Georgia Senator Hopes To End Stand Your Ground


Thanks for this information of a very important and necessary event.

End Stand Your Ground

[UPDATE: This hearing was postponed due to weather conditions in Atlanta, and will now be held at 3:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, February 5, 2014]

Georgia will hold a hearing before the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee on a bill to repeal the state’s stand your ground law on Wednesday, January 29, and advocates are calling on supporters to “pack the house”.nd stand your ground in Georgia

The bill, SB 280, introduced by Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), seeks to repeal the statute relating to “no duty to retreat” in Georgia’s self-defense laws. The hearing will take place at 3:00 p.m. (EST) in Room 307 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building, located at 18 Capitol Square in Atlanta.

Senator Fort said in a statement that he is calling for “a full and fair hearing” on SB 280, something he claims was not done with a related bill last session. He said this bill, “seeks to end the morally wrong practice of…

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  1. There should be a duty to retreat. The way it is now totally bypasses our right to due process.


  2. Thank God. Finally, some sense has prevailed.


  3. Two sides to a story

    May the force be with him.

    I agree, there should be a duty to retreat as well as a stipulation that you can’t use force or weapons any greater than your attacker. This business of killing unarmed people needs to stop. We all truly know when we’re really in dire straits and a lot of people just take advantage of a bad situation and make it far worse because they’re itching to shoot someone.


  4. Speaking of SYG, D.P. apparently did not find support for the Facebook page he started to terrorize people on Twitter who support justice for Trayvon. He stood his ground by firing upon those who participate in one of two blogs that still allow him to post.

    This is what happened:


    • Wow, I missed that one. I also found it interesting that another supporter now claims they wished they never donated to Z.

      They are starting to see that he instigates a lot of what is happening to him, he threatens some twitter commenters and promotes a minor (if it really is a minor) to help him fight his battles that he started.

      Z could easily control it by going private on his account but he enjoys the confrontation—also very telling. He is starting to loose supporters who want off the train wreck known as GZ.


      • towerflower. You’re absolutely correct. George could have protected his Twitter account.

        One thing about the harassers is that they can never keep their mouths shut. Their plans can be discerned just by knowing their nature and their excuses. They wanted Zimmerman to be confronted on Twitter because they used that to justify subsequent behavior in doxing those who tweeted him and putting up Facebook pages with their personal info.

        It was said that one person launched the first Facebook page and after that was taken down by Facebook, DP launched a second. That has been taken down by Facebook and now he’s launched another. Thus far, he has not posted anyone’s personal info, so he is using it as a form of terrorism and anticipation.

        Social media, Youtube and blogs blocking him find that he intrudes again by using proxy IP addresses. He prides himself in that.

        Just as George Zimmerman has lost supporters, DP is finding that no one wants to participate in, neither associate with him because of his illegal activities and disrespect for terms of conditions.


    • ‘plain ole dave’ tried to comment on the endstandyourground site and…ooops, I accidentally deleted his comment and blocked him.


      • EaSY G, I’m sorry that you have been targeted by the “anti-BGI” folks. They think it is evil for Blacks to petition the government for redress of grievances; thus, their coining of “perpetually aggrieved” for Blacks who exercise constitutional rights.

        DP will most likely continue sending comments knowing that they go into the black hole of spam just like he disrespected Nettle’s instructions to go away.

        If you start getting filthy comments through proxy IP addresses, and if you want, let me know because I’ve had to handle that since about May 2013. That is their way of circumventing blocking options provided by Word Press.

        They lurk here to identify other blogs and then send them slanderous things about me, and have even threatened some bloggers with slander unless they dissociate with me. It hasn’t worked. It won’t work, but they keep trying.


  5. This is a start……In all reality the SYG laws pretty much all say that one must exhaust every avenue of escape before using deadly force. Not one of these murders has had that event. Not one ever said “….I did everything I could to get away…”

    Gee…….maybe……just maybe it’s because they started it and had no intention of allowing the actual victim to escape.

    Common sense 101 I believe.


  6. Like

  7. Until such time as that portion of society that feels it is not acceptable to take the lives of our fellow citizens via guns and similar weapons becomes as well organized and funded as the NRA, there will be no change in the status quo of gun deaths in this nation. Like it or not, the one common thing that all these deaths share is the ability to twist and distort the words found in the 2nd amendment to our constitution in such a way to give them greater rights than the rest of our population… Money and guns talk, poverty and death by gun are closely related… When will we as a society decide enough people have been sacrificed to the gun fanatics? Only when that happens will things change, we the people have the ability to make these changes, but do we really want them to take place?


    • crazy1946, I’m listening, and I hear you. I know of Moms Against Gun Violence but what can we do to organize to let states and the U.S. Congress to hear us loud and clear? When there are only 2 major political parties, and neither are listening, threatening not to vote for them is not going to resolve the problem.

      Any suggestions?


      • Xena, Unless you have enough money stuffed under your mattress to buy a congressman or two, I can’t offer any real ideas on how to bring about changes in the gun culture in this country… Sorry 😦


        • In other words, paid lobbyists. 😦


          • Xena, No matter how much we want these changes to come about, the sad truth is that with out the money to cause it to happen, change will not come… As you said before, follow the money, well we need to have the money as well… Some have called for revolt, but a revolution will take money as well. When the money is there we will see change. Trust me, I have not left the fight, only on the side line for a short while (hopefully..)…


  8. From West Virginia: Man shoots and kills his new neighbor and neighbor’s brother, then called 911 saying they were breaking into his house but it wasn’t his property.

    He has been charged with first degree murder.


    • I wish I knew more about this one……this could be the castle doctrine gone awry. From what I could get from the story is that the property was recently sold with plans to build a home on it soon. But it had a shed on it on the otherwise undeveloped land. I wonder if the shooter had placed the shed on the property without realizing it wasn’t on his own land…..they didn’t say how close to property boundaries it was. A local paper said he thought they were breaking into his outbuilding and the really sad part is the police said there was nothing in the building. So even if he thought it was his, he shot them knowing there was nothing in it.

      Regardless, he should have called 911 for help first….two dead all because someone couldn’t speak to a person first.


  9. 88 year old woman sues San Bernardino Police for punitive damages, unlawful entry, excessive force, municipal liability, supervisor liability, Americans with Disabilities Act violations, strict liability, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

    The cops entered her house and released a police dog who attacked her as she laid in her bed sleeping.


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  11. As in Florida, SYG in Georgia should be repealed . This is due to the fact that its not applied consistently. What happened to John McNeil is proof of that. John McNeil gets a call from his son that a white guy named Brian Epp trespassed in his home and had a knife on his son. McNeil clearly shot Epp in self-defense. Even with Epps violent past and negative trouble with McNeil. McNeil was still convicted of manslaughter. Compare that to the
    recent case of the white female who fired her gun through the closet at a black burglar. No charges filed. Or the case of the black guy killed protecting his girlfriend from a hostile white guy. The white guy claimed syg and was acquitted. The story is in a link of the topic. End the law since its not applied justly.


    • mi…..what happened to John McNeil was truly an injustice. The cops didn’t want to arrest him, the prosecutor wanted him charged and took it to a grand jury. The cops believed him and the witnesses who also back Mr. McNeil.

      There is a Tampa Bay news story about SYG in Florida and they break down about 200 known cases in which a person claimed SYG.

      You can break this down by race and see the rate of conviction or non conviction/immunity. You’ll find that the convictions are about the same percentage across the board. But you also need to look at each case to see if they were truly justified–meaning the person shot was committing a crime. Xena and I talked about this one and she was going to do more research into each case when she had the time, where I just did the percentages.

      In your last example, the police charged the shooter right away with murder and a jury almost deadlocked but did acquit him. But the issue went to a jury.

      I guess I’m not understanding the full issue, is it that the police sometimes charge and with others not? Or is it with the juries that might let the person go?


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