Police Officer “Scalps” Arrested Woman


Charda Gregory

In November 2013, 22-year-old Charda Gregory went to a party in Detroit, Michigan.  She says that she was drugged because she does not remember anything until regaining consciousness in a motel room in Warren, Michigan when police came to arrest her for trashing the room.  In the process, Gregory was pepper sprayed.

Bernadette Najor

Officer Bernadette Najor

Video shows that Gregory entered the jail calm but could barely stand.  She was approached by Officer Bernadette Najor who patted her down.  Gregory removed her boots and her sweater.  An officer in the video is standing in such a manner that it’s hard to see what Najor, another officer, and Gregory were doing, but the next thing we see is one officer go into a room and come out with a restraining chair.  Gregory was placed in that chair that held down her arms.

Paul Misukewicz, Gregory’s attorney, told WXYZ that the officer “[Najor] took it upon herself to get the scissors. And for whatever reason, decided that she was going to butcher my client.”


Charda Gregory’s Booking Photo
After Having Her Hair Cut Off By
Officer Najor

It was a dehumanizing act of humiliation.  Over the course of three minutes, Najor hacked away at hair that was sewn to Gregory’s own hair, pulling it in the process.  She pulled so hard at times that Gregory’s head was completely back.   Gregory now has bald spots because Najor ripped some of her real hair out by the roots.

Najor’s defense?  She said that she had to remove Gregory’s weave because of alleged threats of suicide.

When Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green, and City Attorney David Griem, along with other officials learned of the incident, they fired Officer Najor. Commissioner Green told WXYZ, “I don’t buy that’s the proper way to treat a human being. I don’t think it’s decent, I don’t think there was any reason to do it, and when I look at it – that bothers me.” Griem told WJBK, “There is a policy about removing wigs, but, that doesn’t cover scalping a person.”

Ms. Gregory settled a lawsuit with Warren out of court. The criminal charges that were filed against her have been dismissed.   As for the now former police officer, Bernadette Najor, she refused to talk to WXYZ about the matter. The station found out that in 2010, Najor was suspended without pay for 10 days for being “untruthful.”

The other officers who were present are still under investigation and facing possible discipline. They did report Najor’s use of force to their superiors.

Here’s the full video.  It has no audio.




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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I detect a lawsuit coming!

    • “Ms. Gregory settled a lawsuit with Warren out of court. The criminal charges that were filed against her have been dismissed.”

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        The officer who cut the hair and those that allowed it should all be fired. Nobody should do that to anyone. Sheep and poodles, yes, people, no.

  2. They violated her.

    So, in our nation, everyone who is suicidal has their head shaved? I don’t think so.

    • Yes, they did violate her. Deliberately.

      I have a friend who is a beautician and does hair weaves. The stitches when sewing in are sewn through the braid of the hair that grows on the head, and the piece of cloth that the weaved hair is attached to. The stitches are close.

      I looked on Youtube and there are numerous instructive videos, the majority in which are very long.

      • Yes, deliberately! And, it was a racist act, also.

        I wanted to rush into that video and give that female officer a piece of my mind!

        • Yahtzee,

          And, it was a racist act, also.

          You know, I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I agree with you without contemplating whether there was another motive.

          To make her remove her sweater and sit there in her sports bra, and then scalp her, is much too much a reminder of history. The only thing that Najor didn’t do was make Gregory stand on an auction box.

          • Yes. And, the image of putting her in those historical “chains” before they abused her is NOT lost on me.

            • Yahtzee,

              Yes. And, the image of putting her in those historical “chains” before they abused her is NOT lost on me.

              Yes, and her body language that expressed hopelessness.

  3. The police officer was FIRED!! Ha! Vicious Bitch. (pardon my french)

    • mindyme62, I find you to be very articulate, and your word choice in describing that woman was exquisitely accurate.

      • She was subhuman….closer to a rabid dog.

        • yes she was! like a rabid dog. they never see that in themselves do they?

          • Mindyme,
            It’s true that a tree is known by its fruit. People who suffer with shame and humiliation think they can victimize others, and their victims will be too ashamed and humiliated to report it. That day is coming to an end.

  4. WELL, first of all everyone of those officers that we saw on camera OR any others that witnessed it should be fired forever. They aren’t even safe to have as a citizen on our streets.
    We’ve seen way tooooo much police brutality and intentual murder for them to keep getting away with these crimes. With officers like this we are in more danger than without them.
    Scalp all of these that witnessed this and throw their asses in prison.
    They get by with murder.
    They take an oath to protect??
    They are more our enemies than our protectors. Talk about terroism?
    We don’t tolerate it? Bullshit!!!!!

  5. BYW?
    She had her remove her sweater right out in public?
    REALLY?? Disgusting “officer”

    • Hey Lolypop! Good to see you.

      You made an excellent observation. She had to take off her sweater in front of male cops. They intended to take away her dignity.

      • They intended to take away her dignity.

        Yes, exactly. But you know what? It is that female officer who actually gave up her dignity and decency. She has demean HERSELF to the point of being a worthless person. Now she has thousands upon thousands of people who KNOW that she is a fallen person who has lost her dignity and is not deserving of anyone’s respect!

        Also, after her hair had been shaved, you could see that Ms. Gregory had inner strength and wasn’t about to let them take away her pride. Oh no….she has “something inside so STRONG!”

        Ms. Gregory has the spirit of this song:

    • Hi Loly!!! (((HUGS))) Good to see you.I knew something like this would drag you out! I had to sit down & have a long cry before I could comment.THIS was so in humane.ALL of these IDIOTS should have their hair pulled out & locked up for years!! When I say ALL….I also mean the DUMBASSES who were standing around doing NOTHING to STOP this crazy action towards this woman.They are just as guilty!! DISGUST doesn’t even begin to describe this situation.Can the corruption get any worse?

  6. Hi Xena,
    I’ve missed being here and JB’s!
    I think I’ve finally got it all worked out. : )

    This is extremely sad and unforgiving and maddening!
    I wonder if those officers Mother’s saw this video.
    Are these the ones called America’s finest?
    I think, sad to say but that they enjoy it.
    We always thought growing up to always run or call for an officer when you were in trouble, NOW they ARE the trouble! It sickens me!

  7. IMO, they also took advantage of that woman, because of the state of mind she was in and it made me very angry to see what they did to her. that was most definitely uncalled for. why are all of these attacks against AA going on in this country? what have we done to those who hate our people so because, it should really be the other way around because of the way our people were brought here in chains against their will. other than that, our fore fathers /mothers didn’t ask to come here in the first place. SO, I’LL ASK AGAIN, WHY DO THEY HATE US SO MUCH? IT’S NOT ALL OF WHITE AMERICA, BUT FOR THOSE WHO ARE HATERS OF AA THEY NEED TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION.

    • Hi ladystclaire, I have missed you. *hugs*

      I am sickened.

      These Whites cannot contain their depravity. Evil hates goodness.

      • I will RISE UP to confront these heinous people!
        I will SPEAK OUT
        I WILL do all in my power to end the atrocious acts of these hateful racists

        This has to STOP!!!

        I want this to STOP!

        I SO want to contribute to make our society BETTER!!!

  8. This is beyond sickening. Not one of those others cops or supervisors said to stop…..not even….”Hey, we might get sued” Nothing !!!

    At least they settled out of court quickly…….I hope she got every $ she demanded.

    Like I came to realize long ago…..most cops are nothing more than criminals with guns and badges.

  9. I’m not often speechless..But the words and phrases I’d use right now aren’t nice at all..Far from it! Such instances of deliberate brutality against POC are on the rise..Savage acts which I feel demonstrate deep hatred. When I hear of things like this I wonder @What type of person(and this is a woman no less! ) does this to another human being? When a sentiment like , she should be thankful they didn’t kill her(because such instances these days happen !) , it is more than just a shameful day in our country. For all Americans

  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    • Hey Horty! It is awful. Dehumanizing. I’m glad that the police officer was immediately fired. Gregory has to be a strong, confident person to even endure that and seek the only option of redress available.

  11. Hi Everyone,
    ladystclaire, I can’t tell you how furious it makes me. I don’t know how to say this without sounding stupid. But, my description would be a blonde white older citizen and all of my life I have asked the same questions you are asking.
    I would rather we all just be called citizens and treated as such, but it isn’t like that and we know it. For way too long there has been racist, bigots and people who just hate anyone that isn’t like them.
    I call that downright hatred.
    When it was said we don’t allow terroism in this country I had to ask where have these people been?
    To have to eat at different resturants, to have to have used different restrooms, different fountains, can’t sit together, go to school together, that in itself is imtimadating and I call that terroism.
    We’ve had the KKK able to march in a parade, protected by police AND with the cowards covering their faces for as long as I can remember.
    That is unexcusable to me. I can’t stand it and if I am around and witness it, I will DO something. God knows we can’t call the officers, damned if they would help.
    I don’t have a gun and don’t want one BUT I can not and will not stand by and do nothing.
    These sorry ass officers should hang their head in shame.
    I hope that ONE day that they get a concience and are unable to sleep forever.
    Maybe a few of them will get some balls and do what they are paid to do, PROTECT EVERYONE and stop the bullshit.
    They aren’t protecting, yet they are getting paid.
    Fire every one of them, stop the KKK or never say again this country doesn’t accept terroist.
    Terroist do not get rights and they among the WS are terroist so they want be losing anything they should have never had to begin with.
    Charda, only 22 years old and will never be the same no matter how much they paid her.
    They should all apologize, but that will NEVER happen
    Shame on every damn one of them.

  12. AND BTW,
    I’ve never gotten WHY she was arrested in the first place.
    We ALL probably know!

    • Hey Lolypop. She was arrested because someone called the cops and said she was trashing a hotel room. Gregory says that she doesn’t remember how she got there. Evidently, her story of being drugged and not remembering must have been credible because the charges were dropped. I seriously doubt that the hotel would want the charges dropped had there not been evidence that she was unknowingly drugged.

  13. I listened to a audio on this. It was really sickening how the reporters were joking about Ms. Gregorys torture. I call it torture,because that’s what it was. This should be a case where Atty gen Holder prosecutes.

  14. For anyone out there reading this, there is now a petition to file criminal charges against the officer who lead the assault against Charda Gregory. If you’re disgusted by this police brutality (and what appears to me to be blatant racism) please sign it and show the officials of Warren that firing someone is not an acceptable punishment for brutal assault and abuse of police power! Petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/james-r-fouts-prosecute-former-police-officer-najor-for-wrongly-assaulting-a-victim-to-the-fullest-extent-of-the-law

    • LM,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. Thanks for the comment and news about the petition. Here is my only concern; Ms. Gregory already settled with Warren. While I agree that what that officer did to Ms. Gregory constitutes assault, the terms of the settlement might have included that no officer involved be criminally charged. Settlements are generally confidential whether made in or out of court.

      • Hi Xena,
        Thanks for sharing your concern with me and for letting me comment here. To be honest, I had not considered that. However, my feeling is that even if the settlement does include a stipulation that no officer involved be criminally charged, the officials of Warren need to see how outrageous their racism and brutality is through the lens of a more (for lack of a better term) public eye. After watching the video one of the things that struck me was how casual the whole thing appeared. All the officers involved seem relaxed and at ease, as though this kind of brutality is commonplace. Further, I know the police union of which ex-officer Najor is a part is currently fighting legally for her reinstatement. While they may be obligated to represent her interests by union contract (and I don’t hold it against them), I do feel it’s important that there be a public outcry to at least match their legal push for her to return to the force.

        • LM,

          While they may be obligated to represent her interests by union contract (and I don’t hold it against them), I do feel it’s important that there be a public outcry to at least match their legal push for her to return to the force.


          When I saw that video, I cried and then blogged the story so others will know what happened to Ms. Gregory.

          Please keep us updated.