To Try When Your Arms Are Too Weary

This was originally posted on October 22, 2013.  Today is one of those days that we might need to refuel, to strengthen, to encourage.  I’ve added some things to the original.

butterfly borderFor all those seeking answers,

seeking to understand,



about children gone too soon;

about people whose lives are taken by bullets or beaten out of them just because someone wants to teach them a lesson;

about juries using their biases to reach verdicts rather than facts and evidence;

about the lack of brotherly kindness and love.

about the hurting families;

about fearful communities not knowing if they or a loved one will be the next victim of death in the name of the law.

For all those who are butterflies,

or going through transformation to be free,

Be encouraged.

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  1. Oh, Xena, my eyes are filling with tears. Thank you so much for you caring encouragement.

    Your words are so beautiful.

    I WILL carry on and continue to push for justice.

    Thank you.



    • It is time for refueling.

      I can only imagine that Kelly’s parents, as well as Sybrina, Tracy and other parents, experience another funeral day when those who took the lives of their children walk free.


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  4. Unfinished sentences for reflection:

    Through our tears
    Through our tears
    We can see……….
    We can learn……..
    Our hearts can connect when……..
    Connected hearts can……..
    Compassion leads us to……….
    Possessing similar hurts can…………..
    With empathy………….
    Shared pain can……………


  5. We have to believe that we have the power to confront and change the injustices in our country. We DO have the STRENGTH within us even when our hearts are shaken and overwhelmed.


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