Ted Wafer (Renisha McBride) Preliminary Hearing Day 2

Ted Wafer

Left, Ted Wafer
Right, Renisha McBride

Theodore (Ted) Wafer, 54, is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter for killing 19-year-old Renisha McBride on November 2, 2013. McBride was in a car accident and subsequently appeared at Wafer’s front door where he shot her in the face with a shot-gun.

Wafer first claimed self-defense, and later claimed that the gun went off by accident.

Today’s hearing begins at 9 a.m. EST.

Click here to watch live stream.


Video of today’s hearing, courtesy of croakerqueen123.


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  2. Good Morning!


  3. Defense Witness: Mr. Bines

    He worked together since July with Renisha July 2013

    Good friends

    Well spoken girl, great person

    Did not date


    • Once drank with Renisha

      Her demeanor was just laid back when drinking

      Evening on November 1 around 6 and7 or so they were on phone

      She was on East Side when he needed a ride

      She sounded fine. He could hear people in background

      Last time he talked to her at 9 he told her to be careful on the Eastside


      • Around 9 she sounded drunk…not like herself.

        She was slurring.

        He was worried that someone might have slipped something in her drink.

        He was concerned…she was a good girl.


      • One time he had drinking with her she was nice and cracking jokes


  4. Next witness: Amber Janekins


    • Jenkins

      Renisha and she best friends since 8th grade


    • Went over to Renisha’s house at 6 or 7 pm just 2 of them at home with Renisha’s grandmother sleeping in back room

      Playing card games with loser taking alcohol shots

      Led to an argument and getting loud with each other

      Amber got up and left


      • She doesn’t know how many shots Renisha

        Half bottle of $12 left vodka….had started with full bottle

        Two or three blunts (Marijuana) between them

        Left about 9:39 and said she would call her next day

        Argument was not angry just like they were saying …”Over a deal? (cards)”


  5. Det. Sgt Stephen Gurka now on stand


    • Captured smudges on two doors and waffling from screen door when he dusted for finger prints.

      3 print lifts

      Exhibit 8 (defense)
      a. front door
      b. Side door
      c. Side door above know

      Cpl Perrinol did not check them into lab and simply put into evidence

      Still have not gone to lab


  6. Defense wants defendant’s video (1 hr long)statement the defendant gave on the night of shooting admitted.

    Prosecutor objecting


  7. Prosecutor—Presentation requesting a jury trial


  8. Now defense addressing Court


  9. Judge says he will come back and give his decision.


    • Yahtzee, Good morning, have been watching, now reading your comments.. Posted a little on last thread, read when you get a chance? Have fingers and toes crossed, but it looks good that we will have a murder trial… Wafer at least seems to realize the problem that he has, unlike another murderer that we have followed for so long…


  10. Judge is returning


  11. Court in session


  12. Did defendant give address in first call?


    • Thought he hung up before answering some question…..maybe address was redacted in first call and that’s why I didn’t hear it…..can’t remember about this


  13. Decision–prosecutor has meant burden for 2nd degree murder and manslaughter

    Bind defendant over as charged


  14. It is astounding that we live in a society that possessions seem to hold more value than a human life does… How can we actually believe that something that you can buy a replacement for could be worth more than a human life? Does any one of us own anything that we should even consider killing someone over? Before you say it, you know full well I am not talking about your life or the lives of your family, when I ask that question… Have we become so addicted to games or movies where after the end of the game or the movie the person shot and killed gets up and goes home is our reality? Too bad that real life does not work that way and the person you shoot stays dead for all time….


    • Thank you for writing this, crazy1946……Renisha was an innocent, harmless young lady who was no threat to Ted Wafer.


      • Yahtzee, that is so true and my heart goes out not only to her family and friends for their loss, but to the world as well, for we have lost another of member of our society, that will never be able to contribute to our growth as she could have done… we will never have the opportunity to know what great things she might have accomplished, all because of the vile thoughts and actions found in the heart and soul of another member of our society… I have read some comments on other blogs where the color of her skin was important to the poster, however, I fail to understand why a person would choose to make that distinction other than to justify in their shallow minds the murder of an innocent child by an evil and vile man… I’m going to take a little break because this incident is causing me much distress and anger toward our society and the lack of care that seems to be so much in evidence today… I’ll be back in a little while after I cool off…. Sorry…


    • you are right, crazy. although my husband and i do have a gun, we discussed 20 years ago that loss of ‘stuff’ (be it a car or TV) is no reason to even consider accessing the gun. there is a reason our ‘stuff’ is insured and there is no reason to let a potential loss of replaceable ‘stuff’ become a life threatening situation. we would happily hand over our ‘stuff’ any time to preserve lives of all persons, including any person wishing to relieve of us ‘stuff’. there is only one reason, ever, for us to consider accessing the gun and that is if there is a direct and immediate threat to our lives or the lives of our children. the end.


  15. Good afternoon butterflies!!!

    Sorry I wasn’t here earlier, and thank everyone for keeping up with the hearing.

    So, Ted Wafer is going to stand trial on all charges? I’m watching the vid on Detroit Free Press now.


  16. Xena & Yahtzee, Thanks to both of you for making such a dedicated effort to stay on top of this important case.. I realize that it has been a huge effort and the time taken to follow this hearing has been long and I can only guess stressful, you will never realize just how much this has meant to some of us who were unable to devote the time to do so… Now we can wait for the trial and await justice to finally be rendered fairly.. Perhaps this will start a new trend in this nation, something we have not seen for some time.. that being justice that is rendered for the death of any citizen regardless to race, color or nationality… Maybe it will be shown that once again our constitution is not just a piece of paper to be only used for the protection of a few, but instead applies to all people equally…


  17. crazy1946. All credit goes to Yahtzee. She stays on top of things.

    Deserves repeating …

    Perhaps this will start a new trend in this nation, something we have not seen for some time.. that being justice that is rendered for the death of any citizen regardless to race, color or nationality… Maybe it will be shown that once again our constitution is not just a piece of paper to be only used for the protection of a few, but instead applies to all people equally…


    • Xena, While Yahtzee did the hard work of posting the blow by blow report on the hearing, you fail to realize (accept?) that only because of your hard work administrating this blog and keeping it up and going is what allows all of this to occur. That is why I am forced to include you in the sincere Thank You that both of you so richly deserve…


      • Oh, crazy1946, you are just the one I want to report to because you did so much research on the Kendrick Johnson case-to-be. Did you know that the DOJ is going to secure the hard drives from ALL of the surveillance cameras at Kendrick’s school?

        Won’t this mean that they might get extra proof that the videos were tampered with?
        Also, they might get to see everything that happened from the moment Kedrick entered the gym because it will be on the hard drives.

        You are 100% right about Xena deserving a huge expression of gratitude. I feel this toward her every day because of what she provides for us in the way of this blog and her legal knowledge.

        Xena, I feel SO much gratitude for what you do for me and the rest of us through your hard work in keeping this blog up and running smoothly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


        • Yahtzee, Wow, the Fed’s are going to seize the hard drives… Yes, that could be a big assistance in finding the truth… However, I hope that they seize all the computers from the administration and the IT staff as well! Thank you for the heads up on this, I have been working on a little side project as much as I could today, that is between reading and posting here. I’ll look and see what I can find out about this development shortly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will start the ball rolling on solving Kendrick’s murder….


        • Yahtzee, I found the CNN article about the hard drives. One thing that you could almost bet on is the hard drives that they seize will be of little use, however my suspicion is that some one at the school actually has the real hard drive in their possession. That is why it is imperative that all the major staff members computers are seized, those hard drives or at least the information we seek is on some ones computer or on a hard drive they have in their possession…


          • and then, there are a whole lot of people who think that just deleting something from a hard drive makes the data not available for recovery. they would, of course, be very, very wrong.


          • Okay, this is great crazy1946!

            Would you consider posting a recap of some of your individual research and theories here?

            Also, can you help me to understand the technology end of the hard drives and where they are located (in camera or some central “watch” room at the school?)

            Also, can you show me again that video that had a fragment showing Kendrick walking toward the mats and then just vanishing because someone erase it?

            How can the DOJ suddenly attempt to seize computers without the culprit knowing and quickly erasing his?


          • Yahtzee, I will try to over the next few days dig out the DVD’s that I have stored much of the information on and post a recap for you and others who would like to follow up on what occurred.
            You ask about the erasing of the hard drives, unless they were removed shortly after the murder, the chance of them containing any useful data at this point is slim. I hold hope that someone actually removed the original’s and has them in their possession. The school does have a server with a bank of hard drives dedicated to the security system, it has never been stated how well they are protected or where exactly in the facility they are located, or worse yet who all has access to the servers… My hope is that at this point this show of power by the FED’s will encourage fear in some one encouraging them to spill the beans on what happened…


          • crazy1946,

            What does “bank” mean when you say “a bank of hard drives”? and what does it mean when they are “dedicated to the security system?

            That would be fabulous when you have the chance to check on your research…no hurry….this is a busy season right now.


          • Yahtzee, I will try to explain this complicated process in a simple way. When I said bank of hard drives, think of it like this, each camera should have a hard drive that is assigned to it, they are hooked up to a single computer that functions much like a whole lot of little computers. this big computer takes the data from the camera and on demand shows it on a computer monitor, it also is recorded on the hard drive assigned to that camera. There is a lot of data captured by these cameras and when the hard drive reaches capacity, it starts recording over the old data, thus rendering the old data very difficult if not impossible to access. What no one has said is if these cameras only record on demand (motion/infrared) or constantly, it has been hinted that it is motion but only from a questionable source. By dedicated, I mean that these hard drives do nothing except record data from the camera system…


          • Thank you for explaining this so clearly, crazy1946.

            I get it now.

            Oh, I pray that the hard drive did not reach capacity and then allowed the important data that we need to become recorded over.


          • Ebony Magazine as I am sure you recall, crazy1946, did excellent investigative work.

            This search link will lead you to many of them:



      • I know that CNN has some videos shown in their article’s video, but I would like to see separate ones.


      • crazy1946. Bless your heart. I really appreciate your compliment. The last 2 weeks have not provided me with the time I want for the blog, so it’s a blessing to hear you say that I’m keeping it up and running.

        Of course, it’s because of you and all others who participate here that motivates me.

        I was just reading your exchange with Yahtzee about the Kendrick Johnson situation. What I can do is post an open thread for KJ and also place it on the top menu so that it’ll always be available. (Think I’ll do that later including some snippets from your exchange.)

        I really do appreciate your contributions in spite of you considering yourself an ole crusty moth. 🙂


  18. roderick2012

    I have a feeling that the DOJ will announce today ( Friday document dump-Friday before Christmas) that they won’t pursuit a civil rights violation case against Piglet.


  19. 2mins in and i gotta say WTF is he smiling abt??
    he just better go to prison this can’t go on.


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