Most Shocking Stand Your Ground Incidents Of 2013



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End Stand Your Ground

UPDATED May 31, 2016

2013 was the year stand your ground law became a national controversial issue. A case could fall into this category if a person who takes a life claims self-defense under stand your ground laws or may have the option to invoke the law. Here are some of the most shocking incidents that made headlines:



On November 27, 2013 Ronald Westbrook, a 72-year-old man with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, wandered four miles away from home with his dogs in the middle of the night. He jiggled the doorknob and rang the doorbell of a home in Walker County, Georgia, alerting the resident, Joe Hendrix, 34, who went outside.

Hendrix said that he saw a figure walking toward him in the darkness, ordered the man to stop several times, and fired his weapon, killing Westbrook…

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  1. Ronald Westbrook, looks so much like my own Dad.. When more victims look more like him, things will change.. 😦

    It’s all just so wrong. Too many guns, too much fear. Too few prosecutions.


    • @Mindyme62:

      Your dad must be very handsome! I feel so bad for the family of Ronald Westbrook. He must have been so scared and so confused. If you are drunk, suffer with dementia or alzheimers disease, and you wander onto to someotne’s property, you may get shot with a gun by a gun nut! I even warn the Jehovah’s Witnesses who go door to door.

      Yes, you are so correct! When more victims are white,we will then see calls for a change in the SYG laws! However, no one cares about the life of black people as evidenced by the acquittal of Fogen! It is 1955, Emmett Till again so states my 80 year old dad. My dad was appalled and his heart was broken to have to see something like the death of an innocent black boy again because he lived through the Emmett Till case. Now we have Reneisha McBride and once again, she is being blamed for her own death. (I have some friends in Detroit and Dearborn who are keeping me up to date)!


  2. This is from 2012. Another gated community where a resident “set up” a mentally ill neighbor to react by purposively moving his sign which read “Del Webb is Against Disabled Veterans” knowing full well the man would become very reactive and would come running out of his home screaming. Instead of crossing the street to avoid the foreseen catastrophic behavior by a clearly deranged man, he moved his sign knowing the man would come screaming out of his home. The ” normal” man was out for a Sunday daytime walk,with his wife, carrying a loaded pistol cause you just never know when you might need it to kill a neighbor in an over 55 gated upscale community.

    The man’s electricity had been cut off and home was in process of being foreclosed but apparently this wasn’t fast enough for the ” normal” neighbor so he helped things along by shooting the mentally ill man dead.
    There,situation solved except the ” normal” man’s wife had to be taken by rescue to the hospital as she apparently failed to understand she was married to a man who carry a loaded pistol on their Sunday afternoon stroll and by damn use it should the need arise.

    He has sent in a request to serve as a charter board member on the “George Zimmerman Shoot A Suspicious Neighbor Organization.”

    Although, some of his neighbors were initially grateful as apparently the HOA said shooting a trouble causing mentally ill resident was not in their by laws and the police said these types of situations are obviously not in our job description; however, it is known invites to the” meet your neighbor cocktail get togethers” have slackened off.


    • 2dogsonly. YES!! I remember that case. It happened right around the time as the John Orr case. I suspect that Zimmerman read about both and that gave him courage to kill and claim SYG.


  3. towerflower

    One of the cases that I do not believe falls into the rest is that of Shanequia McDonald. She shot and killed Mr. Lewis at a gas station and there is video proof of the incident. He had been harassing her and “hitting” her with his umbrella. She said he was asking her for sex while she was getting gas and she tried to avoid him and he followed her. When she returned to her car she pulled out a .22 rifle and aimed it at him. He then struck her, causing her to step backwards and then she fired.

    Witnesses said he would not leave her alone and after she shot him, she pulled out a camera and took a photo of him and drove off to her mother’s home where her mother called the police. She said she took off because she was afraid that Mr. Lewis’s friends would come after her and as for the photo…….it was to take a picture of the knife that Mr. Lewis was holding in his hand. The knife was still on him when the police arrived. So you have a man who was holding a knife and according to Ms. McDonald, threatening her.

    Because of the knife and the video showing him following her around, I feel that this one was justified. She is still awaiting a Grand Jury to decide her case.


    • towerflower. Thanks for the info on the McDonald case.

      She is still awaiting a Grand Jury to decide her case.

      BINGO!!!!! That’s probably why her case was included with other SYG cases. Whenever a person has been killed, there should always be an investigation. I’m also in favor of letting grand juries decide on whether to charge.


      • There is at least one state in which all SYG cases must go before a board (not a grand jury) to see if it falls into SYG…..I believe it’s Arizona.


      • One more thing………”I’m also in favor of letting grand juries decide on whether to charge”.

        I’m not sure if I would like a Grand Jury but instead a separate panel made up of educated (in gun laws) personnel to make that decision….whether it was made up of former police/lawyers/law makers etc. But I don’t think an average person should make that decision.


        • towerflower, from what I understand, grand jury hearings consist of the prosecution presenting evidence and witnesses, and the judge explaining the law to the jury. They do not hear anything from the defense because the hearing is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to charge and if so, what charge.

          If we start selecting grand jury members based on their careers or former careers, we stand to run into biases. Grand juries have the first say and if they return a bill to charge, the trial jury has the last say.

          Our system isn’t perfect and frankly, (and sadly), there are no fixes to make it perfect.


          • roderick2012

            Xena: towerflower, from what I understand, grand jury hearings consist of the prosecution presenting evidence and witnesses, and the judge explaining the law to the jury.

            If the DOJ does decide to pursuit a case against Piglet I wonder if they would be able to get an indictment against him with a grand jury seated in Orlando.

            After reading all of the comments on various media message boards in the Orlando area about the case I don’t believe it’s a slam dunk since Orlando seems to have gotten more ‘conservative’ since the first time I lived in FL in the mid-2000’s.

            I’ve meant to ask Horty about the climate in Orlando and if she could give an opinion on how the good people of Orlando feel about the Zimmerman case.


          • roderick2012, it’s something to ponder, isn’t it? With the feds, they draw members of the grand jury and juries from a “district” that consists of all counties in that district. I’ve not checked for the federal district that includes Seminole County.


  4. You tube video of police interview with tubs’ girl friend. Over 30 minutes


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