Happy Holidays!

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Season Greetings! 

Wishing everyone a safe holiday and happy new year!!

Here’s sending positive thoughts and love to all families who have suffered loss.   Know that you and your loved ones are not forgotten neither have been forsaken.




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  1. May we all continue to strive to BE the change we want to see! Happy Holidays everyone!


  2. This Christmas Eve I would like to present my prayer for the world which is—

    Children of Innocence:

    May the adults of the world
    Nurture you in Faith and Hope
    Love and Kindness
    Peace and Joy.

    May you reach out to each other
    In Appreciation of your Diversity
    In Respect for your Cultures
    In Caring for your Needs.

    May you walk together
    In Peace.

    May your future witness
    Bells that ring out in Justice and Equality
    In Freedom and Charity
    In lasting Peace and Friendship.

    May adults prepare your world
    By laying down weapons
    And reaching out in Trust and Love
    In Harmony and Reconciliation.


  3. Like

  4. towerflower

    Merry Christmas Everyone, and here’s wishing everyone a better New Year!


  5. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you Xena. Thanks for your blog this year.


  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Best wishes to you and yours as well and peace to us all!


  7. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Stay safe.


  8. Merry Christmas to everyone, stay safe, continue to love each other, and remember……
    God is on our side.

    The best from my family to all and especially the families of the victims of violence and injustice.


  9. Happy Holidays from our house to yours.


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