Farewell Pete Seeger, Social Justice Activist



Wonderful summary of Seeger’s work. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. It is truly appreciated.

Social Justice For All

Pete Seeger at his home in Beacon NY 9.14.2005Yesterday the world lost one of its longest-lasting voices for social justice. Pete Seeger — singer, songwriter, environmentalist, peace activist, and social justice pioneer — died at the age of 94. His long musical career was inextricably interwoven with his passion for equity and basic human rights.

Seeger was born in Manhattan in 1919. His father, Charles Seeger, founded the first collegiate musicology program in California in 1912 but was forced to resign for his outspoken pacifism during the first World War. His stepmother, Ruth Crawford Seeger was a noted composer and one of the most important resources for folk music in the early 20th Century. Pete blended what he learned in his youth into a long, beautiful career.

He learned banjo and began singing, passions that derailed his attempt to pursue a journalism degree. While he considered his future, he began working with the legendary Alan Lomax at the…

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  1. This performance brought tears to my eyes.


    • I was playing it today and felt the same as you, my friend.


    • Roger Johnson and Pete Seeger leading Freedom School students singing “We Shall Overcome” at Palmer’s Crossing Community Center, August 4, Freedom Summer, 1964.


  2. This was one of the few…..a true leader and spokesperson.


    • Know what Racer? I’m not a big fan of country nor folk music, so when an artist gets my attention, they also get my heart. Pete Seeger grabbed my heart.


  3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr , Pete Seeger, Charis Horton, Rosa Parks, and Ralph Abernathy at Highlander Center in 1957.

    If that didn’t work:


    Is there ANYONE who was not touched by this man at every Sunday school or camp they went to or worked at? Is there ANYONE who does not know “If I Had a Hammer?”


  4. Pete Seeger will always live on in my heart, singing songs that send bright sun with gentle breezes, inspiring my inner being.

    Thank you Pete Seeger for touching my life. Thank you for your presence here with us.
    May you rest in peace and touch the ears of angels with harmony. May you see for yourself His loving smile and may the Lord bless you forever.


  5. Highlights from song:

    When there’s big problems to be solved, let’s get everyone involved.

    Don’t give up, don’t give in. Working together we all can win

    What we do now, you and me, will affect eternity

    Hoping we’ll all pull through, me and you.


  6. He did so much to fill hearts with love and brotherhood!


  7. Published on Jan 28, 2014
    Rolling Stone magazine contributing editor David Wild discusses Pete Seeger’s influence on musicians like Dylan, Tom Morello and Springsteen.

    “Pete Seeger educated and inspired generations of musicians”