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It was reported today that a shooting has occurred at Purdue University.

Remains found in Queens, NY, are that of Avonte Oquendo who was autistic, unable to speak, and went missing from school.  R.I.P. Avonte. New Jersey politics is still making news. America’s Northeast is under winter storm alert and much of the Midwest is  under snow. In response to Martin Luther King, Jr’s Day, stupid remarks have been made, some by Sarah Palin. Russia reveals that “Black widows” are a threat to the Olympics, planning attacks. George Zimmerman has taken to rubbing elbows with people who support him who are known for using racial slurs. And so it goes with current news.

What’s on your mind?

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  1. What is there to say? Where are we headed? Where is this world going?
    The video is awesome …. if we could only do that!!

    I think I’m to idealistic yet pessimistic at the same time. That’s what I hope for but I see another reality!!

    SMH …. I’m glad I’m as old as I am.

    Love you sister!!! From the heart …..


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    It could be described “as the world turns” …. what do to????


  3. Shootings….shootings…..shootings

    Tears keep flowing across our country.

    Please, please make it stop.

    Police have taken one male into custody Tuesday following reports of that at least one person was shot on the campus of Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Ind.


  4. Oh no, I was so hoping Avonte would be found alive and ok..


  5. Two sides to a story

    City Council meeting tonight in Fullerton, CA. Slain homeless man Kelly Thomas’s father Ron Thomas and supporters will be there, and likely protesters will be outside. FPD police chief has pledged to not rehire Jay Cicinelli, one of the officers charged but exonerated in the case, who is seeking his job back, but people want official confirmation from the CC because they can override the PD if they choose to.

    Also, during Saturdays’ protest, a protestor walked close to a CBS LA camerawoman and held her sign up. The camerawoman shoved the protester and the protestor shoved her back. Other protesters chased her back to the CBS van and surrounded it, wouldn’t let it move for a short time. For this, the 19-year-old was charged with felony assault, but the camerawoman was not charged. There is a YouTube video of the incident that clearly shows the camerawoman striking first, and it’s posted in many places.

    The PD waited until there were only about 40 people present and all major media was gone and regular traffic had dwindled to kettle protesters in the intersection in front of PD and city hall where the protest took place. I was just turning to leave when this happened. Quite interesting and though scary, I was glad to witness it. Mainstream media has reported that the legal gathering was declared illegal, but because no major media were there. are not using the photos taken by citizens and alternative media. FPD claims their hands were forced because of incidents, but it appeared they were wanting to do this for any excuse because they had SWAT teams composed of FPD and PD and vehicles from Placentia and Brea as well. Had to be a planned effort and again, done with little witness from the community or mainstream media. Some of the best photos available are on FB, but set to public view in an album called California Police State at a page called SAPD – Stop Abusing People’s Derechos –

    Most people then retreated – we were allowed to leave in only two directions and not all four. Many people just retreated to a safe distance to continue watching and filming, but a group of about 20 protestors who were already outside the kettled area approached from one direction and sat down in a line across the boulevard. Ten were arrested for failure to disperse. And many didn’t leave the area but went to Kelly’s Corner at the transit center where he was killed to continue picketing. Police never declared that an illegal gathering, but instead swooped around in the dark to chase people – I witnessed two such raids after dark. In the second and final one that I witnessed, an alternative reporter was arrested simply for videoing police chasing people around, probably an illegal arrest. She was charged with failure to disperse, but again, there was no announcement to disperse, and she probably has a good civil rights case (there are many precendents). An unmarked truck and SUV belonging to SPD also lurked around the protest all day and eventually swept up a few people – one on Sunday, don’t know what for but there are pictures of them grabbing a girl. Officially, there have been 14 arrested for various things, but eyewitness reports suggest that maybe more people have been grabbed – ???


    • That is one scary police department, TSTAS!!!

      I am glad you are safe and have the chance to get the TRUTH out.


    • Two sides, it’s good to hear from you. I read about the cops arresting people at the protests and wondered if you were involved. (whew)

      Thanks for the report. Will you attend the city council meeting tonight?


  6. Thank you for the beautiful video you posted for us.

    Yes, let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.


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  9. The person shot at Purdue has died.


    • So much better! Thanks, Xena!


      • Sounds as if he is trying to get around the Sunshine Law. Yes???


        • The judge clearly does not want to release Dunn’s jailhouse calls to the public. Then there’s the matter of releasing the names of witnesses. I’m ready for him to rule already!


          • This is NOT right!


          • I wish they would change the Sunshine Law here in Florida to give Judges the right to withhold evidence releases in high profile cases until the siting of a jury. Sometimes I wonder what the outcome with Z would have been if gag orders had been in place and no evidence was released until the trial.


            • towerflower.
              I didn’t hear all of the media’s arguments in Zimmerman’s trial, and came in late today at the hearing in Dunn’s case. It seems to me that it’s the media that wants release of information and discovery. It’s what they do with it that can cause problems and public distrust.

              Sometimes I wonder what the outcome with Z would have been if gag orders had been in place and no evidence was released until the trial.

              One thing is that O’Mara would not have been able to release things that the court subsequently did not allow into evidence. It’s funny, because what the court would not enter, such as Trayvon’s texts and pics from his cell phone, is what Zimmerman supporters still argue today in their efforts to denigrate Trayvon. Hypocritically, they want others to “move on” since the verdict.

              As well, some would not have gotten up their hope to see the State enter evidence that had been released during discovery, that was not mentioned at trial. I still want to know why the State released the vid of M&I Bank, but did not bring it up at trial.


      • The sound still wasn’t the best. I don’t know what Judge Healey’s ruling was on the release of witness names and the jailhouse phone calls.


  10. Michael Dunn’s Motion to Continue Trial denied. Trial shall proceed as scheduled for Feb. 3rd.


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  12. Julie Lyncker was fired in October 2009 from her job as a clerk in the State Attorney’s Nassau County office after being questioned about whether she had a sexual relationship with Nassau County Sheriff Tommy Seagraves. Lyncker said her civil rights were violated and the firing was an illegal retaliation for reporting wrongdoing in the office.

    That lawsuit was settled today.


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  14. ChrisNY~Laurie

    Ugh! I am so darn frustrated with this loser right now. I was reading GZ’s tweets and he’s got my blood boiling!

    @TherealGeorgeZ: .@yepyep_uhmm: @TherealGeorgeZ any day now…getting real cocky. You’ll screw up sooner than later.” K cupcake, sweet dreams xoxo!

    That SOB’s reply in this tweet is the ending…”k cupcake, sweet dreams xoxo!”

    He thinks he is a sneaking little smart azz, like we don’t know that he is mocking Trayvon with that line. He can pretend that he doesn’t know Trayvon said those words to his mother just like he tries to pretend he doesn’t know who Nancy grace is or what HLN is. He can try to fool everybody on which time zone he is living in as well, but he is just too freaking STUPID to get away with it. ( referring to his tweet about missing a 7:00 show because he thought it was “his time” not EST) I hope he is in Texas and thinks it’s funny that he feels safe there. Lol. Sorry to come here bi*ching, but if I didn’t vent somewhere, I would have posted on his twitter and I don’t want my handle on there especially since I’m sure it is being monitored.


    • ChrisNY. No problem. You can vent here.

      Zimmerman plays stupid, just like he told Hannity that he hadn’t heard of SYG. It came out at trial that he did. Just the fact that he had a conceal carry license requires him to know about Florida’s self-defense law.

      And, we know from his jailhouse phone calls that he speaks in code.

      We heard the real George Zimmerman on his NEN call. We heard the real George Zimmerman on the jailhouse calls. We’ve seen the real George Zimmerman on video destroying Shellie’s iPad.


    • I am convinced that Z throws out comment bombs and sits back and amuses himself reading the replies. He rarely replies to any of the tweets. He just starts the arguments and sits back. I used to work with someone like that, really a sick mind if you think about it.


    • roderick2012

      Of course he’s a black Republican from Flori-duh!!


      • roderick2012. That’s the plot and scheme of sovereign citizen believers in the Tea Party. They didn’t learn from the results of Alan Keys and Herman Cain. The idea that they can place a Republican Black politician to do their dirty work impugns their Party.


  15. George Zimmerman’s Twitter tirade


    • He disgusts me. I know his is just waiting around the corner though, I just know it.


      • ChrisNY~Laurie

        Hopefully it is Rachael.

        I was sitting here imagining him reaching for his gun to intimidate someone again or actually to kill them and they pulled out their own and shot him first. If he’s living in Texas that could definitely happen since most people do carry. They could claim self defense cause he was reaching for his. That would probably work in Texas. But, then I got a sickening thought and I don’t know why I thought of this, but it would be so easy for him to get away with murdering Samantha in their home cause he can do exactly what I just described and just put her gun next to her body. Texas has stand your ground and the castle doctrine. He wouldn’t have the duty to retreat.


      • I don’t think I’ve ever ‘hated’ anyone the way I hate him. Pompous MF’er.


    • Well, these Twitter comments give us a clue as to how he “composed” the tweets he was questioned about by BDLR at his hearing…the tweets about a Rev. and about Trayvon’s dad.

      It also gives us a clue about how he wrote on the “inner” pages of his 2005 MySpace.


  16. I realize this doesn’t have to do with guns, but I still found it totally disgusting and uncalled for. I guess they have had a crackdown on jaywalking in NYC, and it lead to a bloody beating of this 84-year-old man.


    • What kind of a policeman throws down and injures a harmless 84 year old man?!!


    • Rachael, you were right to post that here and thanks for doing so.

      Lately, I’ve read about cities and states wanting to increase tourism. Do they realize that no one wants to visit a country that allows police brutality and conceal carry of guns?


      • I don’t know if we just didn’t see it before, didn’t care or what, but lately every single day there is at least one, if not more, shooting or some violent action involving even (or especially) police. I talk to so many people from other countries where they don’t have guns and they just do NOT understand the US and do NOT want to come here. And I do NOT blame them.


        • Rachael,

          don’t know if we just didn’t see it before, didn’t care or what, but lately every single day there is at least one, if not more, shooting or some violent action involving even (or especially) police.

          Trayvon Martin is who brought us together. For just about all of 2012 and half of 2013, we concentrated on discovery, hearings, and Zimmerman’s lies. Whatever else we heard or knew about was placed on the back burner. Even other SYG cases when an arrest was made, (such as with Jordan Davis) did not take priority over the pending Zimmerman trial.

          Now that Zimmerman’s trial is over, we report on other cases. I have a folder of cases that I’ve not written about yet and there are other cases that need follow-up.

          I talk to so many people from other countries where they don’t have guns and they just do NOT understand the US and do NOT want to come here. And I do NOT blame them.

          Absolutely, and many Americans are no longer traveling to other states as tourists.


  17. Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice

    Excerpts (but suggest you read whole article):

    When you have a society that takes at its founding the hatred and degradation of a people, when that society inscribes that degradation in its most hallowed document, and continues to inscribe hatred in its laws and policies, it is fantastic to believe that its citizens will derive no ill messaging.


    You should not be troubled that George Zimmerman “got away” with the killing of Trayvon Martin, you should be troubled that you live in a country that ensures that Trayvon Martin will happen. Trayvon Martin is happening again in Florida.


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  19. Cody Cousins, 23, is being held in the Tippecanoe County Jail on a preliminary charge of murder in the shooting death of a senior who was also a teaching assistant at Purdue University.

    Cousins is an engineering student Cody Cousins, and authorities believe that he targeted the victim, identified as Andrew Boldt, 21, a senior from West Bend, Wis.


  20. You know, it feels good to be here on Xena’s blog where we are all family….a diverse community made up of individuals seeking, standing up and pushing, pushing for justice, equality and an end to the insanity of all the gun violence.


    • Yahtzee. Bless your heart. It feels good to have a diverse community here. I love and appreciate everyone’s support and comments.


  21. Why is this song ringing in my ears…it was written at the time that the Vietnam War was raging. But to me it is so much deeper. My heart hears it and hears questions like “What is the level of my commitment to just causes, to advocating for victims of violence, to helping to end gun violence, etc?”…..”What am I really going to do to make the world a better place?” “Where is my heart in all of this?”

    Here is this song that I keep thinking of:

    “The Great Mandala (The Wheel Of Life)”
    (Peter Yarrow)
    So I told him that he’d better shut his mouth
    And do his job like a man.
    And he answered “Listen, Father,
    I will never kill another.”
    He thinks he’s better
    than his brother that died
    What the hell does he think he’s doing
    To his father who brought him up right?

    Take your place on The Great Mandala
    As it moves through your brief moment of time.
    Win or lose now you must choose now
    And if you lose you’re only losing your life.

    Tell the jailer not to bother
    With his meal of bread and water today.
    He is fasting ’til the killing’s over
    He’s a martyr, he thinks he’s a prophet.
    But he’s a coward, he’s just playing a game
    He can’t do it, he can’t change it
    It’s been going on for ten thousand years
    Tell the people they are safe now
    Hunger stopped him, he lies still in his cell.
    Death has gagged his accusations
    We are free now, we can kill now,
    We can hate now, now we can end the world
    We’re not guilty, he was crazy
    And it’s been going on for ten thousand years!

    Take your place on The Great Mandala
    As it moves through your brief moment of time.
    Win or lose now you must choose now
    And if you lose you’ve only wasted your life.


    • Quite a dialogue goes on in this song, doesn’t it?

      Many voices speaking back and forth:

      Those people advocating for justice, equality, and an end to violence and those people who want to go on committing the horrors and those people who just don’t want to deal with it because it seems hopeless.


  22. “Boycott threatened over fraternity’s MLK-themed party”

    Images are circulating on social media of partygoers wearing baggy basketball jerseys, gang-affiliated colored T-shirts and bandanas. The partygoers also appeared to flash gang signs in the photos and used hashtags such as 'blackoutformlk' and 'ihaveadream.'

    The photos also show people at the party wearing saggy pants and posing with hollowed out watermelon cups.


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  24. “Purdue shooting suspect Cody Cousins fatally shot Andrew Boldt, cops say”


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  27. This song was written about Mandela. Here Odetta sings it.

    The higher you build your barriers
    The taller I become.
    The farther you take my rights away
    The faster I will run.
    You can deny me,
    You can decide to turn your face away
    No matter, cos there’s….
    Something inside so strong.

    I know that I can make it,
    Tho’ you’re doing me wrong, so wrong.
    You thought that my pride was gone,
    Oh no, something inside so strong,
    Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong.

    The more you refuse to hear my voice,
    The louder I will sing.
    You hide behind walls of Jericho,
    Your lies will come tumbling.
    Deny my place in time,
    You squander wealth that’s mine,
    My light will shine so brightly
    It will blind you.

    Something inside so strong,
    I know that I can make it
    Tho’ you’re doing me wrong, so wrong,
    You thought that my pride was gone,
    Oh no, something inside so strong.
    Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong.

    Brothers and sisters
    When they insist we’re just not good enough,
    When we know better,
    Just look ’em in the eyes and say
    “I’m gonna do it anyway,”
    “I’m gonna do it anyway.”

    Something inside so strong.
    And I know that I can make it.
    Tho’ you’re doing me wrong, so wrong,
    You thought that my pride was gone,
    Oh no, something inside so strong.
    Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong.


  28. Hello Xena and everyone. I live in NYC where Avonte lived and ultimately was found dead. My condolences to his family. Also the snow was heavier than expected. Sarah Palin is typical of those that speak of MLK today. Revere him now,say he was a republican now,when none of this was done when he was alive. Now Zimmerman is saving puppies. Just draft him for president. Good news murders in Chicago have gone down by 20%. 415-2013,530-2012. The attention and anti violence activism works. Cases to look for. Trial of Michael Dunn,case of Ted Wafer trial of Joseph Walker, appeal decision for Trevor Dooley retrial of Marissa Alexander. Now that murders in Chicago are down,lets see if active shootings go down. Let those of us who speak against racism continue. Let’s hope the lawsuit against Jameis Winston by discredited proven liar Erica Kinsman is dismissed. Have a productive yr.


    • m1,
      Good to see you.

      Thanks for the recap. There is definitely much happening and to look out for. I was up late watching the live stream of the civil council hearing in Fullerton, CA regarding the arrest of protesters because of the verdict in the trials of the two cops who killed Kelly Thomas. One person said something profound. I might not get the exact words right, but it was along the lines of citizens are more afraid of cops than they are of criminals.

      Good point about opinions of MLK. Before he was assassinated, people accused and name-called him then just like they do now of President Obama, Eric Holder, Rev. Sharpton and others.

      I saw socialism at work last night. Snow plows came down the street several times plowing snow and putting down salt. Darn that Obama. 🙂


  29. roderick2012

    Man shoots self in road-rage incident on I-4

    Yes it’s Florida and guns again. A dangerous combination.

    Where an Interstate-4 motorist shot himself in a road-rage incident today remained in question for hours as police and sheriff’s deputies tried to determine who should investigate.

    Orlando police first treated the shooting as their case about 11:30 a.m. when the man pulled off the highway and stopped his white BMW sedan at the Princeton Street exit near College Park and Florida Hospital, records show.

    Within an hour, police turned the case over to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office believing the shooting happened there.,0,619684.story


    • Thanks for bring this incident to our attention, Roderick.

      Also from article:

      Details remain few but Coles, 36, told Orlando police he had been driving toward Orlando when another motorist brandished a gun over an undisclosed incident, according to police.

      Feeling threatened, the man grabbed his own gun and it fired. The bullet struck one of the man’s legs causing a non-life threatening wound, said Orlando police Sgt. Jim Young.

      Police officers and sheriff’s deputies have not located witnesses to what precipitated the shooting, according to the sheriff’s office.


      • roderick2012

        YW, Yahtze. When you live in Florida as I do you have to laugh to keep from crying.

        There are so many nuts with guns here.


        • Roderick, I ache for you and all those LIVING in Florida who witness all of the injustice.


        • roderick,

          Does DisneyWorld protect park goers from gun nuts?

          Do they have security screening now at the entrance gates?


  30. Considering that GZ was using Shellie’s gun–


    Justices ponder ‘straw purchasers’ gun law

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court on Wednesday debated whether a Virginia man who bought a gun for a relative in Pennsylvania can be considered an illegal straw purchaser when both men were legally eligible to purchase firearms.


  31. Yesterday’s hearing in the Michael Dunn case.


    • Well, if the DOJ were involved at this early stage, they would be very interested in all of Dunn’s racist rants in his jail calls.


  32. George Zimmerman is losing it on Twitter. Why hasn’t at least one of his attorneys or former attorneys told him not to engage people who dislike him?


    • Why hasn’t at least one of his attorneys or former attorneys told him not to engage people who dislike him?

      Do you think he would listen to them, Xena?

      Remember when he was talking to Doris Singleton, he commented something like “My father doesn’t think that I listen to him” ?


    • ChrisNY~Laurie

      They probably did or would if they had anything to do with him, but I’m thinking they don’t and he wouldn’t listen anyways. I agree with tower flower, he is sitting back loving that he is pissing people off. Amazing how he thought he was threatening a woman and them stopped tweeting empty threats to this ponderosa person when he found out “she” was a 6 ft 200+ pound ex military MAN. And he has a little kid that he likes to call lil homie defending him to all these angry people. That kid is in way over his head and the fact that GZ and Samantha allows this and is praising and encouraging this kid is sickening.


  33. When will our voices, our tears, our cries for justice be HEARD??


  34. Former Windermere police chief gets 8 years for lying in child-sex case,0,770394.story


  35. “Memorial Slideshow for Kendrick Johnson”

    Published on Jan 16, 2013 by kuntrykeith
    I just wanted to put this together to show support for the family of KJ!!! Im standing up with ya on this one homies!!!


  36. Benjamin Crump, Esq. @attorneycrump
    Cop Avoids Charge for Shooting Unarmed Young Black Man Who Sought Help –…
    about 6 hours ago


    • A North Carolina grand jury has decided not to indict a Charlotte police officer arrested last year for manslaughter after he unloaded 10 rounds from his pistol into a former college athlete who’d sought the officer’s help. But the case might not stop there, according to prosecutors.

      Members of the grand jury said there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Randall Kerrick, 28, of the felony charge, asking prosecutors to refile the case with lesser charges, according to NBC News. But prosecutors say the entire grand jury wasn’t present for that vote, and they want to try again for manslaughter.

      Kerrick earned infamy last year when he shot Jonathan Ferrell, 24, a former Florida A&M football player, 10 times in the middle of the night last September. Ferrell had crashed his car in what police called “a pretty serious accident,” and he was reportedly seeking help while in distress. After a nearby homeowner called police, Ferrell staggered toward the officers who arrived on the scene. That’s when Kerrick shot the man. Again: 10 times.


    • Attorney for shooting victim's family 'skeptical' after Charlotte officer not indicted

      44minutes ago


      • from the article:

        “Our hearts are sadden and confused by the Grand juries[sic] refusal to indict,” said community activist John C. Barnett. “Rest assure that we will rally, we will march and we will be heard! Charlotte must understand that BLACK LIFE MATTERS”


        “Thursday night there is a rally in support of Jonathan Ferrell in Charlotte. It’s at Next Level Ministries on Orr Road in Charlotte. Doors open at 6 pm. The rally begins at 6:30 pm.”


        • Until the killing of Black men, Black mothers’ sons,
          Is as important as
          The killing of White men, White mothers’ sons,

          We who believe in freedom cannot rest,
          We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.


    • NC Attorney General to resubmit officer-involved shooting case to grand jury

      CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The attorney general’s office said it will resubmit its case against Officer Randall Kerrick to a grand jury Monday seeking the same charge of voluntary manslaughter.

      “In the interest of justice, we will resubmit this case to the grand jury scheduled to meet Monday, January 27 to seek an indictment for voluntary manslaughter, the most appropriate charge given the facts in the case,” the statement read.
      A grand jury denied the AG’s request Tuesday for an indictment on that charge and told prosecutors to resubmit a bill of indictment to a lesser-included or related offense.

      The Attorney General said he won’t do that because the charge of voluntary manslaughter is most appropriate.

      Legal expert and attorney Tony Scheer explained the new hearing could make a difference.

      Mecklenburg County uses two separate grand juries and they alternate weeks.
      As a result, a new jury is expected and the Attorney General’s office stressed that he wanted the case to be heard by all 18 members of the grand jury.

      “Whatever number of people who looked at it (Tuesday) didn’t think there was probable cause for that manslaughter indictment,” Scheer said. “It is possible that the next group of grand jurors will feel the same way.”

      The case stems from a September shooting of Jonathan Ferrell. Officials said Kerrick, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer, shot Ferrell 10 times killing him. Ferrell was not armed.

      Christopher Chestnut, attorney for the Ferrell’s family, released a statement after Attorney General said they would resubmit the case.

      “While we are pleased that the Attorney General is going to resubmit the charges against Randall Kerrick to a new Grand Jury on Monday, we are skeptical given their inability to secure an indictment yesterday. Jonathan Ferrell was a quality human being who worked hard and cared for those around him. He deserved better,” the statement read. “Whatever the findings of this Grand Jury, we will do everything in our power to ensure that his family realizes justice for Jonathan and all Americans.”

      The family of Jonathan Ferrell was also speaking out after a grand jury chose not to indict Kerrick.

      Ferrell’s mother, Georgia, and his brother, Willie, were shocked and very disappointed by the decision. They hoped the grand jury would indict Kerrick on the charge of voluntary manslaughter.

      They’ve spent Wednesday morning being interviewed about the decision with reporters from all over the country.

      Ferrell’s family and attorney told Eyewitness News that the decision makes them wonder what type of evidence was presented. They want to know if the grand jury saw the dashcam video from the day of the shooting, or if the grand jury was given copies of the autopsy report.

      Willie said he is hoping a different outcome.

      “That everything gets done properly. They get all evidence they should get for everything to go the way it’s supposed to go, the right way,” he said.
      Charlotte-based group True Healing Under God is planning a rally for Thursday night. It will be held at Next Level Ministries on Orr Road on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. According to organizers, local leaders will speak out against the refusal to indict and announce plans of a boycott if extreme charges are not brought forth against Kerrick.


      • This is good news that the NC Attorney General is going to RESUBMIT its case against Ofc. Randall Kerrick.


  37. Mark O’Mara is representing an accused rapist of 13 women.


    • Definition of how this makes me feel inside:

      Slightly off-colour, poorly, ailing,
      peaked, sickly, sick, unwell or ill.
      Boat passenger turns pale and says:

      “I wish the boat would stop rocking,
      it’s making me feel quite queazy”


    • The only person I hate (yes, hate) more than GZ is MO’M. What is wrong with that man? I realize that people have a right to a defense, and it isn’t so much that he defends them, but look what he did with GZ – not only did he thuggify Trayvon, he encouraged the rest of the country to as well. I don’t understand it. The man was in a position to actually put an end to such behavior and make a real difference to society, but instead he encouraged it. He could have helped heal, instead he opened up the wound and just left it there to bleed. And now he is going to do it again? I hate to think what those women and their families will have to go through with this evil being representing the rapist. As horrible as the rapist is, as horrible as GZ is, MO’M is worse – not because he represents them – they are entitled to that – but the way in which he does it. God help the victims and their families. If he does for the rape culture in society what he has done for the gun culture, heaven help us all. The man is evil. Pure evil.


      • Quote from MOM: “O’Mara said It’s too soon to have a defense strategy, but “I think this case should be handled with sensitivity to everyone’s involvement throughout the whole process.”

        I feel for those women……here he says everything should be handled with sensitivity for the rape victims but he had no problem trashing a teenager.


        • I don’t believe him for a moment towerflower. He said similar shit out of one side of his mouth about Trayvon and his family, all the while egging everyone on, he will do the same thing to those women. He will be about as sensitive as an anvil thrown from a 30-foot drop. Just like he has set back racism 30+ years, he will do the same with rape victims – he will say thing out of one side of his mouth while encourage people to say what sluts they were and how they deserved it out the other.

          He is a disgrace


        • I suspect that O’Mara’s defense will be along the lines of saying the defendant is a good looking guy and has no reason to rape. I do hope that prosecutors produce an expert that distinguishes between sex and rape, because they are not the same.



    This comes about due to the latest 2 police shootings here – but our police department has a long history, is under investigation, has gotten rid of multiple police chiefs because of such crap. Few years back they shot a homeless guy who was on a corner whittling wood (in his time, he had created some of the totem poles downtown) because he had a gun. Not long ago, they caught on dash cam a Hispanic man who AFTER they had him cuffed and down, kicked him repeatedly and called him racial slurs. I’m beginning to think maybe conceal carry IS a good idea – to be safe from the police. I feel like I’m more likely to be shot from a police officer (or a wannabe like GZ) than I am an average citizen.


    • Thanks for sharing this citizen’s oversight program with us, Rachael.

      Every police department in our country should have a program like this:

      Excerpt from article:

      The Seattle Police Department’s new use-of-force policy, in effect for less than a month, is already being tested after two police shootings — one of them fatal — since Sunday.

      The policy, negotiated between the Police Department and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), was crafted in response to the findings of a 2011 DOJ investigation that concluded Seattle police resort to force too quickly and routinely use too much when they do. The DOJ also found disturbing but inconclusive evidence of biased policing.

      The policy calls for a representative from the department’s Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), its civilian-led internal-investigations unit, to be dispatched to the scene of every police shooting. The policy went into place Jan. 1.


  39. Crysti made a video. i havent seen it yet


  40. Rachael,
    This is the man you mentioned.


  41. Denver-area high school student sets self on fire


  42. “North Carolina: Four Shot on Playground”

    The police in Rocky Mount are searching for a man who sprayed a church playground with gunfire, striking four youths and leaving a 12-year-old boy in critical condition. The Rev. James D. Gailliard at Word Tabernacle Church said the shooting happened Monday as about two dozen teenagers played basketball. It came days after a funeral for a 15-year-old who was walking home with a friend when a car pulled up and someone started firing.


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