Doorbell Prank Leads To Teen Shooting

So now there are people who think guns can be fired in order to scare kids? Amazing!  Thanks for this article, .

End Stand Your Ground

A couple of teenagers out for fun who were playing a dangerous game of ringing door bells or knocking on doors in the early morning hours on Friday were shot at by a resident in Pennsylvania, and one bullet hit one of the teens in the foot as he was running, according to reports.

Gabe May, 14, of Arendtsville, was admitted to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries to a leg and foot.

The shooter, Eric Lee Steinour, 28, of Biglerville, was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. His bond was set at $50,000. He reportedly told police he was just trying to scare the boys.

The boy who was shot told police that after ringing the man’s doorbell, they ran and hid for a few minutes, then started walking when a man appeared out of nowhere, asked if they “were lost”…

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  1. I’m sure there are “people” who think he deserved that and they’d a done worse, but c’mon!! This is just crazy!! Who shoots to scare someone? luck he met up wit someone who foolishly shoots to scare rather than someone who shoots to kill I suppose but it is insane. I’m sick of all these shootings!!! And don’t anyone tell me people are the problem, not guns. it was a person who shot him. Don’t tell me someone could have done worse with a knolife, a baseball bat or even a pencil; he was not shot with a knife, a baseball bat or a pencil. I’m really sick of this shit.


  2. Yep. I looked up several articles about this to read the comments. Pretty much say he deserved it, what was he doing out at that time of night and other various of the two. Sigh.


    • Kids do pranks because they think it’s funny. They disobey parents or slip and do things because they think parents don’t want them to have fun. They have sleep overs and slip out of the house, or drink because the adults are gone or asleep.

      Some years ago in my neck of the woods, teenage boys thought it was fun to go down the roads with a baseball bat and hit the mail boxes.

      They shouldn’t be shot for that. They just need to grow up.


      • I wonder how many parents actually talk to their kids about “pranks”.

        A couple of years ago, my neighborhood area was being hit by burglars… was a group of teens and they would target the homes by…….wait for it…….ringing the doorbell first. It was done over the Christmas holidays and if no one answered their door then the home was broken into. Over as span of a couple of weeks it was estimated that over $100k in items had been stolen and was being sold on ebay.

        But back to my first question, I have talked to my son about things I did. Yes I did some pranks but our pranks weren’t destructive to another’s property……the main thing for us was toilet papering a friend’s home.


        • towerflower. HEY!

          I wonder how many parents actually talk to their kids about “pranks”.

          That’s a hard call, because you don’t want to give kids ideas. If waiting until hearing about a prank, in this day, it might be too late. Maybe the best advice to kids is not to go to a house where they are not invited, PERIOD.

          A couple of years ago, my neighborhood area was being hit by burglars… was a group of teens and they would target the homes by…….wait for it…….ringing the doorbell first.

          We’ve gotten a lot of snow and there are times when guys with plows on their trucks will come around, ring the doorbell, and ask if we want out driveway plowed. One evening, the dog started barking and then there was a knock on the door. My son saw a man looking into our living room window. He went through the garage door and called out to the man who by then was walking off the porch.

          The guy asked if we wanted our driveway plowed, but there was no vehicle on the street with a plow.

          I told my son that it appeared the guy was scooping houses, looking to see if there was a Christmas tree with presents or what was in the house. The only decoration I use for Christmas is a wreath. I think the dog discouraged him too. 🙂


  3. So the homeowner didn’t do this while standing at his door, he took it out to ‘an alley’.. I’m glad he was arrested. Parents DO need to caution their children how dangerous this game can be.


    • Oh I totally agree that children need to be warned and certainly should not be out doing this at 2 am , but this guy knew it was kids pinking and wanted to teach them a lesson. it had nothing to do with fear or self-defense. sick. But like I said 90+% of the comments I read agree with him. sick people.


      • It is sick Rachael, I agree. Human life has so little value to some people. We had a group of 10 to 12 carolers come traipsing across our yard to the door before Christmas, all I could think was “please God don’t let anyone be ‘afraid’ of these youth and start shooting”. Especially here in Florida.


  4. It is a sad day when a gun owner uses a gun as a scare tactic! (And, not only that, but that he AIMED at the kids!!! That makes me feel that he WANTED to hit them!)


    • I don’t know if he “wanted” to hit them or if it was a “lucky” shot, but it is obvious that it was NOT self-defense and he even said so. This was a criminal act, not an act out of fear or self-defense. This guy deserves the two counts of aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment he got and should NEVER be allowed to carry a gun again. I am so sick at the comments that say the kids deserved it. I would think that those who really ARE interested in guns for self-defense would NOT support this with such comments, as it does NOT further their agenda at ALL!


  5. Sanford Watch doing their thing.


    • Thanks for this, Xena!


    • How the HELL does that man sleep at night? He makes me sick!!!! He is a zit on the butt of humanity.


      • LOL@Rachael. The last thing O’Mara should want to comment on is self-defense. Did you notice that when he gets his back to the wall, he comes out with that let’s wait on all the evidence line?


    • 2:05 “….throwing anything…….popcorn….even throwing a punch, doesn’t get you to the point where you can use great bodily force like a firearm…”

      Yep… said it Mr. Moron O’ Mara…Mr’ legal expert……sound familiar ??

      3:20 “Well the problem that we have is because we have such good and wide open gun laws we have to look at gun responsibility…………we are killing way too many people for way too little reason………”

      No shit Sherlock !!

      This rates right there with the “I didn’t have time to reflect…..Oh wait, obviously while I was in solitary confinement I dd have time and blah, blah, boring, nonsensical blah” from Moron O’ Mara’s client……er, ex – client.

      Yep Mark….killing waaaaaayyy too many people for way too little reason. Gee…..makes sense to me.


      • racerrodig, just once, I would love the interviewers to ask O’Mara;
        1. Why didn’t George go to the hospital after being attacked with concrete?
        2. Why do you think investigators found no blood from George’s head on the concrete?
        3. If rain washed blood off the concrete and Trayvon, why didn’t it wash blood off George’s head and hands?
        4. Why did you tell Juror B37 what to do in the jury room?


  6. People are just “LOCO” these days.