe it in the first place? The neighbors that spoke sure seemed credible. Didn’t sound like they had any animosity for his family, mostly Michael and the mother.
            So I believe what they say and I also believe he did tell the police about him wanting a murder for hire.

            I know I’ve seen very little TV, but did go to You Tube and heard the neighbor speak about him and the first interview with the police.
            He is a real ass. WHY didn’t he mind his own business and take his girlfriend on to the hotel?
            Because he is an in your face busy body that wants everyone to jump when he says so.
            I noticed when he spoke that he was just a phony and a bully I don’t see how he has gotten away with as much as he has. Not surprised though.
            I imagine there will be a verdict by Friday afternoon.

        • Lolypop,

          A lot of it was Hendrix talking with Dunn himself.
          Would that have also been considered hearsay?

          Whatever Dunn said directly to Hendrix would not have been hearsay, but on HLN, Hendrix gave us a clue as to why the State may not have called him to testify. He said that when he called the cops to report Dunn wanting to have that customer killed, that the cops gave him the run-a-round and did nothing.

          Dunn apparently had some favoritism with the local cops in the same manner that Zimmerman did with SPD.

          Without a police report, the defense would have opportunity to make his testimony incredible.

          • Xena,
            So the prosecutors wouldn’t want to hear that, did they?

            I’ve never understood how someone would think murder for hire, have you?
            I always said if anyone came to me that I would do just what Hendrix did.
            But, it didn’t do a bit of good.
            How frustrating!!!

            Why didn’t Dunn just do it? He had no problem bullying and murdering a young teenager and attempting murder on 3 others.
            Guess he thinks he wouldn’t have had it as easy.
            What a crying damn shame!

            • Lolypop,
              According to his Facebook page, Dunn holds to sovereign citizenship ideologies. The majority of them always try to get others to do their dirty work or at least involve them in the dirty work. By involving others, they can use it for blackmail if needed.

      • Thanks, Xena. I noticed that this guy also said he had a criminal background involving violence, and wondered if that was the problem. But it sounds like there were other higher-precedence reasons not to call him.

        Some commentators on TV (can’t remember who) have criticized the prosecution for not rebutting the defense’s character evidence more. But if I understand you correctly, the prosecution apparently felt that it rebutted that adequately during cross exam in its case in chief.

        Thanks again.

        • Hey groans!

          But if I understand you correctly, the prosecution apparently felt that it rebutted that adequately during cross exam in its case in chief.

          Just my guess, but there were 3 layers to not putting on rebuttal character witnesses. Well, actually 4. One is that Rhonda to cooperated. She was the closest to Dunn and the “love” of his life. Two, none of the other character witnesses were close to Dunn and none of them were witnesses to what happened at Gate. Three, Dunn displayed his character when he was on the stand. One thing a defendant should never do is exert their version of the law while on the witness stand. He is arrogant and argumentative.

          The fourth is hindering that comes with having a sequestered jury. It is not unusual during criminal trials for the court to recess to allow time for either party to arrange for rebuttal witnesses with the exception for when juries are sequestered.

  29. Praying

  30. While I’m still hoping for convictions for all charges, its telling how long the jury is out. Juries took about 2 hrs to convict Trevor Dooley Marissa Alexander and Michael Giles.

  31. Remember Jasper Texas?
    This is another tragic story.
    I just read this. I hadn’t heard anything about it and I live in Houston.!/2014/02/brother-of-jasper-texas-man.html

    • Lolypop,
      Just found your comment as I was conducting maintenance. The only reason I can think that it was not automatically posted is because of the link. Sorry.

      • No problem Xena,
        I just thought maybe it was best.
        I had just had found this story and was dumbfounded after reading it.
        I hope they find out what happened.

  32. Jury has question—LIVE

  33. Xena,
    I just posted on your new article and it wouldn’t post. Said sorry error> I’ll try again.