Shellie Zimmerman Injured In Car Crash

Shellie Zimmerman

Shellie Zimmerman

Around 11:15 a.m. this morning, near Aloma and Phelps avenues in Winter Park, FL, a suspected drunk driver hit Shellie Zimmerman’s vehicle.  She, and a woman passenger were taken to Winter Park Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Click Orlando reports that both cars sustained serious damage.  The driver of the other car was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Shellie Zimmerman is wife of George Zimmerman, the man who killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and claimed he killed in self-defense.   George and his father both made statements that he and Shellie mentored children on Sunday evenings and then went grocery shopping for the week.  Robert Zimmerman Sr. even stated that George cooked dinner for Shellie Shellie and Georgethat Sunday evening before leaving out to go to Target for groceries.  However, after the verdict, Shellie stated that she had left her home that Saturday after having an argument with George, and was at her dad’s house from then until she and George moved-in with the Osterman’s on February 27, 2012.

As a result of George’s first bond hearing, Shellie was charged with perjury for misrepresenting assets to the court.  The weekend before his arrest, George setup a website asking for donations for his legal defense.  He included a link to PayPal where people could donate.  After he was arrested, the donations poured in.   On the jailhouse phone, George and Shellie spoke in code where he instructed her on how to transfer money from his account, to her account.  Shellie also transferred money to George’s sister, and revealed that she had his valid passport in a safe-deposit box.  George also instructed Shellie to pay their past-due debts, which came to approximately $35,000, occurring before the evening of February 26, 2012.

George was acquitted in the 2nd degree murder case, and soon thereafter, Shellie filed for divorce.  Among other things, Shellie has stated to the media that since the verdict, George felt “more invincible.”  She has stated that she did not know the man she married and that he went on a “victory tour” abandoning her.  George was not in the courtroom to support Shellie as she agreed to the plea bargain in her perjury case.

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  1. I hope she is ok. To bad it wasn’t GZ and serious. I know I should be ashamed of saying such things and I am but I’m not. I really hope she is free of him now forever and has a good New Year.

    • I’m not! Fogen should get whatever comes his way and I don’t care who does it! Someone needs to, “Stand There Ground” with him! Let the dead bury the dead, and he will meet fate the same way he dished it out! You live by the sword, you will die by the sword! Fogen has hurt and destroyed so many people! He is a dsiturbed, hatefull man who killed an innocent boy who was begging and crying for his Mommy! He knows he is guilty and he is the type of socio-path who operates with out a conscience!

      Shellie needs to come clean and tell what she knows to the feds. She may be afraid for herself and her family but she will always be afraid with this monser walking the streets because she knows what he is capable of doing! The sins of Fogen are affecting her and it is a shame really. She knows that he is an opportunist who only loves himself! I hope she is fine too, and can reflect on the past this holiday searon, and think about the Martin/Fulton family who did not have Trayvon this year for the season time. They will never have Trayvon again because of her stupid, murdering husband.

    • I’ll go one farther and say it;s a damn shame Fogen was pinned between the cars during the crash…….

    • I hope Shellie is okay, too, Rachael.

  2. omg people drive drunk at 11:15 in the morning??

    • Two sides to a story

      That was my reaction too!

      • Sure the do, all the time. When I was a nurse and worked the night shift, they would all go out after work for a few drinks like anyone else would after work, except it was 8:00 a.m. (working 11:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. shift).

  3. The whole z clan is a mess!

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Her entire claim to fame is that she was married to the murderer of Trayvon Martin.

    • Jackie, YES!! Had she not lied about their assets, we would not know what she looked like until maybe trial. Even then, we would have asked “Who’s that woman with George?”

  5. Is it me, or does it seem like anyone and everyone that has been involved or is involved with Zimmerman gets hurt or worse?

  6. I hope Shellie is OK,but do also wish she would tell ALL she knows.Hopefully more people will figure out like you Brian,that anybody that has ANYTHING to do with any of the Zimmermans come away DAMAGED in some way,but they are UNTOUCHABLE! I think more & more LIES are going to come out.
    I am wondering how those JURORS feel these days.They are probably the ones who are still donating to him! Even Casey Anthony jurors only had their names sealed for 3 months.Its time to RELEASE their names NOW! I would like to ask them how they feel about Georges big heart now!!

    • They always say things will get worse before they get better, but as I hear about people and all their weapons (guns) going crazy, it makes me wonder what are we in store for in 2014.

    • Hey Marilyn!!! Someone said on Twitter that they have a photo of Shellie leaving the hospital in a wheelchair. That’s general procedure. At least she was not admitted. Her injuries were scratches on her legs and bruising from the air bag.

  7. I hear you have some punkass cowards, namely a jessica & david, who have attacked you and my sister Horty, on your blog. I invite both david & jessica to visit my blog with that coward ass bull shit….I got something for them both, and any help they might need to bring along to assist them.

    • Jueseppi.
      No need to engage those cowards. They can allege anything they want as my real name. They can continue posting fraudulent profiles on background check websites in effort to support their doxing. They can threaten that they will slander me unless I delete this blog. They can call me all kinds of racial slurs. What they can’t do is attack my blogging friends, threatening to do the same to them, and expect for me to ignore it.

      When they attacked Horty, I went to work using options available at law. They are currently quiet, in hiding, and encouraging their friends to try working in stealth. If they come out of hiding, it will not be to their benefit and their stealth buddies had better stop trying to verbally vandalize this blog before they get included in that thick packet of evidence to LE.

      • For you Xena, my friend:



        For “Them”——-

      • Horty is an angel with nothing but warm loving wishes for all humans and animals. That crossed MY line.

        • Jueseppi,
          Their conspiracies and threats demonstrate their ignorance, such as threatening to report Horty to the medical licensing board because of a comment she posted here. There is nothing evil in her comment but they think their misrepresentation of it will carry weight before people who have more education in their little finger than they have in their entire brains.

      • This DannyWarrior, and his fucktards, are so stupid I am starting to break out in hives.

        • Jueseppi, funny that DannyWarrior seems to know about me, but I didn’t know anything about him until someone recently pointed me the direction of his blog. Actually, if DannyWarrior wanted to come here and discuss that he is not my mole, I’d be open to it. Of course, that would be the limit of our discussion.

          I do wonder how he knows that AlexandraM is Jessica.

          Maybe I could give him some pointers on how to stop harassers from accessing his blog through proxy IP address websites.

      • Are these adults you are talking about? Geez.

        • Yes Adults. U have a problem with me calling adults fucktards? Just so you know, I’m not the type that cares much what others think of my vocabulary, Ms. Rachael. I was talking TO Ms. Xena.

          • @Jueseppi

            Racheal is cool. Her comment was not opposed to your comment. I get what she’s saying — that the harassers behave like undisciplined, nasty children.

          • Yes xena, that’s what I meant. I can’t believe these people are adults, running around on the Internet like 6th graders with nothing better to do with their time than harass you. I don’t understand what kind of life they must have. And if I’m posting (or if I posted earlier) in the wrong place and it caused confusion, sorry. I’m posting from my phone and it looks different on the phone so maybe I’m posting in the wrong place and it looks like I’m responding to the wrong person.

            • Rachael. Did you see Jueseppi’s apology?

              I don’t understand what kind of life they must have.

              Since they believe that non-Whites are not equal, they want this blog and others to stop advocating for equal rights. They have their own blogs and freedom of speech to write about whatever they want — to all 3 of their supporters. It drives them crazy to see that blogs advocating equal rights for all, regardless of age, sexual preference, gender, race, disability, have more followers and participation than their blogs that promote White Supremacy. So, they want us to disappear and to encourage that, they use slander, lies, threats, and harassment.

            • @Xena:

              Excellent post Xena! Those ignorant people are stuck in the Jim Crow era where blacks had no equal or human rights. We will NOT be moved! Many of my ancestors and family members fought and died to end the Jim Crow laws and I will never give up my rights to speak or live as a human being. Those folks are a bunch of miserable creatures who use fear and intimidation as a way of scaring us but we will not be allow them to win by any means.

            • Deborah, if you were to read the comments they send here, you wouldn’t say they are stuck in the Jim Crow era — they are stuck pre-Civil War. Uh — change that. What about 1B.C. when the Romans enslaved whomever, killed whomever, and allowed people to decide who to set free in exchange for who to crucify? Yet still, incorporate the days of Al Capone’s shakedowns.

              THEN, we come to post Civil War days with the KKK operating in darkness and thinking their identity will be hidden. They exchange hoods for proxy IP addresses. The more persistent they are, the more they evidence intent to violate law — and those proxy IP addresses do not hide their real IPs from the hosting companies that serve the websites they use.

            • @Xena;

              What a bunch of sicko’s! At least their IP addresses can be traced if they attempt to intimidate or threaten you or anyone else on this blog! Creatures like this need to be stopped! They certainly would have fit in the during the Nazi invasion of Germany and they would have made perfect slave masters back in the days of slavery! Evil to the core! If they could do what the Nazi did they would! I am sure they have the photo of Hitler on their walls, along with the Confederate flag in the back of their trucks! Can you imagine hating others that much that you lose your mind over it?

            • Deborah,

              Can you imagine hating others that much that you lose your mind over it?

              No, I can’t. They know that I don’t read their blogs because they send comments with links asking why I didn’t know what was posted there to demean me or someone else they hope I will give a message to. They like showing off their dirty work. I only visit the links to take screenshots to give to LE. Simply put, I have no interest in their White Supremacist ideologies and not once have I attempted to engage them. In reality, I wouldn’t step foot in their houses, so am not going to knock on the door of their internet blogs either.

              That is when I realized that if it was not for Blackbutterfly7 and Leatherman’s blog, the haters would have nothing to write about to put on their blogs and/or comment about on other blogs. IMHO, their obsession is unhealthy.

            • @Xena:

              These creatures are pathetic! Just keeping seing their e-mails and posts to the proper authorities! They are sad creatures. What is even sadder is that Fogen and his alcoholic brother embraces creatures like this and these people have no use for them either! If Fogen had killed a white kid, he would have been lynched by these very same individuals! I don’t know if Fogen and his family have looked at themselves but they are as DARK as any black individual especially the mother who got up on that witness stand and lied through her teeth.

              I normally do not talk about anyone’s children or their mom’s but I have nothing but contempt for this woman and what she did on that stand! She pretends that she is “praying” for TM and the family! She is a complete phony! I was filled with rage when she stated that, that was her son screaming and crying for his mom! Why would an armed man scream and cry fo rhis mom?? She will pay for her lies one day!

              I also hope Shellie is okay and I mean that. She was an abused woman who knows exactly the kind of man she married. The man who would not allow her to work or go anywhere without him. The womwn who now has a record because of Fogen! These same pathetic individuals have also said terrible, hateful things about Shellie as well, now that she has come out and revealed how selfish Fogen is! Why don’t these people move on already?? Don’t any of them WOrK??

          • Deborah and Xena,

            There is no question that White supremacists are the SLUDGE of our society. They are depraved and evil…..they must be trying to earn points with the devil so that they will be guaranteed their place in hell.

            • Deborah and Yahtzee,

              What’s that phrase about stupidity doing the same thing over and over? They have been trying to do the same thing for centuries now and can’t see that it doesn’t work. And, within this concept, we should include women’s rights, gay rights, and rights to those disabled. Everyone besides the haters are moving ahead to make America and this world a better place for all.

          • Everyone besides the haters are moving ahead to make America and this world a better place for all.

            Yes, and we must CONTINUALLY stand up against those haters.

            Peter Yarrow introduces this song by saying, “The times MUST be a’changin’ AGAIN.”

          • Published on Nov 6, 2013
            Trayvon Martin Tribute Video Marvin Gaye Whats Going On Cover

        • @Rachael: Don’t pay those ignorant folks no mind. They don’t know your real name. I use so many names, I forget who i am sometimes! LOL! They would have to know much more about you than a name and if this happens, then you need to report this. I don’t know why so many of these ignorant folks have so much time on their hand anyway!

        • My apologies to You Ms. Rachael. I sometimes can be an asshole first.

  8. Hello Xena,
    This is DannyWarrior. My DW blog is now closed. However, I had the proxy protections applied.
    Nettles crew did not like that I was not making excuses for Zimmerman post trial behavior. I began exposing a pattern. For some odd reason after almost a year of posting and conversing with me Nettles and her crew began calling me a mole for you. Lol. For the life of them, they can not see GZ’s post trial behavior is a mockery of everything they say they supported him for.

    As for Arkansasmimi and her many handles…..
    Back in October on Nettles blog she posted an email from Sundance. While researching users from the OutHouse, I noticed Jessicas sock accounts. I dug a bit and saw her history with you. I never mentioned your username, she and others had. I linked to JBMission on my blog and other blogs where Jessica posted. I linked to your comments @ Leathermans after they mentioned you.
    At this point she is excessively posting @Nettles now. Nettles is willing to host because well, as a Canadian none of these issues affect her. Some in that group I see on twitter are even arguing with and bullying minors! I do not do FB or Twitter.

    My blog began by my exposing Sundance affiliations @ HillBuzz. My blog was open prior to Nettles opening hers. SDs fringe group @ Nettles blog and I began discussing the case due to their support from Mark O´Mara. After trial and when the DV incident in September I began distancing myself from the group. I offered them factual debates on GZs behavioral patterns. They became very angry and many called for my banning and Nettles obeyed.
    They started networking on twitter claiming I am a female and a TMWarrior and Mole, none of which is true. It is easier for them to get others to dismiss me by spreading untruths then it is for them to focus on the facts.
    I am debating about laying out GZs patterns, and discuss GZs involvement in the Paypal fiasco that Nettles diverted from for quite some time now. Just for reference to anyone who would like that information. I just do not have the time to babysit a blog at the moment and to deflect their obsession with me. So I closed down my blog.
    Between blogging and twitter I have no clue how these people live a happy fulfilling life nor how it benefits them to excuse GZs behaviors. I am not the only one who has called GZ out on his lack of remorse for a teen dying even if it was justifiable.
    Anyway. Thank you for the opportunity to clear up the mole issue. I may not agree with all your positions and opinions, but I do respect you for sticking up for what you believe in and remaining respectful to your opposition. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

    • This dannywarriorwannabe is a fake asshole who I have only one bit of advice for…as he gave me on his blog when I defended Trayvon Martin and exposed George Zimmerman for the racist asshole he is…fuck off dannywannabewarrior. You are a 2 faced piece of feces.

      • Jueseppi,
        Danny came here on my invitation to clear the air about the accusation of him being my “mole.” I take his comment in that spirit and do know that the harassers can and do turn on each other in the blink of an eye if it advances their racist agenda.

        I’m not asking that you refrain or hold back on your opinions, — but please, no personal attacks. And Danny, if you’re reading this, I ask that you not advance this to personal attacks either.

        In the alternative, let’s wait until after tomorrow and I’ll post a thread for the explicit purpose of getting this entire matter out in the open — no holds barred.

        Please let me know.

        • Talking to liars is way beneath me, Enjoy your holiday Ms. Xena, My comments on this piece of feces will remain inside me. I won’t comment on your blog out of respect to you and your request.

          • Jueseppi,
            I get a feeling that some good may come out of a discussion between you and Danny. Thank you for holding me in respect, but I really don’t want you to to feel as if you can’t comment. It’s just that to continue a discussion with Danny, I would like for it to be on it’s own, dedicated page. This is why — it’s a larger picture than just about individuals.

            Maybe Danny can help us understand his position that race was not a factor, and we can help him understand that those he communicated with during the George Zimmerman case are the ones who used and still use race in their defense of Zimmerman and to justify harassing and slandering others.

            Let me say it another way — I don’t want to re-litigate the Zimmerman 2nd degree murder case. I would like to go to the beginning, when this nation saw a kid killed and no arrest. The kid just happened to be Black. That placed focus, not on Zimmerman, but on the SPD. Because there had been no arrest, those seeking justice turned to the DOJ who began and is still, investigating into whether Zimmerman committed a racial hate-crime.

            Let’s face it. Had the SPD and Zimmerman’s advocates such as Frank Taaffee not demonstrated bias and their opinion that Trayvon had no rights, this would not have escalated into a case involving race with anyone other than closet White Supremacists who use the case to promote their belief that Blacks are inferior and have no rights.

            It was through their now defunct websites, such as Wagist, that they jumped on the agenda to “thugify” Trayvon Martin. That agenda was then repeated, without evidence, and then everything — everything about Trayvon Martin, was translated by them into “thug,” becoming the replacement word for “n-gg-r.”

            I think that we really should clear the air and dispel the propaganda. As well, I would like to know Danny’s position on what has been termed “BGI” because that did not come about until after Zimmerman was arrested.

            Some things cannot be separated from others, and IMHO, that means that the “BGI” propaganda cannot be separated from White Supremacist ideology.

            What saith thou?

          • I am done with this issue. I hate liars & fakes, with a passion. Happy New Year.

        • So much to respond to. Where to start?
          These are my views. This is how I see it.
          BGI began to be coined as a racial adadge at the OutHouse during this case. But, the proper term is GI. The GI is a political philosophy that social issues are resolved through the use of laws and Government. Unlike the Civil Rights movement where the leaders intent was to seek racial equality into everyday life, BGI has leaders who seek out one situation and claim a whole race is discriminated against because of some law yet passed or overturned.
          As history shows us, as well as these groups, laws may make it illegal to discriminate against someone because of color etc, the law is useless to grieve about how people feel. Feelings have nothing to do with law. So now, it has become the social argument of what is not fair is not equal. What is equal is not always fair.

          As for the GZ case not being an example of SYG, or self defense? You hit the nail on the head with my position. And it has nothing to do with white vs. black law. He is not even white.

          • Danny,

            I’m going to save your comment and after the 1st of the year, open a new thread. IMHO, it’s because of individual understandings that leads to misunderstandings. It’s almost like talking to people who speak different languages, or the same language where words have different meanings based on location and/or culture.

            For instance, I said “Hola” to a person of Spanish descent one day, and was corrected by him that he is not of Mexican descent and that is not a proper greeting for all Hispanics. See, I was trying to be respectful and appreciate his culture, but learned that I actually disrespected him by not having the proper understanding of what words mean to him.

            Your comment is appropriate to start discussion on that basis and hopefully, come to an understanding of how words mean different things based on history and/or experiences. I hope you are open to that discussion.

            Again, the best to you in the coming new year.

          • I feel I need to respond to this specific comment by Xena:
            “Maybe Danny can help us understand his position that race was not a factor, and we can help him understand that those he communicated with during the George Zimmerman case are the ones who used and still use race in their defense of Zimmerman and to justify harassing and slandering others.”

            I hope to help you understand why to me race was not a factor and why some have used race. But as far as my communications with the nettles group, it is well known, perhaps not here , but elsewhere, from my chosen perch, they know that my support for GZ was not without reservation or criticism. My postings are limited and very direct that while it was a bad decsion of GZ to leave his vehicle and follow TM….GZ did ultimately act in self-defense when he shot TM. This situation is not one for criminal court but for civil court. And the fact race was not proven at all in a criminal aspect any federal involvement is an issue not involving civil rights but a grievence on other issues. The issues have been combined.

      • It is a shame you feel I am fake and two faced. My position has always been suspicious to either side. I do not feel I should have to convince anyone of anything.
        As for my response on my blog to you? The first time you post on someone’s blog and rant about racists when the owners position is to not engage in those discussions or provide a platform for that type of discussion in that manner, you may have a response you may not like. I can only hope you remain open minded and non judgemental even though that crowd makes it appear everyone who supports the 2nd amendement and selfdefense are racists w/o consideration that a life was lost. That crowd does not even own firearms. So support of “self defense is not a crime” is obviously a cover for that group. There are ways to expose that rhetoric respectfully though.

        • Danny,
          I know that your reply is to Jueseppi, but I would like to pipe-in on one issue. George Zimmerman’s case was/is not a proper case to defend the 2nd amendment and self-defense.

          The 2nd amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. Self-defense is legislated by individual state statute. The 2nd amendment is to defend the nation. It does not legislate law on when it’s legal or illegal to use arms. That is left up to the states to decide.

          Can you now see where taking a position by connecting the 2nd amendment (federal) to self-defense (state legislated) leads to confusion?

    • Hi DannyWarrior. Thank you for your comment. Please allow me to start at the end.

      Thank you for the opportunity to clear up the mole issue. I may not agree with all your positions and opinions, but I do respect you for sticking up for what you believe in and remaining respectful to your opposition. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

      The thing about self-respect, respect for others, maturity and professionalism, is that people can disagree without being disagreeable. I do not agree with all of your positions either, but I will stand beside you to defend your right to say them in your own internet home. What I’ve experienced is that the harassers want to infringe upon and deprive everyone, besides themselves, the right to freedom of speech.

      This isn’t about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. The harassers submit vile comments about Trayvon to articles such as “Happy Veterans Day” and “Happy Thanksgiving.” (Then hypocritically they say that we should “move on.”)

      The harasser is a sick individual who looks for opportunity to not only harass, but to also divide and conquer. Too bad that she convinced some others to join her in that activity. Some of them have something to lose. She doesn’t.

      I’ve never engaged them — never submitted a comment to any of their blogs, but heard that they submit filthy comments to blogs using my handle. They do not have my email address. Their only way of directly communicating with me is by submitting comments here through proxy IP addresses where the websites have not already blocked them from accessing this blog.

      As she was reported to and reprimanded by her ISPs, she began attacking those blog administrators who associate with me with an argument that can be summarized as saying, “Don’t associate with Xena because she is black and hates you.” Funny thing is that in her most earliest harassing comments, she called me a retired “minimum wage legal assistant,” “old White woman” who should be playing “Bingo” rather than blogging.

      The first attack had nothing to do with the George Zimmerman case. It was Ms. Filth’s personal agenda against JB. Even then, she conveyed that it was based on what she perceived to be JB’s race.

      They have now made their driving motivation for harassment, slander, demeaning, lies and threats strictly based on race. They unzipped their pants and exposed it all the way by using words such as “savages” and the “n” word.

      Mole? Why would I need one? Each time they submit a comment they leave their internet fingerprint.

      When the harassers began using proxy IP addresses, they only made things worst on themselves because it evidences intent to violate laws while trying to stay hidden. It’s as stupid as if they rent a car in their real name and driver’s license to rob a bank wearing masks, thinking that the masks protect them from being identified.

      Danny, I hate hearing that you have to close your blog because of harassers. There is an option to disallow comments. Please consider using that. Don’t allow them to infringe upon your right of freedom of speech. THAT is what they want.

      A Happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. Just finished reading comments from January 31st.

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