Rally To End Stand Your Ground In Georgia



I’m not sure how many of my readers reside in Georgia, but I’m reblogging so they are informed and just in case they do or know others who do.

Here’s hoping that Georgia politicians hear and honor their constituents.

End Stand Your Ground

Moral Monday Georgia is staging a rally against stand your ground law in Georgia at the state capitol in Atlanta at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow – Monday, February 3, to gain support against SB 280, a bill to repeal Georgia’s stand your ground law.

Georgia rally against stand your ground law

Moral Monday Georgia is a grassroots social justice group modeled after protest groups in North Carolina. Moral Monday protests are characterized by engaging in civil disobedience by entering the state legislature building and then being peacefully arrested. The protests are generally partisan against Republican actions.

Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) and nine other people were arrested last Monday inside Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s office and charged with obstruction and criminal trespassing while protesting the governor’s opposition to expansion of Medicaid programs for the poor.

The rally tomorrow precedes a hearing on Wednesday, February 5, in the Georgia House on a bill introduced by Senator Fort…

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  1. What I would give to be there!


  2. Shared on FB!


  3. Great news!


  4. From Georgia’s Moral Monday Facebook page:

    “Moral Monday shared Laura Grace Bordeaux’s photo.
    17 hours ago”

    I asked for permission from Jordan’s mom to use photos that she sent me. This is my “favorite”, which means it breaks my heart the most.

    Please print a copy and bring to the rally, on a poster, or just on a sheet of paper.

    –Laura Bordeaux

    RIP, Jordan Davis.

    Justice For Jordan Russell Davis!

    Prayers for his mom and dad, as the trial of his killer begins tomorrow in Jacksonville, FL. The killer is claiming Stand Your Ground, for killing an unarmed teen who was sitting in his own vehicle.



  5. Another comment from the Georgia Moral Monday page:

    Sarah posted to ‎Moral Monday GA
    2 hours ago near Atlanta, GA

    Yes, it’s raining. Think of it as a blessing to emphasize our point. Come out to the rally at the Capitol at 4 p.m. today. Encourage others to join you.

    Remember, George Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher before he killed Trayvon Martin: “It’s raining, and he’s just walking around.”

    Moral Monday to the GA Assembly: We’re “just walking around” in the rain to stop more immoral killings.


    • When I click the link I just provided, it bounces around. Be sure to go to the bottom of the page for it to SEE gz’s tweet that Xena is commenting on with these words:

      Looks as if George Zimmerman reveals the attitude he had on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012 when told “We don’t need you to do that.” He said “okay” but continued to follow as evidenced by the sound that first alerted the dispatcher leading him to ask “Are you following him?”

      This is what he tweeted.


    • Yahtzee. I think it was always obvious to us who heard his NEN call objectively from the first time it was played in the news. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following because he heard a difference in the environment — it sounded like Zimmerman was running. Even after Zimmerman answered “okay,” that sound continued.

      Now, Zimmerman has unzipped and exposed himself — he does what he wants against advice. Didn’t he also admit to that in his interview with Serino? He said that he should have taken the dispatcher’s advice.


  6. Jury selection begins in Dunn trial



    Jury selection begins Monday in the case against Michael Dunn, accused of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a November 2012 dispute over loud music.

    On Friday, officials began accepting names for a lottery for the few seats available to the public for the trial.

    The public will not be allowed to watch jury selection.

    Why are they not televising the jury selection? Did we learn too much about the jury from the GZ trial?


    • Good comment under the NBC article I have linked here:


      @ gap…why should he be convicted on a lesser charge? He murder a young man/kid in cold blood because he THOUGHT he saw a gun and felt threaten.

      What I don’t understand is why he didn’t let the manager/store know or call the police if he was so bothered by the loud music. Why didn’t he just leave the store?

      AND why leave the scene of a crime…especially when you feel so threaten that you SHOOT into a car/suv?

      HE is at FAULT and IS trying to GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!!


      “Murder trial opens in Florida shooting overloud music”



    • Yahtzee,

      Why are they not televising the jury selection? Did we learn too much about the jury from the GZ trial?

      I wonder the same thing. One thing that stays with me is that doing voir dire in Zimmerman’s trial, I felt that Bernie was trying to be too nice and polite to potential jurors. He wanted them to like him. The heck with that! He was a bull-dog pre-trial and should have kept that attitude to drill potential jurors. But then, I can also see why he would want the jury to perceive prosecutors as polite and honest because West was certainly going to demonstrate otherwise. If only Bernie had thrown Juror B37 as far from the courthouse as possible, we would have seen a verdict of guilty.


  7. From October:

    Jordan Davis’ family speaks out on struggle to reform ‘Stand Your Ground’



  8. “Times-Union argues for courtroom access for jury selection in Michael Dunn trial; jury to be sequestered”

    The Florida Times-Union and First Coast News are asking the judge in the Michael Dunn case to allow the media into the courtroom for jury selection in Dunn’s murder trial in the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The judge also has ordered that the jury be sequestered.

    George Gabel, attorney for both news organizations argued Monday morning that under the law the media must be allowed into the courtroom during jury selection. The current plan for the trial has the media in an overflow courtroom getting an audio feed that allows them to hear, but not see, jury selection.

    Gabel said an audio feed was not sufficient because the media cannot watch the interaction among the lawyers, facial expressions of people and other things that require sight.

    Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday, but as of 10:30 a.m. had not yet begun. County Judge Russell Healey is expected to issue a ruling on the media request later today before jury selection begins.

    State Attorney Angela Corey and defense attorney Cory Strolla have both indicated that they don’t want the media in the courtroom during jury selection, Gabel said.
    If Healey refuses to allow the media in, the issue could be appealed to the 1st District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee. The Times-Union and First Coast News, along with WJXT TV-4, have repeatedly appealed Healey’s rulings on public records in the case to the appellate court.


  9. The only reason to march against SYG. The unjust and racial double standard conviction and imprisonment of John McNeil.