George Zimmerman TKO: Acquitted Killer Will Step In The Ring For Celebrity Boxing Match

Hmmm.  Doesn’t Juror B37 work in animal rescue?  Coincidence?

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  1. You have to be shitting me. “he says it’s a hobby he had “prior to the incident.” WHAAAAT??!!!! I thought he hit like a girl. Isn’t that what they said? That he…OMG, I’m too upset to finish this. I am just hoping this was some satire site or something.

  2. Two sides to a story

    Holy smokes, I’m so happy he’s demolishing all the myths of his helplessness perpetrated by West and O’Mara.

    Life truly is stranger than fiction. Let the saga continue until there’s no more doubt left in anyone’s mind that he killed Trayvon because he wanted to and not because he had to.

    • I think the guilt has gotten to him. At first I thought this was just a symptom of his assholishness – but honestly, I think that guilt is getting the better of him.

    • Two sides,

      Like I told Yahtzee, read his twitter, there will be no doubt left. He even refers to a16 yr old supporter as “lil homie.”

      • Two sides to a story

        I saw that lil homie stuff – all those things he said Trayvon said were his own stinkin’ words.

  3. Whomever gets in the ring with George Zimmerman simply needs to do this;
    Eye poke

    Or this,


  4. Remember the most important past………………………..

    Ready……………gets set………………….

    With me now…………………….

    Is the wait toooooooooooooo much. ???????

    He’ll be Shrimping……real simple gang…….he’ll curl up like the little shit coward he is.


    If he stands toe to toe I hope he looks like this.

    • That guy looks really messed up.

      I prefer the young Mike Tyson way — just knock them out and go home. 🙂

      • You beat me to it. He’s looking for an opponent…….what….no girls available?? I was gonna say Iron Mike would be the perfect opponent.

        Dare I say it…….”Justice would be served” Bet the farm on that.

  5. Game says, “I would not be boxing for me. I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family.”

    The rapper, who has a tattoo of Trayvon on his leg, says, “I would box him to knock him out,” adding, “I would definitely take pleasure in it. It’s legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon.”

    Read more:

  6. Now’s your chance to kick George Zimmerman’s ass with zero legal repercussions — he just agreed to a celebrity boxing match … and he says he’ll fight ANYONE … even black people.

    Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman threw down the challenge, offering George money to step in the ring.

    Me thinks that George has revealed himself as a racist bigot.

    Read more:

  7. There’s a party on Twitter tonight about Zimmerman’s revealing.

    • I was thinking about that very thing a bit ago. I bet Trayvon’s dad would…..except he has far to much class to do it.

      That said, the ref better pat that piglet down, because he won’t ever get into it unless he has the deck stacked. Hell, he can’t even deal with a slim blonde without packing a piece…………that’s the truth as sad as that is.

      • There’s a rumor that Zimmerman was offered $20K and it was already arranged that he fight a comedian who has been tweeting him — exchanging insults. If it turns out that the comedian is the one boxing Zimmerman, they can forget people paying to see it.

        You’re right about Tracy. He has too much class.

        • All I can say is “What a Circus!”

          Interesting rumor….probably true.

          All this tells us is that GZ is thinking of other ways to make money since he probably can’t sell his Corey painting due to copyright infringement.

          • Probably the only boxing that will ever go on will be when the DOJ “boxes” GZ into the corner of a jail cell.

          • Yahtzee,
            Right. I think it’s more for the publicity but there’s something else too. If Zimmerman loses at boxing, he can say that proves he’s “soft.” He can’t afford to win the match because that will prove he had an advantage over Trayvon.

          • Good observation, Xena!

        • ChrisNY~Laurie

          George Zimmerman is a liar. He told radaronline that it was his idea to do crlebrity boxing and a mutual friend put him in contact with them. It was not his idea. It was a guy on twitter mike L. He came up with it an offer $20K for George and comedian Ralphie May to box because they were twitter fighting.

          @Ralphie_May: Check him for guns. RT @LOWmike: @Ralphie_May @TherealGeorgeZ I’m offering $20,000 a piece for u 2 (cont)

          • ChrisNY~Laurie

            Interesting that this Mike guys tweets are gone from his twitter now. Ralphie still has it though.

            He will never agree to fight anybody that could beat, although I see your point Xena about losing to look soft. Maybe, but I don’t know if his ego will allow him to do that. He thinks he’s a tough guy and I don’t think he cares to look innocent anymore by reading his tweets.

        • I really think that GZ should skip the boxing idea. He could probably bring in more money with a tightrope-walking circus performance.

        • Maybe his opponent will enter the ring with a huge chunk of sidewalk concrete…..and smash his head on it say…….30 times.

          Oh, and this has to be a cage match………tables, concrete, ladders, sidewalks, chairs, hey, the skies the limit, and since Trayvon couldn’t use a weapon, neither can PhatFogenPhoole this time.

          His opponent gets to drive a silver SUV into the darkened arena, much to Fogens surprise, and circle the ring…….hey, it’s all for charity……right.

          Then his opponent can make a call to the cops and call him any name he wants, maybe chase him around a bit and look for an “address”

          Then let the ass kicking begin.

  8. Okay…just arrived to this page…..going to read article and then comments 🙂

  9. I was getting ready for bed and decided to check Twitter one more time to see if there was another laugh about boxing George. This video is making the circuit. Funny, funny, funny.

  10. Oh yeah, who’s takin bets.

    • dreamer,
      Hucka, hucka, hucka. If I were younger and if he’s single ….. LOL!!

      • I have a friend who played in the NFL for a few years before a catastrophic ankle injury and he is a beast. He’s an AA and we talk about FogenPhoole all the time. A mutual hate as it were besides a mutual love of football.

        I’d bet he and I, and I’m 58, but in good shape, could pull off a tag team match against Fogen and his pick of Robbie the Racist, Moron O’ Mara, The Ice Cream Man or Frank “the Racist Tank” Taaffe and trust me……it won’t be pretty for any of them.

        My man, who is 6-4 or so and about 265…. played tight end in the pros and defensive end in college and could whoop ass on size alone….not to mention desire. I could do it on sheer desire and as a representative of Team Trayvon……well…….I hate to lose.

        • @racer — my fighting days are over due to disability (i wish my mouth would remember that more often). i do, however, have two younger bros to donate to the cause … the smallest is 6’3″ and 230# … talk about a beast 😉

    • oh my!! any more like him at home?

  11. DOJ…..DOJ……DOJ

    Get him!

    • Hey..Hey…Put Him Away!

      • Loo Loo skip to the jail
        Loo Loo sit behind bars
        Loo Loo stay for years
        Skip to the jail very soon now

        DOJ will get you
        DOJ will get you
        Doj will get you
        And send you right to jail

        Flies on the Cheez-its
        Shoo fly shoo
        Filies on the Cheez-its
        Shoo fly Shoo
        Flies on the Cheez-its
        Shoo fly shoo
        Skip to the jail very soon now

  12. I can NOT believe this!! Didn’t his defense & witnesses spend all their time saying he was NOT A FIGHTER??? He was not even allowed in the ring with anyone,just hit the bag!! But THIS now was his HOBBY before the “incident”.Holy Crap I really need to calm down before I say some things that might get me banned! He was a softie,BS…we knew better then,I guess thats how he got bouncer jobs b/c he was a softie.They all look like FOOLS & IDIOTS who were up there on the stand for him! Yep & Miss B 37 who I still want to know who she is,has got some kind of LIE rigged up for a so called CHARITY! I heard these things were rigged years ago & a SCAM! The only person who should be in the ring with this IDIOT is Tracy & he has too much CLASS to lower himself to his level.This nutcase is desperate for money.Go get a JOB!

  13. my dream matchup … Laila Ali

    yup, i wanna see his ass kicked by a black woman and there are plenty who could 🙂

    • I think any woman who goes in and kicks his ….. would be good.

      • i have spent way too many hours trying to find a woman who could kick mike tyson’s ass. alas, shaquille o’neal has no sisters and his mom, while perhaps up to the task size wise is likely too old now. 😦 honestly, i looked it up, that is just how deep this fantasy runs for me.

        i do think that the right woman could flatten z like a pancake. hell, in my prime i probably could have (5’10”, 180lbs, bench pressing the same, leg pressing 400 lbs).

        i’ve grown to tolerate tyson so now, i will develop this ‘woman pounds Z’ little game. as a young adult, i would have loved to take on andy kaufman … he was way smaller than my bros or any bull calf that i had relieved of testicles. i might have been able to do it, but now i’ll never know.

  14. Lets get ready to rummmmmbbbbbbllllllleeeeee

    In the ring from Floridah, 5’8” 300lb white hispanic afro peruvian, heavy weight pretender Phatfogenphoole, in white and red superhero breifs

  15. There is a twitter battle going on now with Matt Gutman and Z:

    Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC 5h
    @TherealGeorgeZ were you upset Pollack testified that you couldn’t fight?Wasn’t that central to your defense? You’re saying you can fight?

    Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC 6h
    @Lakecrazy @TheRealPest @TherealGeorgeZ didn’t GZ trainer Adam Pollack testify GZ was “soft” and wouldn’t even let him hit the heavy bag?

    All Z has to say is to post silly pictures with comments added and let’s everyone else including his sister fight the verbal battles. What a joke.

  16. The last person he challenged on twitter showed up and Z didn’t and then he claimed he was only joking, now he is biting off more than he can chew.

  17. He’ll be a no show and blame it on someone else.

  18. 2010 article about Damon Feldman:

    Damon Feldman charged with fixing Celebrity Boxing fights, promoting without license

    • Posted: Friday, January 31, 2014 5:27 am

      SANFORD, Fla. (CNN) -George Zimmerman is back in the news.
      He’s now planning to fight in a boxing ring for charity.

      Zimmerman told radar online that he’s agreed to participate in a “celebrity” boxing match.

      You may remember that Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

      Right now, Zimmerman does not have an opponent, but finding one may not be too difficult.

      According to CNN, the promoter of the match said that he has received more than 8,000 emails from people who want to fight Zimmerman.

      The fight will be on pay-per-view and scheduled for March 1st.

    • THANK YOU Yahtzee….I knew I had heard this somewhere!!

  19. Sharon Burney

    In all honesty I find his constant need to fortify his ego with repeated public attention seeking and monetary gain insulting to my very core. Only in America, is a cold blooded racist murderer endorsed with media glorification and monetary compensation for hunting, stalking, conspiring, to murder an innocent young black boy, and assisted by so many systems to complete the task. Only in America do we lack the compassion, respect, and value system to engage the freed murderer to continue his utter disrespect and gloating to the family of the victim, smiling and posing for the cameras every week. How it must feel to try to move past the murder and trial emotionally only to see the murderer benefit over and over. The participation of the media and other outlets using the blood of Trayvon to make as much money off his slaughter, is the American Capitalist Way, the loving historical context of how my country tis of thee truly has always felt about black people. The message that this non stop endorsement and promotion of George Zimmerman and by George Zimmerman and his supporters is not lost on Martins Family and Blacks in America. You can kill use whenever you want, get rich off that killing, and gloat and become a celebrity afterwards so just suck it up. Whatever you do dont you dare pull your race card because we will never admit our oppression. There is not one thing funny about this situation. It is not a joking matter.

    • There is not

      one thing funny about this situation. It is not a joking matter.

      Thank you, Sharon, for this sobering reminder.

      I regret that I posted the popcorn. I am sorry.

      • This is Sharon’s comment that I posted here.

        There is not one thing funny about this situation. It is not a joking matter.

    • Sharon, that is very well written. Thank you so much, you are spot on.

  20. Sharon Burney

    I am not offended by the satire, at all Yahtzee i am speaking of the media’s light hearted portrayal of Zimmermans non stop public realtions tour. At first thought we all want to line up in the ring to vent our frustrations, however there is a bigger picture here, a bigger message, and the most appropriate would be to make him sit in his uncelebrated solitude of his pathethic emptiness. No audience of co-consipriators, just him and the mirror and the Lord.

    • Thanks, for your clarification, Sharon.

      Both of your well-stated comments are excellent.

  21. Caterpillars, moths and butterflies,
    Sorry I’ve been absent today. Our postal worker got caught in the snow and I’ve been outside trying to help her. She phoned the office several times and got voice mail instead of a real person. Finally, she as able to get through. A tow truck came about an hour later.

    Now, I’m chilled to the bone but warming up.

    • This will probably be GZ’s answer to canadaca telling him:

      If you don’t get your act together I am washing my hands of you.”

  22. Looks like what George intended for his benefit is working to his detriment.

    • The common theme with some of his supporters is “this isn’t the man I know.” The problem is that they didn’t know him, they knew a projected, created image, sold to the public to sway their opinion. They are now starting to see what we have seen for some time.

      • towerflower,

        The common theme with some of his supporters is “this isn’t the man I know.” The problem is that they didn’t know him, they knew a projected, created image, sold to the public to sway their opinion. They are now starting to see what we have seen for some time.


  23. We shall never forget!

  24. Piercy, thanks for telling us that Zimmerman’s boxing challenge is a conspiracy. If the winner and loser is already pre-planned, there’s no reason for anyone to pay to see the boxing match.

    • Xena… you mean kind of like the TRIAL??? I’m sure juror B37 already has HER part of the money spent.You are right….why bother watching. Just watch a rerun of the trial instead.

  25. Hat tip to Rick Cooley. O/T but inspiring, historical, and truth.

  26. Is it possible that Quentin Jackson could accept his challenge? Better yet Wesley Snipes.

    • M1,
      There are only one of two things I’d like to see. Both would require an opponent of Trayvon’s height and weight. Because it’s a match, that person would need to be at least 18 yrs old, so they would be older than Trayvon’s 16 yrs and two weeks when Zimmerman killed him.

      Either someone of Trayvon’s height and weight would pin Zimmerman so Zimmerman could yell out like he claimed he did so America can hear what he truly sounds likes, or Zimmerman would hold and throw that person around like some of us believe he did Trayvon.

      He may have practiced boxing, but that bouncer experience is still in his bones.

      Oh — and make sure that whatever he wears in the ring exposes his gang tattoo.

  27. In 2010, Damon Feldman, who operates the Celebrity Boxing Federation, was charged with six counts of staging competitions without holding a promoter’s license from the State Athletic Commission and six counts of rigging fights at those events.

    In his defense, Feldman stated,

    “It’s to the point where there’s no chance of anybody getting really hurt. It’s entertainment,” Feldman said. “Everyone’s told, and they have to sign a paper beforehand, knowing they have to do it as entertainment or we can’t let them do the matches. The worst thing that ever happened at my events was a bloody nose.”

    This is the same promoter offering Zimmerman a celebrity boxing match.

    • I don’t think this is Z’s twitter page…..look after his name on the tweet and it has @There… Z’s is @TherealGeorgeZ

      There are several fake accounts with Z’s name.

      • towerflower,
        It was tweeted on Blacklemore’s twitter account. “There” is the beginning of “TherealGeorgeZ” twitter address.

  28. UF Law plans two events to recognize anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death

  29. Off topic, but important… Take your time and read this story and think about it… Then realize just how deep this problem goes in this nation… Is it time for real change to put a stop to this type of insanity? Don’t listen to the right wing, you can make a difference, that is, if you really want too…

    Xena, I’ll try to send you an update later today, things are not great, but could be a lot worse…

    • crazy1946. That link contains an excellent presentation. Thanks for providing it. Can you imagine if unsolved murders were added to it? I happen to know of a murderer/arsonist who has gotten away with murdering at least 2 individuals and possibly more. He has moved back and forth between at least 3 different states. Each time I hear of an arson with a dead body, (especially a woman), I think of him.

      He has been arrested for other things, such as trespassing, destruction of public property, and resisting arrest but never investigated for murder because the jurisdictions don’t know his history from other jurisdictions.

      • Xena, If we could get enough truthful information like found in that presentation in front of they eyes of the general public, then perhaps we could start to make some small measure of success in solving the gun problem in this nation..

  30. Courtesy of Sanford Watch.

  31. I tried to respond to this earlier this morning.. Good thing my comment wouldn’t ‘take’.. I was so mad I was shaking. I’ve had my wee-bitsy with me since then and have found some chi to be able to handle this. My friends on FB have had a blast with the articles. No one likes this sorry fcuker.

    Pig eye PUD.


    there, I feel much better now!

    • mindyme62. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? LOL!!

      So many of his supporters are criticizing him, that the handful remaining are now attacking Trayvon. They are like Zimmerman — demean the dead who cannot defend himself.

      • I just can’t believe he’s still intact and walking around on this earth


    • Happy Birthday with all good wishes to you, Rachel!

    • roderick2012

      I should have known that DeeDee was an Aquarius.

      Isn’t there another Aquarius who has a birthday coming up soon? *wink*

      • roderick2012.
        LOL! Uh — yeah! 🙂

        Trayvon’s birthday is Feb. 5th. Mine is the day after and O’Mara’s, IIRC, is the 8th.

        I’ve wanted to find someone who is familiar with numerology and astrology to give an interpretation based on the birthday’s of people involved in that case. If I’m not mistaken, Sybrina is also Aquarius and Zimmerman and Jahvaris have the same birthday. Trayvon’s life and death has much deeper meaning than we see on the surface.

        • roderick2012

          If I had their charts I could do a little something. I used to study numerology but I haven’t looked at it in years.

          All I remember about Piglet is that his sun is at 12 degrees Libra and Mars entered Libra in December and should be approaching Piglet’s natal sun and that’s why he’s been so aggressive lately (Mars is the god of war, aggression and anger).

          I remember LLPapa did a video that had the specifics of his chart but when I looked for it I couldn’t find it. Maybe LLPapa deleted it.

          It was symbolic that he chose red and orange for his painting of Angela Corey. Those colors depict anger and rage because he’s still holds a lot of rage against her.

          Also Piglet’s wanting to box (for charity) is another manifestation of Mars energy which is pure male aggression.

          What’s interesting is that both Aquarius and Libra are both air signs. Air signs deal with intellect and the mind and that is how they solve problems-they think through their problems.

          Aquarians tend to be very popular and have many friends, but they don’t have many if any close intimate friends because they tend to be emotionally aloof.

          Libras all about relationships ( sometimes to the point of co-dependency)and can be very charming and sometimes indecisive.

          I find it very interesting that Jahvaris shares a birthday with Piglet and that Trayvon and O’Mara’s birthdays are so close.

          If you remember Mercury was retrograde in Cancer during Piglet’s trial. It was probably conjunct Jupiter in Cancer. Cancer at is most positive manifestation is the giving mother, but at its worst Cancer says: My four and no more. If you don’t belong to my tribe(race) I don’t care about you’. The all female jury and Juror B37 manifest both of those energies perfectly. She was the protective racist mother for whom Piglet could do no wrong , but ‘that black boy’ Trayvon meant nothing to her because he didn’t belong to her tribe.

          Mercury retrograde muddles people’s thinking and communication causing many a lot of confusion. Jupiter expands everything it touches and it magnified the perplexity caused by the Mercury retrograde.

          Right now Piglet’s(and Jahvaris’) sun is being conjoined by Mars in Libra. Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are both squaring Piglet’s natal sun and Uranus in Aries is opposing his sun.
          Pluto in Capricorn could represents institutions and it could be the legal system that causes George some life changing experience and it won’t be pleasant.
          Jupiter in Cancer means that Piglet will experience luck through females maybe females of his own race.
          Uranus in Aries represents some type of life changing event that occurs suddenly. Aries is the baby of the zodiac and is naturally impatient and doesn’t think before he speaks. Aries rules firearms and cars.
          So both Piglet and Jahvaris are going to have some interesting experiences over the next few months since Mars doesn’t leave Libra until July 2014.

          • roderick2012.
            Wow! You put a lot of time into that. Thanks so much.

            Astrology has the tendency, for me, to be confusing at times. Some astrologers will not consider anything without a time of birth. Those who will use a noon time of birth. Dr. Turi interprets charts based on the Dragon’s tail. I remember in 2012 that he said Zimmerman’s chart indicated drug use and that will come out later.

            I also found this interesting:

            Zimmerman’s chart, based on a noon time of birth, is here:

            This might be the LLMPapa video you were looking for;

            • roderick2012

              Yes most professional astrologers refuse to use the noon ‘birth’ time but I was just working from my memory of what I remembered which was only Piglet’s sun sign at approximately 12 degrees Libra.

              The only things that you can get incorrect with a noon chart is the rising sign (the image that the individual projects to the world), the location of the moon which moves 1 degree every 2.5 hours and the locations of the planets in the twelve houses.

              Nothing really stands out in his chart that I can see.

              Piglet has four planets in fire signs which means that he’s very physical and has a lot of energy.

              Three planets in air signs (if he’s born after noon) all in Libra which is the sign relationships and the scales of justice and could explain his obsession with becoming a cop.

              Two planets in earth (both Virgo) which gives him some grounding and only one planet in water which may explain why Piglet lacks compassion.

              Piglet has three cardinal signs(all in Libra if he was born after noon) which means he is good at initiating projects, two fixed signs which help him complete projects, and five mutable planets which allow him to adjust to situations as they change to complete the project.

              There are two possible problems. Piglet has a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sag. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and it can lead to overconfidence and arrogance. Uranus is the rebel planet. A Jupiter/Uranus conjunction could be someone who breaks the rules and doesn’t believe that the rules apply to him. The fact that Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius which rules foreigners, education, religion, the higher courts and philosophy. Sagittarians can also be self-rightous. So Piglet’s statement during the Hannity interview about God’s will is just a twisted version of this aspect.

              The other problematic aspect is the square from Mars in Virgo to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius.

              Mars (the action planet) when squared (in conflict) by Uranus the planet of sudden and disruptive change (maginified by Jupiter) there can be some resulting volatility.

              Mars is how we express ourselves on the most primal level and in Virgo it’s muted so it may cause some frustration because Virgo is a mutable earth sign and not an action sign while Mars rules Aries which is a very active physical sign.

              The square between Mars and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction shouldn’t be to disturbing since both Virgo and Sagittarius are both mutable signs which means neither really wants to conflict with the other.

            • roderick2012,

              Two planets in earth (both Virgo) which gives him some grounding and only one planet in water which may explain why Piglet lacks compassion.

              I read an astrologer (don’t remember whom now) interpret the two planets in Virgo to mean that GZ was a perfectionist or expected perfectionism of others. He leaned more towards the perfection of others because of GZ’s desire to be in a career that judges others.

              Hey — if I email you my chart, will you interpret it? I am willing to compensate for your work. At my age now, it’s more for entertainment purposes. 🙂

            • roderick2012

              Sure you can and I will do my best, and you don’t have to pay me.

              There is really nothing in his chart that stands out to me and I actually had to stretch some of the orbs to get the Mars square Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

    • Oh – I didn’t know the discussion was continued here or I wouldn’t have posted on your other entries. Happy Birthday Rachel. Thank you so much for all you have done. Bless you. You deserved this and all the good things that come your way. YOU are a true hero – and a true friend. If everyone had just one friend as good as you, the world would be a better place.

      Thank you again.

  33. Looks as if George Zimmerman reveals the attitude he had on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012 when told “We don’t need you to do that.” He said “okay” but continued to follow as evidenced by the sound that first alerted the dispatcher leading him to ask “Are you following him?”

    This is what he tweeted.

    • You are a hundred percent correct, Xena, in your comment about GZ’s tweet:

      Looks as if George Zimmerman reveals the attitude he had on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012 when told “We don’t need you to do that.”

      He said “okay” but continued to follow as evidenced by the sound that first alerted the dispatcher leading him to ask “Are you following him?”

  34. GZ seems to be gloating, dropping hints that “yeah, I murdered the kid and got away with it, ha ha!” As Xena just rightly noted, the Downey quote is a pretty obvious reference to Z’s interaction with Sean Noffke. And the whole Celeb Boxing thing is framed within a ‘yeah, I know how to fight,” bravado that indicates Adam Pollock was lying his ass off at trial when he said GZ was ‘soft’ and had no fighting skills.

    I’m wondering how the hell THIS little pissant got so fortunate as to be covered in Teflon. (God’s plan? I don’t think so… “Luck is not the hand of God.” — Kurt Vonnegut) I’m enjoying watching Chris Christie’s guano juggernaut fall apart piece-by-piece. But I’m wondering how a truly big-time 😉 player like Christie can have it all unravel while Z has put out as many exposable lies and incriminating clues and remains untouched. Perhaps it’s just that screwing up traffic on the GW is a bigger deal to most people than the death of a black kid from Miami Gardens. Or maybe it’s just that GZ is so obviously a fool that the forces who could take him down actually do have bigger fish to fry. It’s kinda annoying, though.

    Memo to GZ: If there was a just and righteous God, and He had a plan, you’d be dead and Phillip Seymour Hoffman would still be alive.

    • whonoze. It’s good to see you! Thanks for the comment.

      Perhaps it’s just that screwing up traffic on the GW is a bigger deal to most people than the death of a black kid from Miami Gardens.

      Christie was elected, so people feel more engaged and more powerful. He’s a state politician where voters in New Jersey can express their sense of right and wrong. On the other hand, Zimmerman is not a person with any authority, local or state government, elected or appointed. Over 2 million people did share their concern and support by signing the petition for Zimmerman’s arrest. Many are impacted by the verdict in the case and that impact is and shall remain current as long as Zimmerman walks free.

      Zimmerman is best alive having to live with his decisions and actions on Feb. 26, 2012 that placed him in the position he is in today. It would be even better however, if he were made to think about that from behind bars. For now, he allows us to watch his train wreck.

      We await the decision on whether to charge him with violating Trayvon’s civil rights.

      Thanks again for the comment. It’s good to see you here.

      • Well, my comment was meant to be on the cheeky side. The last line was more of a joke on the Godly Righteous (of whom GZ is but one minnow in a giant ocean of the fished) than a genuine wish for his demise.

        I am convinced, now more than ever, that GZ has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m afraid that no matter what happens — whether he continues to walk free or winds up behind bars for one reason or another — he is never going to think about his decisions and actions, of 2/26/12 or any other time. I think he lives on without any discernible burden of recrimination. Whatever, he’s not going away quietly. He seems to find fulfillment/energy/affirmation/pleasure in wrecking the train (any train). Maybe the worst thing that could happen to him is if everybody just stopped paying attention to him? Or maybe that would be a bad idea as then he might do something even more horrible to get back in the spotlight.

        • whonoze,

          I am convinced, now more than ever, that GZ has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

          You could be absolutely correct. It is some sort or personality disorder. Hearing his NEN call, and then hearing his interviews with Singleton and Serino, I wondered if it was the same person. He certainly knew how to switch personalities but each time, he did so to get what he wanted.

          In the Hannity interview, we see yet another George Zimmerman, one that wasn’t so confident; who wanted to be liked, and who wanted to appear brave. He was opposite of the person we heard on the NEN call who said “Shit. He’s running.” On Hannity’s it was no, Trayvon wasn’t running — he was skipping.

          Whatever, he’s not going away quietly. He seems to find fulfillment/energy/affirmation/pleasure in wrecking the train (any train).

          Toxic, and he’s toxic to everyone he gets close to.

          Or maybe that would be a bad idea as then he might do something even more horrible to get back in the spotlight.

          Yes. That is highly possible.

  35. I have always thought it was ” roid rage” and this was before his involvement with the gym where the owner was arrested for selling steroids. Additionally, the body change fom 2/26 to Hannity interview was very apparent as was the personality change.
    I would guess he is back on the steroids and this is quite terrifying.

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