George Zimmerman – “I’m Above the Law”

Christi O’Connor has released Part 1 of her investigative report on video.  She doesn’t tell us much of what we don’t already know about George Zimmerman, but she does, along with many, ask why.

When watching the video of George Zimmerman destroying Shellie’s iPad, we see people who are not identified and that we did not hear from.  In her recently released video, O’Connor interviews one such person.  He tells O’Connor that George did have a gun on him that day, and that George’s girlfriend, Samantha, placed the gun in her purse to hide from the police.  That man also said that George stated he is above the law.

OstermanIn one frame, we see who looks like Mark Osterman standing with Shellie and the man who O’Connor interviewed. (Hat tip to and correction by Jeff.  The man in this photo is Kelly Sims, Shellie’s attorney.)

Could this confirm what Samantha said about George being alone and no longer having friends?

What O’Connor has ferreted out supports what Shellie said about George believing he is invincible.   She addresses evidence withheld and law ignored in the six months since George’s acquittal in the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Two sides to a story

    Tick tock. Just a matter of time before Zman effs up.

    • No one can get away with behavior like this forever.

      • roderick2012

        Mindy, you’re on point.

        Look at Chris Christie. He bullied people around when he was the U.S. Attorney for NJ and during his first term as governor and now the current U.S. Attorney has Christie in his sites (wide screen version?).

        As my mom’s boss would say: little rabbits run in smal circles.

    • and the law and police finally catch up to him:

  2. His is coming – it is. And his crap ex-lawyer too who is defending a rapist now.

    • roderick2012

      After you’ve gotten a child murderer (who was as guilty as sin) off can you go any lower?

  3. Xena, to your question

    In one frame, we see who looks like Mark Osterman standing with Shellie and the man who O’Connor interviewed.

    Could this confirm what Samantha said about George being alone and no longer having friends?

    I would answer “Yes”

    Somehow, though, he has some sort of control of these people….almost like he has them on a lease which he can tug hard whenever it pleases him.

  4. Jeff lebowski

    Not Mark Osterman…. It’s Kelly Simms

  5. Yes shellies lawyer. The other guy is Eugene K. Johnson not anybody new he gave a sworn statement to police at the scene. He said he never saw a gun.

  6. I feel it coming and I feel it big. It won’t be long now.

  7. John Phillips announced on his Facebook page on Thursday night that he is representing Jacksonville photographer Rick Wilson.

    Wilson took the photo of Angela Corey which was allegedly used without permission by George Zimmerman in his latest painting.

  8. It’s now being reported that Phillips is not suing and he has asked the media to retract.

    • That was quick!

      • Yahtzee,
        It sure was quick, and I’m trying to monitor to report — but I’m hungry now — late dinner. 🙂

        • Sooner or later he will copy someone’s work that won’t back down.

          • Just read the lawyer’s tweets. No lawsuit was filed…said the news jumped to conclusions but he also said “We have some background things to do, so we cannot comment tonight.”

            • towerflower.
              I was wondering about that, because if the “painting” doesn’t sell, the photographer has no damages. About the only thing that a court can do in that case is enter an injunction and/or order Zimmerman to destroy the “painting.”

          • This morning, it said the artist is going to wait. Probably to see if it sells to see how much his damages are.

  9. Here is the forensic report on the iPad by the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Facility at the Univ. of Tulsa, OK:

  10. “We certainly can confirm Rick has hired me,” Phillips said in a message to the Times-Union Thursday. “We are investigating and currently have no further comment.”

  11. Oh brother, is this for real?

    Florida City Council Okays Zimmerman Statue

  12. Just looks as if GZ has his wallet in his left hand (not hiding a gun). See video here:

    • Compare to Christi O’Connor’s video above at timestamp 4:05 and what she says.

  13. I just added the following to Xena’s past article on “Prosecuting Hate Crimes” in reference to what the DOJ could use to build its case against GZ:

    Let’s not overlook GZ’s effort to falsely attribute the word HOMIE to what he said were Trayon’s words to him.

    Twice in GZ’s FIRST interview, the interview that took place the SAME night that he killed Trayvon, GZ said that Trayvon used the word “Homie” in addressing GZ.

    February 26, 2012 Investigator Singleton’s interview with GZ:
    [audio src="" /]

    Timestamp 13:22

    Zimmerman: So, I was walking back through to where my car was and he jumped out from the bushes and he said, “What the F…ck’s your problem, HOMIE? And I got my cell phone out to call 911 this time.”

    Timestamp 22:30

    Singleton: And what did he say before that?
Zimmerman: Ah….
Singleton: You said he asked you like something about, he said you got a problem?
Zimmerman: He said “You got a problem, HOMIE?”

    This is proof that GZ attempted to falsely STEREOTYPE Trayvon Martin to Investigator Doris Singleton. Trayvon Martin’s generation does not use the term “Homie”.

    This represents proof along with GZ’s “f….ing c…ns” expletive on the NEN call that his killing Trayvon Martin IS a hate crime based upon racial hatred toward Black youth.

    GZ racially profiled and pursued Trayvon in anger.

    LLPapa in this video points out that the term “Homie” is outdated (not used by Trayvon’s generation):

    • For anyone who might have missed it, here is the link to Xena’s article on “Prosecuting Hate Crimes” —

      • additional note:

        I know that we all pointed out GZ’s use of the word “Homie” (attributing it to Trayvon) as proof that he was lying.

        Now, its implications go BEYOND just lying.

        The DOJ can make special use of it as they build their case.

        • Yahtzee,

          From GZ’s current twitter account, notice his use of the word “Homie.”

          George Zimmerman‏@TherealGeorgeZJan 21
          “@lanesands: @TherealGeorgeZ @TheRealHOodRept @niodox @EricMFinSakoor got your back George!” I know lil homie.

  14. From what Jr. hints at they might not be selling it on ebay. He said they have gotten several private offers and are considering making this one into prints. I wonder if he’ll be able to find out how much it sells for if it is done in a private sale….we might never know if it is sold.

  15. “The AP has sent a cease-and-desist letter asserting its copyright in the photo to the lawyer who recently represented Zimmerman. That lawyer has responded, and though she no longer represents Mr. Zimmerman, she will be forwarding the letter to him today.”

  16. The photographer, Rick Wilson, is now being represented by Jacksonville attorney John Phillips. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Phillips said Zimmerman should expect legal action if he continues to use the photo.

    “If you’ve seen the two photos, it’s identical,” Philips said, adding: “You just can’t do that. You just can’t take somebody else’s work and make it your own.”,0,7170803.story

    • Excerpt from the article:

      The main issue before the Florida Bar, according to Friday’s letter, was whether O’Mara knew the Zimmermans were taking in significant amounts of money via a fund-raising website when he questioned Shellie Zimmerman at an April 20, 2012, bond hearing.

      She told Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. that she and her husband were broke. In fact, they had collected more than $130,000 in donations.

  17. George Zimmerman‏@TherealGeorgeZ
    No worries AP, I’ll just take whatever U sue me for off your tab when I’m done suing you 🙂 Or… I could put out how much U offered me 2..

    When did Z ever say they were going after the AP? and for what?

    • towerflower. I just read that AP replied to Zimmerman’s tweet saying they don’t know what he’s talking about.

      • I think he said it to appease the lemmings…….they all think he is going to sue everyone under the sun and encourage him to do so. I just don’t ever recall MOM ever saying they were going after anyone else except NBC.

        • towerflower. His minions have sent comments to other bloggers saying that I was being sued by Zimmerman for defamation and if they continue associating with me, they too will be sued. I’ve been waiting to be served summons since around December 2012. LOL!

          Just like the suit against NBC, Zimmerman needs evidence and to prove damages.

          When he killed Trayvon Martin, he was financially broke and unable to pay his bills, had failed to earn his college degree, and was looking for a career other than the one he had at Digital Risk. Because of his actions, the public paid his living expenses and fed him for over a year. He was actually in a better financial position after killing Trayvon than he was previously. Damages for defamation my foot!

  18. just guessing this status hearing will result in the case being dropped. i don’t believe the attnys that worked for zippy will be too eager to proceed w arguing NBC ruined zim’s fine reputation.

    • when MOM announced the lawsuit he also claimed that the segment forced Z to go into hiding. NBC can easily prove that wasn’t the case and that Z went into hiding the minute he left the PD that night on the advice of Osterman and weeks before NBC aired the segment.

    • Shannon, I don’t think there are any motions before the court, such as a motion to dismiss. Status hearings generally tell the court where the case is at, for instance, proceeding to discovery. The court would then enter a schedule for conducting discovery. Zimmerman is in a dangerous position because he cannot take a chance of being deposed while the federal government still has him under investigation.

  19. vplat is getting her scoop for her massive “blogience”! lolol now she’s playing lawyer and challenging Phillips by saying she posted a screen shot of AC on her blog. then he had to school her!

    @VP_Renewsit Here is the link-— John M. Phillips (@JohnPhillips) January 25, 2014

    • @VP_Renewsit Screenshots are likely owned by the place where you "snapped" it. We have info that Zimmerman used Rick's. It is what it is.— John M. Phillips (@JohnPhillips) January 25, 2014

      • It amazes me how some people try to get around the law or interpret it according to their corner of the world. Zimmerman’s actions go beyond Fair Use because he’s doing it for profit. This is the same man who asked for donations for a legal defense before his arrest, and used the money to pay off his pre-Feb.26, 2012 debts while in jail, then sat like a potted palm while his wife misrepresented her knowledge of the money.

  20. Looks like Jr. is getting the flick on the seriousness of the AP issue. He recently removed all tweets from his page about Angie.

  21. /large

    • How is it that Fogen can talk like this and claims to be that mild mannered, well intending, neighbor loving, fair, non – biased, all American good guy ??

      Oh… bad….he’s a lying murderer.

      Malicious Prosecution……A hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. This from the winner of the “Racist Lying Thug Murderer” of the year award.

      Not to be confused with the “I don’t know the real Peter Pan” award.

      • Racer, I laughed at that “malicious prosecution” claim because that is a civil action and not a defense to prevent trial — which is what George was trying to do.

  22. From Sanford Watch.

  23. ChrisNY~Laurie

    I see Georgie is twitter fighting with an overweight comedian named Raulphie May. It’s really funny that all his “supporters” think he is mad because the comedian made fun of GZ’s weight, when I’m pretty sure he’s really upset about the guy making fun of his small unit. Lmao!!!

  24. Xena tell NBC to depose this

    @Ralphie_May Quit using me and ur white guilt 2 become relevant. Keep playing college venues. There is a reason you're not @ the DC improv.— George Zimmerman (@TherealGeorgeZ) January 26, 2014

    • Shannon,
      Do you mean “expose”? If so, I think you just did. 🙂

      • No DEPOSE, as in NBC & the fantasy he’s having of living off lawsuits! i just love how this punk thinks out loud and shows his stupidity saying only black ppl are here supporting justice for Trayvon LOLOLO
        Mr Sues-a-lot thinks he’s gonna sue everyone!!

        • Shannon,

          No DEPOSE, as in NBC & the fantasy he’s having of living off lawsuits!

          Ahhh. Duh! Sorry. I misunderstood. 🙂

          i just love how this punk thinks out loud and shows his stupidity saying only black ppl are here supporting justice for Trayvon LOLOLO

          It’s the classic White Supremacist belief that Whites who believe all men are equal have abandoned their race.

    • ChrisNY~Laurie

      Oh yeah… He isn’t racist my butt! So, in his eyes anybody who thinks he is guilty or isn’t racist against black people have white guilt??? I am so glad he tweeted that.

      • “White guilt” is a phrase that carries many meanings in the circles that coined it. Those circles are White Supremacists and sovereign citizens.

        They believe that Whites voted for Barack Obama because of “white guilt.”

        Any association between Whites and Blacks, unless it’s a relationship of Blacks being oppressed, is said to be caused by “white guilt.”

        Blacks being employed, highly educated, living where they can afford, and freedom to go wherever they please, is said to be caused by “white guilt.”

        It’s a catch-all phrase applied to any and all situations after the Civil War to explain why Blacks have all rights and privileges as U.S. citizens and exercise those rights. In other words, the people who believe in “white guilt” are saying in a round-a-bout way that freed slaves would never have wanted to exercise freedom and leave plantations had it not been for “white guilt.”

      • I’m white and I don’t feel guilty. Must be a racist thing, a Fogen thing, A “Robbie the Racist” thing, a Frank “The Racist Tank” Taaffe thing, a Michael Dunn thing.

        Damn…….I’m glad I don’t come across that group in my neighborhood. Then it could become a “I decked ’em thing” ……………just sayin’

    • Note to Fogen……college venue’s pay pretty big money to entertainers.

  25. I think the problem is that the guy has too many friends as opposed to none – namely, they are all pigs who wear a badge.

    • Caleb,
      I’m afraid you’re right. Seems like it’s not what George knows, but who he knows in LE that works to his benefit.

      • That’s for sure. I’m telling you, the whole law enforcement in Florida state almost has got his back, and I suspect in many other places as well.

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