Cancel George Zimmerman’s Fake (Celebrity) Boxing Match

“Make a living.”  Those words were spoken by Frank Taaffe Wednesday night on Nancy Grace’s program in response to her saying that George Zimmerman’s celebrity boxing match is disrespectful.

People who make a living by killing another human are called assassins, not celebrities.

celebrity boxingHere is a recap of George Zimmerman’s living before he killed Trayvon Martin, while awaiting trial, and since his acquittal.

In August 2009, while in Kohl’s, George called the police on his Landlord, saying that the Landlord was trying to take his money for rent.  George told the police that the house was in foreclosure and he didn’t have to pay rent.  Over two years later, George was living in that same residence on February 26, 2012, the day he killed Trayvon Martin. 

George filed a lawsuit against Aames for unpaid wages.  He agreed to pay attorney fees and costs from any money awarded to him in the case.  Aames subsequently filed bankruptcy.  After months of his attorney going to one court to let that court know what was happening in the bankruptcy court, in April 2012, his attorney reported to the court that without his knowledge, Aames bankruptcy trustee sent a check to George in July 2011. George received a bit more than $18,000, signed and cashed that check without paying fees and costs.  That document was filed with the court the Friday before George was arrested and charged with murdering Trayvon Martin.

In December 2011, George had a (non) graduation party and called the police because he refused to pay a man serving at the party.

George Zimmerman

George and Gracie Zimmerman

This is the same man who, right after leaving the police station the morning of February 27, 2012, abandoned his home and his job and moved in with Mark and Sondra Osterman.

Seems as if George Zimmerman made his living by exploiting others.

When he was arrested, and people donated money to him through a PayPal account, George sat in jail orchestrating and instructing his wife, Shellie, on transferring the money and paying approximately $36,000 in debts that occurred before the evening of February 26, 2012, the day that he killed Trayvon Martin.  It included paying off consumer credit cards, car payments, and rent arrearage.  George took advantage of the kindness of others.

Having paid his debts and transferred money to his wife’s and sister’s accounts, and $10,000 in a safety-deposit box along with his valid passport, George Zimmerman sat in court while his wife misrepresented her knowledge of the money.  The evidence of their bank accounts and phone calls resulted in the court revoking George’s bond, the Honorable Judge Lester saying that if not but for the fact that he ordered GPS tracking of George, that he would have left the country with over $135,000 of other people’s money.  Shellie Zimmerman was charged with perjury and when she came to court to enter a plea agreement, George was not there.

Approximately eight (8) months after his arrest, George Zimmerman was sued by the security company that had provided him with 24/7 security and that he failed to pay, owing them approximately $28,000.   One of his defense attorneys, Mark O’Mara, and Shellie Zimmerman, settled that case with the security firm.  George did not participate in the settlement.

Fat and fatterFor the year and three months that he awaited and went through trial, George existed off other people’s money.  During that time, we saw George Zimmerman appear in court weighing a hundred pounds more than he weighed when he killed Trayvon Martin, all the while, not making a living.

After his acquittal,  George Zimmerman acquired an arsenal of guns and ammunition, all without making a living.

After entering a plea agreement on the charge of perjury, Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce, but was only able to serve George with the papers while he was in jail for allegedly threatening his live-in girlfriend with a gun.

Now, George Zimmerman wants to make a living off being known as the man who called police to report a “suspicious” person in his “late teens” that he followed in his truck, then on foot after that “suspicious” person ran from him.  George Zimmerman wants to make a living for pinning that person’s arm, and taking careful aim, while firing a hollow point bullet into his 17 year-old heart.

George Zimmerman wants to make a living for killing an unarmed teen that, if not but for the fact that he left his vehicle and followed, the two would not have come into physical contact.

George Zimmerman wants to make a living off his defense attorneys arguing head injuries purportedly caused by Trayvon Martin, in spite of George saying he had removed his head off the sidewalk.

We came to know that George is a faker, a small-time con artist, an adulterer, and a copycat painter because he killed Trayvon Martin.  

Think Progress reports that celebrity boxing matches are faked.  They are choreographed.  In 2012, Damon Feldman, the fight’s promoter, stated:

“It’s to the point where there’s no chance of anybody getting really hurt. It’s entertainment,” Feldman said. “Everyone’s told, and they have to sign a paper beforehand, knowing they have to do it as entertainment or we can’t let them do the matches. The worst thing that ever happened at my events was a bloody nose.”

As someone who participates on this blog commented, George Zimmerman used a bloody nose as part of his defense for killing Trayvon Martin.

Why hasn’t Feldman promoted a celebrity boxing match with Casey Anthony?  He could easily arrange it on pay-for-view in Arizona with Jodi Arias.

Travis Alexander

Travis Alexander

Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Why doesn’t Damon Feldman exploit the deaths of Travis Alexander and Caylee Anthony?

Why hasn’t Feldman promoted a celebrity boxing match with Ramos and Cincenelli and exploit the death of Kelly Thomas?  Come on, America has seen their handiwork so why not let America see what they can do to each other?

Kelly Thomas

Kelly Thomas

Trayvon Martin - dptm pic

Trayvon Martin
Feb 5, 1995 – Feb. 26, 2012

The answer is, because Feldman and Zimmerman want to take advantage of racial tensions by exploiting the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.

There are only two types of individuals who would want to see George in a celebrity boxing match – those who want to see him get his butt kicked as satisfaction for the jury not convicting, and those who want to see his opponent get his butt kicked as satisfaction for the jury acquitting.   Damon Feldman seeks to exploit both sides, and George walks away with a piece of the action in which he promises to donate $20,000 to an un-named animal rescue organization. Sounds as though George had already negotiated a purse for more than $20,000 in order for him to decide that amount would go to an un-named charity.

Well, at least the animals don’t have a choice over how they get fed, but it should make George Zimmerman sick to know that he was fed by the money of others for over a year because he decided to get out of his truck and follow an unarmed 17-year old who ran from him.

George Zimmerman’s celebrity boxing match is not only disrespectful to Trayvon and Trayvon’s family, but disrespectful to all Americans, no matter if they believe that the jury in Zimmerman’s case decided right or wrong.  It’s a slap in the face of the judicial system because juries do not acquit so that defendants can make a living based on the actions that placed them in that system.  It is disrespectful to the sport of professional boxing.

If Feldman had any integrity remaining after he last got into trouble for celebrity boxing matches, he has lost every ounce of it now.

Several petitions have started to stop the match.  The one gaining the most signatures is posted on  You can access it by clicking here.

Tale of the Tape

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  1. (((Applause)))

    Thank you, Xena, for your inspired masterpiece!

    Your article is outstanding and speaks for my feelings and so much of what I have been thinking.

    Thank you for using your writing talent to produce this TRUTH!


  2. Thanks Xena. I can’t imagine the Boxing Commission is thrill with the mockery this makes of the legitimate sport of boxing. There is nothing good about this event from any “side” and there is nothing good about GZ. In a perfect world, the only public response to him would be nothing. not from anything or anyone. no one would respond to his “antics,” no one would report them and no one would watch this thing. Ideally his attentionwhore self would shrivel up. However, in all likelihood, if no attention was paid to him, he would try bigger and more for attention. isn’t that what he has already done? it wasn’t enough to constantly call the police about black kids in the neighborhood, no one paid attention. but they would if he killed one. It is like he is holding us all hostage and we have no choice because who knows what he will do next if we ignore him.


  3. Tracy and Sybrina comment on the celebrity boxing match.


    • Right on!

      They have class and dignity and the WISDOM to know and focus upon who and what is important: Trayon and the Trayvon Martin Foundation!


    • I knew that would be how they look at this. They have such dignity and class. I pray they only know good from here on in, for themselves and their foundation.


  4. I hope your article is picked up by all the networks, Xena.

    It is certainly deserving of national exposure. Everyone should see and read it!


  5. Jueseppi B.

    This is absofuckinlutely magnificent!!


  6. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  7. Great in depth article like always xena 😂👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


  8. All I can say is he is a monster. He stated on Hannity he has no regrets, so this should come as no surprise. I just didn’t think anyone could be so mocking and cruel. I didn’t think even he could be. at least now there is no question about who he is and what he’s done.


  9. towerflower

    I’m wondering if he really is getting paid more, his original tweet mentioned being offered only $20K and his interview with radaronline said he would only donate a portion to charity.

    I’m also wondering about the charity……Jr. posted about an animal charity on his twitter in which the head of it is a Beth Zimmerman…..any relation? I’m wondering if it is the same one Z is talking about.

    But you can see some cracks in the Z supporters as a result of the fight. It appears that many are opposed to it and some have tried to let him know that it’s not a good idea in which they feel he responded to him with a big FU on his twitter account.

    I know I won’t be spending any money to see this fight, I wouldn’t care if 100% went to charity. It only serves Z and his desire to remain in the public spotlight.


  10. MY Xena….You know how to shut me up don’t you?!! I was going CRAZY not wanting this to happen b/c everything about this is so wrong.I should always know that what ever it is that I am feeling,somewhere in you,the same is going on & you are already working on it! You would think I would have learned by now! Maybe I can blame my patience going away with my age? Anyway…..My Dear Friend Thank You for knocking the celebrity out of this IDIOT.


  11. DMX is pretty much the same height and weight as Trayvon.. Thank You Xena! Good Stuff as always!


    • Everything in this “fight” is becoming more and more disgusting. From announcing the fight to his mentioning that he would even box against a black person, to announcing the fight on TM’s birthday and now the pick itself. DMX is almost identical–except for age–to TM. Nothing inside me tells me that this is a coincidence.


  12. UPDATE:

    Dear Supporter,

    Just wanted to send over some quick good (well actually, amazing) news:

    Our petition to stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Event has surpassed 50,000 signatures! That means we are officially at the half-way point towards our goal of 100,000.

    Let’s continue urging Damon Feldman, Twitter name @Hollywoodbox11, to heed our call and cancel the fight completely. And many, many thanks to you for being so supportive in helping to champion this important cause.

    On to 100,000!

    Dedicated to Justice


    • mindyme62,
      Thanks so much for the update and link. From the article;

      “There’s not going to be any press conference [next week] due to all the controversy,” explains Feldman (left), suggesting that a press conference may happen two days before the event instead. (Feldman later clarified that there would be a press conference next week, but that Zimmerman wouldn’t be at it.) But Feldman says that the Zimmerman-DMX boxing match will happen on March 15th as planned, regardless of the growing opposition to it. He has not announced a location for the fight.

      I’m unsure of how online advertisers would work, but if Feldman gets no advertisers, and not enough pay-for-view payers, he will cancel because there will be no money in it. Heck — he might not be able to get a network or service to play it live!


      • oh my gawd, I so read that wrong.. 😦 dang it.. I thought they were saying… fug.


        • mindyme62,
          I think by now that everyone knows the match will be cancelled because there will be no profit in it for Feldman. He doesn’t want to admit that right now — needs time to lick his wounds and will probably say that GZ backed out of it for the sense of decency and such. Propaganda.


          • 🙂 But Feldman beat Zimmerman to the punch (pun intended) by HIM pretending to take the high road first instead of Zimmerman. HA! Precious!


          • mindyme62,
            Yeah, and still not admitting there would be no money in it because no one was buying and no company in their right mind would sponsor.


  13. Imagine if this was OJ Simpson or Lemrick Nelson. Or in the event Trevor Dooley wins his appeal. Now if you still think zman isn’t white,I don’t know what more can be shown.


    • m1,
      Right, but most people have more sense, pride and self-value than to lower themselves to be used by promoters of fake boxing matches like Feldman.


  14. (Hehehe) From Feldman;


  15. Feldman has tweeted that he has cancelled the fight.


  16. Like

  17. I am thrilled that this farce was canceled. It makes me sick that anyone anywhere would try to use his notoriety from killing a kid, especially for no reason, to make money in any way. It’s especially repugnant because George Zimmerman is simply a murderer who got away with it because of the flawed judicial system in Florida which resulted in a flawed prosecution. Since he is such an attention whore, I think it would be a fate worse than death for him to be shunned and ignored. I also happily signed one of the petitions circulated, because the very idea that he’s still milking his notoriety for profit turns my stomach. It’s also a sad commentary that he still has racist defenders who believe his insulting lies about what happened that night, and who continue to disrespect this dead kid and his family. What’s so ironic is that one of Trayvon Martin’s grandfathers was a Miami police officer who was retired at the time Trayvon was murdered. George Zimmerman has tried to become a police officer in the past and was repeatedly rejected. Even before 02-26-12, he had a history of violence that included assaulting 2 police officers and being fired as a bouncer for roughing up a female customer.


    • Anne,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for the comment.

      It’s also a sad commentary that he still has racist defenders who believe his insulting lies about what happened that night, and who continue to disrespect this dead kid and his family.

      Yes. It speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Their focus was never on supporting GZ but rather, denigrating Trayvon and the Black race.


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