Remembering Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin 6

Trayvon Benjamin Martin
February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012

On February 26, 2014, it will be two years since Trayvon Martin was killed.  At times, it seems like it was yesterday.   Blackbutterfly7 pays honor to Trayvon Martin and his parents.  We shall not forget. People across America came together and protested because the killer was known and not arrest.  America became aware of stand your ground law.  Kevin Cunningham started a petition for an investigation and arrest of the man who killed Trayvon Martin.  It was signed by over 2 million people.


Protests 4 Protests 1 Checks Protests 8

Kevin Cunningham

Kevin Cunningham

After the verdict, people gathered and expressed their feelings and opinions.  Some entertainers announced they are boycotting Florida and others paid honor to Trayvon.

Protests 5

Protests7 Protests 10

Protests 9Protests

Jamie Fox 2Jamie Fox

Protests 3

If we forget Trayvon Martin, we forget why he was targeted, and we forget that the law did not protect him. 

Trayvon Martin 8  Trayvon Martin 9

Trayvon Martin 14

Trayvon and Sybrina 2

Trayvon Martin 13  Trayvon Martin 17

Trayvon Martin 20

Trayvon Martin 18  Trayvon Martin 5

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Benjamin Martin
Gone But Not Forgotten

Trayvon lives on

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  2. Oh Xena! thank you for posting Kevin Cunningham’s pix. He began the petition and then when it took wings, and Martins asked for it , he gave it to them.

    The fact the ball began rolling on a white guy’s petition was lost when tubs attorneys turned it racial.

    Thank you Kevin Cunningham!
    Another pale ginger


  3. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there. I did not die.
    Mary Elizabeth Frye


      • Thank You, Xena


      • This picture just makes me cry too hard.


        • Rachael,
          I’m a bit out of it today because I cried when putting this together and the tears have not stopped. It’s not just out of one emotion, but a variety of emotions as well as disappointment and distrust in mankind who are given responsibility to sit as jurors, but who cannot leave their biases and prejudices at home.


        • *hugs*

          Rachael and Xena, your tears (and all of ours) joining with Trayvon’s loved ones’ tears, bind us in the love and support that I feel Sybrina and Tracy appreciate and need for their journey and organizational work ahead.


      • Treasures in heaven.


  4. Thank you so much for this entry. I will never forget Trayvon. He did something to my heart. He did something to my soul. He woke me up. I hold my son closer and tighter and tell him I love him more now because of Trayvon. Yes, a part of me was awakened. I mean I knew of these things. I had heard of them. Heck, I have a biracial son and even had “the talk” with him, but until Trayvon, I did not realize how real it is. I don’t know if it is because of my own whiteness or because I ignored it (which is much easier to do as a white woman), but I had no idea. I still see to this day the rantings of that GZ lunatic and the disgusting comments still targeted at Travyon and his family, who unlike GZ, have shown nothing but class and graciousness. I just read the disgusting racist comments at “that site” and am shocked that (1) they say such horrible things, (2) that they can’t see how totally racist they are.

    As a parent, my heart aches. I wish more than you will ever know that I wish Trayvon had not had to die in order for me to wake up and see what is going on all around, every fricken day!!! But because he did, I really want to make sure that I do something to help make sure this does not continue and it is not the world my beautiful granddaughters will have to see in a few years once they start school.

    Thank you Kevin Cunningham, thank you Xena, and thank you Travon Martin. Bless your family and rest in peace. We will take care of it from here.


  5. Thank you for this beautiful post Xena. Sharing on FB.


  6. Bless you, Xena!

    Yours is a beautiful tribute remembering our Trayvon!

    Thank you!

    I will NEVER forget Trayvon!

    I will honor his memory by STAYING committed to pushing for the repeal of the SYG law, by advocating for justice and equality, and by standing up against racism and those who practice it.


  7. You guys and gals are all amazing. It’s almost 2 years and here we are, still together. I don’t see any tributes to anyone but the victims.

    It’s so perverted that these kids can’t walk home, sit in a car, be in a gym class or whatever they are allowed to do and some racist has to deny them God given rights. Then the sicko’s lie like cheap rugs and have conflicting stories and the law ignores all common sense and like minded racist jurors further pervert the law.

    But……………we ain’t going anywhere…….


  8. It does seem like just yesterday that I signed a petition for the RIGHT THING to be done,I also have a birthday this month & once again I will include Trayvon with his own candle.Now I can also play these videos.I was also happy to see Kevins picture.I am a red head(& gray) white Grandma who fell in LOVE with Trayvon.I am so glad that many still are honoring Trayvon & his Family.There are so many tragedies that people forget about when the cameras pack up & leave town.I will never forget Trayvon.I feel alot of that has to do with how his CLASSY FAMILY has handled this & all of the people who are on this board.Xena ,I have told you many times that you are one of my Heroes…so Thank You for doing this post.I feel like we have so much more work to be done so our Grand kids can live in a better place.


    • Marilyn C.

      I feel like we have so much more work to be done so our Grand kids can live in a better place.

      Yes, we do have much work to do for the benefit of this and future generations and for our country.


  9. Peace Walk
    Organized by the Trayvon Martin Foundation

    9:00 am – 12:00 pm

    The walk will begin at Carol City Park and end at The Betty T. Ferguson Center 3000 NW 199th Street, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056. The walk is approximately 1.1 miles.


    • Let there be peace
      Let there be change
      Let there be hope

      I will keep the faith
      That we will have a New tomorrow
      That we CAN put up a good resistance against racism
      That we CAN bring about a better society

      I will pray that He will change hearts
      And bring love and understanding
      Caring and kindness
      Among all people
      Of all backgrounds
      Of all races
      Of all ethnicities


  10. I love these videos.


  11. A calling awaits a response.

    It is Echoing
    In the meadows, valleys, and peaks of souls
    In sensitive and caring hearts

    It is Reaching Out
    An embrace
    A reach
    A handshake

    It requires
    Of hope
    Of faith
    Of dedication

    Yes, a calling
    To Hearts
    To Minds
    To Inner Being

    Calling and Asking
    That the light
    Of Love
    Of Peace
    Of Compassion
    Of Hope
    Be Appreciated
    Be Loved
    Be Sheltered


  12. trayvonstruth

    Thank you so much Xena for your continued support of “our son.” My heart is still as broken today just as it was broken that most awful day in July. I have come to love all of you “Trayvon Warriors” and will forever be grateful to Trayvon for changing my life. Happy birthday Trayvon! You were destined for great things!!


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  14. Lairdbearly aka schoolover13

    Good post! TM lives on! Tonight I’ll release a poster honoring TM! On my twitter (schoolover13)


  15. Thanks to @SpecialDara for tweeting this drawing.


    • Oh, so much….so full with heartbreak and yet his soul living on forever in spiritual strength and “knowing”


  16. And now, it is the eve of what would have been Trayvon’s nineteenth birthday……

    How can I keep from crying…..thinking of all that could have been?

    For Trayvon to have been able to fall in love, marry, have children, then grandchildren. To grow old enjoying memories of a full life….

    ALL BEFORE traveling heavenward to be in His loving arms.


  17. I just had an idea run through my head.Why are we not standing together once again to HONOR Trayvon by STOPPING the CIRCUS?? We all got together & signed to get GZ arrested,did the same thing to STOP juror B37 from writing her book.This whole boxing crap makes me sick,its just a way for the Village IDIOT to make money from this Child.WHAT would happen if NOBODY wanted to see this FAKE FIGHT? Just one of my thoughts for tonight while reading about this.


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  19. Sharon Burney

    My heart breaks everyday, not just for Trayvon, but for every black man and woman that has been murdered day in and day since our arrival in this country. What saddens me the most is the blatant broadcast of these modern day lynchings, the audacity of arrogance, thequick and easy manipulation of blind hatred and racist dialogue in comment sections. I am sadden at corporations and media that profit off our murders, and most of all that we have no pride, no shame, and no compassion. Zimmermans arrogance and gloating of his white privelege, his support of racist aggression, and his disrespect of the family sickens and disgusts me, but most of all it sends a message, black people are still not considered human beings in this racist culture and systematice oppression. There should be a boycott of all things Zimmerman, any media outlet , any advertiser, any promoter of any space that condones this and that goes for the drugged out, mentally unstable DMX who has entertained this murderer. The petition should have been created days ago. It is not a conicidence that he annouced his match around his birthday. May God continue to bless and strengthen Martins family, supporters and people in the struggle. Xena please continue the good fight, and it is imperative that white people understand how significant your voice is in this struggle, thank you all for stepping outside your comfort zones.


    • My heart breaks everyday, not just for Trayvon, but for every black man and woman that has been murdered day in and day since our arrival in this country.

      What saddens me the most is the blatant broadcast of these modern day lynchings, the audacity of arrogance, the quick and easy manipulation of blind hatred and racist dialogue in comment sections.

      I would like to add this rally photo with your comment here, Marilyn:


    • Thanks Sharon – the fact that this was announced on Trayvon’s birthday – mocking the family and everyone, was certainly not lost on me. I have spent all morning on Facebook posting this as well as remembrances and am pleased with how many people said thanks, wished Trayvon a Happy Birthday, his parents love and peace, and want nothing to do with anything that furthers GZ or anyone in our society to celebrity status for murder and hatred of our kids.

      I so very much love your post!!


  20. “Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.” -Leo F. Buscaglia


  21. To all of our wonderful TRAYVON advocate family here and everywhere:

    We have the POWER

    To advocate for justice
    To bring about change
    To demand equality
    To say NO to racism

    LET’s ROLL!


  22. Sharon Burney

    Thank you Rachel, Yahtzee and every one of you for fighting the good fight.


    • I want to thank you, Sharon, and all my other Black internet friends and acquaintances who, through your many comments, have helped groom and prepare me for “the good fight.”


      • Oh, and Rachael, your comment that I printed out will also help me this Sunday when I am on the White Privilege panel.


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  31. Thank you, LLMPapa, for this video:


  32. Trayvon,


    Do you know that you will never be forgotten?
    We have joined our hearts with your mom’s and dad’s hearts.
    You are our son, our dear one, our beloved child.

    Someday we will all be together.
    Someday you will feel the enfolding spirit of your parents’ arms.
    Someday you will feel the “Hey bro'” greeting of your brother.

    May you always be in the Lord’s loving arms.
    May you experience His blessings,
    Blessed by smiles and laughter,
    Blessed by freedom to fly and dance,
    Blessed to feel your mom’s loving calls to you,
    Blessed to know your dad’s heart beating with love for you,
    Blessed in the awareness of our deep caring.

    Someday we will all be together

    May your spirit be filled with
    The lightness of bird songs,
    The wonder of  rainbows,
    The sensation of the gentle breeze,
    The exhilaration of the touchdown,
    The peace of the dove,
    The freedom of sailing high.
    Someday we will all be together.


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    • If this was reported…just this

      A man shot a teen tonight. The teen was unarmed. Police were called and took man to station where they determined it was ” a clean kill” and released man. Based on just their perception, the police decided not to drug test the man.Meanwhile, the teen was drug tested.

      The police questioned the man and closed the case.

      It doesn’t get any clearer, than omitting any race from killing,to see the wrongs perpetuated.

      RIP Trayvon
      You did not die in vain.


  34. You all have such powerful and moving words. Being a dad and trying to raise our son the right and just way, causes me to get very emotional over Trayvon’s murder. True we won’t forget. I’ve said it many times that Trayvon could have been our neighbor, he could have been on our son’s baseball, soccer, football or hockey teams.

    He might even have been in our sons band playing or singing. I’m sure we’d all have been at his birthday parties……seen him in school activities…….watched him talk to girls…….and probably defend his friends. We would wish him well in college and attend his wedding.

    We’ve all seen how his parents have handled this and put their energy into what is right for our kids. That speaks volumes about their character and I can safely say Trayvon was as we believe him to be. He was a kid from a good home just walking home. Needless to say we never met him in person and a few on Team Trayvon have met his mom or dad, I should be so lucky, and all have said what class and dignity they have.

    All comedy aside about this “Celebrity Boxing Match” we all need to pray for his family and friends about this unholy activity that Fogen rubs in our faces. On one hand I hope this never happens, on the other……………I hope he can’t walk away from the “fight”

    Happy Birthday Trayvon !! Best wishes to all of your family and friends. You’d be in college studying Aeronautical Engineering by now, but……you fly angels now. There are times I cry knowing that I, or one of us wasn’t there to protect you. You didn’t deserve this, nor did your family, but you know what they are doing for us, and that is really something.

    We call ourselves “Team Trayvon” and even though very few of us ever met you, I can say we all miss you. It hurts when we read or hear what people say that are lies about you and we defend you…….we ain’t going anywhere. We read and hear from those close to you that you were a good Christian, family oriented young man.

    Who knows what your future held here, you may very well have been a designer of a revolutionary airplane, we don’t know. I’ll believe the positive aspects about you because they are real, everything negative was just words from liars.

    Trayvon, remember that you brought millions of us together. I cry thinking about why very often, as do many of us, and we’re of all ages and races. I’d like to think it’s the power of love and the need to right the wrongs.

    I know you’re young and haven’t seen that much of the worlds experiences and I wanted to find a song that you can really see the message in. My son’s band wants to post something for you soon, and I’d to dedicate many songs with a positive message but I’ll send this one up to you. For some reason this one speaks loudly.

    “…would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt…….”


  35. Happy Birthday Trayvon…this is all I can write for now.I will have to continue later.God Bless Trayvons Family today if people like me who never met this Precious Child can be this upset.There are so many Special Tributes to read.


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  37. towerflower

    Happy Birthday Trayvon……you were taken too soon but will not be forgotten.


  38. Happy Birthday Trayvon… gone but never forgotten! I know you’re in heaven smiling down on your parents! You’ve touched so many people, we feel like you are our son, or in my case brother! May you continue to rest in perfect peace 👌


  39. BrownEyedGirl

    Happy Birthday, sweet angel… you’re gone but you will never be forgotten in my heart and the hearts of the world..

    Beautiful tribute Trayvon Warriors… ❤


  40. In loving memory of precious Trayvon.


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  42. Look who dropped by and clicked “Like” at the top of the page!

    Waving a “Hi” and sending a *hug* to you, blushed brown! 🙂


  43. Xena…..after my Family left tonight I got online & at the last minutes of Trayvon Birthday I found a PETITION,signed it & PRAY to God it is for real!! You know I’m not good at posting things,so can you give it a look for me?Its to STOP THE FIGHT!! It is at
    A woman named Janet Dickerson did this.If this is for real,God Bless her.I was trying myself!!


    • Thanks Marilyn. I went to the link you provided and because that main page changes with the news, here’s the one about Trayvon’s birthday.

      News about the celebrity boxing match seems to change every 15 minutes. I’m in the midst of writing about it, including links to the petitions. The petitions might not be necessary however, as I understand that a boxing commission is doing what they can to stop the fight.


      • There are a couple of petitions out there – Move On and the Whitehouse one, both of which I’ve signed and passed along to others. I’m very glad you said the Boxing Commission will try to stop the fight, as this makes a mockery of boxing well.


  44. As of right now there are 36,768 signatures.We need 100!!!


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  46. Photos of the Trayvon Martin Peace Walk


    • Hi Xena and other warriors!

      Pictures were wonderful especially considering it’s almost two years since tubs murdered him!! Think about that for a second– there are thousands of homicides in USA and since we are a country of ADHD citizens with the attention of a knat, we are still interested in Trayvon Martin .

      Really, think about that. How is that even possible in a fast moving social media world?

      This will be studied as a wonderful wake up call for us by scholars. Something about a murder of a kid in a small town with the attitude of ” oh, it’s ok looks like a good kill”. Then finding out damn, the kid wasn’t armed and no drugs on him so maybe it wasn’t a good kill. And refusing to launch investigation but a serious cover up, touched people world wide.

      And we are still paying attention.

      Thank you, Martins for containing your anger so us white people would not be frightened and react inappropriately.

      Thank you, social media for letting this reach epidemic proportions.blogs such as bcc list! blushed! Xena , susan’s

      Finally, thank you my ginger brother, Kevin Cunningham, for starting the petition.

      RIP my black angel
      Your very white red headed grandmother


      • 2dogsonly,
        Thanks for your profound comment!

        I had not heard of stand your ground before I heard that Trayvon was killed and his killer claimed that law. On one hand, that law says if the armed person starts the altercation, that he/she has the duty to retreat. On the other hand, it says if the armed person did not start the altercation, that the armed person has no duty to retreat. The problem with that is, the dead cannot speak to give their side of what happened.

        We have also seen inconsistent application of that law.

        It’s because of Trayvon’s life and death that a nation has come together advocating for amending or repealing SYG; advocating for victims; advocating for the children.

        We shall not forget Trayvon Martin!


        • Me neither and I live in Fl.
          Apparently NRA is strongest lobby in wash. had everything passed they wished so needed to come up,with new requests.

          Maybe it will get pushed back a little because people are using it to hide be hide a murder.


          • 2dogsonly,
            Re: The NRA.

            I’ve read articles that convey a trickle down effect by the NRA. There would be no SYG without conceal carry, and there would be no conceal carry without the NRA.

            For advocates against gun violence to approach this effectively, it has to actually begin with the NRA’s motivation for conceal carry. The right to own firearms was not hindered and conceal carry does not expand on the right to own firearms. Rather, it allows those with fear to carry and thus cause fear upon citizens who do not carry.

            We have much work to do.


  47. Behind a murder


  48. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Reading these comments again is heartbreaking. The poems the artwork the dreams the thoughts are all very stirring. I hope to God it spurs unity in fixing the reasons Trayvon died.


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