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Patty of petitemagique writes every month for Bloggers for Peace.  This month, she asks that we inspire someone.

Every month I make a post for Bloggers for Peace. Just to take a moment to think about the importance of it.

This month I decided to ask you all to INSPIRE someone.

Inspiration can be a great way to accomplish dreams and feel better.

Everyone needs motivation. To help them through rough times or to do something they want, but maybe never thought they could.

To inspire someone is a gift to someone and to yourself.”


I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have inspired me by giving of themselves.

inspiration2Peace is a huge word.  It can apply to peace in households, in relationships, in communities, in a State, a nation, the world.  As individuals, we may not think of ourselves as significant in bringing about or maintaining peace.  I encourage everyone to think today of how they have brought about or maintained peace.  You are significant!

When I think of inspiration, I think of movies.  Some of my favorite inspiring inspire1movies are:

The Butterfly Circus

In Pursuit of Happyness


The Book of Eli



(As funny as it may seem) Galaxy Quest

All of the Narnia films

Remember the Titans

I could make a list of at least 100 films and still not list them all.

ButterflyPeace396BlueInspiring others causes personal growth that like a seed, is given to others to plant and grow.  Blackbutterfly7 humbly becomes a part of Bloggers for Peace.

Gonna take a little look way down inside
Gotta find out Lord why I’m alive
We’ll pray for a day when all men are free
And people can live like they’re meant to be
Meanwhile, it’s all up to you and me
Start working together towards this dream

People killed for a treasure to find that

Peace on Earth” is all it said.

Some day we’ll put it together and get it all done.

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  1. Beautifully done Xena. I love this post.
    Lots of love


  2. The Book of Eli, Blindside, Glory and Remember the Titans are all on my list of favorites. 🙂


    • Hey Jackie! With movies like that, who needs to watch newer ones? 🙂


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        I am a terrible person for watching the same old movies over and over. In fact, I have to have the TV on to old movies (preferably, kid movies) to focus to write.


        • Oh Jackie, I’m so bad that when I turn to the movie channels, I’ll watch a movie that I have on DVD.

          Oh — I need to add The Call to the list of inspirational favorites.


          • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

            Ha ha ha! I have done that too! We must have been siblings in a former life.

            I had surgery in 2008 to remove an aneurysm and correct double vision and the surgeon caused blood to bleed into my brain and cause a stroke. Now when I need to concentrate to write, I must have something on TV that helps me like Monk, Roseanne, magnum, p. i., Elf, Goonies, The Sandlot, etc. It doesn’t work with NCSI, CSI or any other newer crime shows. It has something to do with the stroke. 🙂

            The Call is new to me. I’ll look for that on DVD.

            Have a good day. 🙂


          • Wow Jackie!! I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. One mistake and WHAM! The more that medical science learns to fix the more mistakes and negligence seems to happen.

            I really liked Monk and wish it had not been taken off. Since around 2008, I haven’t been much of a TV person. Other than Survivor, there’s no other program that I set aside time to watch. And I hate commercials so the movie channels and On Demand for free movies work better for me.

            Here’s sending you positive and good thoughts.


          • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

            Thanks for your good thoughts. I had three aneurysms in my head: one behind each eye and one in another area. The one that was causing double vision is the one that was removed. Before surgery, the images that I saw were in constant motion. Example: Looking at the TV, there would be two separate TV screens floating around and there was no way to control it, plus I was nauseous due to the motion. After the surgery, the images are static, which means they are fixed, even though there are still two separate images. My vision cannot be controlled by eyeglasses. I use a one-inch dot made from a Post-It to cover one lens, thus cancelling the second image.

            The only TV show I make a point to watch is The Walking Dead.

            Taking your good thoughts and getting back to work. 🙂


  3. Love it Xena!!! So very well done!! Excellent ….. Kudos!! From the heart!!!


  4. Very nice! I’ve made a list of the movies and will make sure to seem them all.


    • Add this one to it. It’s currently in premium cable channels. I’ve watched it at least 5 times already. 🙂


  5. One Tin Soldier is one of my all time favorite songs. Love the Spiritual message of the Billy Jack movies too.


    • Mindyme, I love the Billy Jack movies too. Tom Laughlin had a website where he shared his belief in Jung. Sadly, he died in December from pneumonia at the age of 82. I hoped that his family would keep up his great videos and articles, but here is the current website:


  6. Movies inspire me as well, but on the top of my list is music and poetry. I consider these 3 things as “Food for the Soul.” If it makes me cry, it’s a winner. Xena, Thank you for this place we can come to and share our thoughts. You and others here inspire me, you speak from the heart.

    This is the song Mr dreamer and I got married to. And yes, I cried.


    • dreamer,
      Good to hear from you. How’s the move going? Moving can be so stressful.

      Thanks for the video. It’s fantastic. I can see why you cried.


      • Xena,
        Well, where do I start. We are still working on the house. A lot to do, it was a repo, and when the old owners left, they left with it all. The air conditioners, pool pumps and heater, all the stainless steal appliances, all the shutters, ceiling fans, light fixtures, cabinet doors, towel bars, and whatever else. Three of the bedrooms were painted bright dark blue, two tone bright pink, and dark purple, ceilings and all. Anyway, we are almost done painting, new carpet is in, all the appliance have been delivered, and air conditioning on thurs. And guess what, this is in a gated community. I have to stay with Mr dreamer in the evening, cause he says you never know when one of those neighborhood watchers might come by and think I look suspicious. He’s serious too, very sad……..


        • dreamer,
          Wow!! That sounds like so much work. I was thinking about changing the color in my bedroom this Spring but just reading your comment makes me tired. LOL!

          Gated community, uh?

          I wish you the best and that you and your family stay safe.


  7. On the topic of inspiration, here is an article from February 26, 2013 almost a year ago:

    “8 Inspiring Things That Happened Since Trayvon Martin Was Tragically Killed One Year Ago Today”

    1. 192 colleagues of Trayvon Martin’s mother donated 1,362 hours of their vacation time so she could grieve.

    2. Sanford, Florida has a new police chief who has pledged to finally address “long-standing racial tensions between the police department and the African-American community.”

    3. Dozens of major companies ended their support for ALEC, the right-wing group who championed “Stand Your Ground” laws.

    4. Thousands of people peacefully gathered in Sanford, Florida to demand justice for Trayvon Martin.

    5. A United States Congressman went on the floor of the House of Representatives in a hoodie to show solidarity with Trayvon.

    6. Legislation to repeal “Stand Your Ground” laws was introduced in four states.

    8. President Obama spoke out about Trayvon Martin

    7.Students at Howard University produced this video to highlight the racial profiling of young black men.


    • Regarding #6 above (repealing SYG), look at what was PREDICTED in 2007:

      “Expansions to the Castle Doctrine: Implications for Policy and Practice”

      Our attendees contended that the new legislation can lead to many negative consequences, including:

      *An increase in armed crime as a result of criminals learn- ing that they can use the Castle Doctrine as a defense; Escalations in violence that may not have otherwise occurred if people were not carrying weapons for self-defense;

      *Increased lethality and increases in life-altering injuries as a result of self-defense acts;

      *Decreased feelings of safety that stem from the perception that anyone, anywhere, at any time, might perceive the use of deadly force to be reasonable or justified due to a presumption of fear, even if danger is not imminent;

      *A misinterpretation of physical clues that results in the use of deadly force, exacerbating culture, class, and race differences;

      *A disproportionately negative effect on minorities, persons from lower socio-economic status, and young adults/juveniles


      • Here is what Vanessa Wills wrote in Chapter 18 (pp. 228-9) of “Pursuing Trayvon Martin: Historical Contexts and Contemporary Manifestations of Racial Dynamics” edited by George Yancy and Janine Jones:

        …no one can be surprised that “Stand Your Ground,” a law designed to expand the right of citizens to kill those they fear, has the effect of legitimizing and encouraging attacks on black people. In fact, exactly this result was predicted by the National Defense Attorney Association, which warned in a 2007 report that laws like “Stand Your Ground” could lead to “misinterpretation of physical clues that results in the use of deadly force, exacerbating culture, class, and race differences” and “a disproportionately negative effect on minorities, persons from lower socioeconomic status, and young adults/juveniles.

        Aware of “Stand Your Ground,” Zimmerman felt himself perfectly empowered to make Trayvon answerable to his authority, and understood–correctly, I might add–that the law would protect his right to control any situation that unfolded with lethal force, if necessary.

        It was nationwide exposure and the intervention of a large, visible protest movement that created the possibility of his being held criminally liable for the killing at all.


      • Yahtzee,
        Amazing, isn’t it?

        Decreased feelings of safety that stem from the perception that anyone, anywhere, at any time, might perceive the use of deadly force to be reasonable or justified due to a presumption of fear, even if danger is not imminent;

        This has and will have an effect on businesses as people begin avoiding places that allow guns inside. It might also have a negative effect on health because of stress.


        • What we have now in our society is conceal carry + SYG. This can be deadly.

          A person carrying a concealed gun can provoke someone verbally as did the ex-cop at the theater or as GZ did in pursuing Trayvon in his truck. The person being provoked responds back not knowing he/she is up against a gun.

          Trayvon ran and the victim at the theater stood up, turned around, faced the ex-cop and tossed popcorn at the ex-cop.

          Had either one KNOWN that the provocateur was armed, each might have handled things differently. Trayvon might have continued running and not stopped to rest, and the theater victim might have left the theater with his wife and never have stood up to the person provoking him.

          We now have a society where people cannot react the “old fashioned” way to provocation because the initiator might be “advantaged” by having a concealed gun + SYG which requires no duty to retreat.


          • probably should have used the word “instigator” instead of “provocateur.”


          • Yahtzee

            We now have a society where people cannot react the “old fashioned” way to provocation because the initiator might be “advantaged” by having a concealed gun + SYG which requires no duty to retreat.

            It’s hypocritical, isn’t it, giving the person with the gun an advantage to use it first to prevent using it in self-defense. Shoot first – claim fear later.


  8. GZ has a new 16 year old buddy on twitter. GZ thinks he is the man now.

    George Zimmerman‏@TherealGeorgeZJan 21
    @lanesands @jasongoodman31 @TheRealHOodRept @niodox @EricMFinSakoor Lane, make your way to TX or FL and I guarantee no one will touch you.

    That’s because he has “the guns” with him.

    He’s in the threatning mode

    George Zimmerman‏@TherealGeorgeZ
    I said give me your address ma’am. You’re not, I told you from my first tweet, you’re a pansy. Now hurry up and prove me wrong

    No need to worry George

    George Zimmerman‏@TherealGeorgeZJan 21
    “@lanesands: @TherealGeorgeZ @TheRealHOodRept @niodox @EricMFinSakoor got your back George!” I know lil homie.

    Homie? Keep talking, your’e doing a great job George.


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