Open Discussion – January 15, 2014

Dr. King

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King.





Ted Wafer 2

Ted Wafer is suppose to have a hearing today.






There are updated reports on the school shooting that happened yesterday in New Mexico.

Ramos and Cicenelli

People are still reeling about the verdict in the Ramos and Cicenelli case for killing Kelly Thomas.

What’s on your mind?

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    • Notice how few in the NE Corridor since gun control here is much better……coincidence……I think not. None recorded from Maine to VA.


      • Two sides to a story

        CA has three despite some decent gun control here – and we have no conceal carry, etc. .


        • Oh gee, I wonder who’s first on the list.


          • dreamer—-you have to look at the each case in Florida. The first one was a revenge attack against a parent who was shot in a school parking lot. The second one, the police stopped a planned attack VA tech type of attack on UCF and shot the planned attacker before his plan could be started. The 3rd one was done after hours where a custodian shot and killed 2 co-workers.

            Only the last 2 involved fights with a student in which one pulled out a gun and happened right after school let out. With them the Pine Hills shooter was not a student and the Winter Garden shooter was also a gang member.


      • racerrodig……..the NE Corridor still holds 3 out of the top 10 shooting shootings. 1.-VA Tech; 2. Sandy Hook; 8. Amish school in PA.

        Out of the top 25 worst mass shootings ever in the US the NE corridor holds 7 positions out of the 25.

        That was from 1 year and from what I understand nothing has changed in the gun laws since Sandy Hook.

        But the worse school massacre ever happened in Bath, MI, in ’27. When a disgruntled employee blew up the school.


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  3. Very nice on Sybrina being on the cover!

    The list of school shootings is mind blowing.


  4. Two sides to a story

    I did an 8-hour protest shift at Kelly’s Corner (where he was brutalized) and at the Fullerton PD yesterday. Just a small but vocal crowd and lots of horn-honking support, way, way more than the detractors. I only counted five folks who flipped a bird or shouted to get off the street, etc. I’ll go back later this afternoon and be a one-woman protest if I have to. Anon and some young students were the driving force yesterday – a few old boomers like me too!

    For shame, Orange County! The jury may have said not guilty but the people on the street say GUILTY AS CHARGED!

    Here’s a post from yesterday’s adventure – not saying I agree with Anon, but it takes all kinds to push back at the systemic corruption in this country. I’m in the background wearing pink –


    • I SEE YOU!!!

      Thanks for standing for the cause. Wish I were in California because I certainly would have joined you.


    • Kelly Thomas pleaded for his life.

      Okay sir
      I’m SORRY dude
      I’m SORRY
      I’m SORRY
      Okay Okay Okay Okay
      Okay I’m SORRY
      I’m SORRY dude
      I’m SORRY dude
      I’m SORRY I’m SORRY
      Okay Okay
      Ow I’m SORRY
      Okay I can’t breathe
      Okay I can’t breathe
      Please I can’t breathe
      Okay ooaagh
      Ow I can’t breathe
      Okay please
      aoah! aaaaooo
      I can’t dude
      I’m sorry aaaaaah
      (cries of pain)
      Okay man I can’t breathe
      I can’t breathe sir
      Okay, I can’t fucking breathe
      I can’t please
      Man, I’m sorry man
      aaa okay okay
      Okay I’m sorry
      ow okay okay
      I’m sorry owwww
      I’m sorry dude I’m sorry
      I’m sorry aaaa I’m sorry
      (Repeated cries of pain)
      (cries of pain become more horrible)
      (repeatedly tasered by police)
      Okay pleease
      owwwa aaaaaooowwaawow
      aaaaaah ooo ooooo uuuunnnn oooo aaaagggg


    • You can sign the following petition at this link:

      Dear Mr. President and other decision makers of the State, please investigate the beating death of Mr. Kelly Thomas as an Federal case and bring his murderers to Justice.

      We implore you to support the investigation by Federal prosecutors in to the beating and murder of Kelly Thomas. We implore Federal prosecutors to seek indictment of those involved, and to bring Kelly Thomas’s murderers to justice. We ask that Federal prosecutors have the courage to address the terrible wrong done to Mr. Thomas and his family, and the equal wrong done to the citizens of the United States of America when faced with lethal police brutality which goes unanswered and unpunished. We, as citizens and as human beings, are utterly appalled by the brutal beating of Kelly Thomas, who throughout the ordeal apologized, pleaded, called out for his father and expressed his belief that he was indeed being killed. We are horrified by the lack of mercy, lack of decency and lack of honor displayed by sworn law enforcement officers in the horrific video of the brutalization of Mr. Thomas. Adding insult to injury Mr. Thomas’s murderers have been found not guilty of their crimes, despite the video and audio record of their actions, leading most reasonable people to believe that our justice system is completely and perhaps hopelessly corrupt, that there is no justice and that the police now have permission to beat and kill whomever they choose. Mr. President, please do not allow this brutal act to further weigh on the conscience of our nation. Please act now to right this terrible injustice.


  5. An Oklahoma man was beat for seven minutes by police because he did not respond to their yelling. 64-year-old Pearl Pearson, a deaf diabetic driver who lives in Oklahoma City was hospitalized as a result of the Jan. 3rd incident.

    The two officers involved in the seven minute altercation were identified as Eric Foster and Kelton Hayes. Both officers have been suspended with pay while the investigation into the incident continues.


    • Horrible! Such heartlessness by police.

      This is so sad and heartbreaking.

      So inexcusable!!!!!


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  7. Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King.


  8. The first day of the Montgomery Bus Boycott was coordinated to take place on the same day as Rosa Parks trial. Fred Gray represented her in the trial.

    That evening Martin Luther King gave the speech of what Fred Gray described as “what would become know as the pep-talk for each of the Monday night mass meetings” during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

    Attorney Fred Gray wrote in his book “Bus Ride to Justice” (pp. 57-58):

    These talks were for many their first glimpse of the genius that was within Martin Luther King, Jr. He was elected president of the MIA at a meeting at which he was not present, at Zion A.M.E. Church on South Holt and Stone streets. He presided over a cross section of preachers, three college professors (including one woman), two physicians, three housewives, a Pullman porter, and most of the rest being preachers. He soon became the favorite of all of them. He rose in stature to the point that many of the women who attended mass meeting after mass meeting could be heard to say, “Just let me touch his garmet.”

    Yet Martin appeared to have never lost the common touch. He could calm the rivalries which arose among some of the ministers on occasion. Before MIA board meetings, Martin was always alert to congratulate someone for some deed of kindness. He was jovial, at a well-bred ease and aware of events in the neighborhood, or asking those present about matters which might have escaped him. But those qualities were qualities which were generally not yet realized on the night of the first mass meeting.


  9. There’s a place for us
    A time and place for us
    Hold my hand
    And we’re halfway there
    Hold my hand
    And I’ll take you there

    There’s a time for us
    Some day a time for us
    Time together
    With time to spare
    Time to learn
    Time to care

    We’ll find a new way of living


  10. gzthepsychicvampire

    Hello Xena, great blog, like the articles you have posted. Wish I could join the conversation, but this will be my first and last post for a long while.

    I saw an earlier thread with your invite to DannyWarrior but the comments were closed there, and his blog is private, so I hope its okay that I respond here.

    (Administrators response. Thanks for the visit. It would be unfair to Danny to allow comments about that post without also allowing him to respond, so I have edited your comment while leaving the link you provided. If he wants to discuss with you, he can then visit your link. Thanks for your understanding.)


  11. Update:

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – The mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin will participate in a University of Utah public discussion in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, is scheduled to speak Jan. 16 at the university’s Union Ballroom.

    KTVX-TV reports the event is part of the university’s annual tribute to King. This year’s theme revolves around racial profiling.

    Martin, a 17-year-old from Florida, was unarmed when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with neighborhood-watch volunteer George Zimmerman in February 2012.
    Zimmerman, now 30, was acquitted of murder last summer in the case, which triggered a national debate about race and self-defense laws.

    Fulton and other relatives of Martin accused Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, of racially profiling the black teenager and instigating the fight.


  12. From a January 14, 2014 article:

    Sybrina Fulton: ‘I thought that he would go to jail’


  13. Trayvon Martin and Civil Rights Mural:


    • Yahtzee,
      That’s a fantastic mural! Thanks for the link. I’m going to save it and try to make it smaller so it can be embedded.


      • YW, Xena.

        I just looked in Google images but could not find a small photo of it and so I do hope you can manage to make the one I linked smaller.


  14. Fighting for Justice with Police Reforms
    Portland Activist follows path of Martin Luther King Jr.


  15. One Year Anniversary – Kendrick Johnson


  16. One Easy Thing All White People Could Do That Would Make The World A Better Place

    We can speak up if we witness a person being discriminated against.


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  18. “Fair trial issues surface in Satellite Beach man’s murder case”

    Michael Dunn is accused of murdering local teenager Jordan Davis, with loud music triggering the fatal shots, according to investigators.

    Now, as Dunn’s trial is weeks away, focus is turning to what’s needed to ensure Dunn gets a fair trial.

    Dunn is from Brevard County.

    “Once in a while, you get a case that gets this kind of publicity. All of sudden becomes an issue,” said Circuit Judge Russell Healy on discussions regarding disclosure of court records on the murder case.

    Healy has restricted access, with local media including First Coast News appealing to a higher court for documents to be released.

    Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals last month overturned Healy’s decision to delay the release of public records.

    On Monday, Healy scheduled a hearing to resolve access issues a week before the trial is scheduled to get underway.

    In court, attorneys on both sides argued their points with the judge requesting more details from attorneys before the January 24 hearing.

    “I agree with what you say your responsibilities and duties are as a judge,” said attorney George Gable, who is representing First Coast News and the Florida Times-Union.

    “You also have a responsibility to enforce public records law,” said Gabel.

    State Attorney Angela Corey asked the judge to restrict access to court records before the trial.

    “The public doesn’t have right now, but has every right to know once the case comes to trial,” said Corey.

    Dunn is accused of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The case has gotten national attention as Dunn claimed loud music lead to a confrontation that ended in fatal gunfire.


  19. This is disgusting!


    • The doctor says that now he may not be able to father children.

      Article in full:

      POSTED: Thursday, January 16, 2014, 3:01 AM

      VERONICA JOYNER was just trying to keep her students warm when she gave members of the school’s basketball team hats, gloves and scarves.

      She never imagined the gesture would lead to one of her star students being arrested and suffering from a serious injury to his genitals.

      It was a record cold day on Jan. 7. The school, on Broad Street near Callowhill, doesn’t have its own gym, so the winning Mighty Elephants were headed to Berean Institute to play Frankford High.

      Darrin Manning, 16, says his mind was on the game when he got off the subway at the corner of Broad Street and Girard Avenue with a dozen teammates in uniform and suddenly found himself in handcuffs.

      10G reward in unsolved 1970 cop slaying
      Cops on the trail of ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’
      Manning admits that one of his teammates may have said something smart to the cop they had noticed staring them down. So when the cop approached, they ran. Scared, Manning ran a little, too. But then he stopped.

      “I didn’t do anything wrong,” Manning said.

      Exactly what happened is now the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation.

      Police records state that Manning, who is black, was stopped by Officer Thomas Purcell, who is white, after the 11-year veteran observed a group of males covering their faces with ski masks and running. The students say there were no ski masks, just the scarves given to them by Joyner, the founder of Mathematics, Civics & Sciences Charter School.

      The report goes on to say that Manning began fighting with the officer, striking him three times and ripping off his radio. He was still fighting, the police report says, when the officer called for assistance. “No injuries sustained to police,” the report states.

      Manning says he was roughed up, placed in handcuffs that the officer hit him with and that during a pat-down, a female officer pulled his genitals so hard one of his testicles ruptured.

      “She patted me down and then she touched my butt and then my private parts,” he said. “And then she grabbed and squeezed and pulled my private parts and I felt something pop.”

      Police say Manning didn’t complain of any pain while he was in custody, charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment. But Manning underwent emergency surgery the next day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His mother, Ikea Coney, said doctors told her that her son’s injury may prevent him from fathering children.

      Coney believes her son’s story, but she says she also knows kids can exaggerate when they’re afraid of getting into trouble, so she went back to the street to ask people what they saw. Witnesses corroborated her son’s account. And when I canvassed the street this week, many did the same with me.

      One woman who said she watched some of the confrontation, but who feared retaliation if I used her name, said the incident caught her attention because it seemed excessive.

      “There were all these cops and cops cars, and one kid,” she said.

      Others wondered if the cops would have reacted the same way if they weren’t a large group of black kids walking together.

      When Dan Jackson, one of Manning’s basketball coaches, went to the station to check on him, he said he asked cops: “If this was St. Joe’s Prep, would the same measures have been taken that you took on my boys?

      “They didn’t answer,” he said.

      Jackson and Joyner said Manning is a straight-A model student who hasn’t had a single discipline problem at the school. They worry that the incident may affect his scholarship and college options.

      According to records from Internal Affairs, Officer Purcell has had two citizen complaints lodged against him for false arrests, one in 2008 and another in 2009. He was cleared in both cases.

      “I blame myself,” Coney cried. “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been OK.”

      At the school a few days after the incident, Manning was in a wheelchair and still recovering from his injuries. Police spokesman Lt. John Stanford said that if Internal Affairs finds the officers acted improperly, they will be disciplined.

      “I think we have proven we will not tolerate that kind of behavior,” he said. “We are not looking to make a divide between police and the community.”

      Neither is the school. Joyner said she’s taken great pains to teach students that police officers are not their enemy. Each year, students pay homage to officers with a Philadelphia Police Officers Appreciation Day. Despite the incident that has rocked the school, she says they still plan to honor officers this year.

      “There is clearly some damage that needs to be repaired,” she said. “But there are good and bad in every area, in every race. The police department is no exception.”


  20. Another sovereign citizen demonstrates what they are about.


  21. Ignorance! (sigh)


  22. prayingforoneday

    Would you please accept the ..
    “Field of Flowers Award”

    Thank you.. .Shaun x


    • Shaun!!! I humbly accept. Thanks so much for finding Blackbutterfly7 worthy of the Field of Flowers award. I’ll work on meeting the requirements.


  23. “‘Almost unreal’ : Bipartisan lawmakers unveil new Voting Rights Act fix”
    By Kasie Hunt and Carrie Dann , NBC News

    A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that would restore protections in the Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the Supreme Court last year.

    A Bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., announce a new bill aimed at restoring portions of the Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the Supreme Court.

    “It is unbelievable, it is almost unreal that we were able to come together so quickly to craft a compromise that both Democrats and Republicans can find a way to support and move forward,” said Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

    The legislation would rewrite the formula that decides which localities and states must get federal approval before changing their voting laws – the piece of the law that the court struck down as unconstitutional, leaving it essentially toothless.

    Before the Supreme Court ruling, nine states — mostly in the South — and numerous municipalities with a troubled history of voter discrimination were required to get federal approval before they changed their voting laws.

    The proposed legislation would state that all states and jurisdictions are subject to the same standard: If they have a clean record with no voting violations over the past 15 years, they don’t have to ask the federal government for approval to change their laws. But if they have a certain number of voting violations over the last 15 years, they have to get a thumbs up from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division or the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia first.

    The bill is bipartisan, with Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner joining Democrats Rep. John Conyers, Sen. Patrick Leahy in introducing the legislation.
    Sensenbrenner said the bill is “constitutional, nationwide in application and will allow states to enact reasonable voter ID laws.”

    At this point, the future of the bill — whether it would come up for a vote at all in either chamber — isn’t clear. But backers say they are optimistic and that they have the support of some high-profile conservative House members.
    “This is something that I believe will get passed,” Leahy said.


  24. It just keeps on happening.


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  27. One of my new neighbors and I were discussing some of the cases last night, and she told me to check this one out when I got home. I’ll be popping in and out probably for the next 2 weeks as we are in the process of moving and doing some work on the new house. Don’t know if anyone’s heard abouth this.


    • Thanks for posting the link.

      This is so upsetting! We need to follow this case and support Alfred Wright’s family.



    • Some history of Jasper, Texas from this article link:

      The psychologist Ricardo Ainslie, author of a book on Byrd’s murder, told the Observer in 2004: “Jasper, I know, has long ago grown tired of this story.” But its persistence is only partly because of the brutality of Byrd’s death in a town known for little else. It’s been decades now since police in Hemphill killed Loyal Garner, but just six months since two Jasper police were caught on video beating a black woman named Keyarika Diggles, who was being held for an unpaid traffic ticket.

      The year before that, the town’s first black police chief was ousted by newly elected city council members, after a successful recall effort forced out black city council members who hired him.

      One person commenting under the article wrote:


      I am a 52 yr. old black woman who’s mother was raised and born in Jasper Texas. And before there was a James Byrd or Alfred Wright story or any of the other stories for that matter, there was stories about Jasper Texas.

      In my childhood days my parents and cousins parents would pack us up and ship us to Jasper for the whole summer. I can remember my grandparents going to what they would say up town to trade eggs and vegetables that they grew in their garden, and we meaning my cousins and I would ask if we could tag along.

      I didn’t know at the time why we could never go in town along with our grandparents, but later as I got older it became apparent why my grands did not want us to go in town.

      My cousins and I would lay under the house and listens to the stories that our grands talked about while they seat on the porch, on how their people came up missing or where founded in the woods hanged by the neck, just for walking home from work.

      It was said by my people in Jasper Texas if people came to Jasper and really investigated they would find a whole lot of dead bones in those back woods. I am an heir to a hundred acres in Jasper Texas and I would never consider staying in Jasper because of those reasons.

      Whether or not people are willing to admit there is a serious problem going on in Jasper Texas, it needs to stop. This is 2013, and if we as a whole, want to say that we have come a long ways, then history needs to stop repeating itself. And by the way, we as blacks are not seeking sympathy from anyone, we are just asking for equality, nothing you wouldn’t ask for yourself.


    • dreamer,
      Thanks for the link. Anderson Cooper has been reporting on this and I’ve been following his stories. It was interesting that one of the officials ruled that the body damage was caused by animals, but the independent autopsy revealed that Wright’s throat was slashed and his tongue removed.


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    • Hi Xena,Mr. Bonaparte actually said “in the months” not month but you can listen to him speak at the city club of cleveland here .


      • Lex,
        Welcome to Blackbutterfly7.
        Thanks for the link to the podcast. I tried listening earlier but it was difficult to hear and I didn’t feel like plugging in my headset.

        50 is still more than the 40 earlier reported. With Zimmerman calling about a pot hole, a kid walking alone, and people minding their own business, he sent a message that his credibility and understanding of “suspicious” is flawed. No wonder he failed his class in college — he was spending too much time pretending to be the Gestapo, IMHO.


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