Ariel Castro’s Arrest Leads To Solving 2 Murders

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After Ariel Castro was arrested for kidnapping and holding captive three women, law enforcement began investigating the disappearance of two other women in the same area.   One of Castro’s neighbors, 49-year-old Elias Acevedo, has confessed to murder, kidnapping, and rape.

Pamela Pemberton

Pamela Pemberton

Christian Adkins

Christina Adkins

Pamela Pemberton, 30, was murdered in 1994. Christina Adkins was pregnant when she disappeared in 1995.  Christina was 18-years-old.  Christina’s body had not been found.  Acevedo led authorities to a manhole where he had placed Christina’s body 18 years ago.  Her identification card was found nearby, and the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office went through the process to positively identify her remains.

Fox News Latino Reports:

“At Monday’s sentencing, FBI agent Andrew Burke said investigators reopening missing-person cases in the area began to focus on Acevedo during the summer based on discrepancies in earlier law enforcement interviews, his sex crime conviction and tips.”

Police also discovered that Acevedo, a convicted sex offender, failed to report his current address.

Elias Acevedo

Elias Acevedo

Acevedo was originally arrested and charged in June 2013.  He pleaded not guilty and was held in the county jail on a $5 million bail. While incarcerated, Acevedo’s DNA was linked to a 1993 rape that occurred near the location where Pemberton’s body was found. The FBI then linked Acevedo to the 1995 disappearance of Adkins, last seen in the vicinity of Seymour Avenue.

The October 17, 2013 indictment against Acevedo included 115 kidnapping charges and more than 173 charges of rape involving Adkins, Pemberton and repeated rapes over a period of months of two girls, starting when they were 8 and 11 years old. He was also charged in the 1993 rape of his brother’s common-law wife.  The Young Turks report that Acevedo’s daughters were among his rape victims.

On Sunday, October 27, 2013, a memorial service and funeral were held for Christina Adkins.

Family friend Angie Smith told reporters, “It’s not the ending we hoped for, but I hope this gives the family a sense of peace that they no longer have to wonder where she is. I hope it brings closure to friends and her family.”

Under a plea deal to avoid the death penalty, on Monday, Acevedo plead guilty to 297 counts.  He was sentenced to two 20-to-life sentences for aggravated murder, and sentences for other crimes totally 445 years.

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  1. The families finally have closure. What a disgusting creature. What is wrong with some people???


    • Good morning Mindyme and Happy New Year!

      Oh I hear you. The families of victims and his rape victims spoke at Elias Acevedo sentencing. Maybe they can all have a sense of peace that justice has been served.

      What if Charles Ramsey had not helped open that door? I wonder if he realizes how significant his actions were? Not only did he help rescue 3 girls who were kidnapped and raped, but it started somewhat of a chain reaction leading to Elias Acevedo.


  2. James Avery. May he rest in peace.


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  4. Tavia Anderson

    He should have been put to death. Sick people can’t be rehabilitated!


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