Verdict in the Killing of Kelly Thomas

A jury has found officers Ramos and Cicenelli not guilty on all counts.

I’m speechless.

Kelly Thomas

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  1. WTF???!!!! Please, please, PLEASE tell me you are kidding! I was trying to work, now I am crying so hard I can’t see, partly from such a deep sadness for humanity and partly from RAGE!!!!! How can this BE??!!!

    • Rachael,
      Now you know why I’m speechless. Juries seem to operate from a Gestapo frame of mind; i.e., if the victim is represented as imperfect, then it justifies their murder to remove them from society.

    • I am crying uncontrollably……this is a nightmare.

  2. Ron Thomas, Kelly Thomas’ father, said he was stunned by the verdict, saying he’d never seen such a miscarriage of justice.

    Thomas also suggested that federal authorities should look into the case.

    Ramos’ attorney, John Barnett, told reporters: “These peace officers were doing their jobs…they did what they were trained to do.”

    Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas said prosecutors would not pursue charges against a third Fullerton officer accused in the Thomas case. That officer’s trial was pending.

    “I don’t intend to proceed with another trial when the two officers here were acquitted,” he told reporters.

    The jury took less than a full day of deliberation to reach the not-guilty verdicts.

    The coroner’s office determined that Thomas died of brain damage from lack of oxygen caused by chest compression and other injuries sustained during his struggle with police.,0,5661959.story#ixzz2qKTYgL6k

  3. Two sides to a story

    I am also speechless and appalled. I should have been on that jury. It would have been hung all week and forever.

    My deepest sympathy to the Thomas family.

    • Two sides to a story

      Justice for Kelly Thomas protest starting now @ Fullerton Police Department 237 West Commonwealth Avenue:

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  5. I am sick and deeply troubled over this verdict.

    This is so overwhelming for me…..

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  7. Justice is no longer based on facts and evidence, but on how juries perceive victims. All it takes is for the defense to paint the victim as someone who is a burden on society.

    • This horrific video is graphic and horrific to watch. I was shaken and I trembled when I watched it.

      Everyone needs to see this no matter how hard it is too watch IF we are going to advocate for people who have been brutalized.

      This video shows Kelly Thomas being beaten and tortured to death. You can hear him crying for his daddy.

  8. My thoughts exactly.

  9. This is beyond belief……

  10. I am in shock. No way, no way could they be found not guilty.

  11. towerflower

    I’m stunned by this.

  12. I mourn for you Kelly

    You suffered
    crushed by the agonizing torture
    without breath as your brutalization continued
    without your daddy whom you cried out for

    If I could move through time to the moment of your beating, I would embrace you and shield your body with mine from the horrific beating and torture being inflicted upon you.

  13. Searching for answers on how to heal the broken hearts in America; when victims are convicted and their killers set free.

  14. As the not-guilty verdicts were read for two former Fullerton police officers, Kelly Thomas’ father leaned back in his seat and shook his head.

    “I just don’t get it,” Ron Thomas said, moments after an Orange County jury acquitted former police officers Manual Ramos and Jay Cicinelli in the beating of his son, who died five days later. “I’ve never seen such a miscarriage of justice.”

    “They got away with murdering my son,” Cathy Thomas said.,0,1631508.story#ixzz2qL21W649

    • The jury have proclaimed Manual and Jay NOT GUILTY.

      BUT the spirit world KNOWS that Manual and Jay are SINNER MEN who committed an EVIL, HEINOUS, DEPRAVED act of torturing and beating to his death a helpless man who was pleading for his life.

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  15. Sadly I’m not shocked about the verdict. The police are almost never charged for their crimes.

    Johannes Mehserle’s conviction for killing Oscar Grant was a VERY rare conviction, and he was released early. He’s out free after murdering Oscar Grant.

    • Glenn, I hear you, but there’s always that positive side of me that keeps hoping that people will put their biases away and decide justly. We once thought that getting evidence on tape was sufficient to convict, until the Rodney King case. It appears that there are defense attorneys who really don’t “win” acquittals for defendants but rather, appeal to the biases of juries that victims were burdens on society so, what’s the big deal?

      • How many times can a JURY turn its head
        And pretend IT just doesn’t see?

        Yes, how many times must a jury look
        Before it can really see the lie?

        Yes, how many ears must a JURY have
        Before IT can hear Trayvon cry?

        Yes, how many deaths will it take till IT knows
        That too many people have died?

        The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
        The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

        Our children need to know the answer….their safe future depends upon it.

  16. I no longer believe in the justice system. OJ, Casey, Jodi, GZ & now this case. WTH do our laws protect? I can’t even feel anger over this, only sadness & shame. I had respect for the system & police & Judges, etc..and that’s gone. This man was beaten as he begged for his life, just as Trayvon was shot as he begged for his life & all three killers walk away.Casey’s daughter is found in the woods & she walks away. OJ is sick & wants to go home & Jodi is hoping to find a jury that won’t read her tweets.
    This is justice? Where the hell do they find these jurors? There’s no explanation for this, no excuse for the disregard of human life & the support of these killers. How do these juror’s sleep at night knowing they let 2 pigs that killed a defenseless man go free? Since when is that NOT a crime….oh yeah, must be another one of those cop perks. Laws are just for certain people & this trial was a waste of time & money & an insult to the family.

    • Justice4All. I feel you.

      Where the hell do they find these jurors?

      That is who I hold responsible. Juries are basing their decisions on whether victims are a burden on society because there is no other way that evidence is recorded and can be disregarded otherwise.

      • I feel too!! My stepson is a police officer. I was talking to him about this tonite. As he expressed, he wasn’t there … but almost 9 minutes of fighting, tazing and 6 cops trying to control this man …. he was talking about the steps that take to slowly escalate the “pressure” or intensity of police involvement.
        I wish he would have seen the video …. I don’t mean to condone this at all …. I’m just relaying that he said the police point of view should be considered.

        I still totally think this was deadly excessive force and uncalled for. The system really failed this young man ALL the way.

        So sorry!!! 😦

        • Horty,
          Cops have a hard job. They never know what they’re walking into. They are trained to restrain without causing injury while protecting themselves. What was done to Kelly Thomas, David Castellani and Ethan Saylor, is not in any law enforcement training manual. It was intentional abuse.

          • I agree with you, my friend.
            I could sense Robert’s position …. other side of the coin.

            This was bad!!

            Any chance that this could be “undone”?

            • Hey Horty!
              A not guilty verdict cannot be undone. The feds had an open investigation waiting for the result of the state’s trial and now state they will look at the evidence. There might be potential to charge the former cops with violating Kelly’s civil rights.

  17. For some reason I keep hearing “I think he has a good heart, he just went alittle to far.”

    • dreamer.

      For some reason I keep hearing “I think he has a good heart, he just went alittle to far.”

      HA!! Followed by, “They were frustrated with all the mentally ill homeless people in the neighborhood.”

  18. How many more will die before I act and successfully stand up for those who have faced injustice and inequality?

    How long will our nation turn its head, as it has, in NOT acknowledging and repairing the damage of its heinous acts of the past…..the genocide of the Native Americans……the four hundred years of the killings and brutalization of African Americans…and more?

    When will we see such true brotherhood and community that we, as a nation, begin to lift up, carry, and rescue the brutalized, the marginalize, the mistreated, the impoverished,the victims of racial hatred…(there are so many)?

  19. After a night of sleep, it still makes no sense. I understand a police officer pulling out a pen and saying he is going to write a ticket is in the line of duty, but putting on gloves and saying he is eff someone up? How can that EVER be okay?

  20. Oh, m’lord!!! Speechless!! …. and the got off? Unbelievable!!!

  21. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There IS something wrong in this country!!! How can it be changed? What can be done? Who are those supposed to care for us???

  22. UPDATE:

    FBI to Examine Kelly Thomas Trial Evidence After Officers’ Acquittals

    • Thank GOD!!!! Except I don’t know if I expect too much. They are on the same side. Sigh. But dang, it is SO obvious. There seems to be SO much police BS, someone has to be able to clean it up – I would, but I don’t know how.

  23. I do hope this is reviewed!! That is just preposterous that they were acquitted.

    Yathzee …. take a look at my post.

    The video with the medical evidence should have been more than needed for a guilty verdict. The evidence is right there ….. broken facial bones?? The ethmoid plate?
    With the butt of the tazer?

    There is no doubt there!!

    • I did check out your post…..You did a great job!

      I wish every blog in existence would cover this story.

      • I agree with you!!! Are you the same Yahtzee ….. different avatar!!!

        • Yes. Because these are generic avatars given out by WordPress, you get whatever avatar is available when you sign up to each different blog. If I personalized my avatar with a picture or photo that would not happen.

          Let’s see…does the word “synergy” help in proving who I am?

        • Horty, excuse the butt-in. 🙂
          For Word Press blogs, for those not having “gravatars,” avatars will change from blog to blog depending on the setting selected by the blog administrator. On your admin side, under “settings” and “discussions,” is an option to choose for those posting comments who do not have a “gravatar.” It should be at the bottom of the screen. I’ve chosen “Retro” for this blog.

  24. Xena …wished we lived closer … you would be my mentor!! 🙂

  25. You sure can’t see that in Florida … LOL!! It’s getting cooler today. Tomorrow will be COLD!!!
    Anyway …… stay warm!! Up there ….. 🙂


    “Emotions Flow As California Police Acquitted In Death Of Homeless Man”

    Outside court, Thomas’ parents condemned the verdicts.

    “Just horrified,” Cathy Thomas said. “He got away with murdering my son.”

    Ron Thomas said the verdict gave police “carte blanche” to brutalize people.

    “All of us need to be very afraid now,” he said. “Police officers everywhere can beat us, kill us, whatever they want, but it has been proven right here today they’ll get away with it.”

  27. Kelly Thomas pleaded for his life.

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    (Repeated cries of pain)
    (cries of pain become more horrible)
    (repeated tasseling)
    Okay pleease
    owwwa aaaaaooowwaawow
    aaaaaah ooo ooooo uuuunnnn oooo aaaagggg

  28. Cop In Kelly Thomas Beating Run Out Of Fullerton Denny’s

  29. Father Of Man Beaten To Death By Fullerton Police To Have Night Of ‘Reflection’
    July 5, 2014 3:43 PM

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